The Issue Of Mr. Knuckles Is Not Simply A Moral Issue

A Letter From George Fahnbulleh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
March 12, 2007


Dr. Dorliae,

I believe your approach to the issue of Mr. Knuckles as simply a moral issue is extremely simplistic and naïve. While this episode should give us, as Liberians the opportunity to examine the historical relationships between the patriarchal society which has dominated women over the years, you have chosen to address the morality or immorality of the this particular situation.

Even if one were to accept your “it’s none of our business” approach to this situation, there is no Liberian who can deny that this type of voracious sexual activity on the part of powerful men, has not served the interest of women and the Liberian public and treasury as a whole. In the past we have see “big shots” married to their Christian wives, who go to church every Sunday when they are not “on the farm.” Meanwhile on the farm, they have their way with young girls and produce another complete brood of children. The farm children do not have the same access to education, health care and other opportunities that the HOUSE children have, thereby producing two classes of children/citizens.

If the man is a powerful man, he may have many “girlfriends” outside his marriage, each of whom he supports with his meager $500.00 government paycheck. He may even build a couple of houses for them. How do you think he manages to accomplish this astonishing magic trick, Dr. Dorliae? It’s call THEFT of government property, plain and simple. So while you do not find this behavior to be immoral, it has invariable in the past, lead to people using/dispensing the resources of the Government of Liberia to support their concubines, proclivities and other fetishes.

Corruption has made beggars of Liberians, and in many cases, an attendant sub-factor to that corruption, is the lifestyle of which I speak. So while we should not judge the morality of it, we do have every right to question the impact of this type of behavior on the ability of the governors to govern without corruption.

Finally, Dr. Dorliae, Mr. Knuckles exhibited bad and unsound judgment, in allowing himself to be photographed in his sexual escapades. I am not passing judgment on the morality or immorality of Mr. Knuckles sexual proclivities. I am saying he has demonstrated he lacks the capacity to exhibit sound judgment when faced with situations he finds pleasurable! For this same reason, one would not want a crack-addict to be a bank teller.

As a government official working close to the President and being PRIVY to all manner of government information some of which may not be for picture taking and public disclosure, such unsound judgment may compromise information the government does not wish to compromise.

Any person who has ever had to get a US government security clearance knows this. They talk to your friends, the talk to your neighbors. They want to know if you have good or bad credit. Why? Because they want to REDUCE the possibility you have a personal weakness that would lead to your compromise, and the classified information you may be entrusted with.

We have already identified Mr. Knuckles' weakness: multiple naked women, straight, bi or gay, doesn't matter, and a Polaroid camera!

Sound judgment is exactly one of the hallmarks of a competent and trustworthy GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL.

George K Fahnbulleh
Mesa, AZ

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