Never Lose Hope

(A Christmas message from the Hon. T. Q. Harris)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

December 24, 2002

Christmas in most places is celebrated by giving gifts to friends and loved ones, as well as the less fortunate. During this festive season, giving becomes a key element in social interaction. As we give, we also receive. And the more we give the more we receive.

For Christians, Christmas is an exceptionally joyous occasion. It is a time to show our appreciation for God’s unmerited gift we receive daily. Also, it is a reminder that God is Love. In Him our salvation is assured. And by His grace we are saved and empowered to accomplish any and all things.

Despite dire predictions, such as, Liberia becoming the worst place to live in the year 2003, coupled with the current displacement and suffering of thousands of our fellow compatriots, and the possibility of losing an entire generation, my message this Christmas is that you should Never Lose Hope.

We have the ability to turn the situation around, only if we believe. Surely Liberia’s leadership role in Africa can be restored and its citizens accorded the respect they deserve. All it takes is a change in attitude, which is bound to change our lives for the better.

God is the only one who knows for sure what the future holds. He did not give us a wealthy nation so that we may become the least of His creation. If we seek His guidance, Liberia soon will become The Happiest Place In Africa!

Before normalcy is restored in Liberia, bickering amongst opposition politicians must cease and a leader acceptable to the majority must be selected. Even those who can’t read or write seem to understand the importance of a unified opposition in this period of national crisis. Why is it so difficult for the literate class to realize backing a new leader is the best way forward?

When a handful of criminals are able to subjugate an entire nation, it is easy to see that something out of the ordinary is occurring. Therefore, it is a mistake to believe one’s education, knowledge, intelligence, or money is sufficient to resolve the problems at hand. My advice to anyone wishing to lead Liberia at this critical stage is to be humble and seek Wisdom which comes only from God.

The essence of Christmas is God’s gift to mankind. This precious gift was His son sent into the world to die that we might live and enjoy His creation. What sacrifice are Liberians making this Christmas to promote unity amongst themselves? Are political leaders ready to set aside personal ambition in order to save our fellow compatriots caught up in the fighting in Ivory Coast, or those languishing in refugee camps, displaced centers, and ghettos around the world? If only the presidential aspirants would see the wisdom in rallying around one person, this will be a great Christmas for the Liberian people.

My Christmas wish is that Liberia will have a God-fearing, patriotic leader by the end of 2003. And Liberians in general will realize that thousands of our compatriots died so we may live together peacefully.

On behalf of my family and the family of Contemporees, I wish you and yours A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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