The Liberian Democratic Future (LDF) is a group of Liberians from different ethnic backgrounds, genders, religious beliefs and political persuasions who are dedicated to pluralistic , democratic Liberia. The Liberian Democratic Future has great passion for democracy, peace with justice and equal opportunity for all Liberians, which are not only necessary but in deed critically imperative if we are to transcend the wounds and deep division of our civil conflict. In recognition of this national need, LDF has decided to launch a medium of dialogue - The Perspective.

As a unique upscale newsmagazine, The Perspective is significantly different from other Liberian publications. Rather than dance around the problems, The Perspective will confront the issues head on by concentrating on telling the truth, exposing the root causes, underlining contributing factors and identifying the class divisions which are the undercurrent of the various problems in Liberia. Above all else , we will advance what we consider as appropriate paradigms or solutions for those problems.

No doubt, this bold new approach will be controversial since it will directly tackle the Liberian issues and tread into areas of our national life in which we are uncomfortable to discuss publicly. By orientation Liberians are inhibited from expressing views and feelings regarding our political and economic inequities, which have bred a massive social underclass of elephantine proportions with all its attendant social ills in a country with considerable natural resources.

This strategy is designed to challenge us to take sides in our national debate. Our purpose here is to confront our internal prejudices and relieve us from the pretension under which we deal with our problems. It is our hope that this approach will stimulate frank and earnest discussion of issues among Liberians. This endeavor is intended to take Liberian intellectuals, as well as the politicians and our community leaders , to task to engage in solution-seeking mechanism. It is not however meant to be a means of vindictiveness and revenge.

Accordingly, The Perspective will advance ideas and propositions which will have as their core premise the respect for the majority decisionsand minority rights. We will encourage and promote tolerance and diversity. We realize that Liberia as a nation enriched with a population of diverse social, economic and political backgrounds each person brings a different and divergent outlook to the national scene. The Perspective plans to accommodate this key national characteristic.

However, while it will provide a forum of national dialogue in order to voice opposing viewpoints on Liberian issues, The Perspective will not allow itself to be used by those who will try to operate outside the bounds of civil discourse. In other words, innuendoes, character assassinations, sheer propaganda and articles riddled with profanities will not be published. Commentaries and political analysis will undoubtedly be critical of issues of national concern and positions taken by individual or a group. In this regard, some people will be offended simply because of the role such individuals played in the particular situation.

In addition, we are not beholden to any political organization, nor do we as a group subscribe to any parochial partisan agendas. As a progressive publication, The Perspective from time to time will commend and applaud any individual or group whose actions or policies are designed to ameliorate the general welfare of all Liberians; advance and promote the concept of democracy; recognize and foster the idea that all citizens are equal under the law. By the same token, we will not hesitate to confront those organizations or persons whose actions are aimed at disenfranchising our people. Our raison d'être is the advocacy for the national interest.

As it has been manifested time and again during the course of our civil conflict, we would be overly naive if we did not realize the difficulties which lie ahead us as we attempt this new approach. Naturally, there will be Liberians who will see this effort as an assault on their divine privilege , so they will try their utmost to defeat our goal. But we will not relent. Instead, we urge such individuals to join us now so we can save our country from the vestiges of injustice, domination, hatred and class warfare, which have contributed to our near self-destruction. We are convinced we will prevail because our goal is noble, and our approach aims at atonement and self-examination. The choice is yours.

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