Ghanaian Police Chief Inspector's VOA Interview Left Many Unanswered Questions

(Press Release issued by Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas on May 23, 2002)

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Posted May 24, 2002

In an interview with VOA's James Butty earlier this month, Mr. Emmanuel Amaning, Chief Inspector with the AWWTU of the Ghanaian Police in the Central Region, concluded that General Alfred Glay died in a car accident. The car involved in the "accident" was being operated by two other Liberians. Mr. Amaning's statement conflicts with everything that we have heard from family and independent sources concerning the circumstances surrounding the death of General Glay.

It can be recalled that the Accra Mail, a Ghanaian newspaper, reported in its April 29, 2002 edition that Gen. Glay was assassinated by two Liberians believed to be loyal to and in the employ of the Liberian Government. According to the paper, the alleged assassins, Charles Wrotee and Christopher Wesseh, arrived in Ghana only a few days before the incident. They allegedly drove a vehicle with a Liberian license plate in which they lured Gen. Glay to his death. Both men are former fighters of Taylor's NPFL and now connected to President Taylor's notorious ATU security.

The Chief Inspector's interview with the VOA left many unanswered questions. For example, how does one explain that none of the other two occupants of the car involved in the "accident", Charles Wrotee and Christopher Wesseh, was harmed in such a violent "accident"? And why did Wortee and Wesseh not report the "accident" to the authorities? The two were apprehended by other Liberians, who then turned them over to the police.

The death of General Glay raises a serious security question for the people of Grand Gedeh in particular, and Liberian opposition politicians in general, and should therefore not be swept under the rug. We are, therefore, appealing to the Ghanaian Authorities to do everything in its power to get to the truth of General Glay's death.


Jackson N. Wonde
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