Selection for Liberia’s Transitional Legislative Members Intensifies

By Patrick K. Wrokpoh

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted September 16, 2003


The process leading to the selection of members of the Transitional Legislative Assembly (TLA) for each of the 15 counties in the country, has intensified with almost all of the counties holding separate meetings to elect their lawmakers to the incoming Transitional Government..

The selection process by the counties to select one person to the assembly is in keeping with the recent peace accord signed in Accra, Ghana which has allocated one slot each to the political subdivision of the country.

Already, some of these counties have began putting in place the necessary mechanism that would lead to the smooth selection of their respective representatives to the 76-member assembly.

Other representatives of the transitional assembly are expected to be drawn from the two rebel groups, LURD and MODEL, the 18 registered political parties, the civil society and the government of Liberia.

In the wake of these scheduled and organized meetings held by some of these counties, some citizens heading from some of these counties have expressed fear over the credibility of the selection process.

Others who spoke to this paper, have accused some influential citizens of trying to manipulate the process while for others, they want the process conducted and held in their county instead of Monrovia (Montserado County - a county that seems to be seriously opposing attempts to conduct the selection process of its representative to the assembly).

The county officials have already organized a meeting to work out modalities to welcome the chairman of the transitional assembly as well as to select its representative to the assembly.

Other counties have embarked on the constitution of a special election commission or committees to screen candidates that are desirous of contesting the election. Reports gathered suggest that most of these counties are expected to conduct their selection by this weekend.

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