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Liberian Civil Conflict
If Kosovo, why not Sierra Leone?
A good neighbor is more valuable than a distant relative. The ties between Sierra Leone and Liberia go beyond politics.

Trial Verdict Undermines Peace, Stability and Reconciliation - Says Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
A leading Liberian opposition leader, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, has warned Liberian government authorities against carrying out the 10-year jail sentence for 13 ethnic Krahn supporters of former warlord Gen. Roosevelt Johnson.

The Liberian Democratic Future Condemns And Rejects The Treason Trial Verdict
On April 2,1999, a jury in Monrovia, Liberia, convicted 13 men, mainly ethnic Krahn supporters of former warlord Roosevelt Johnson.

Bringing War Criminals To Justice
After a series of articles in which we called world attention to the need for a war crimes tribunal in Liberia, The Perspective took a brief hiatus on the issue. We did so hoping that Mr. Taylor would have seen the light by instituting a commission that would have examined the conduct of the civil war.

NSA Chief Says International Community Resents President Taylor
Much has been reported in this paper on the crisis of national security that has eroded and undermined the fabric of Liberia's fledging democracy.

Mercenaries And Death Squads: Two Sides Of The Same Coin
One of the untold stories and least reported events in the final years of the twentieth century, has been the presence and involvement of mercenaries in Africa's civil war.

The Treason Trial: A Mockery Of Justice!
In the Oct/Dec '98 issue, the Liberian Democratic Future (LDF) called for a fair and impartial trial of the 32 individuals accused of treason for allegedly attempting to overthrow the Liberian government.

An Eyewitness Account Of The September 18 Massacre
Eyewitness accounts indicate that security forces attacked Johnson loyalists on Friday, September 18, at about six o'clock local time in the evening. This time, it was a pre-emptive strike by a column of well-armed troops under the command of Chucky Taylor, the president's notorious and drug-addicted son.

Liberia: ECOWAS Dilemma
The recent 21st ECOWAS Summit should have dealt with entirely new issues if the Liberian peace process had produced responsible actors attuned to the necessity of reconciling their people and the imperative for sub-regional harmony.

Where Is Our Moral Outrage?
As 1998 rapidly ebbs into the annals of human events and a new year dawns on the horizon, Liberians everywhere have hoped that their country would have made substantial progress toward mending the rift of war and bridging the national division.

Holding Political Chameleons Accountable
Much has been written about the principal players in the seven-year national holocaust in Liberia. Primarily, the principal players claimed they launched their various rebellions in order to right what were wrong in the Liberian society.

The Bleeding Liberia Celebrates 149th Independence
July 26, 1996 marked the 149th anniversary of our independence and if recent past serves as a guide of what transpired that weekend, then it is fair to say Liberians across the United States indulged themselves to the festivities appropriate for the occasion:

War Crimes Tribunal For Liberian Warlords
During the fall of 1995 the world community commemorated the 50th anniversary of the start of Nuremberg war crimes tribunal on Nov. 20, 1945. But according to the New York Times, the memory of the historic trial seems clouded.

A Statement on the Liberian Constitution
Liberia fo Sale
Partial Disarmament: A Prescription for Disasters in Liberia
The Truth About Forming Government in Exile
Liberian Corruption: And Behold the Well Overflows
Africa's First Female Head of State Speaks at the UN
U. S. Bill Holds Promises For Justice & Atonement In Liberia
Stop The Political Manipulation
Liberia's Scheduled Elections: Guns Do Not Heal

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