By The Press & Public Affairs DepartmentExecutive Mansion

The latest tirade of insults from groups of disillusioned U.S.-based Liberian stooges on the Government of Liberia and its Chief Executive via the Internet proves just how much some of our people in the United States will bend over backwards to sell their souls just to get that American "green card".

Flunkies masquerading as the Coalition of Progressive Liberians in the Americas (COPLA) and the Liberia[n] Democratic Future (LDF- sounds familiar?) recently issued a Joint Statement when Sierra Leoneans in the United States staged a rally on May 8, 1999, at the United Nations.

But instead of striving to create genuine awareness about the plight of their Sierra Leonean brothers, our so-called "progressive" and "democratic" kinsmen, during the occasion, chose to launch a series of vindictive diatribe against the Liberian leader and ended up insinuating that the United States government move against the Liberian Government for fueling the war in Sierra Leone. The Liberian groups, to further muster American sympathy, also alleged that Colonel Maummar Gaddafi is seriously contemplating on overthrowing the governments of Guinea, Ghana and Nigeria.

Humanity is indeed grateful to the Almighty for giving us the Internet, where people can access and utilize information as never before imagined. But for all its usefulness, the Web often serves only as a means to an end for some people to attain their selfish aims. And it is to reap such devious end that some self-frustrated U.S.-based Liberians have succumbed to say just about any volume of trash against their homeland so as to acquire resident status.

But we know them, and well enough too. Most of these guys were right here in Monrovia roaming the corridors of the University of Liberia for decades without even obtaining their bachelors. These are the same flunkies who are today loitering the streets of America, under the banner of being progressives and democrats, crying wolf against Liberia, in order to seek political asylum. Most of them have been in the States for over 25 years without earning any education and as a result are caught up in a vicious cycle of uncertainty: neither can they obtain a good paying job in the States nor can they find employment back home because of their low level of education.

They have lost their patriotism and sold out by running abroad to hide behind a smoke screen of international conspiracy shrouded against the sanctity and sovereignty of this nation. Their ultimate ulterior motive is to stop any international funding to Liberia and to, in the shortest possible time, throttle the entire economy.

They want to uproot the democratic seed that was planted here when Liberians, all and sundry, decided to go to polls and elect a leader, one leader. They claim that Liberians voted Taylor in for fear of reverting to war, but they must remember that by election time ECOMOG was the only top gun in Liberia. All of Liberia's former factions were toothless bulldogs even before elections.

They say Liberia invaded Sierra Leone as a "part of a bigger sub-regional scheme to destabilize West Africa to satisfy Libya's Maummar Gaddafi," but they failed to truthfully mention that it was actually Sierra Leone that invaded Liberia, when in 1992, they allowed Liberian dissidents to be trained and armed on their soil. It was from Sierra Leone and through its then leader, Joseph Momoh, that ULIMO launched its blitzkrieg on Liberia, under the guise of liberating the people. Former combatants of ULIMO-K and ULIMO-J instead ended up liberating all the doors, planks, zincs, tiles, ceilings, bathtubs, etc. etc. etc. from around the country.

These are the remnants and offshoots of this same disgruntled group whose leader, Alhaji Kromah, fled town disguised as a woman when he lost the presidential race. Kromah started the run-away-first-seek-asylum-later syndicate, so as to create a prop of conspiracy against the new government.

But unlike their leader who left Monrovia unceremoniously, many of Kromah's proteges voluntarily left Liberia for the United States. No Liberian government official harassed them or quizzed them about why they were leaving. But immediately when they set foot on American soil, these quixotic wind chasers resort to lying outrightly against their homeland. Some of them even go as far as planting stories in the local press about how they are hunted here for fear of their lives. And in the name of democracy, the Americans buy these stories as real-life episodes, not knowing they too are being led blindfolded into a scheme for that envious green card.

But we know them well. Because of their selfish whims these self-frustrated Liberians have subjected millions of their countrymen back home to abject poverty by falsely painting a negative picture about situations here. Because they have lost their national identity, our prodigal progressive and democratic brothers in the Americas are deluging the Internet with lies, lies, and nothing but lies about their own country. All we can say in return is, we know them for what they are...flunkies. Nothing more, nothing less.

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