Liberia Leadership Crisis Committee organized

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May 13, 2002

The Constitution and Laws of Liberia prohibit armed insurrection against the state. In an attempt to uphold the lawof the land, the Liberian people in cooperation with the international community, compelled Mr. Charles Taylor to submit to an electoral process.

However, no sooner was Taylor declared President than he began to govern as a rebel leader. He characterizes his rule by political killings, false imprisonment, and suppression of freedom of the press, assembly and movement. He is also fueling war in the West African region leading to the imposition of UN Sanctions against his regime in Liberia. His misrule and terror as well as his mismanagement of the Liberian Economy have turned Liberia into a pariah state. In addition to these pitfalls, Taylor really lacks the competence and the sheer political will to govern in a democratic fashion; and therefore, he has lost the confidence of the Liberian people.

One would have hoped that the yearnings of the Liberian masses for a democratic change could be achieved through an electoral process; however, democracy is unachievable in a pariah state, most especially under the violent and inhumane Taylor dictatorship in Liberia. In the face of this predicament, Liberians are left with no other alternative but to utilize any means necessary and appropriate to bring about a lasting democratic change.

In the annals of history when the future of a nation and its people is threatened and the need for self-redemption arises public-spirited citizens are moved by their own conscience to measure up to the challenges of nation building.

For one and three-quarter (1 ¾) centuries, since the arrival of our founding fathers on the west coast of Africa, we have lagged behind our responsibility in building a free society for our oppressed people. The major problem has been our inability to muster the requisite political will by adapting the rightful attitudes to build such a society. Liberians must today rise up to produce a national leadership; for we must in the third republic build a democratic society that will secure for us and our posterity a safe haven in Africa worthy of praise by mankind.

Resolved to address the need for a democratic leadership in Liberia, we hereby declare the establishment of a citizen action group under the name and style: Liberia Leadership Crisis Committee (LICCO).

LICCO is dedicated to re-awakening the spirit of Liberia in aspiring for liberty and justice for all and to resolving the continuous crisis of leadership by mobilizing the full support of all Liberians as well as embarking upon a campaign for international support towards achieving a democratic leadership through advocacy.

Realizing that Taylor is the obstacle to achieving democracy in Liberia, LICCO is further dedicated to mobilizing the requisite national support to speed up his immediate exit from power, in order to insure that democracy is firmly rooted in our country for succeeding generations to come.

While we find it necessary in our national interest to bring about a change in leadership, we believe that a mere change connoting a replacement of a president or a government will not be sufficient; for this alone cannot create the conducive atmosphere required to build a democratic society. There is a long history of profound abuse of power by Liberian presidents. This has resulted ultimately to the decline of authority of the legislative and judicial branches of government; thus, adversely affecting the checks and balances in government provided by law. One other aspect regarding the proper functioning of the Liberian Government that needs to be restructured is the administrative organ. Unless these salient changes are instituted under the law, the creation of an atmosphere conducive for democratization will not be achieved.

We call upon all Liberians, therefore, to rally in support of the ideals of freedom, liberty and justice cherished by our common patrimony. We call upon the international community, the United States and Britain in particular for leading the continuous imposition of sanctions at the UN against the warmongering regime of Taylor, to lend us their unflinching support in the strive of the Liberian people to build a democratic society.

Signed: Justice Chea Cheapoo.


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