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When Home is No Home
For hundreds of thousands of Liberians driven out of the country by their bloody civil war, the benchmark for the great march home was democratic elections, which they were told, held the keys to peace for picking up the pieces and moving forward.

Liberia's Politicians Blinded by "The Ground"
Isolated, demonized and despised for their role in the Sierra Leone war and related diamond theft, among others, Liberian politicians are now claiming that their image woes are linked to a conscious misrepresentation of prevailing developments "on the ground." The claim however falls apart when placed against continued clampdown on free speech and media institutions seeing events "on the ground" wearing different lenses in interpreting events.

Liberia Says It Has Been Attacked By Guinea
The Liberian Government said over the weekend that Zorzor District has been shelled by Guinean forces in an attempt to provoke Liberia. A statement issued by the Ministry of Information said, "the Liberian government has expressed its outrage at last Friday's early morning shelling of Zorzor district, Lofa County, by Guinean forces from across the Guinean border town of Korymeh."

Africa Ranks First Under the Burden of Thieves
Five African countries have been named winners as the world's most corrupt nations. Nigeria, defeating Cameroon, which held the cup last year, now ranks number one, graduating from the 27th place one year ago, according to Transparency International (IT), a group that specializes in investigating how corrupt countries are.

Taylor's Zone of Discomfort
A summary of what we have heard from President Charles Taylor's current troupe of pain minimizers, who continue to arrive on the shores of both the United States and Britain, is not so easily distilled without understating their determination to blitz us and overstating their listeners' capacity to accept badly processed thoughts as substitute for reason.

Taylor's Millions Target US Politicians
The Liberian Government, currently on a PR crusade to win vital converts in countering and reversing its pariah image, has launched a new lobby group to complement dozens others already in operation. The group's aim is to intensify the campaign of influencing American elections and politicians.

Liberia Accuses UNHCR of Supporting Dissidents
Killings and abduction of relief workers in the wake of increasing cross border incursions from Liberia and Sierra Leone into Guinea, are likely to surge as fighting intensified.

Messengers Carrying the Burdens of Bad News
The tragic comedy marring Liberian politics is manifesting itself through a bandwagon of loyalist messengers endlessly storming the United States to win hearts and minds by selling Government's agenda to exiled Liberians, themselves battling for legal status in making America their home.

Testimonies from Sierra Leonean Refugees in Conakry, Guinea
Testimonies of rape, sexual assault and humiliation compiled by Human Rights Watch

Refugees and West Africa's Triangle of Xenophobia
Omens of rising xenophobia with dire humanitarian implications, a byproduct of Liberia's Charles Taylor's love affair with war and destabilization at home, Sierra Leone, and now Guinea are frightening in the wake of cross border attacks on Guinea which have sparked violent raids on Liberian and Sierra Leonean refugees in that country.

Nightmares of Nigeria's "Peacekeeping" Unfold
With the American decision to train and equip a Nigerian "super force" destined to solve Sierra Leone's horrors underway, a report by the Commander of the United Nations force in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) indicting the Nigerians for sabotaging peace in the country may necessitate a rethink if results are the objectives.

Pariahs, Sanctions, Vs. "Ordinary People"
With sanctions ominously hanging over his paralyzed and isolated country for its continued backing of Sierra Leone's rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), Liberia's President Charles Taylor has vowed, "[He] will not budge. Sanction will hurt the ordinary people, not the Government.

God's Promised Restoration
As Liberians listen to CNN, RFI and BBC radio or consult these and other Internet news websites, including "The Perspective" for information and commentary on our country, one cannot help but feel a deep sense of sorrow at the way things have turned out. Some of you may have been pulled aside from many airports queue for questioning by immigration authorities for no apparent reason. Not to mention the countless insults about "you Liberian people."

Fear, Incursions and West Africa's Apocalypse
Fears of West Africa gravitating towards the brink of more regional conflicts and chaos heightened this week with incursions into Guinea from Liberia and Sierra Leone. The incursions from Liberia left over 47 peasants dead and many homes destroyed, while the exact casualty figures from Sierra Leone invasion are yet unknown.

The Arguments of "The Rice Import Liberalization Agenda in Liberia"
The need for economic research and analysis as prerequisite for policy decisions is an elementary and obvious fact, which we should waste no time to debate. And yet, some people have superfluously stressed this need for policy research, as if others were not aware of it.

Demonstrate For Peace or Pray For Peace?
It seems that in Liberia the solution for dealing with national crisis, and especially the Christian solution, is to publicly demonstrate against the crisis, malign the opponents and show partisanship in favor of the government. I have seen this once in 1990 during the incursion when religious groups demonstrated against the rebels.

When "Terrorists" Refuse to Negotiate with "Terrorists" (Editorial)
Unfolding events in Liberia are again assuming dreadful and strange proportions. About a decade ago, President Samuel Doe, besieged by rebel leader Charles Taylor's marauding rebels, vowed he would never negotiate with a "terrorist" and a "rogue," meaning Taylor, his former purchasing agent who absconded to the US with allegedly almost one million dollars, returning only at the head of a private rebel group to seize power.

The Continuing Debate on Self-sufficiency in Rice Production
As Geepu Tiepoh notes, I am an advocate of free trade and make no apologies for that. I do not believe that free trade is a panacea for all economic problems. Nor do I think that free trade is without its difficulties.

Liberian Dissidents Accuse BBC of "Unfair" Reporting
The ongoing fighting in northern Liberia is now characterized with claims and counterclaims while the dissidents are alleging that they are finding it impossible to counter Liberian Government's claims on the BBC Focus on Africa and related programs widely used by President Taylor's rebels, National Patriotic of Liberia, during the seven-year civil war and now.

Government by Cooptation, for Gratitude, and of Silence
Ties between former interim President Dr. Amos Sawyer and his friends at the "NPP-led Government" of President Charles Taylor have gone from the good, the bad, and now the ugly, that is if their current war of words is any indicator.

Forty-Seven Guineans Killed in Liberian Raid
Sources from Conakry, Guinea, quoting national radio, say Liberian troops this week crossed into the Guinean town of Musadu and killed 47 people while seriously wounding 18 others. Guinea has vowed to take "appropriate action."

LURD Disputes Government Claims in Lofa
A spokesman for Liberian dissident group known as Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), now battling Government troops in northern Lofa County, has disputed BBC reports claiming Government troops were in the town of Kolahun, close to the county headquarters of Voinjama now under dissident control.

Why I Escaped Taylor's Justice
The author, James Torh, is a human rights activist who was arrested for criticizing President Charles Taylor's Government, and was charged with treason. He subsequently escaped from the country and now lives in exile.

"Liberia Operates on Fear" Says Released Journalist
Sierra Leone journalist, Sorious Samura, just out of Liberian prisons along with three colleagues, told Dutch television Monday that "Liberia is operating on fear. There are so many things happening in Liberia." Other members of the British Channel 4 team also released described the country as "hell on earth."

Voices for Liberia's Mass of Faceless Prisoners
President Charles Taylor's staged performances beamed as news by many visiting journalists to Liberia are being slowly unveiled by the weeklong detention and subsequent release of four members of the British Channel 4 television team.

Can We Sweep Away History?
Liberian history is replete with contradictions. These contradictions are apparent in much of how events and processes have been interpreted or written about. It is obvious that when the Liberian problem is being discussed, various perspectives will be offered that are influenced by one's biases, interests and experiences.

Our Apologies
There is something wrong with freedom when you have to beg for it. When freedom is at stake - as it is currently - our worries shift ultimately to freedoms down the road. Beg for it now, and you are likely to spend a good deal of time on your knees in the future, if you want more of it.

Liberian "Justice" Unfolds Against 4 Foreign Journalists
The chicanery of the Liberian justice system is unfolding in all its rotten forms with wider implications this time because of its victims - international journalists and therefore international concern. Even before President Charles Taylor's evidence could be marshaled, heard and evaluated by the jury, the trial judge has in effect made up his mind: the men are guilty.

The Liberian Horror Film We Didn't Miss
Cry the beloved country indeed. When barren tyranny mixed with mediocrity becomes a standard operating political practice, anything goes. Now let us get some insight into the "James Bond" mission that the British Channel 4 television team, currently in detention for alleged spying, was executing in derelict Monrovia.

IPI Condemns Journalists Arrest, Reminds Taylor of Rights Violations: The Vienna-based network of editors and media executives, the International Press Institute (IPI), has strongly condemned the arrest of 4 international journalists currently held by the Liberian Government on allegations of spying and called for their immediate release.

Gen. Guei's Lost Chance
The curtain is indeed closing in coup d'etats as anterooms for the presidency in Africa, with convincing signs that La Cote d'Ivoire will make history in West Africa by punishing an initially admired military ruler for interpreting the desire for change as an endorsement of his brand of politics.

The Futility and End of Elections 2003
Rapid political and security developments in Liberia and pronouncements from President Charles Taylor signal doubts of democratic transition in 2003, thus laying the foundations for continued violence in the contest for power and change. The former warlord's dubious pledge not to resume war if he lost the elections, and his party's announcement that it intends to hang to power for the next 20 years, leave doubts of fair election within three years.

Taylor is a "pathological Liar", Says Sirleaf
Liberia's Opposition leader, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, describing President Charles Taylor as a "pathological liar", says the President's accusations against her for allegedly backing the current fighting in the country indicate his growing paranoia of defeat in the elections scheduled in 2003. She added that these "false accusations" are designed to conceal Taylor's failure in fulfilling his many promises to the Liberian people since he took office three years ago.

"A Crackdown on the Press is a Crackdown on Democracy" - Rev. Jackson
With Liberia's arrest of four journalists from Britain's Channel 4 television team, President Charles Taylor has made it known his capability of maintaining his place as Africa's number one pariah. International attention is again focused on this devastated country, with President Taylor's friend, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, gaining the international spotlight for championing the cause of the oppressed.

Truth and Treason
If Liberia's association with the United States was ever worth anything, it is worth the value of the ticket for each Liberian who entered the United States. Even if academic pursuit was not one's mission for entering the United States, the tour of the country should awake any latent curiosity in even the most phlegmatic among us.

Back to Arms and Anarchy
After the official disarming and demobilization of the country's feared armed factions accused of committing some of the worst atrocities ever in Africa, and the façade of publicly "burning" weapons as an inducement for international aid, Liberia is on the verge of recruiting and arming 30,000 more fighters in an effort to defeat the advancing insurgents of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), the country's new dissident group.

The Taylor Regime Must Go - Says Fahnbulleh
Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr., a former presidential candidate during the 1997 election that brought Charles Taylor to power, has issued a statement on the prevailing situation in Liberia and the West African sub-region.

Taylor Should Stop Accusing People Falsely - Says Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Recently, President Taylor accused Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others for supporting the dissidents fighting government forces in Lofa. The Perspective has sought to get Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf's reactions to the allegation and to clarify some recent statements she has made.

Let Justice be Blind, For the Children of Sierra Leone
The unanimous decision of the United Nations Security Council to prosecute members of Sierra Leone rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), sponsored by Liberia's President Charles Taylor, is a landmark decision in honour of the thousands of innocent children left today without limbs and scared forever.

External Debt and Political Chaos: Future of Liberia's Economic Policy
Liberians should be mindful of two important forces that now affect both their present economic reality and the future of their economic development policies. Huge external debt overhang and increasing domestic political paralysis have now combined to not only prevent current development opportunities but also endanger the domestic autonomy and direction of economic policy in Liberia. In the present context of global economic adjustment, excessive external debt always entails the danger of the imposition of international policy prescriptions that often overlook critical domestic economic, social, and human development concerns.

Troubled Indicators, Needed Remedies
Once again, all signs indicate that Liberia is headed towards the path of self-destruction. Renewed fighting in the country, after seven years of crude struggle for power that saw a tenth of the population killed, points to disaster despite the many promises of peace, stability and development.

When the Means to an End are Convenient and then Feared
The end may justify the means as in the case of Liberia where fear and horrendous atrocities determined the outcome of the presidential elections in 1997.

Liberians Denounce War, Want Peaceful Means to Remove Taylor
The umbrella organization of Liberians living in the Diaspora, the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), has denounced the ongoing war in the country, calling instead for peaceful means to replace President Charles who, the organization maintains, has failed to uphold democratic values, thus plunging the country in chaos and international disrepute.

Taylor's Sierra Leone Peace Plan: "Thanks, but No Deal"
"Thanks, but no deal", can best describe Liberia's President Charles Taylor's response to American and British threats of sanctions for backing Sierra Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels.

Liberian Troops Ambushed in Lofa
A spokesman for Liberian resistance group fighting Government troops says they have killed a number of soldiers, many of them from Burkina Faso, and captured arms, ammunition along with food supplies.

The Right Kind of Fear
We all are driven by fear, all kinds of fear: Fear of losing, fear of hurting, fear of disappointing, fear of failing, fear of being abused, fear of being perceived as weak, etc. But we strive for joy and pride as we manage these fears.

Charles Taylor Rejects UN Deployment and Sankoh's Trial
President Charles Taylor has again rejected any attempt by the United Nations to try Foday Sankoh, leader of the Sierra Leone's rebel Revolutionary United Front.

ULAA Against War and Dictatorship
The fragile peace and tenuous security conditions in Liberia are threatened by renewed fighting in Lofa County and perhaps other parts of Liberia between the Liberian Government forces and fighters of the Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD).

The Urgent Need for Impeachment Proceedings
No other African leader, in recent memory, has gained so much notoriety, so much demonization, for the theft of other people's wealth as President Charles Taylor has.

Taylor's Resignation Or Impeachment Will Save Liberia
Reports of the situation in Lofa indicate that the confrontation is a serious one, a situation that is very unfortunate for Liberia and its people.

Liberia's Persecuted and Rising Voices of Dissent
Liberia's President Charles Taylor may have rightly awarded himself the prize of being "the most mischievous man in the country..."

Mercenaries Allegedly Land in Liberia
Security sources in Monrovia say hundreds of mercenaries are landing in the country to help put down an incursion in the north and beef-up Sierra Leone rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in their diamond stronghold of Kono.

Crackdown on Opponents Looms in Liberia
President Charles Taylor has threatened to crackdown on his opponents and impose a state of emergency that gives him sweeping powers because of what he alleged is a plot to unseat his Government from within.

Shaming and Redeeming Africa
Presenting a convincing case on Liberia's Charles Taylor and his ally Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaore's complicity in fueling West Africa's misery, US UN Ambassador, Richard Holbrooke, laments that he hopes Africans do not evoke the "neocolonialist" weapon in reaction to the World's findings on the despicable nature of some of their leaders, criminals plunging their people in hell for diamonds and personal wealth.

"All Calm in Voinjama," Dissidents Say
A spokesman for Liberian dissidents fighting to overthrow President Charles Taylor has contradicted Government claims of intense fighting in the provincial city of Voinjama in the north of the country.

Confusion Spreads in Liberia as Fighting Intensifies
As fighting between his Government troops and rebels in the north of the country intensifies, President Charles Taylor has launched an investigation of his top military brass, accusing them of misleading him about the fighting. He has also accused University professors of backing the rebels.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Wants Taylor Answer Charges Before Tribunal
Liberia's opposition leader, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, says President Charles Taylor's request to appear before an international tribunal to answer charges of his links with Sierra Leone rebels and the diamond smuggling syndicates should be granted.

Liberians Need Sober Reflection - Says Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Today, our government stands accused by the major western powers of aiding and abetting rebels, in the neighboring country of Sierra Leone, who have committed heinous crimes against their own people.

All Checks and No Balances
The Liberian Legislature says nothing while our kids continue to cry foul at the latest move of the familiar cheat named Charles Taylor. Constitutional scholars will soon examine the students' action to show how many mistakes they have made.

Liberian Troops Invade University, Arrest Student Leaders
Liberian Security Forces Monday invaded the campus of the University of Liberia and arrested key student leaders in connection with statement they issued last week on the state of affairs in the country.

The Challenge of Our National Purpose and Agenda...
Liberian communities in the Diaspora celebrated Liberia's 153rd Independence Anniversary over the weekend. For its part, The Liberian Association of Metropolitan Atlanta had Dr. D. Elwood Dunn as its Keynote Speaker.

An Interview With Gen. Wylie
Since 1999, Lofa county, one of fourteen counties and a political subdivision in northwestern Liberia, has become a magnet for armed incursions. There has been at least three incursions by various groups seeking to remove the Taylor regime from power by the use of force.

Will Taylor Join Sankoh Before the Tribunal?
It now seems certain that at last, Sierra Leone's ruthless rebel leader Foday Sankoh and his accomplices will face justice for crimes and other atrocities against humanity.

Liberia Wants No More War
The Liberian people have suffered a lot, and do not want another armed group professing to be their liberator.

Liberia's University Students Decry Pariah Status and Extravagance: Liberia's University Students Union, an umbrella organization of the country's university students, has criticized what it regards as the high level of corruption in the country, and misguided national and international policies that have plunged the country into poverty and made it an international pariah.

Liberia's University Student Union's Press Statement
On the occasion marking Liberia's 153rd independence anniversary, the University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU), not happy with the performance of the Taylor government's first three years in office, issued a statement highlighting several issues of concern.

Liberia Bans Independent Reports of Fighting
The Liberian Government has placed a news embargo on fighting between its forces and dissidents.

Star Radio and the Erosion of Press Freedom

Blinded by Free Trade and Comparative Advantage Dogma

Democracy VS. Dictatorship: The Quest for Freedom and Justice in Africa's Oldest Republic:

What's the Case for Self-Sufficiency in Rice Production?

The New Democrat Halts Operations

Liberia: In Search of Enemies and Allies

Dutch Human Rights Groups Want Liberia Covered by Diamond Sanctions:

Corruption Should Not Be An Acceptable Practice Anywhere!

Freedom Gold's Secret Operations Liberia

Let the Pretense of a Democracy Stop!

IPI Condemns Intimidation and harassment of Journalists of The New Democrat:

Diamonds, War and State Collapse in Liberia and Sierra Leone

US Convinced Of Liberia's Negative Role In Sierra Leone

Confusion Over Weapons Claims and Diamond Links?

Liberia: The Politics of Brute Force

Liberian Journalists' Lives in Imminent Dange

Taylor Woos Old Enemies to Fight New Ones Amidst Dissidents Victory Claims:

Charles Taylor Makes A Desperate Vice Presidential Choice

The Congressional Black Cousins

What Liberians Didn't Know About "Chucky Did it"?

Liberia Threatens War with Guinea

Charles Taylor Pays Gadaffi for War Efforts

The OAU's Hypocritical Reparations (Special Editorial)

Piracy and Anarchy in West Africa: The Ivory Coast's Turn

Rwanda: The Preventable Genocide

''International Conspiracy''

Meaningless UN Sanctions As Liberia is Pardoned

Poverty's Triumph over Democracy in Liberia

Can Clinton Administration "Africa Guru", Rev. Jackson, Help Sierra Leone As He Links Sankoh to Mandela?

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