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Non-Profit Status for Measuagoon

Measuagoon wishes to announce that as of March 2000, it has been granted 501(3)(c) status in the United States. This means that all contributions to Measuagoon's community development activities can be claimed as exemption for U.S. tax purposes.

Measuagoon is a Liberian registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which provides assistance in cash and/or kind to Liberian rural communities to assist them in carrying out productive and social development activities of their choice. Measuagoon is a non-profit, non-partisan organization which provides assistance to all communities irrespective of ethnic origin, religion, party affiliation or otherwise. All communities willing to work without compensation for their own benefit and an improvement in their quality of life are eligible to participate in and benefit from Measuagoon supported operations. Contributions to the community of choice can be made directly to the community under Measuagoon's general oversight for accountability purposes, or through Measuagoon's Monrovia coordinating office.

If you need more information or would like to contribute to Measuagoon's activities, please contact the coordinating office at 86 Broad Street, Monrovia, Tel: (231) 22 63 54 or by accessing the web site:


Financial contributions can be chanelled through Transglobal Express, New York, or by transfer to Measuagoon's account: #003275832204 (the routing Number for the account is: 541580102) at Bank Of America, Atlanta, Georgia.

In keeping with its commitment to transparency and accountability, Measuagoon's financial statements as at 31 December 1999, published in "The News" edition of 17 July is shown below:


For Year Ended December 31, 1999

(Amounts in Liberian Dollar)
 Cash Donations 541,320
Donated Materials 980625
Total Income 1,521,945

(Amounts in Liberia dollar)


 Contribution Receiveable 22,000
Other Amounts Receiveable 3,575
Inventories 43,315
 Total Current Assets 68,890

 Machinery and Equipment at Cost 335,500
Less: Accumulated Depreciation 170,454
Machinery and Equipment, net 165,046

 Total Assets 233,936


Current Liabilities
 Accounts Payable 1,625
 Total Current Liabilities 1,625

Fund Balance
 Balance at January 1, 1999 268,328
 Less: Excess expenditure over income  -36,017
 Balance at December 31, 1999 232,311




1.0 MEASUAGOON Mission and Funding Sources

1.1 Measuagoon Inc. was incorporated in 1997 under the laws of the Republic of Liberia as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting inhabitants of rural communities to improve their quality of life. Measuagoon achieves this by mobilizing resources from Liberians and other interested parties through their Adopt-A-Village program, matching these resources with self-help initiatives undertaken by program beneficiaries. The proceeds from the sale of agriculture are for the benefit of the program participants. Measuagoon does not receive any part of these proceeds. A cardinal operating principle of Measuagoon Inc is that its programs do not discriminate against individuals on account of their gender, political views, religious orientation or ethic background. Measuagoon receives support from well meaning individual Liberians including its founder who believes in building the capacities of their fellow compatriots by assisting them to engage in productive ventures. In the first year of operation, Measuagoon received a small measure of support in the form of food for work from a prime international non-governmental organization. During the period under review, the organization did not enjoy any support in any manner, shape or form from any aid/relief agencies for its operation. On March 10, 2000, Measuagoon, was granted 501©(3) status under the U.S. tax laws.

2.0 Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

2.1 Basis of Accounting
Measuagoon operates on the modified cash basis of accounts. On this basis, income is recognized only when received, while expense is recognized as soon as a transaction is completed, whether or not cash is paid. This means that pledges, except written ones are not recognized as income until the pledged item is received. When written pledges are received, they are recognized as receivable and carried on the books for two years, after which time they are written off if the pledged items are not received.

2.2 Foreign Currency Transition

Measuagoon transacts business in Liberian dollars and foreign currencies, but reports in Liberian dollars. Assets and liabilities held in foreign currencies are translated into Liberian dollars at the parallel market exchange rate prevailing at the balance sheet date, which amounted to LD$40 = US$1 at December 3, 1999. Income and expenditure items are translated at the parallel market rate prevailing at the time of the transaction.

2.3 Inventories
Inventories are stated at the lower cost of market value.

2.4 Machinery and Equipment
Machinery and equipment are stated at cost less accumulated depreciation. Depreciation is computed using the straight-line method over the estimated useful asset lives of 3 to 10 years.

2.4 Donated Materials
Donated materials are valued at cost, if known, or at the estimated market value.


Measuagoon supported ten (10) projects in different political subdivisions of the country. The organization, on the one hand, provides these projects with farming tools, seeds and seedings and food for work to encourage farmers. Measuagoon supported ten projects in various parts of Liberia. Through its projects, it provided farming tools, seeds and food for work to farmers, and distributed books and clothing to schools throughout the country. For the period under review, Measuagoon support came only from sponsors shown in this report.

On the other hand, Measuagoon also helps uplift the general living condition of the people through the provision of essential facilities like the construction of health facilities, etc. The proceeds from these agricultural efforts/assistance are for the entire village/community concerned and Measuagoon does not participate in the proceeds.

The following projects were sponsored by Measuagoon in 1999






(paternal village of founder)

902: 291 men: 266 women, 175 girls; 150 boys

Workforce: 150 women, men and boys worked a 25 arce swamp. Work done: Planted 25 acres with swamp rice, okra, pepper, cabbage, collard greens, bitter balls. The harvest of vegetables was very good and participants shared on a half basis. Proceeds from the farm will be used for next planting season's seeds and tools.


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Maryann Cooper Melton


(Bong County)

4420: 1085 men, 2289 women, 420 boys, 626 girls:

The workforce is estimated at 150 persons.
Work done: Adopted in 1999, this village opted to engage in agriculture and cleared 220 acres of land for planting vegetables, with another 10 acres earmarked for swamp rice. Sponsors provided tools and seeds.

L$64,000 Harry Greaves, Jr.
Mary Broh

Charlie Johnson Project

(Grand Bassa County)

3,270 people

Work done: 5 acres were cleared for cassava. Heavy rains delayed the start of this project. The amount was used to purchase tools, seeds and work for food. This project was forced to close due to dishonesty of the coordinator and the lack of interest shown by the villagers.

L$7,355 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


(Suehn - Bopolu Mission, Montserrado County)

500 people: 124 men, 176 women, 200 children
Workforce: 150 persons.
Work done: Twenty-two acres of land divided into plots for growing cassava, okra, pepper, cucumbers and watermelon. 2 acres prepared for swamp rice. Measuagoon's most successful project for this year with 20 acres planted in cassava and 2 acres planted in vegetables. Sponsors provided tools and seeds.
L$28,461 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Montserrado County

380 people: 89 men, 111 women, 180 children.
Workforce: 50 women and men.
Work done: 12 acres of land were cleared. 5 acres were planted in cassava while another 5 were used to plant okra, pepper, corn, cucumbers and collard greens. 2 acres of swamp will be used for growing rice. Sponsor purchased tools and seeds.
 12,143  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Grand Gedeh County

510 people: 175 men; 150 women; 180 children
Work done: 10 acres were cleared and planted in cassava. Harvest was good and used by participants.
Sponsor purchased tools and seeds.
L$15,440  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

 Sackie Gbomah Town

(Margibi County)

3,270 people

Work done: 10 acres were cleared and planted in cassava. An additional five acres were earmarked for swamp rice, but this project had to be discontinued due to serious dispute over land ownership between the villagers and their heirs of the village. Sponsor provided tools, seeds and cassava sticks.

 L$4,950  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


(Cape Mount County)

810 people: 225 men; 360 women, 100 boys; 125 girls
Work done: Cassava, cabbage, cucumbers, okra, pepper, upland rice, and watermelon were planted. Sponsor purchased tools and seeds

Dr. Eugine Shannon

Wokie David


(Cape Mount County)

185 people: 47 men, 60 women, 35 boys, 43 girls
Work done: Cassava, upland rice, okra, cabbage, cucumber, watermelon were planted.

 Dr. Eugene Shannon

Wokie David


(Bong County)
Ancestral village of the Founder's father

 672 people: 137 men; 213 women, 140 boys; 182 girls
Workforce: 50
Work Done: The villagers were supported by a limited supply of tools and seeds and earmarked 5 acres of land for planting vegetables. Because of the absence of swamps near the village, the people have opted for planting cassava and vegetables this first planting season. One acre was planted in vegetables (okra, pepper, collard greens). The $12,260 was use to construct a 40 ft. well and to purchase a pump. The next project will be the expansion of the school as well as support in the form of books and teaching materials and the construction of a 38-foot deep well with hand pump.

 Dr. Estrada Bernard, Jr.

Mr. Robert Sirleaf

Mr. & Mrs. Raja Kaul


(Nimba County)

 8,662 people: 3,145 women, 1,435 men; 4,100 children
Work Done: purchase of materials and commencement of the construction of a maternity hut. The construction will be completed in the next fiscal year.
L$29,000 Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Wilson
 Relief Measuagoon also gave "in kind" support. Books and clothing were distributed to various educational institutions (including the University of Liberia, Baptish Seminary, Dogoletti College of Medecine), rural villages and other individuals throughout the country. L$826,400

Maryann Melton

Melissa McCauley



Generally, these projects, although encouraging, were faced with some problems in the course of implementation. This is a clear manifestation of the level of attention the various projects need, on the one hand, if they are to improve and on the other hand, the limitations of the financial resources of our donors. The projects were faced with problems ranging from late arrival of farming materials including seeds to inadequate food assistance to workers.