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Liberians From Maryland County Organize National Association
Liberians from Maryland County (Liberia), residing in the United States, converged in Atlanta over the Memorial Day weekend to chart a new course. While there are a number of Liberian county organizations in the United States, Liberians from Maryland County have not organized themselves into a national body. But this has changed. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Marylanders came to Atlanta to organize a county organization that is national in scope to collectively tackle problems of their county.

ULAA Establishes Democracy Fund, Seeks Taylor's Resignation
Translating its resolution into action based on the recently held national conference on democracy in Newark, New Jersey, on April 28, 2001, the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, ULAA, has begun to lay the groundwork to set into motion two important initiatives: the establishment of a Liberian Democracy Fund, and pushing for the resignation of President Charles Taylor.

The AGOA: Another Dictated Trade Regime?
The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), initiated by the Clinton Administration and enacted into law last year by the U.S. Congress, will soon have its first major institutional establishment when foreign, trade, and finance ministers from 35 African countries convene in Washington D.C. in October to launch a US/Sub-Saharan African Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum (, May 16).

Liberia tightens Screws on Foreign Journalists
What seem to almost be a tit-for-tats or reversals of sanctions are a spate of guideline and policy measures the Liberian Government has issued recently since the imposition of sanctions by the UN Security Council on that country almost a month ago for Liberia's involvement in the Sierra Leone crisis. These measures have been issued simultaneously and seemed targeted at specific groups or organizations.

Amazing Things Happening in Africa
Sometimes traveling around Africa can be a bewildering, if not comical, experience. Take the case of this poor village in Sudan's Nubian Mountains that is bombed by government planes that destroy the school and kill children and teachers. After this senseless act of sheer brutality, the villagers gather up pieces of shrapnel to use as hoes to dig graves for the dead and there after use the new implements on their farms to cultivate sorghum.

How a tyrant's 'logs of war' bring terror to West Africa (The Observer)
He's a feared despot who has made Liberia a private fiefdom. Now he's defying the UN to spread terror in the region. Peter Beaumont, Foreign Affairs Editor, in Monrovia investigates the sinister world of Charles Taylor

No Liberian Diamonds in Bush America
U.S. President George W. Bush has issued an Executive Order prohibiting the importation of all rough diamonds into the United States from the Republic of Liberia. The executive Order, issued on May 23rd, 2001, is a response to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1343 of March 7, 2001, which led to the imposition of sanctions on Liberia for its support to the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Sierra Leone, and its illicit trade in "blood" or conflict diamonds - used to purchase arms that have fueled the war in Sierra Leone.

Is it Still Possible to Make Peace with Guinea and Sierra Leone?
The burden of bringing peace in the West African sub-region rests on nobody's shoulders than that of our President, Charles G. Taylor. The war that is going on now in Sierra Leone, Liberia and in Guinea could have been averted had Taylor kept his promise to his colleagues of the Mano River Union, Presidents Kabbah and Conteh. To understand this situation, one needs to go back in time and take a look at the relationship between Conteh and Taylor.

Student Leaders Escape Death, Flee to Ghana
Fifteen students of the University of Liberia, mostly of the student leadership - Student Unification Party and University of Liberia Student Union (SUP and ULSU), have fled for safety of their lives and are currently in Ghana at the Buduburam Refugee Camp. The students have taken precautionary measures in lieu of statements made by Justice Minister Varmah that they were "collaborators" of the dissidents in Lofa County.

Yeaten, Woewiyu Bursting UN Sanctions on Liberia?
As the students join the ranks of several thousand Liberian refugees fleeing repression and war, and seeking sanctuary in various parts of the world, there are even more disturbing reports that sanctions ­ busting has begun.

Unbalanced Reporting by Design?
I read the recent Newsweek article by Jeff Bartholet and William Allen's critique of said article. I think Allen raised some very crucial issues with the Newsweek article. The problem with Western media is not that they are ignorant of the truth about Africa but that they would prefer for that truth to be buried. It would appear that some sections of this media are trying to distance the West from its partial responsibility for the African crisis.

Liberia's rain forest vanishes as foreign logging expands (Boston Globe)
BESE TOWN, Liberia - There is no more jungle around Gbese Town. Instead, this small village in Sinoe County is bisected by a four-lane unpaved highway, called the OTC Road. The road runs for more than 100 miles, through what was pristine tropical rain forest.

Dealing with Taylor: We Must go Beyond Crying Foul
Congratulations to the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) for its clairvoyant analysis of the current political, military and human rights situation in our country. Indeed, Liberians are lost and we all wonder where the solution would come from.

Liberians Rally for Adjustment of Immigration Status
Under the auspices of the Liberian Immigration National Advocacy Commission - a committee organized by the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), a rally is being held today, Thursday, May 17, 2001 in support of the "Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 2001". The bill was introduced last year but did not have bipartisan support. According to the organizers of the rally, the new version of the bill (S-656) has garnered broad bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate.

Washington Announces Africa Initiative
A U.S. sub-Saharan African Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum is being established, and foreign, finance, and trade ministers from 35 African nations will meet in Washington in October to launch it, U.S. President George Bush announced Wednesday. The multilateral consultation is mandated by the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that was enacted into law last year.

The Dilemma Posed by the Newsweek Story, "A Big Man in Africa"
Jeff Bartholet's "A Big Man in Africa" (Newsweek, 14 May 2001) presents a real dilemma for Africans. The author clearly outlines the shameless corruption and autocracy of President Charles Taylor of Liberia. The information can go a long way in shaping public opinions in Western capitals, which tend to influence foreign policy.

"Taylor is Losing Ground," Says LURD (Interview)
Claims and counter claims are not in short supply in the lofa war between dissident and government forces. The claims and counter claims cannot be confirmed due to the Liberian government ban on independent coverage of the war. On Friday, May 11, 2001, J. Wehtee Wion (Director of New York based Liberian African News Service, LANS) conducted a satellite telephone interview with Mr. William Nihison, senior political advisor and spokesman of LURD (Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy) - organization that is waging a fierce war in the north of Liberia to oust Liberian President Charles Taylor from power.

Liberian Group Calls on UN to Indict Charles Taylor for War Crimes
The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) welcomes the imposition of sanctions on Liberia by the United Nations Security Council for President Charles Taylor's reported involvement in gun-running and diamond smuggling with Sierra Leonean rebels. We hope this is the beginning of serious efforts by the international community, led by the United States and Great Britain, to bring an end to Taylor's campaign of death and destruction in the Mano River Union basin in order to plunder diamonds and other resources.

"Volunteer" Army or Forced Recruitment?
Appealing to nationalist sentiments on April 8, 2001, President Taylor issued a call to help beef up the sagging Liberian army, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), which has been involved in a long-running battle with dissidents in Northern Liberia, Lofa County. Launching his campaign, Taylor said he wanted to raise a 15,000-man force of mostly volunteers who were prepared to defend their country against enemies. Observers believe that the Liberia ruler was referring to neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The Reality of Sanctions, War and a Regime Adrift
No sooner than the Security Council had concluded that the Taylor regime in Monrovia had failed to comply with UN demands that it cut off ties with the rebel RUF (which the US State Department has listed in its report on terrorism), and discontinue its involvement in diamonds smuggling and arms trafficking, which has fueled the ongoing civil war in Sierra Leone, feeling nonplus about the reality of sanctions, and the raging, uncontrolled war in Lofa County, the regime seems determined to fight for its survival, eventhough it says it is doing so for its citizens and the country.

Empowerment education: A guide to curriculum reforms in Liberia
This article intends to establish some foundational and basic principles for curriculum reforms in Liberia. It is suggested that such reforms must be reflected at all levels of the education system. In a previous article in this magazine, I made reference to the need for an introduction of a core curriculum to promote consciousness-centered learning as a prelude to social transformation.

RUF Listed in U.S. Report on Terrorism
In a recently released US State Department report on terrorism, "Patterns of Global Terrorism 2000", Africa is said to have experienced an increase in the number of terrorist attacks against foreign nationals.

A Big Man in Africa (Newsweek)
Inside the mind of a tyrant: Brutal and seemingly indifferent to his people's woes, Liberia's Charles Taylor symbolizes much that is wrong with Africa. But to understand him is to take a first step toward fixing a broken continent.

We Applaud UN Sanctions on Liberia
After seven year of civil war, which produce one of the most horrendous legacies in Liberian history, resulting in the deaths of more than two hundred thousand people mostly women, children, and the elderly - who became expendable and innocent victims of a senseless war, justice is yet to prevail, while men and women who perpetrated this war that brought such untold suffering to the Liberian people, have taken on new identities, new images and have been enthroned with new titles.

There's No Maintenance-Free Democracy
It would have been thoughtless, if not foolish, to have sought unanimity as the only basis for any decision about what to do about President Charles Taylor. Even then, those who leaned against action against the Taylor government did not do so with any conviction that any good would later come of the Taylor administration. Instead the dissenters were still in further pursuit of some solution with less impact on the population, but a solution
that had not yet come to mind.

Sanctions Kick in on Monday
The Security Council demanded this morning that the Government of Liberia immediately cease its support for Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and other armed rebel groups in the West African subregion as it imposed wide-ranging prohibitions on Liberia.

The Human and Economic Plight of a Nation
Liberia continues to endure vast human and economic destruction under a Taylor factor forced upon it eleven years ago in the form of a false revolution that promised national progress but now delivers untold suffering and anarchy. The fact is that the Taylor regime has long recognized its own inutility to the Liberian nation, and yet, like previous regimes, it remains recalcitrant in refusing to abandon its grip on state power.

An Urgent Call To Action
As our beloved country, its people and the West African sub-region suffer under the misrule (and its collateral effect) of Charles Taylor and his NPP partisans and business associates, it is now pass time Liberians fortunate enough to have escaped from the living hell (no light, no safe drinking water, no pay, no jobs, no hospitals and no hope) our beloved homeland has become, stop complaining to each other and take the necessary actions that will bring massive pressure to bear on Mr. Taylor and his "play-play" (incompetent) government.

Support Intensifies for Sanctions Against Liberia
With barely four days to the May 7 deadline for UN sanctions on Liberia, activities and highlights have been saturated with campaigns on the sanctions on Liberia. While the Liberian Government rolls in its propaganda campaign, Liberians, friends of Liberia as well as victims of Liberia's anarchy within the sub-region have intensified campaigns for the sanction to be imposed on the Liberian government. The selective UN sanctions which takes effect on Monday, May 7, unless the Liberian government can prove its disengagement from the RUF, which includes arms embargo, ban on exportation of diamond, grounding of all Liberian registered flights and travel ban on government officials.

Will Sanctions Hurt Ordinary Liberians?
This is in response to a story published in the April 30th edition of The News newspaper concerning an American family's campaign against the imposition of sanctions against the Liberian Government. According to the family representative, Counselor Benjamin Hough of Minnesota, who was quoted by The News newspaper story, the family thinks that sanctions will hurt Liberia and therefore should be averted. They have accordingly undertaken a "letter writing" campaign appealing to members of the US Congress to avert the pending UN sanctions.

We Will Over All Prevail
There comes a time when even those who are not politically active must raise their voices and speak out against evil that has become so widespread and dehumanizing that it threatens present and future generations. The current situation in Liberia is a case in point. Nearly 22 years ago in the auditorium of Monrovia City Hall, a young man gallantly walked to the podium and gave a very eloquent speech.

War in Lofa County does not justify killing, torture and abduction - Full Text- (Amnesty International): The continuation of hostilities in Liberia cannot be used as a justification for killing, torture and abduction. Unarmed civilians are again the main victims of fighting in Liberia - a country still bearing the scars of its seven-year civil war when massive human rights abuses were committed by all sides with impunity.

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