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Liberia's Politics, Plunder and the Environment
In April this year, as in every year, the United Nations celebrated "Earth Day." The significance of this day is to highlight the importance of our environment and the preservation of our EARTH. Without concerted and sincere efforts to preserve what is left of our planet, mankind is lost, doomed and helpless against the forces of nature. Undoubtedly, Africa, already at the bottom of the global economic ladder, will wither faster than we now imagine. This phenomenon can already be seen in the dramatic turns of temperatures around the world resulting in a tragedy called Global Warming

Can Clinton Administration "Africa Guru", Rev. Jackson, Help Sierra Leone As He Links Sankoh to Mandela? When Liberia's Charles Taylor castigated the Clinton administration for using "burnt out" American diplomats instead of relying on the skills and contacts of the Rev. Jesse Jackson to solve his orchestrated horrors within West Africa, many dismissed the warlord as a madman not knowing the difference between his left and right hands. But evidently, this is far from the case, as the ex-rebel leader indicated when he invaded the American embassy and killed a number of fleeing opponents, while recently threatening to arrest the US Ambassador in Monrovia.

Liberia's Illusive Dream of Democracy
The founding of Liberia, and the entire historical momentum that greeted what became known in American political parlance as the "Negro State", was the quest for democracy and entrenched opposition to slavery. This could clearly be seen in America in 1776 when some strong and varying opinions began to emerge against the cruelty of slavery. The persistence of slavery itself was a political anomaly because the American Declaration of Independence had, after all, proclaimed that all men are born equal with certain basic rights. If so, then it was obvious that the millions of Africans shipped to America fell in the category of human beings.

What Liberians Didn't Know About "Chucky Did it"?
At the beginning of the Liberian civil war (1989), there was a phrase: " Chucky Did It," written on the official cars driven by Charles Taylor and his NPFL rebel officials. The nickname of Taylor's son is ''Chucky'', but this couldn't have been the meaning of the phrase written on the cars. Did anybody think about the meaning of this phrase? I have not seen or read anything about the phrase "Chucky Did It" in any of the volumes of books and articles written about the Liberian civil conflict.

A Liberian Embassy and a Cult of Illicit Car Dealers - The Polish Scenario:
When it is reported in The Perspective time and again that the warlord-led government in Monrovia has turned Liberia into a theatre of international gangsterism, cynics in some quarters perceive such persistent reports as politically vindictive. But recent incidents in Poland involving an apparently fake Liberian ambassador and some Eastern European gangsters captioned: "Phoney Ambassador and Mercedes" in a widely circulated Polish paper may turn a stone for doubting Thomases.

"I'll keep them Busy in Sierra Leone"Says Charles Taylor
It took about 14 peace agreements, dozens of peace summits and conferences, and hundreds of thousands of lives before the Liberian war could end in a Taylor presidency. Speaking in Monrovia recently, Taylor urged ECOWAS to end the Sierra Leone war by adopting the Liberian solution, which in clear terms mean a president Foday Sankoh. Otherwise, he hinted, there could be more trouble. His information Minister Joe Mulbah recently declared that "War in Sierra Leone is war in Liberia", and that because Liberian dissidents were allegedly fighting along side Sierra Leone government forces, Liberia's Security was threatened.

Liberian Politicians Have A History of Making Costly Mistakes
A fascinating characteristic of Liberian politicians is their ability to make costly mistakes. The pathetic state in which Liberians find themselves today is a direct result of the politicians' mistakes over the years. It came as no surprise to me that Harry A. Greaves, Jr. admitted in his response to Patrick L. M. Seyon's article, "Setting the Record Straight," that he and others made mistake by supporting Charles McArthur Taylor's war effort.

Charles Taylor's Threat of "Ferocity" Over Veep Dogolea's Death
It seems the puzzle over Liberia's Vice President Enoch Dogolea's sudden and mysterious death is finally unraveling. President Taylor, angry over critical newspaper coverage over the mysterious nature of the death, is threatening to be "ferocious" against reports in the New Democrat newspaper of circumstances around his deputy's death. "I have seen an attempt on the part of some political animals in the country to create division among the people of Liberia and we will not tolerate such", a local newspaper quoted the President as saying.

The Rice Import Liberalization Agenda in Liberia: Some Critical Policy Issues
In the January/March 1998 issue of this magazine, we had predicted that under the current rule of global capital, where a country's access to international finance is largely determined by its having "sound" macroeconomic and structural balances, post-war Liberia would have to adhere to the demands of global capital by instituting "appropriate" macroeconomic and structural adjustment. Well, our prognosis has come true. In fact, just as we were making this prediction, the government of Liberia was embarking upon an International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff-monitored program (SMP) of economic and financial policies designed to enforce discipline and reforms in the economy.

Poverty's Triumph over Democracy in Liberia
As Liberians brace more uncertainties in their quest for democracy, believing that such is their antechamber for prosperity, it is now abundantly clear that the poverty perimeter remains the single most daunting obstacle in achieving this illusive goal. With over 85% unemployment in a chronically paralyzed economy colored by an entrenched system of perverse warlord patronage, it is time to bid democracy farewell as a despised mistress of a criminal and underground economy.

Fourteen Allegedly Executed in Liberia?
Unconfirmed but reliable sources in Monrovia say 14 top security men loyal to President Charles Taylor have been secretly executed on charges of plotting to assassinate the president. The sources further said 40 others are unaccounted for, but there is yet no official confirmation of the executions.

Liberia's V.P. Dogolea's Mysterious Death: God's Hands or a Familiar Pattern? "
President Taylor, announcing the abrupt and mysterious death of his Vice President and rebel comrade Enoch Dogolea, 48, said, "Liberia has become a complicated society characterized by rumours, chaos and disharmony." What an admission! And with the ongoing intimidation of journalists coupled with the banning of credible media institutions, the floodgate for unsubstantiated but credible information in the "Gestapo State" is normal.

Demonstration For Peace, Justice and Democracy In Sierra Leone and Liberia
Liberians and other West Africans from various parts of the United States are in Washington today (June 24, 2000) for a demonstration for "peace, justice, and democracy in Sierra Leone and Liberia." Liberia, the first Republic in Africa and the 2nd Black independent nation (2nd to Haiti), was to become the beacon of hope for the then dark African continent.

Liberia: Secret Police to Clear Passport Applicants
Liberians now wishing to acquire passports must receive clearance from the country's notorious secret police, the National Security Agency (NSA), an executive order from President Charles decreed this week.

Liberia: Plots, Denials and Just Punishment for a Pariah State
Liberia's continued denial of participation in the ongoing slaughters and plunder in Sierra Leone indicates the level of insensitivity, cruelty and single-minded determination of President Charles Taylor to continue spreading the seeds of destabilization within a region already in turmoil since he turned Liberia into an incubator of terror and a base for refugee production.

Liberia Reportedly Arming Guerrillas

Crime, Treachery and West Africa's Destabilization
Even as West African rulers, bruised from acrimonious shouting matches during the just ended ECOWAS summit in Abuja, prepare to storm derelict Freetown in their infinite "search of peace," clouds of instability loom over one of Africa's epicenters of horrors. The bickering Abuja Summit only unveiled the abyss to which politics has sunk within the region, making it difficult to reach sustained solution to the plague of rebel leaders transformed into national figures with tragic implications for millions of defenseless poor, the real pawns in this game of crime called politics.

Liberian Refugees On Hunger Strike in Senegal
Liberian refugees in Senegal have reportedly begun a hunger strike to publicize what they regard as unjust treatment meted against them by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the Senegalese Government.

The True Face of Rev. Jackson's Liberian Heroes
Since Rev. Jesse Jackson reminded Liberians of the evils haunting them because of their overthrow of arguably Africa's longest serving oligarchic political dynasty - the True Whig Party - a party of freed slaves who ruled Liberia from 1822 to 1980 now back in a disguise designed by Charles Taylor, my ears have been deafened by the cries of my ancestors.

Sierra Leone's Johnny Paul Koroma Says No Peace Without Taylor
Former Sierra Leone military leader Johnny Paul Koroma, says peace in Sierra Leone will be difficult to achieve without Liberia's President Charles Taylor's agreement. He however emphasized that war will end only after Government forces retake diamond areas from the RUF.

ECOWAS' Blunder: Another Prescription For Sierra Leone's Horrors
The pathetic disarray within the paralyzed Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), regarding its earlier reprieve for the detained Sierra Leone rebel leader Foday Sankoh, a reprieve now rescinded, is a testament of the deceit and treachery that reigns within the regional organization that many foolhardily expect to handle West Africa's multiplying and horrific problems.

Liberian Political Group Condemns Taylor for Sierra Leone Conflict
A new Liberian political group has condemned the Liberian Government for its involvement in the Sierra Leone conflict, calling on it to declare all members of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) persona non-grata.

RUF fighters rape women and children in Makeni and other towns

Peace Never Had A Chance In Sierra Leone Under the Lome Agreement
Sierra Leone is headline news again. Another tragic, human catastrophe unfolds. Since the beginning of May, tens of thousands of people, under attack by Foday Sankoh's Revolutionary United Front (RUF), are streaming into Freetown, the capital.

Maskita Admits Training Rebels In Liberia (Concord Times)

Pitfalls of Sankoh's Isolation
With the United Nations' backs against the wall in ending the Sierra Leone horrors, it has announced contacts with alternative leaders of the butchering Revolutionary United Front (RUF) since, according to the UN, the rebels' main chief, Foday Sankoh is now "discredited".

Liberia Is Being P.U.S.H.ed by Rev. Jesse Jackson
The Liberian National News Agency is notorious for inaccuracies and outright reportorial incompetence. That is why we have to be careful in our pursuit of even a known mischief-maker like Rev. Jesse L. Jackson if our prime source of his latest utterances is LINA.

Games The International Community Play When It Concerns Africans!
A hundred years from now, it will not matter what our bank account was, the type of house we lived in or the kind of clothes we wore. But, the world would be much better because we made the right decision when others procrastinated or were afraid to act. Within this spirit, the officers and members of the Liberian Democratic Future (LDF) are troubled by the position taken by the leaders of ECOWAS in the face of the criminal assault by the bandits of the RUF on the fraternal people of Sierra Leone and peacekeepers of the United Nations.

Charles Taylor Defends Sankoh
Not many individuals emerge from the gallows and become vice presidents in charge of diamonds. But Sierra Leone's ruthless rebel veteran Foday Sankoh, whose trademark for political power includes amputating limbs of babies, is not one of the few, and there is every indication that his political fortunes are just beginning.


The Racist Implications of President Clinton's African Policy
Since the fall of Reagan's "Evil Empire", the Soviet Union, we continue to witness a strange metamorphosis in American policy towards sub-Saharan Africa. The new mantra in America regarding Africa is the relegation of the continent, now on its knees against criminals parading as politicians, as the private domain of black civil rights leaders in policy formulation, prime among them are men like the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Blaming The Messenger
In the classic work of William Ryan entitled "Blaming the Victim," Ryan explains how and why we prefer to put the blame of poverty on its victims rather than on the inequalities of the American society. According to Ryan, the generic formula of Blaming the Victim is to justify inequality by finding defects in the victims. Blaming the Victim is an ideological process by which a set of ideas and concepts are systematically manipulated with unintended distortions of reality.

The World's Insensitivity and West Africa's Impending Horrors
The unfolding terror in Sierra Leone, where the ruthless rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) are now poised to perfect and escalate their strategies for seizing power after a much celebrated and hailed peace agreement, indicates the ineptness of Africa's political leaders and the insensitivity of the world community when it comes to African crisis.

  Out of the ashes of the Liberian civil war emerged a new society. What is it like? Read all about it and join the conversation. It is in The Perspective - the publication devoted to Liberia's democratic future. Subscribe today@ $20.00/year (international rate is $33.00/year).
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