A New Rebel Group Operating in Southeastern Liberia?

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 2, 2003

Editor's Note: According to information reaching The Perspective, a new rebel group known as the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) has emerged in Southeastern Liberia. There is paucity of information about the group and its activities and what it is trying to achieve: Did they attack Toe Town in February? Were they responsible for the murder of SADRA's aid workers? Are they currently fighting Taylor's forces in Zwedru? Who are the leaders of the group? When and where was the group organized? How is it different from LURD? If they believe in democracy, why not use the ballot box. Below is the little information we have received:

The Movement For Democracy In Liberia (MODEL)
Motto: New Horizon, New Idea New Direction

The Declaration of Intent

The young men and women of Liberia under the umbrella of the Movement For Democracy In Liberia (MODEL) have embarked on a military rescue mission to liberate the people of Liberia from the suppressive and oppressive regime of Charles Taylor. Charles Taylor has demonstrated over the years that he lacks the leadership ability capable of reforming the country he and others destroyed. Since he became president more than three years ago, Taylor still has no clue on how to create a good government. Instead of steering the country towards genuine reconciliation and reconstruction, Taylor and his bandits continue to reduce Liberia to a society where chaos,

genocide and massacre of women and children prevail. The Taylor regime on many occasions carried out and continues to carry out a wave of constant harassment, arbitrary arrest, false imprisonment, kidnapping, murder, rape, ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity. For example: the disappearance of Harry G. Paye, Sr., Madame Flomo, the gruesome killings of Sam Dokie and Family, Manna Zakay, a former ULIMO-J Fighter, the September 18, 1998 , invasion of the Camp Johnson Road Community that left more than eight hundred Liberian women and children dead. The recent death of Vice President Enoch Douglea of Liberia, and for these and many other reasons including the exploitation of the country’s resources for personal use, We , the dedicated young men and women of Liberia are calling for the immediate removal of Taylor and his bandits.

The Movement For Democracy In Liberia (MODEL) will form a government that will be tasked with the following responsibilities:

1. Protect the safety and security of all within the borders of Liberia.

2. Respect and promote individual human rights as prescribed by the Human Rights Commission.

3. Downsize the Liberian government as we known it and create a functional representative government.

4. Promote private and public investment.

5. The MODEL Government will work with the people of Liberia, the international community in the development and reconstruction of Liberia, as well as the revival of the educational and economic systems.

6. National reconciliation, restructuring of the Arm of Liberia, including the appropriate rehabilitation of veterans and current service personnel shall be our top priority. The MODEL Government is not a disgruntled group or tribe seeking revenge against anyone for the atrocities committed against our people. Our organization is inclusive of all ethnic Liberians as well as representatives of diverse Liberian political interest groups. As such, we do not seek to engage in any form of reprisal and revenge against anyone or group based on ethnicity and political affiliations. MODEL Government will not engage in nor tolerate selective or general intimidation

and or harassment of anyone in or outside of Liberia. Our current arm struggle is strictly a military rescue operation. We are fully committed to the liberation of our country and people from the hands of warlords, mercenaries, and bandits who continue to hold our people and country hostage. The time has come to put the interest of Liberia first before personnel interest, and it is also about time that we stand and say to the world: NO MORE, NO MORE, Liberians have suffered for too long and is now time to bring an end to Charles Taylor’s madness.

Major Boi Bleaju, A.K.A. 220-AFL, Military Spokesperson