Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, How Disgraceful!

By Ramses K Nah

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 28, 2007


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,
It is an open secret how deep and long your relationship is with Willis Knuckles. However, the use of the word "regret" in accepting his resignation is disgraceful and despicable. As a woman and mother, your stance on the matter should be emphatic and unquestionable.

While it is true Willis Knuckles committed no crime, which is beside the point. Once documented evidence existed to support the allegation, it should have been your duty to ask for his resignation or fire Willis Knuckles, immediately.

Your silence and the use of the word regret embolden your lack of fairness in dealing with your friends at the disadvantage of the Liberian people. You have in effect, made it acceptable for Liberian men who hold authority and power to continue the status quo as of old.

The question is "where was your sense of decency" all this time, sitting idly by. It is regrettable that your condemnation and acceptance comes a little too late.

You are a wonderful person and the right person for Liberia. However, your action now on Morality and Ethic opens up a lot of questions about you.

It does not matter how much development and debt relief and employment you bring to the Republic, if you allow and condone the lack thereof of Ethics and Morality.

In effect, you are opening up Liberia again to what has brought us the destruction over the last 25 plus years. I and the Liberian people expect the Moral High ground to start with you and your cabinet.

Shifting the blame of blackmail to someone else for your direct report behavior is a darn shame. The utterance from you of the word blackmail is detestable. By using those words, you have given credence to Edwin Snowe's allegation of being behind his downfall. Ma Ellen, if you and Knuckles so believe that he is being blackmailed, I am almost certain, there exist laws in Penal code of the Republic against said and charges can be brought against those alleged. If there is blackmail as you state, do the honorable thing and sue.

Madame President, Women in Liberia, Africa and the world have high expectation of you. And so do most reasonable men. Lead and not Rule, Be a Role Model and not a Disgrace.

The future of Liberia is at stake. Money and tangible development alone are not enough to establish the fundamental infrastructure for the development of our society. Ethics and Morality are important. Changing the mentality of the Liberian people is important. Social intangible development is vital. Behavioral re-engineering must be conducted in the Liberian society.

Madame President, why do you think we have had 25 plus years of war and destruction in Liberia? It is because, when Men and Women who hold position of trust use their status, authority, power and money to abuse their offices and disabuse women and children for their deprived interest, and no one condemns or is bold enough to speak out against such actions.

Liberia craves a, Bold, Decisive, Discipline, Moral and Ethical Leader.

Ellen, Money Alone will not build Liberia.

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