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Ivory Coast Shows Open Arms to Liberian Refugees
With the escalating war in Lofa County (in which the Liberian government is claiming victory) and an insecure political and economic environment, many Liberians have begun to seek refuge in neighboring and faraway places. Recently, hundreds of newly arrived Liberian refugees to the Ivory Coast have complained seriously of security harassment by Charles Taylor ATU security officers stationed in Grand Gedeh county.

Battling Africa's HIV/AIDS Pandemic
With an estimated 22 million people already killed world-wide from the deadly HIV/AIDS virus, many of them from Africa, the continent seem to be racing against time to bring this "pandemic" under reasonable control.

Africa and the Realities of Undemocratic Governance
As the rest of the world races to achieve progress in economic and social development through advancement in education, science, technology and medicine, Africa is not only lagging behind, it is shamefully and seriously digressing. And at the rate it is doing so, the continent may soon race backwards beyond the starting line. At one time in Africa's history, the evil vestiges of colonialism and foreign domination seriously paralyzed it.

Nobody Plays With Taylor's "Pepperbush"
The confusing official admissions and denials about the arrest of Milton Teahjay, one of Taylor's ardent apologists, few months ago opened a window into the wacky reign of terror that characterizes the decision-making process of the Taylor regime. After admitting that Teahjay was being held for preliminary investigation by security forces, a horde of government officials scrambled to deceive the public by reversing previous statements.

U.S. Senate Proposes "Clean Diamonds Act"
Just a few weeks ago, President George W. Bush issued an Executive Order prohibiting the importation of all rough diamonds from the Republic of Liberia into the United States. In the Executive Order issued on May 22, 2001, President Bush noted, "The Government of Liberia's complicity in the RUF's illicit trade in diamonds and its other forms of support for the RUF are direct challenges to United States foreign policy objectives in the region as well as to the rule-based international order that is crucial to the peace and prosperity of the United States."

Liberians Refused Entry by Their West African Neighbors
About 180 Liberians, including 79 children and 63 women, are stranded on a Swedish ship, MV Alnar, which departed Monrovia on June 1st destined for Ghana. The ship had encountered mechanical problems off the coast of Togo, and was running short of fuel and food supplies with the condition of the passengers deteriorating. It is reported also that the Togolese government has come to the ship's rescue by re-supplying it with food and fuel, but refused to let it dock or permit its passengers to disembark.

The sanctions and the future of Liberia
However symbolic it may appear, the current regime of sanctions imposed on the government of Mr. Charles Ghankay Taylor is an important step in bringing some sanity in Liberia and the sub-region. Far from a simple diplomatic nuisance, it signals an end to the impunity that Mr. Taylor, through his many schemes and personality changes, has enjoyed while committing the most heinous crimes in modern Liberia. The actions taken by the UN, at the urging of Britain and the United States must be applauded and strengthened.

Why UN Should Deny Taylor Arms Waiver
That Liberian President Charles Taylor would now be asking the UN Security Council to "temporarily lift an arms embargo" so that his government can defend itself against armed groups fighting in Lofa County is somewhat laughable but serious.

Voices of Dissent Getting Louder
The Liberian Marketing Association (LMA) has had a long tradition of civic participation, and has played an enviable role on the Liberian political landscape. Comprising mostly of marketwomen and men, but predominantly women, the organization has steadily evolved into a potent voice for small or petty traders, advocating for better marketing facilities and favorable lending practices to improve their services. They have not only provided the food and other needs, but have also helped sustain the Liberian economy by their high savings capacity. Often exploited by Liberian leaders, the LMA has occasionally been at loggerheads with the government.

Liberian Embassy in the Ivory Coast Reacts
On April 24, 2001, the Perspective published an article written by J. Amos Wheagar, a correspondent to the magazine based in Abidjan. Wheagar's article revealed, among other things, that the official diplomatic residence of the Liberian Ambassador in the Ivory Coast has been converted into the personal property and private use by President Charles Taylor and his family.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Kromah's Meeting in Brussels
A few weeks ago, an article about a meeting between Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Alhaji Kromah appeared on the Liberia Orbit web site. It was reported at the site that "Two leading Liberian opposition leaders have been holding what has been described as 'critical' talks about current and future events in their country. Alhaji Kromah of the All Liberia Coalition Party [ALCOP] and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of the Unity Party [UP] are reported to have met in an unnamed European country to directly review the trend of events in Liberia and what could be done to achieve genuine peace, cooperation and justice in the war-torn country. An aide to one of the leaders said they particularly discussed insecurity and economic hardship in Liberia, as well as the now delicate peace process in neighboring Sierra Leone."

ATU Turns Taylor's Big Guns on US Diplomat
Reports from Monrovia indicate that Liberian forces, the dreaded Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU), shot a US diplomat on Sunday at a check point near the residence of President Charles Taylor in Monrovia. The wounded diplomat, identified as Sergeant James Michael Newton, has been flown out of Liberia for treatment.

UN Travel Ban on Liberia Fraught with Inaccuracies, Says GOL
The Government of Liberia (GOL) has expressed dismay and has requested the UN to suspend the list of 130 Liberian government officials and others involved in fueling the Sierra crisis, now banned from travelling abroad under UN Security Council Resolution 1343 which took effect on May 7, 2001. The sanctions also include an arms embargo and ban on diamond exports. The list which covers an array of senior government ministers and their relatives, Taylor and members of his "inner circle", was published by the UN on June 4, 2001.

Peace Gesture: A Gimmick Or Reality?
President Taylor has multiplied his calls for peace in the last few days. He wants to meet with Presidents Lansana Conteh of Guinea and Kabbah of Sierra Leone to iron things out. He invites the dissidents to send their delegates to Monrovia to discuss "their problems." Knowing his track record, one would be inclined to think that Taylor has been boxed in and he wants a way out. In the seven years of war, this has happened on several occasions.

Liberia's leadership question
As much as Liberians would like to see Charles Taylor's regime of "death and destruction" replaced with a sober and credible government, they have yet to face up to the reality of an apparent leadership vacuum facing the country.

MICAT Becoming a Bastion of Propaganda and Misinformation?
Once the institution that provided information to the general public and articulated government's policies to the international community, the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) has now been transformed into a bastion of propaganda and misinformation. The functionaries of the ministry - the Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Assistants - clearly acting under the orders of President Charles Taylor, now seem compelled to distort , fabricate stories about what's happening in Liberia today. The Ministry's other responsibilities - promoting Liberia's culture and the tourist sector, have virtually been abandoned.

Nigeria "Not Happy" About UN Sanctions Against Liberia
Mr. Ralph Uweche, President Olusagon Obasanjo's Special Envoy on Conflict Resolution, says Nigeria and ECOWAS are unhappy about recently imposed UN sanctions against Liberia. Mr. Uweche was responding to questions fielded in an interview by BBC a few days ago - one month after sanctions have been imposed. The interview sought to clarify Nigeria's position on the UN sanctions against Liberia for its role in fueling the war in Sierra Leone.

From Doe to Taylor: From the Frying Pan into the Fire....
Liberia is now undergoing international sanctions, something unprecedented in our modern history, at least not since the slavery scandal in the 1923. Also unprecedented is the reality of the state of affairs in our country. Not even at its worst, the Doe regime submitted Liberians to so much violence, lies and humiliation. Our country has turned into a fiefdom, by a man who seems to live outside of the realms of reality. He wants power, all the powers, but he also wants the money, the land, as if the country was his personal slavefarm.

Fresh hell for Liberia as small war looms larger (Sidney Morning Herald)
When Charles Taylor was elected Liberia's president in 1997 the central plank of his campaign was crystal clear. The most powerful warlord to emerge from the civil conflict, he bluntly informed the public that if they did not vote for him he would again unleash the fighters who had terrorised them for eight bloody years.

Taylor, LURD Spar Over Bong & Cape Mount
One of the frustrations in making any sense of the long-running war in Lofa County between the dissident forces of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and the government of Liberia is the lack of independent press verification of claims and counterclaims that have been made by both sides.

UN Slams Door on 130 Liberian Officials
Adding flesh to the sanctions regime imposed on Liberia about a month ago, the UN Security Council (on Monday) issued a list comprising of 130 persons who will be directly affected by the travel ban imposed on Liberia. The list which could almost pass for a "Who's Who" in the Liberia saga that has aided and abetted in the instability of West African sub-region, comprises of an array of civilian ministers & their spouses, military personnel & their spouses, President Taylor & members of his family, the president's "inner circle" & dubious businessmen, core advisors, among others.

Liberian Government Officials Afftected By UN Sanctions
The UN Security Council has published the List of Liberian Government officials "affected by the measures contained in paragraph 7 of Security Council resolution 1343 (2001)"

The US must not disengage and leave Liberia in the hands of Taylor
When I read that Secretary of State Colin Powell went to Kenya and told Kenyan Arap Moi point blank to that he should leave the arena to a new generation of leaders, I felt some kind of pride. Finally, an American was able to go to Africa and look an African president-king in the eyes and tell him: "you have passed your time. Fold up your mats and go." Without worrying about being called "neo-colonialist or American imperialist." Up to now, such words utterances were intolerable. Away from the political acrobatics of the past, we now have some direct talk. Some may call it "arrogance".

African Union: "By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them"
The recent announcement by Salim Ahmed Salim, Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) should bring joy to Africans. Salim Ahmed Salim informed the world that African heads of state abolished the OAU. According to the Secretary General, the 38-year-old organization will be replaced by the newly-established African Union. He explained that the goal of the union was to unite the 53 African states "politically, socially and economically." Salim optimistically predicted that the union "would have a real impact on the ordinary African." This is why the announcement sounds like good news.

France and Taylor's "Presidential Pepperbush"
Many wonder why the French and Chinese opposed the imposition of sanctions on Liberian timber. The obvious reason is that because Chinese and French businessmen exploit the Liberian timber. We tried to piece together people and names to follow the trail of the timber, the circle of influence and decision makers in Paris. There is no doubt that many peace loving French people are appalled like everybody else by the criminal acts of the Sierra Leone rebels and the unconditional support they receive from their patron, President Charles Taylor.

The Implications of Powell's Africa Visit
Now that he has visited Africa in his official capacity as the first black US secretary of state, there seems to be serious doubt amongst many Africans as to whether Colin Powell really came away from this trip understanding their dismal plight.

ALJA Calls on the US Government to Freeze Liberia's Assets
The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) welcomes the Executive Order issued May 23, 2001 by U.S. President George W. Bush, prohibiting the importation of all rough diamonds into the United States from Liberia. The measure is in line with United Nations Security Council sanctions imposed on Liberia for President Charles Taylor's reported involvement in diamond and arms smuggling with rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in Sierra Leone.

Desperate Taylor, The Next War...
President Taylor's warning to the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General, Oluyemi Adeniji, that the sub-region could be inflamed if nothing is done about the conflict with Guinea should not be taken lightly. Taylor is not just crying wolf, he is a man with his back to the wall - or the sea in his case - and desperate enough to do anything, using his army of killers and child soldiers to start a new conflagration.

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