Submitting Articles to The Perspective

1. Address your email to

2. In the body of the e-mail, include your name, mailing address and phone number.

3. Attach the article to the e-mail (Microsoft Word format is preferred. Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, etc. formats are OK)

4. Articles already published are not given priority and may not be published. We try our best to stay away from recycling articles.

5. The Perspective reserves the right to publish or not to publish any article submitted to its Editorial Board for consideration. We do not owe any author any explanation as to why we carried or did not carry his/her article. All articles submitted to The Perspective become property of The Perspective.

6. Articles carried by The Perspective may be republished by some affiliates of The Perspective with full credit given to The Perspective and the author(s) of the article(s). Any non-affiliate media entity requesting to reprint article carried by The Perspective is required to submit a written request. In an event that the request is granted, full credit has to be given to The Perspective and the author of the article.