Liberia's Former Ambassador to US Supports Calls for Stabilization Force

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 29, 2003

Former Amb. Rachel Gbeyon-Diggs
Former Liberian Ambassador to the United States, Mrs. Rachel Gbeyon Diggs, has supported calls for the deployment of a stabilization force in the country.

Mrs. Diggs said if such a force is not deployed in the country as is being opted for by many people, Liberians will kill themselves continuously.

She said the voice of the people is great and as such, since they want to see the deployment of a stabilization force such should take place.

Amb. Diggs made these comments on Friday when she addressed the April edition of the Edward Wilmot Blyden Forum organized by the Press Club of the Press Union of Liberia, and held at the Union*s Clay Street offices in Monrovia.

Speaking in response to a question on the pending Accra Meeting, she said the parties should forward proposals and hold the deliberations in a manner that will resolve the crisis.

On the issue of the up-coming October 14th elections, Amb. Diggs said conditions prevailing in the country were not conducive for its holding. She, however did not elaborate.

Earlier, Ambassador Diggs, who was speaking on the theme "What Needs To Be Done To Restore Liberia*s Image Internationally?", said it is the duty of all Liberians to build or improve the country*s image abroad.

She said Liberians need to change their attitude and should not allow the prevailing circumstances make them to reduce themselves to engaging in acts or activities detrimental to the nation*s image abroad.

The former Liberian female diplomat added that to build the country*s image, the press has a leading role to play taking into consideration the way they carry out their duties.

She lashed at the Liberians press for asking financial demands before publications or broadcast stressing that such behaviors do not augur well especially where the press has to interact with foreign investors.

However, some members of the press differed with Amb. Diggs and urged her to rather play a leading role to improve the difficulties and economic constraints facing the Liberian press.

Amb. Diggs has meanwhile, promised to do all she can to build the training capacity of the Liberian press.

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