Nigeria Election – Recipe for A Coup D’Etat

By Ramses K Nah

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 26, 2007


Elections in Africa are already the joke of the world and Nigeria’s recent elections has validated this notion and emboldened the stagnation of democracy on the continent. What an utter disgrace to Obasanjo? What was he thinking?

A coup may be imminent in Nigeria within the next 12 to 24 months, if not sooner, if the results of the recently held elections are validated and allowed to stand. The affront to the rights of the People of Nigeria has reached staggering proportions of down right cowardice of the part on the current administration.

Where are the rights of the Nigerian People to chose who they want? Why should Obasanjo impose his self appointed successor? Is it not a farce to then see the “anointed one” win the elections?

Democracy has once again been Highjacked, stolen in broad day light, right under the eyes of the people of Nigeria and the world. Should the results be accepted, no matter how flawed they are, for the sake of peace? Why do African leaders think that the people are just plain “STUPID”?

Why has Africa not developed since colonialism? After all the fight for the right to govern ourselves, our leaders have been blatant Failures. They have been impoverishing, killing, and imprisoning their own people. African leader have undermined the well-being of their own people and nations that they have fought for so hard. Hindsight makes colonialism more appealing to Africa being governed by the crop of leaders we have had so far. With the exception of Nyerere, Sengor, and Mandela, the rest of the African leaders are Disgraceful!

Judge for yourself; Mugabe, Taylor, Mobutu Sese Sekou, Gbagbo, Obasanjo, to name a few. Hoodlums! parading as leaders, systematically destroying their own country while personally enriching themselves.

Where is the Pride in Africa? Where is the True Leader in Africa? One who will speak out vehemently against the sadistic Good old Bad Boys network? Poor Africa, I am embarrassed at our leaders’ actions and attitudes.

If the recently held election in Nigeria is not spoken against, invalidated and strongly condemned by African leaders, a coup is imminent. The impervious African leadership continues, supporting bad judgments, inconsiderate attitudes, deplorable governance and utter destruction of their precious people, land and resources.

It is sad, despicable, disgraceful and down right embarrassing.

God Please Help Us!

© 2007 by The Perspective

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