"Liberia for Jesus" Prayer Crusade Saddened by Unbridled Violence

(Press Release)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 4, 2003

Monrovia, Liberia - 3 April 2003: The Churches in Liberia acting under the auspices of the "Liberia for Jesus" Prayer Crusade is saddened by the unbridled violence suffered by the Liberian people demonstrated by displacement of about 50% of the country's population, massive killings and destruction of precious lives, etc as a results of the seemingly unbreakable vicious cycle of violence, consequent of the ongoing armed conflict between the Government of Liberia and LURD.

The Churches in Liberia condemn in the strongest term possible the increase in hostilities and the human suffering attending the crisis.

The Churches in Liberia therefore graciously appeal to the Government of Liberia and LURD to immediately ceasefire and pursue an accelerated dialogue for peace, reconciliation and subsequent free and democratic elections [in Liberia], as a way of resolving the problems of the country and protecting the safety and dignity of the People of Liberia.

The Churches also appeal to the International Community including Liberia's traditional friends, the United States of America, Liberia's big brother, Great Britain, the United Nations, European Union, African Union, ECOWAS and all friendly governments and international church bodies to assist the people of Liberia secure an immediate ceasefire between the Government of Liberia and LURD and accelerate the dialogue for peace and stability in the cause of restoring sanity to war-torn Liberia.

God bless Liberia.


On behalf of the Churches in LiberiaThrough "Liberia for Jesus" Prayer Crusade (LFJ)
Read by: Reverend Kortu Kayve Brown