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Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Challenges GOL And Calls On Opposition To Unite
The Liberian economy is in dire straits on all the counts... debt overhang, unemployment, poverty, poor capacity, underdeveloped and destroyed infrastructure. More importantly, daily activities and reports point to increasing moral decadence. To counter these trends, Liberia needs visionary and exemplary leadership at all levels throughout the society. We need freedom from fear to challenge the policies and practices which contribute to these trends.

Taylor's Liberia Army: "Papay Doc's Tonton Macoutes"? - A major obstacle to the realization of peace, and therefore stability in Liberia, is the arrogant decision by the NPP after its victory to shelf all brokered peace agreements that made its victory possible. Once in office, Mr. Taylor and company proceeded to do what they all along had planned to do: rule without any regard for the organic law of the land, the Constitution.

The rotten carcass, not the maggots
The grovelling agents of the tyranny have finally awakened from their indifference and have started to work for the crumbs thrown their way by their gangster-boss. These maggots, pitiful cannon fodder in a scheme of plunder, thievery and banditry are the flotsam oozing out of the rotten carcass that pollutes the seat of power at the Executive Mansion.

We All Make Mistakes - All Of Us Except, Of Course, St. Patrick
I don't intend to get into any long drawn out debate with Patrick over the degrees of blame that should be assigned to various players in the tragedy that has befallen our beloved country these past 10 years. History will be the judge of that. I merely want, for the record, to lay out the facts, some of which he may be ignorant of because he came into ACDL late in the game and did not exert himself sufficiently to be in the know about all its activities.

Liberian Citizenship and Passport Up for Sale!
Predictably, Liberia's economy and resources are fast being surrendered to shady international syndicates determined to complete the cycle of theft and plunder after seven years of the worst ever recorded looting, massacres and displacement in the country's history, factors which led to the country's economic decay.

Economic Costs Of Malaria Are Many Times Higher Than Previously Estimated
Africa's GDP would be up to $100 billion greater this year if malaria had been eliminated years ago, according to new research by Harvard, London School and WHO

Debt and Adjustment under the New Globalization Consensus: Can Africa Still Resist? - Recently, various activist groups backed by hundreds of supporters converged on Washington D.C. to protest against the policies of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Setting the Record Straight - In an interview conducted with Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and reported in the January/March 2000 issue of The Perspective, Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf is quoted to have said:...

Who Are Col. Quadafi's "Us" and Mandela's "Self Appointed World Policemen"?
The much-talked about Europe-Africa summit in Cairo, Egypt, has come and gone, with a stark warning and request from of one Africa's most controversial and destabilizing agents, Libya's Col. Quadafi. "Leave us alone as your ideas and cultures differ from ours", he told European leaders recently.

A Citizen's Advice to President Charles G. Taylor
Based on the promises that Mr. Charles G. Taylor would bring economic development, good governance, and accountability to public service, justice, equality and the rule of law, the Liberian people elected him in 1997.

How Nigeria Prolonged Liberia's Horror And Stamped Its Misery
A decade has elapsed since Nigerian troops landed in Liberia and 4 years since the Nigerians spearheaded the 1997 elections which propelled Charles Taylor, a declared foe of Nigeria, to power. Within this period, over 250,000 died out of a population of barely 2.5 million. The country's economy, already in a sorry state, was reduced to tartars.

Empty Words, and No Action
History is about to repeat itself again in Liberia. As a people, Liberians have a short memory; they have refused to learn a lesson or two from history. If there is any such thing as a Liberian mindset, it is complicated and confused and difficult to understand even among those who considered themselves "civilized."

Book Reviews and Commentary
In a review of the historical literature on Liberia, there is a plethora of academic studies geared towards the political and social, rather than the personal. There is not only a scarcity but also a glaring absence of memoirs and autobiographical studies, which emphasize an individual's account or personal experience of events, scenes and developments as they have occurred.

Capital and Development in Liberia: Some Critical Issues
Behind the cloud over the issue of lack of development in Liberia, different attitudes emerge towards the role of international capital in domestic development. There are those who, unaware of the current dynamics of international capital, and in their honest desire to identify the appropriate forces for national development, are quick to point to the importance of global finance and investment capital in the development process.

Are Taylor's "Hands Clean" in Liberia's State-Sponsored Terrorism?
An interesting development which has occurred since the gang-style closure of Star Radio, is the simultaneous launching of the Liberian News Agency (LINA) internet website as Taylor's high command in his "Cyber War."

Pitfalls Of The Liberian Economy: What Is Liberia's Choice of Economic Management? - Like other badly run third world economies, the Liberian economic problems are traced to a set of interrelated problems that are amazingly taught in every day business school; in this case, diversify the economy to avert potential stagnation arising from over-reliance on one or too few primary export products...

Liberia: "One baby, One Car Government" - The current trial of human rights campaigner James Torh on charges of SEDITION is one of the multiple pieces of evidence establishing the fact that, despite a cruel civil war that killed 10% of the population in the name of democracy and change, Liberia has receded deeper and deeper into the terrible, uglier orbit of state sanctioned terrorism.

LDF's Response To LINA - The Liberian saga, in all its beastly and horrific dimensions, continues to travel on a bumpy road, and the search for the truth behind the launching of a gruesome genocide that saw 250,000 people perish in hails of bullets continues. In this all important search for the rationale behind the horrors, the institution and entrenchment of "You kill my ma, you kill my pa I'll vote for you "political culture," we are getting facts from unlikely sources.

The UN Report: Hypocrisy and Containing Africa's Rogue States
The recent report by the United Nations, pointing fingers at Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Togo, and other African countries for fueling the ongoing Angolan horrors by arming and backing the ruthless UNITA rebels in exchange for diamonds, is a convincing testament of the spreading hypocrisy in Africa about democratization, peace-building and continental security, while the continent's political rulers remain active participants in the trade of death and decay covering Africa.

Investigative Report on Oriental Timber Corporation
There has been much concern and controversy regarding the role of the Oriental Timber Corporation (OTC) ­ A Malaysian business entity ­ that has been operating some of Liberia's most reserved forests unscrupulously, without any control or regulation by the government of Liberia.

"You killed My Ma, you killed my Pa, I'll Vote for you"
"You killed my ma, you killed my pa, I'll vote for you". This memorable song will continue to depict the psyche of contemporary Liberians, and there seems to be no hope of discarding it. In the name of a game called democracy, numbers matter, whether or not numbers represent the wishes of the wretched of the earth.

Liberia May Dump Taiwan for PRC
Informed sources within the Liberian government say the country, desperate for cash for its tattered economy in the midst of international isolation, may soon end its recognition of Taiwan to embrace mainland People's Republic in exchange for much needed cash.

Issues In Perspective: Taylor May Testify in London in Libel Case
President Charles Taylor of Liberia may have to give a personal testimony in a libel case which his British lawyers have filed in London against the London Times, disputing allegations that he personally engaged in cannibalism during the Liberian civil war that took about 250,000 lives and destroyed the West African country of 2.6 million.

  Out of the ashes of the Liberian civil war emerged a new society. What is it like? Read all about it and join the conversation. It is in The Perspective - the publication devoted to Liberia's democratic future. Subscribe today@ $20.00/year (international rate is $33.00/year).
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