The Chilling Message from Warlords and Politicians

By: James Torh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 22, 2003


When day lights pierces through the window, most politically oriented Liberians in the foreign land are before their computers searching and flipping through the Internet to read about the situation back home. After months of deadly violence, Liberians want to read and know whether there is a tiny ray of hope and what is happening to lives and souls of their love ones, relatives, friends and other connections. Liberians want to know whether sanity, peace and comfort are returning to their motherland.

So the recent exchanges between a Government spokesman and LURD, an organization that claims to have made suicidal sacrifices to remove the monstrous tyranny of Charles Taylor, were anguishing and disturbing. The threats of more violence for jobs are in the air and in our faces from day to day. What does it mean, what is really happening that the natural eyes cannot discern? If we analyze the threats, pronouncement and prophecy of LURD and take a second look at Liberia’s political and historical journey, we will get to understand that these folks are dramatizing the Liberian reality of threats to take away lives again.

True or false, we were there and came face to face with this old-age game which was played by Taylor, Kromah, the Johnsons, Borley and the rest. Yes folks, the spin-masters are hard at work sticking to rebel tradition and the politicians’ gimmicks and tricks of twisting words, insinuating negative ideas and referring fault to prolong the suffering our people. Common sense revolution reminds us to review the track records of the people on the political stage of our country and their comments strongly suggest they intend to continue down the same path.

Please wake up and look in the morning mirror and flip the script of history and remember that your dream haven for petty theft (government jobs) and for spilling the blood of your own people is worth reflecting. We are often time perplexed and ashamed to answer the many questions from colleagues on the behavior of warlords and the fragile situation in Liberia. How long will you continue to inflame murderous statements for the sake of bread? Your persistent and alarming trend of arguments and threats for jobs when the impoverished and hungry people of Liberia are striving hard to survive should make every decent Liberian furious.

Sometime one wonders what’s wrong with the moral superiority of people who cook on threats and political games to survive. Are they not reading history or are they being dishonest to the immediate past? The question is, are these people so insensitive to the mournful countenance and the desperation on the wrinkled and miserable faces of our people? We know that you are mounting preparations to line your pockets with kickbacks and outright stolen monies, wipe your mouth clean and stand chest out to preach the virtues of accountability and integrity. But you will be disappointed as we all are packing, now that the monstrous tyrant has joined the exiled committee, to come to Liberia. Taylor was not opposed because we hated him but because of his deeds and his programs and many projects of melting insults and assault on the souls of our people, the same thing you are beginning to plant and ascend to.

Those of us who have keenly observed our national political fabric discover that the chorus of liberation, reform and the rest that are used to clothe politicians and warlords have frayed rather shamefully after many years of terror waged on our people and shabby treatment. It is late because we are awake and will oppose half-truths and gimmicks and cheap politics.

We hope this was the last. You are not masters but rather servants to serve. Learn to be in simple taste and humble mind. Liberia deserves better.