ULAA President Responds to Allegations

By Mohammed S. Kromah
National President, Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 25, 2003

In recent time, we have witnessed a systematic campaign by our detractors to derail our mission of providing services to our people who have entrusted us with the leadership of ULAA. Those behind this campaign are shamelessly and unconsciously exploiting the issues of ethnicity and religion to achieve short-term political goals. Their campaign of lies and hate will not stop me from doing what I am committed to do in this capacity as president of ULAA. At this time in our nation's history, it is a poor judgment on the part of anyone to launch campaign of ethnic and religious hatred. This is wrong and ought to be condemned by all Liberians who are interested in the promotion of equality, peace and reconciliation.

When you elected me in a free and fair election to be the president of ULAA, you knew about my ethnic and religious backgrounds. You were sincere and objective enough to look beyond that. You believed in me, and I am sure you still do, when I promised to work sincerely in serving your interests. As I stand today, I am keeping that promise with utmost dedication and sincerity. The most important issue for us as Liberians today is peace, reconciliation and unity. We are working towards that end.

On this front, we will not fail you. You can rest assure that your trust in me to do the right thing at this critical time in our nation's history will not be betrayed. We will do whatever is necessary to promote peace and reconciliation among Liberians and if that requires meeting and talking with Liberians who are fighting and killing each other, we will not hesitate to do that. If I were these detractors who are spreading tribal and religious hatred, because that it is the call of the day and also Islam is considered by many ignorant people like the correspondent from ALLaboutLiberia, I would have left out the religion and ethnicity and go straight ahead to ask question whether or not I took a trip to Europe and what was my mission.

Having said this, you are all curious to know whether or not I did travel to Europe. To this question, my answer will be yes. I traveled there in my capacity as the president of Resources and Outreach for Liberia (ROL), honoring an invitation extended to us by a community organization in Italy to attend a workshop on political and humanitarian situations in the Manor River sub-region. (ROL) is an organization that was founded by my wife, Dr. Margaret N. Kromah, and myself. This invitation was extended based on our many years of work in humanitarian services in the interest of our suffering people in Liberia and various refugee camps, the record of ROL can attest to our efforts in Liberia and elsewhere. Our organization was not the only one invited. Both the Liberian government and LURD were invited to attend. Also present and in attendance was Manor River Humanitarian Organization. The program was held under the banner of "What Went Wrong and How We Can Fix It?"

Whether or not the Liberian government honors its invitation, we deemed it necessary to be there since it was not an invitation to war. We felt that our presence could make a difference for Liberia and Liberians who are suffering as a result of our senseless, never-ending war. We are not an extension of the Liberian government to have rejected an invitation extended to us in good faith by people who have admired our works over the years. What is also important to know by the general public is that I did not sneak in there under the cover of darkness. My travel was made public in advance.

If I had any sinister motive, I would have gone without anyone knowing about it. I know and am convinced that my trip to Europe and what I did while there did not violate any law of ULAA. As the president of this organization, I won't do anything that is inimical to its advancement. As a matter of fact, ULAA did benefit from the trip. Those of you that visit the Liberian Perspective, the Resolution [http://www.theperspective.org/netherlands_liberians.html] sent by the Liberians in Europe was written by ULAA and they are engaged with us in this struggle. I shall do all within my power to promote dialogue and understanding among our people. That's the best I can do at this critical point in our nation's history. I thank those who didn't believe the ludicrous accusation falsely linking me to LURD on ALLAboutLiberia.com website. Special thanks and Appreciations go to Mr. Theodore Hodge for being so objective in commenting on the article. The gesture supports the old saying that the only thing that necessitates the triumph of evil is when God fearing men and women sit and do nothing. Thank you again. I sincerely appreciate your objective view.

Some have advised me not to acknowledge it with a response; as responding would only dignify their existence. How can I response to charges made by a group of individuals who deliberately refused to identify themselves? Slinging mud on the internet is not my style. As you notice, I do not participate in the mud slinging that takes place on the ULAA list serve, either. I would think that if anyone genuinely wanted to engage me in a fruitful discussion, that person would call me, write me, or invite me for a discussion.

One thing I noticed is that AllAboutLiberia.com is loaded with all kinds of defaming and bogus allegations against several prominent Liberians, including Bishop Michael Francis and Dr. Amos Sawyer. Maybe, I thought, ignoring these bogus allegations like these two gentlemen did, speak volumes.

Listen up everyone, because I am not going to be dragged into this kind of nonsense again; I am not nor have I ever been, or nor will I ever be a member of LURD or any other organization that takes arms against innocent Liberians or anyone else, for that matter. For the record, my wife, Dr. Margaret Ngangana Kromah and I have served Liberia in many ways during these hard times. My closing note; please ask your writer, "What has he or his boss, whose network he uses to defame men of good nature and high integrity, done for Liberia or any Liberian lately?"

I thank you and God bless Liberia.