MDCL Issues Statement of Concern

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 18, 2003

The lessons of the past seem to teach us nothing about the present and the future, as the vicious cycle perpetuates itself in Liberia, in the form of mass killings of innocent Liberians and foreigners alike, peace remains ever elusive, and the grave seem to be our only goal.

The Movement for Democratic Change in Liberia once again adds its voice in condemnation of the brutal, senseless killings of Liberians, who happen to be non-combatants in a war that should never have been. Liberia continues to pay an extremely high human toll in its quest for lasting peace. As the civilized world watches, Liberians are being slaughtered daily and nothing is being done to reverse this trend. Appeals for assistance to stop this carnage seem to fall upon deaf ears, as the rest of the world lends only passive response to the call for a more proactive stance against the atrocities being perpetrated in Liberia.

The MDCL herewith states unequivocally, and emphatically that Liberians MUST unite to wrestle our beloved country from the grips of the evil being perpetrated upon our people by The Charles Taylor administration, and the so-called, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy. The latter's actions totally contrast with the true meaning of its name, as they seem bent on trying to outdo the erstwhile, defunct National Patriotic Front of Liberia, NPFL in committing the most evil against a defenseless people.

Liberians are being victimized by one marauding, rebel force after another. All launched with the ideals of "liberating" the people from whichever ruling administration: Sgt. Doe was supposed to have "liberated" Liberians from the ills of the Tolbert government; Charles Taylor was supposed to have "liberated" us from the excesses of Doe's administration; LURD justified their existence by using "liberation from the tyranny of Taylor" as their "raison d'etre". We will have to wait and see what MODEL's slogan will be. Who or what are they "liberating us from?

The MDCL will take the initiative in inquiring from the U.N. Criminal Court regarding the procedures for prosecuting war criminals. If anyone ever qualifies as a war criminal, Liberians would make the grade. There is certainly no shortage of individuals, who would fit this category and therefore must be brought to book.

Liberians, rise up and heed the clarion call. Our country needs us. Let us not only busy ourselves with the business of providing for our individual families. Rather, let us devote some time to wrestling our country from the throes of death. We have waited too long for others to do it for us. The evidence is clear that we MUST lead so that others would follow.

May God bless our efforts and save Liberia.


Richard W. Harmon
Public Affairs Director

Nohn R. Kidau,