Did LURD's Forces Attack Toe Town?

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

March 24, 2003

Editor Note: On March 17, 2003, The Perspective carried an article about the murder of three aid workers of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Toe Town, which was at the time allegedly attacked by forces of Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD). In the article, The Perspective wrote: "Since the brutal killing of the aid workers, not a single word has come LURD on the Toe Town attack. Did LURD attack Toe Town and kill the ADRA aid workers and innocent civilians in the town? And if so, why?" The following statement was issued by LURD and sent to The Perspective on March 22, 2003:

We LURD want to once again inform all concerned that the leadership of LURD is not aware neither is it involved in the present military condition in La cote d'Ivoire and Grand Gedeh county - Toe Town, Liberia. We therefore disclaim allegations attributed to LURD relative to armed insurgents engaged in cross border attacks emanating from the Ivory Coast. We view said allegations as negative propaganda embarked upon by detractors and misfits.

Furthermore, we want to …reiterate our commitment of safeguarding and protecting the border shared with neighboring Sierra Leone. We therefore reassure the government of Sierra Leone of our deep and sincere commitment in said undertaken-against infiltration of hoodlums and bloodletting ATU and RUF militia, bent on spreading their cancerous sore throughout the sub-region.

In accordance with our pledged commitment to protect civilians caught up in our operational areas- we LURD want to inform civilians, most especially the Sierra Leone's internally displaced persons and those residing along the border axis between Sierra Leone and Liberia that we are in full control of said boundary and would want to assure Sierra Leoneans that our forces are strictly committed to protect them from the belligerent forces of Taylor.

We want to further assure the government of the Republic of Sierra Leone that we remain very resolute in protecting and sustaining their hard-won peace. We therefore call on both sides to remain consistent in the promotion of peace in the sub-region.

The leadership of LURD also want to assure all Liberian soldiers of adequate security protection, if and when they surrender to our men positioned along our forward lines...

The Secretariat/LURD