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City curfew after Liberian riots (BBC)
Liberia's President Gyude Bryant has imposed an immediate curfew in the capital Monrovia, after heavy fighting spread through the city overnight. Eyewitnesses say a religious dispute on Thursday evening mushroomed into riots, destroying five churches and a mosque.

Liberian Ambassador's Residence at 52 Whatley Avenue
Selling Liberian Embassy Properties: Part of the Ongoing Unbridled Corruption
(By Sayku Kromah)
The selling of the Liberian Embassy Properties in London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as the premises in Lagos, Nigeria is part of the ongoing unbridled corruption that is so pervasive in the Liberian Foreign Service. This level of corruption is a result of the lack of foresight, coupled with any planned coherent foreign policy, except the old policy of "deal making for personal aggrandizement" perpetuated by the likes of Fred Bass and Harry Tarr Freeman.

The Misadventures of a Public Citizen
By Theodore T. Hodge
Citizen Patrick Tuon has written extensively about issues affecting Liberia and the Liberian communities here in the United States. He must be given some credit for raising certain issues and thereby generating discussions on a number of topics. Unfortunately, most of Mr. Tuon's writings and the way he expresses his opinions remain devoid of any sense of gentility commonly associated with acceptable decorum in public discourse. Many examples come to mind as I pen this piece. For example, he unilaterally warned the military forces of MODEL, a group he associated with the Krahn ethnic group, to desist from harassing the unarmed citizens of Maryland County

Are Calls for Postponing the 2005 Elections Justified (Part II)?
(By William G. Nyanue)
In part I of this paper I discussed the issue of pre-election governance reform. Some Liberians are calling for the postponement of the scheduled 2005 elections to enable Liberians institute reforms to correct "flawed" governance institutions. It is argued that we will be reinstating these institutions if elections were held without instituting the necessary reforms. The advocates for pre-election governance reform are calling for the holding of a national conference to agree on the reform measures.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme Compliance…A Milestone, But...
(By Gbe Sneh)
Just because it has been announced that Liberia is now KPCS compliant does not mean that a diamond rush is to be ushered in. The KPCS is deeper than a superficial paper, a cloak to conduct an unregulated diamond industry. There are provisions in the KPCS Preamble for participants' self-regulatory mechanisms to ensure among others, accountability and transparency. We need to move forward to set these up before we can truly jubilate.

Budgetary Evasion: World Bank, IMF Red card NTGL (Forum)
Both World Bank (WB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have red carded the Charles Gyude Bryant-led Transitional Government of Liberia for being financially indiscipline.

UNDP, UNESCO Welcome Roadmap for Free Press in Liberia (Forum)
A national conference on Media Law and Policy Reform adopted last Saturday an ambitious plan of action to guarantee press freedom in the country. The final conference statement called upon the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) to continue working with all involved stakeholders.

Your Action Is Our Expectation (Forum)
A USAID/LTI, AND UNDP sponsored Resource Center aimed at beefing up the professional capacity of Liberian media practioners at various levels was recently launched in Monrovia with the availability of about 27 computers.

Gov't Sells Diplomatic Missions - Foreign Minister Confirms (Forum)
Liberia's Foreign Minister Thomas Nimely Yaya has confirmed the sales of two Liberian embassies in Europe and West Africa.

NTGL Faces Public Criticism for Implementing UN Mandate, But… (Forum)
The National Transitional Government is under going public criticism for implementing the United Nations Security Council's mandate by freezing the assets of former GOL officials.

LUP Bids Brumskine Farewell, Denies Allegation (Forum)
The Liberian Unification Party (LUP) has endorsed the resignation of Cllr. Charles Brumskine from the party but vehemently denied allegations of merger with the Liberian Action Party (LAP).

School Principal Wants Chairman Bryant's Intervention (Forum)
The Principal of the Mesurado International School, Isaac S. Kolenky, has called on the NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant to prevail on the school's proprietress, Carmenia Tolbert, to pay his just salary and severance pay.

Chairman Gyude Bryant
"Elections Will be Held in October 2005," Says Chairman Bryant
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Appearing on the weekly Voice Of America Program "Africa Journal," on October 21, 2004, the Head of State of Liberia and Chairman of the Transitional Government, Gyude Bryant says that the country will be ready to hold elections in a year time, putting to rest speculations that the process could be postponed. Bryant said that the new elections laws would be passed by the legislature next and week and thus the process would kick-off. During the hour-long program, the Chairman addressed other issues affecting the state of the peace process, governance and the economy of the nation.

On Behalf Of The "Book People"
By Wonderr Freeman
If all the degree holders were to conglomerate in one locality or in one building, I should consider myself fit enough to be a proud gatekeeper, knowing fully well that the degree I have earned is still further down the ladder. Furthermore, it should be considered no disrespect to the bigwigs amongst the "book people" if I undertake to speak on behalf of the group, for being a proud gatekeeper, I am naturally the first line of defense for any one wishing to get into the conference of the "book people". Additionally, in the community of the degree holders freedom of speech is so highly cherished that though the fold may not necessarily agree with all I say or how I say it, they will defend to death my right to speak - even on behalf of the degree holders.

Erecting Checkpoints Against Falsehood
(By Isaac W. Jackson, Jr.)
Aware that we are acting in the terrain of opinions, where one can persuade others, much is desired by the enlightened people when facts are tampered with. This is now the challenge facing Samuel D. Tweah Jr. in his attempt to misinform and mislead our people, particularly the "young people," who might uncritically swallow such sophistries as being propounded by him.

Elections 2005: The Wild Card
(By George Yuoh)
A few days ago, a colleague called me up from the east coast (Philadelphia), and we started our usual reflections on issues of concern affecting Liberia, and specifically on recent developments that are probably going to reshape the political landscape of Liberia in the coming months. He recently returned from Monrovia, about a week ago, and so for the past few days we had been comparing notes on the good, the bad, and the ugly on Liberia.

Philadelphia Student of Liberian Heritage Accepted into People to People World Leadership Forum (Press Release)
Spokane, Washington
- October 21, 2004, Cokie Nanka, a student at the Episcopal Academy, an independent school in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been accepted into the People to People World Leadership Forum. Cokie was accepted into the People to People World Leadership Forum last year while she was a student at the St. Rose of Lima Catholic School in Philadelphia.

Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine

Cllr. Charles Brumskine Resigned From Liberian Unification Party
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
One of the major contenders for the Liberian Presidency, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, has announced his formal resignation from the Liberian Unification Party (LUP). The announcement was made over the weekend in Gbarnga, Bong County. According to reports, Cllr Brumskine told the inhabitants of the Central Liberian city of Gbarnga, situated about 90 miles away from Monrovia, that his resignation comes in the wake of pronouncement by the National Elections Commission (NEC) that it wouldn't do any business with the party while a lawsuit involving factions of the party remains before the courts

University of Liberia Faculty Votes 74 to Zero in Favor Dr. Conteh's Appointment
Following months of bickering, opposition and rejection by members of the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) over the appointment of Dr. Al Hassan Conteh, as president of the nation's highest institution of learning, the faculty members have finally backed-off and overwhelmingly endorsed his appointment.

Jewel Howard-Taylor
Jewel Taylor Sells Properties (Forum)
It appears that recent directive given by the National Transitional government of Liberia (NTGL) Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, to Justice Minister Kabineh Ja'neh, to effect the freezing order of Taylor and his close associates' assets seems to be crash-landing as Jewel Howard-Taylor is reportedly selling their property suspected to be targeted by the UN.

Electoral Reform Bill To Be Passed In Two Weeks (Forum)
Commany B. Wesseh, chairman on Peace and Reconciliation at the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) has disclosed that the long awaited reformed election laws bill, currently being scrutinized by that August Body, is expected to be promulgated within the next two weeks.

Lord, Let Them Beware Of The Satan Of Politics (Forum)
The heat and momentum of the 2005 general and presidential elections gradually take gravity as days and nights pass along.

Liberian Journalists, Others to Get Computer Training
The Ministry of Information in collaboration with the Press Union of Liberia, has formally launched a six-month computer training program at the ministry's Resource Center in Monrovia.

Brumskine Parts Company with LUP (Forum)
But I must say to you today, elders, chiefs, women and youths, as enshrined in the Book of Kings, and judging from the wisdom of King Solomon, we cannot allow our baby to be cut into two- halves, and so let the "forces of evil" take it alive but for a season. At the appropriate time, when the little child grows up, he will find his true identity and we will reclaim our baby, because the child belongs to us," were the words of Charles W. Brumskine, in Bong County.

Sanctions Await Trouble Makers (Forum)
The Special Representative of ECOWAS Executive Secretary to Liberia, Francis Blain, has revealed that sanctions - in the form of Travel Restrictions, will be imposed against those individuals who are bent on undermining the peace process.
George Weah
George Oppong Weah President?
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
What may sound like a joke to many could well pass to become reality. A few weeks ago, when the news of a possible George Weah quest for the Liberian presidency hit the Liberian news organs, a young compatriot said with a straight face that she would have been proud and happy to work for Oppong's campaign if she were in Liberia, because, as she put it, "the man has been the only good thing coming out of Liberia for the past 14 years." She is 24 and through her adult life, she had known only Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor as presidents and a myriad of failed transitional political leaderships.

Liberia's Lone Star Coach Still in Hiding, Announces Resignation
(By: Josephus Moses Gray)
The head coach of the Liberian national team, Lone Star, Mr. Kardala Kromah fled underground following the 3-0 defeat of the national soccer squad in Monrovia by the Teranga Lions of Senegal. He has come under intense and massive criticism for the national side defeat to Senegal.

The Second Quarterly Report of the Governance Reform Commission
This is the Second Quarterly Report of the Governance Reform Commission (GRC) for the period July through September 2004. The report is divided into four parts including the introduction. Reporting on progress and the results of activities undertaken during the reporting period constitutes part two. The focus was particularly on: Completing the Commission's membership, Developing a Programme Support Document [and] Initiating programme implementation
Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Liberian Government Priorities Are Up-Side Down, Says Governance Reform Commission
The Governance Reform commission (GRC) chaired by Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has documented that recent unfolding events together with national and international pronouncements clearly suggest that the Liberian Government national priorities have been upside down.

Are Calls for Postponing the 2005 Elections Justified?
(By William G. Nyanue )
In about 12 months, Liberians will be going to the polls to elect a new government to replace the current interim government, that is if the benefactors and managers of the peace process do not change their minds. There has been much talk recently about postponing the elections by at least one year to October 2006. A number of Liberians and Liberian groups have been calling on the international community not to rush to elections.

Former President of Liberian Journalists Accused Of Practicing "Yellow Journalism"
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
A group of Liberian intellectuals schooled in various professional disciplines including journalism, human rights, political Science, international relations and diplomacy, legal system, religion, accounting, economic, medical field and sports, has accused the former president of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Mr. James Kaizolu, of practicing the highest form of what they termed as "Yellow Journalism".

Make NTGL's Travel Account Audit Report Public -Says GRC Boss (Forum)
The Chairman of Governance Reform Commission (GRC), Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is calling on the Auditor-General of Liberia to make public, audit report of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) travel account from January through April 2004.

Let's Get Back The Class Of Morality (Forum)
LIBERIA TODAY IS noticeably a place where lawlessness and hooliganistic attitudes spiral from one corner to the other.

LTC To Regain Its Status (Forum)
Plans are under way for the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) to regain its lost status over the years. Speaking to LTC workers recently at their compound on Lynch Street, Monrovia, the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), Charles Gyude Bryant, said efforts are being made to revamp the system. According to him, he has asked the management, board and technical people to detail to him the equipment needed to get off Telecom again.

World Court Invites Taylor's Lawyer (Forum)
Credible information emanating from diplomatic circles have it that exiled Liberian President, Charles Taylor is to appear before the International Court in The Hague, Netherlands, to answer to allegations of crimes committed against humanity during the Liberian Civil War.

Lone Star Faces Blockade In Bong County (Forum)
Controversy is said to be brewing amongst local government officials of the Bong County, regarding the construction of the Lone Star Communication Company (LCC) structures in the area.

Association of Liberian Intellectuals Tasks Liberian Express (Forum)
The Association of Liberian Intellectuals (ALI) has strongly reacted to a front-page lead story captioned "Conteh Takes Case To The Streets" in the Monday, 4 October, Volume 1, No. 42 edition of the Liberian Express Newspaper, describing it as Yellow Journalism and blatant disregard of the truth".

Go Back To Your Towns, Villages (Forum)
With the seeming beam of light at the end of the tunnel, dwellers who were forced out of their towns and villages as a result of the Liberian civil nightmare, have been signalled to go back home in order to reconstruct their livelihoods; writes R. Karpeh Reeves.

Unversity of Liberia Main Entrance
University Crisis Is Coming To An End
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
According to fresh reports from Monrovia, it appears that the longstanding arm wrestle between the University of Liberia Faculty Association and the Bryant Administration is headed towards an amicable resolution, with the teachers backing off on their demand that LNTG Chairman revisits the appointment of Dr. Al Hassan Conteh.

Liberia: Are you better off with "2-3-1" than you were with "3-7-7-4-7"?
(By Mohamedu F. Jones)
I began to think about where Liberia's telecommunications was headed when beginning three weeks ago I could no longer simply pick up my cell phone from wherever I was in the United States and call home to talk legal matters with my colleagues at Jones & Jones, or tell a relative what the "Control Number" was or find out how an elderly relative was coming along. It is not very clear to me why cell phone access to Liberia was changed to Liberia's country code, 2-3-1, from the Monaco country and city codes, 3-7-7-4-7.

There is Renewed Hope for the Business Community to Thrive Once Again
(A Statement by Dweh S. Boley)
On behalf of Liberia Business Network, I would like to say thanks and appreciation to the Sullivan Foundation for the privilege to share our views on some of the critical issues affecting business, trade, and investment in Liberia.

The Liberian Peace Process: Continuing Challenges For The Future (Part I)
(By Philip A. Z. Banks, III)
On August 21, 2003, more than one year and one month ago, the warring parties to the Liberian conflict selected Mr. Charles Gyude Bryant and Mr. Wesley Momo Johnson as Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively, to head the National Transitional Government of Liberia. The new government, amongst other things, was charged with the responsibility of ensuring the scrupulous implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, executed on August 18, 2003, one week after the "resignation" of Mr. Charles Ghangay Taylor as "President of Liberia". In these new developments, as constitutionally problematic as they were, our nation seemed primed to begin anew, to move from the relegated new characterized status of a "failed state" to a new era of statehood.

Running For Public Office - A Test Of Character: The Brumskine Case
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
As Liberia prepares for its up-coming elections to be contested in October 2005, the number of candidates keeps growing astronomically. Because of the sheer number and the track records of some of these candidates, it has become comical in many circles; many dismiss them. But I think we ought to take a critical look at how these public campaigns are run - in the long term, we may be able to use their various styles and methods to deduce substance or lack thereof. But more importantly, although this may not necessarily establish empirical evidence, it may provide us a glimpse into the content of their characters.

A Recipe For Economic Growth In Liberia
(By: George D. Yuoh)
As Liberia recovers slowly from its wounds of self-affliction, the issue of economic security must be an underlining focus for any succeeding administration. And as the presidential aspirants make their rounds of vote courting, how they plan to address the issues of poverty alleviation, national economic growth, and sustainable development will be of paramount interest to many Liberians, both in and out of the country.

The Liberian Media has an Important Civic Responsibility to Inform and Lead Public
A Letter By Harry Greaves, Jr.
Mr. John Morlu's article is the first on the Buchanan iron ore story that makes sense. I share his exasperation with the Liberian media's failure to do simple research or check the facts before rushing into print. I do not have all the details of this particular transaction, but simple arithmetic would have discounted some of the wilder interpretations of what went on.

Alliance Politics is a Recipe for Political Confusion, Power Struggle, Bad Governance, Says Dr. Joseph Korto
- In a Conversation With Winsley S. Nanka

Dr. Joseph Korto declared his intention to run for the presidency of Liberia about two years ago on the ticket of the Liberia Action Party. Dr. Korto served as the President of the University of Liberia Student Union and Chief Education Officer of Nimba County, the Republic of Liberia before he traveled to the United States in the 1980s for post- graduate education. I recently posed questions to him about a wide range of issues. Below is the full text of my conversation with Dr. Korto.

Rep. Tapple Doe Linked To Iron Ore Deal? (Forum)
Fresh report reaching this paper has revealed that some members of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) have received money from the questioned iron ore deal involving the Gyude Bryant led-transitional government. The iron ore in question was sold to a Chinese firm recently in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, as D. Emmanuel Mondaye reports.

NPP Searches Lost Image (Forum)
The National Patriotic Party (NPP) which once enjoyed a marked droves of the Liberian people in terms of following thereby wining a clear democratic election in 1997, with its standard-bearer Charles Taylor ascending to the presidency, now stands at the crossroad economically fatigued with dim leadership as its coefficient.

US$ 300M Confirmed for Liberia, But… (Forum)
Contrary to the view of many Liberians that the US$ 520 million pledged by the donor countries in February 2004, would be coming directly into the coffers of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), latest information gathered by this paper suggests...

Bryant, Klein In The Ring (Forum)
When NTGL's Chairman Gyude Bryant took the media to task concerning reports on rampant corruption in his government, to produce evidence on those accords, and he could not hesitate to dismiss them, little did he know that he was throwing a monkey wrench in his leadership.

Two Pastors Fight Over Political Position (Forum)
Hell broke loose recently in the Township of Johnsonville, when supporters of the newly appointed commissioner, Rev. Emmette Hoff protested the re-instatement of the Township's suspended commissioner, Rev. Emmanuel Shaw.

Karson Kopea Becomes Bishop (Forum)
Saturday, 2 October 2004, marked an ecclesiastical enrichment for the Faith Fellowship Mission in Liberia when three American prelates consecrated its first bishop.

Information Minister, PUL Proxy Bless ASIME (Forum)
A two-man delegation from the Association of Independent Media Editors or ASIME yesterday met with Executives of the Press Union of Liberia at its Clay Street Headquarters in Monrovia for formal introduction, following its formation on August 7, this year.

The Buchanan Iron Ore Deal: Which Figure is Correct?
(By John S.Morlu, II)
I have closely followed the controversy over the sale of iron ore that was stockpiled in Buchanan. The FORUM published an article that was distributed by titled, "NTGL Officials Give Conflicting Figures on Iron Ore." Most Liberians appreciate the efforts that Liberian journalists are making to bring us news. We depend on them. We understand the plight they are facing---lack of equipment, know-how, unstable revenue stream, poverty and chaotic political and judicial environment.

Stimulating Action For Change: A Challenge Facing The Liberian Media
(By Moses M. Zangar, Jr.)
There is empirical evidence to prove that action for change takes place based on real problems affection real people and the environment. And until Liberian media practitioners can come to the realization that they are people with a mission to stimulate actions for change, inspire public discourse and serve the public interest, the issue of overhauling and reconstructing a society moribund by decades of civil strife remains a mirage.

Liberia refugees return home (BBC)
Some 100,000 Liberians, who fled 14 years of war, are being sent home a year after the fighting ended. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, is starting an operation to repatriate those who escaped to neighbouring Sierra Leone and Ghana.

LWSC Strives To Safeguard Water Facilities (The Inquirer)