UN Blames Liberia for Guinea War
December 26, 2000

The United Nations has blamed Liberia for the war in Guinea, where tens of thousands of refugees have been caught in vicious battles. This is the second time in a week that Liberia has been singled out for regional destablisation. The first was when a UN report blamed Liberia for fuelling the war in Sierra Leone and recommended stringent sanctions.

In a unanimous decision, the UN Security Council, called on "all states, particularly Liberia, to refrain from providing military support (to insurgents) and from any act that may contribute to further destabilisation of the situation on the borders between Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone."

President Charles Taylor was disputed by the ECOWAS Executive Secretary, Lansana Kouyate, when he claimed after a recent regional summit that Guinea has been convicted for the border incursions.

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