EU Office At The General Auditing Commission Has Been Burglarized Again

A Press Release Issued By The General Auditing Commission

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
March 28, 2008


The General Auditing Commission (GAC) is troubled over the consistent criminal attacks on its premises and regrets to inform the public that its offices have been burglarized for the second time within the space of a little over 2 months after the first incident. The unfortunate event took place on Thursday, March 13, before the break of day.

However, a notorious criminal was identified carrying an all-in-one printer with GAC emblem early that morning and was immediately tracked-down by the police from the Ministry of Justice. Also stolen, was a cat5 Ethernet cable connecting the IT server room to the second floor of the GAC building. The culprit attested that he penetrated the offices with the aid of one of his partners in crime.

The following damages or loses were incurred as a result of the burglary:

• The carpet in the EU office and the IT control room of the GAC were burned.

• Ethernet cable connecting the first and second floors of the General Auditing Commission was stolen.

• Some sensitive documents were burned/stolen.

• An all-in-one printer from the EU office was stolen.

The Liberian National Police, after careful screening, informed the GAC that the culprit was highly ranked on the chain of criminal indicators in Monrovia.

The all-in-one printer is in the process of being retrieved, while the GAC securities who were on duty that night were thoroughly examined by the police and subsequently released.

The Senior Management, in an emergency meeting, discussed the constant security threat on the GAC and designed a system approach to monitor the network of criminal movements on its premises, including attempts to improperly access the premises of the General Auditing Commission.

Consequently, the following measures were:

 Evict all illegal occupants residing in the building of the GAC.

 Purchase an additional generator to supply light at night.

 Beef-up security

 Ask the authority of the Liberian National Police through the Justice Ministry to assign police to the GAC at night.

 Ask UNMIL to increase patrol around the GAC.

There were few long-rang control measures formulated such as:

 The fencing of the entire century old executive mansion currently under use by the GAC.

 The hiring of a private security firm.

The management of GAC is doing all in its power to safe-guard the assets and the entire premises under its authority.

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