President charles Taylor, Take the Lead

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 29, 2003

The recent statement by President Charles Taylor that there is a need for intervention in the onging crisis by the international community, has been greeted with much satisfaction and happiness. Many citizens who see the President's statement as a positive move in the drive to ending the state of violence, insecurity and instability which have engulfed the country for nearly five years now.

Last Thursday, President Taylor in receiving a statement for peace from the Liberian women who have been staging a sit-in action for the restoration of total peace, said because of the continued war, Liberia has now become a vulnerable country and as such, needs the intervention of the international community.

The President at the time, said he is committed to the pending peace talks expected to take place in Ghana, and called on the international community to do everything to come to the aid of Liberia as the continued war continues to bring untold suffering and hardship on the people, thousands of whom are in misery in displaced camps.

Since the President's statement, many citizens have expressed delight about this and hope he will continue to promote the process of peace in the country. Some of them said the President as the leader of the country and father of the nation, should take the lead to ensure that peace is restored, so his people will enjoy free movement, happiness and joy.

Like the citizens, we commend the President for seeing the need for intervention by the international community, because the security situation continues to deteriorate daily, thereby, affecting normal life and economic activities in several parts of the country.

It is necessary that President Taylor continues to take the lead to end the nightmare facing the country. One of the reasons why the people overwhelmingly elected President Taylor few years ago, was to ensure that there is peace, stability and freedom, something which were impossible and non-existent during the seven-year civil war.

We have repeatedly refeerred to the President and the government, because we believe that they are more accountable to the Liberian people than the Liberians United for Reconciliation anDemocracy (LURD). Therefore, the government should do everything ro bring happiness to the people.

At the same time, we call on the President to be mindful of some individuals who may become overzealous in their desire to please him by giving certain pieces of advice which may throw a monkey's wrench in the process. The people need peace. Therefore, everything should be done to achieve this.

As the maxim of the ruling NPP goes, "Above all else, the people," as such, it behooves the government to make whatever sacrifices for peace in the interest of the people and the entire nation. Mr, President, take the lead. Beware of advisors!

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