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.Africa, The Curse of History, and Europe's New "Benevolence"
There is now an appealing new school of thought spreading in Western Europe which, on the surface, would make any well-meaning African jump with joy to embrace the dawn of salvation. But it contains more ominous implications.

Liberians: Caught in Political Dilemma and New Global Realities
The macroeconomic, sectoral, and financial policy issues facing Liberian agriculture in the context of new global realities and as the country enters the new century.

The Way Things Ought To Be: It is Either Going to be Better or Worse!
What has mankind gained from all of these wars? Will wars ever end? Regarding these questions, we need to re-evaluate our position if we are to avoid future atrocities.

Shifting Alliances in Liberia's Theft and Plunder
One of the multiple and difficult challenges facing many African states as we enter the millennium is fulfilling the high expectations of their restless, impoverished mass, the world's poorest people. This challenge, which has already been brought into focus by numerous armed conflicts around the continent, has transformed Africa into a house of horrors with a bleak future in terms of poverty alleviation and political stability.

Honoring Few Good People
After seven years of civil war, in which some of the most egregious atrocities were committed against humankind, the country seems immuned to violence. It has almost become a foregone conclusion, that the culture of violence had so engulfed the country that everyone was affected by it.

Free Speech And Expression Are Basic Rights Guaranteed By The Liberian Constitution
LDF and COPLA call upon the Liberian authorities to free and exonerate Mr. James D. Torh.

Aren't Africans Humans Too?
In 1996 in northern Uganda, an eight-year old African child tried to escape from his captors. He was caught and beaten to death by his peers in a bizarre initiation ritual set up for new child soldier recruits of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. Hundreds more were abducted from their villages, raped and brutally murdered.

Loyal Ambassador Resigns Amid Frustration And Lack Of Cooperation
During the past two years, Rachel Gbenyon-Diggs criss crossed these United States vigorously defending the Liberian government and despairing rumors about her qualification.

The Nation Is Dying!
The women of Lofa, mainly the Belle, have struck a blow on the anvil of our sedated consciences by courageously demonstrating against the barbarism which the political tramp has imposed on the people of Liberia.

Ivory Coast's Change of the Guards and West Africa's Political Chemistry
Another African country has joined the coup club at a time when democratization is the international slogan. Reminding deposed President Bedie that "when you have a country and loot a country this is what happens to you", Gen. Robert Guei, has freed political prisoner, promised to form a government of civilians with the military keeping key defense positions, has allowed opposition parties to use state-owned media to express their opinions.

As I See It: The Historical Minutes of the Last Ten Years (Part I)
True to the core definition of opinion, mine had been mostly unasked-for, but I do get requests for my opinions every now and again. One came recently from The Perspective Magazine, asking me to write, for its "Millennium Edition," on the issue of "human rights and the justice system in Liberia."

The End of a Century: Looking Towards "The Genius of a Free Government"
The 20th Century is gradually coming to an end. An unvarnished assessment of this century suggests that it has been markedly momentous and tumultuous.

ALJA Asks UN To Set Up War Crimes Tribunal For Liberia
The Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) is a newly established organization comprising mostly Liberian journalists who fled Liberia during the country's seven-year brutal civil war. Many of the journalists fled following harassment, death threats, torture and detention in the performance of their reportorial duties.

Interview With Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis
In the wake of a gloomy human rights record, the lack of genuine peace and reconciliation, and the failure to complete the implementation of the Abuja Peace Accords, this magazine was prompted to interview Catholic Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis of Liberia during his recent visit to the United States to receive the distinguished Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. Just recently, a consortium of eight human rights groups under the umbrella of the National Human Rights Center of Liberia, of which the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission is a member issued a statement - saying that human rights condition in Liberia, especially in 1999, "is far from being satisfactory."

Human Rights Defender Charged with Sedition
The detention and prosecution for sedition of James Torh, a Liberian human rights defender, violates the fundamental right to freedom of expression, Amnesty International said today.

LIBERIA: A Frame Work For Change And Renewal
We are but six months away from that which will mark the twenty-year period of the tumultuous events of April 1980 when our nation had the first real opportunity for change. The constraints imposed by one hundred, fifty years of power and privilege monopolization were broken, providing the basis for a fundamental altering of the framework of economic, political and social systems that had been shaped over those many years of settler domination.

"Blessed" Sierra Leone, Cursed Liberia
After 8 years of bloodletting leading to about 20,000 persons killed and an orgy of amputations, Sierra Leone may be on the path to consolidating genuine peace, something fundamentally different from what the world let happen in neighbouring Liberia. There are indications that in dealing with the Sierra Leone horrors, the conscientious world is slowly awakening to the fact that terror should not be rewarded.

Taylor, U.S. Dollar And Public Ignorance
A little over two years ago, Charles Taylor was campaigning for the presidency in Liberia and making promises of all sorts and to lend credibility to his many promises, he procured rice from the Republic of Taiwan and distributed it amongst his constituency. Confounding even his critics, Taylor made himself over in a crowded field of presidential wannabes and projected an image as the one person who had a sustained connection to the ordinary household in Liberia. Outhustling, out-maneuvering and double crossing even some of his fiercest opponents, Taylor managed to do the imponderable, bringing most Liberians into his cheering line and virtually assured himself as a drop of goodness in a sea of insanity.

  Out of the ashes of the Liberian civil war emerged a new society. What is it like? Read all about it and join the conversation. It is in The Perspective - the publication devoted to Liberia's democratic future. Subscribe today@ $20.00/year (international rate is $33.00/year).
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