An Open Letter to Lurd and all its Supporters

By Garnett Y. K. Gbamokollie

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 16, 2003

I recently read a communiqué written by your group entitled, LURD Denies Abducted Nurses' Claims, dated March 19, 2003, and published in The Perspective, an Atlanta-based Liberian newspaper. In that statement, you write, among other things, that LURD is fighting an "honorable war". I do not understand what your concept of "honorable" is, but what I do know is that your war is far from being "honorable", insofar as the word truly means. Yours is purely a vendetta against the peaceful people of the Republic of Liberia, a dangerous psychotic condition that is fueled by your ignorant tribal hatred. I guess, what you mean by "honorable" is LURD's brutal murdering of thousands of innocent civilians (including women, children and old men), burning villages and towns and, generally, attempting to paralyze an entire nation through the use of terror. But, with morons and barbarians like Sekou Conneh and Joe Wylie at the helm of the leadership of your band of murderers and thieves, there is no wonder that you do not know the difference between what is HONORABLE and that which is DISHONORABLE.

We have seen evidence of your "honorable war" in places like Gbarnga and Voinjama and on a video that was produced by a South African newsman whom you had sanctioned to escort you on your sadistic incursions throughout Liberia. There are not many persons who will view those horrific scenes created by you without sharing tears of sadness and disbelief.

It is a fact that Liberians in general despise Charles Taylor and his cronies. It is, however, not our desire to replace a monster like him with another that is clearly worse. The overwhelming opinion of Liberians about LURD is that you are a murderous gang that has no vision whatsoever for the country, and that you would be even worse for Liberia than Taylor has been. Naturally, we, peaceful Liberians, wish that you and all the Charles Taylors would just disappear from our beautiful country and go somewhere else with your hooliganism.

LURD is causing our nation to further degenerate, all because you harbor no patriotic sentiments whatsoever for Liberia. You want the world to believe that the only target of your murderous crusade is Charles Taylor. Well, it is not Charles Taylor or his family and friends who are suffering at your hands. It is the poor and wretched Liberians who are being butchered by your group. Even those who succeed in fleeing from you are dying daily in abject squalor, in places quite alien and inhospitable to them, lacking food, medication and other basic necessities to maintain body and soul. Liberians, like myself, who are fortunate to be far away from your terror fare no better. Many of us are literally sick and dying from the heartaches that you have caused us by your ruthless destruction of our land and people. There is not a day that goes by here in the U.S. without hearing the wailing sound of sorrow of a Liberian at the news of his or her relative having been brutally murdered by your cut-throats. We pray that one day soon the Almighty will rescue us from your devilish clutches. Our Father Above will never let you succeed. But should He let you achieve your selfish objective of assuming leadership of our dear Liberia as a test of our faith in Him (as He had done with His faithful servant, Job), you still would not have succeeded because, eventually, He will squash you like the lowly roach that you are and plunge you into the abyss of nothingness for time perpetual.

Furthermore, if you could exercise even the least common sense and reflect on our (Liberia's) most recent history, you would realize that your use of violence in pursuit of the leadership of Liberia will get you nowhere. It has not helped anyone since 1980. Samuel Doe got to that lofty position through violence, and he perished by violence. Charles Taylor followed the same dubious route to wrest the Presidency from more deserving citizens in 1997. Even without your violent pressure upon him and his government, he would have still become, has already become, and will continue to be, a pariah among the leaders of the world. What could be worse than death for an overly ambitious and pompous individual like Charlie? Thus, be forewarned: Liberians have long since seen through your deception. Your misguided attack on Liberia under the guise of liberating the people is absolutely for your own selfish gain. That is why I translate the acronym, LURD, to represent "LIBERIANS USING [A] RUSE [TO] DESTROY". "LIBERIANS UNITED FOR RECONCILIATION AND DEMOCRACY" just does not fit your violent agenda. Besides, you have no understanding whatsoever of the meanings of "Reconciliation" and "Democracy".

We Demand That You Stop Your Killing Of Our People And Let Prudence, The Ballot And The Non-Violent Power Of The People Take Their Course For A Peaceful And Legal Change In Our Beloved Liberia.