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As The Terror Machine Rolls (Editorial)
Over100 armed men, members of President Taylor's standing Army of Terror, this week attacked former interim president Dr. Amos Sawyer and his Executive Director Mr. Commany Wesseh. The two men were severely beaten and robbed. Their offices were thoroughly looted. Several other workers were injured.

Former President, Aide Escape Death
Liberia's former interim president, Dr. Amos Sawyer and his Executive Director in charge of the Center for Democratic Empowerment narrowly, escaped death on Tuesday after over 100 former fighters loyal to President Charles Taylor attacked their office, according to reports.

All Is Not Lost (Editorial)
The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has concluded its regular elections. The process was marred by the Government's crusade to confiscate the Union through infusion of money to elect its propagandists in key positions. This would have transformed this credible institution into its pathetic mouthpiece, thus rendering it useless.

"No Belgrade Here"
The echoes and ripples of dictators crumbling under the weight of unarmed mass of angry protestors are being felt and feared in many countries operating on fear and brutality. Relying on "security forces" as protectors of their "democracy," dictators now face the menacing option of mowing down hundreds of thousands of people demanding their exit for better life.

Digging in for Diamonds
That diamonds are forever is indeed a terrible omen haunting Sierra Leone as key actors in its tragedy dig in their heels to control these stones of sorrows and impose their will. If international opinion yields to now orchestrated demands from Liberia, Nigeria and the rebels for the imposition of an "African Solution", the country's bloody war, with thousands of amputated children as its trademark, may last forever. Evil will again emerge triumphant.

The Crucial Road Ahead
Liberia's tortuous road to peace and stability is once again made more uncertain by repeated military attacks launched by dissatisfied and marginalized groups and the regime's lack of interest in reconciling the deep wounds and scars left by the war. Intolerance and arrogance of power have become dangerous tools in the hands of a government believing in violence as political virtue.

Clampdown on Liberians in Ivory Coast
Authorities in the Ivory Coast have reportedly begun arresting Liberians in the border town of Danane, according to reports reaching The Perspective. According to the report, not yet independently confirmed, about 13 refugees have been arrested so far.

Opposition Parties Collaborate to Stem "Presidential Syndrome"
The 2003 General and Presidential elections in Liberia will be a critical test that will determine whether the country will continue on its current path, or breakaway and begin to establish the democratic foundations for building a new society.

Liberian Rebels in the President's Heartland
The Liberian Government says it has beaten back rebels who attacked in eastern Nimba County on Monday, but a man claiming to be a rebel spokesman says they control a large area of the north of the county.

Africa's Sad Comfort Over US Polls
Africa's apologists of political anarchy and electoral fraud are reeling with thrill over the current row in the controversial US elections. "See, we are not alone. No elections are perfect," is the new absurdity circulated to compare tyrants forced into elections against their will with a system withstanding its resiliency.

The Liberian Senate's Feuding "Criminals"
Crime and politics have become Siamese twins in Liberia. The criminal past is a burden that few of its new rulers cannot deny no matter how hard they try. The country's President, Charles Taylor, is a fugitive who escaped from an American prison to avoid extradition on a $900,000 theft charge.

Americans Have Been Here Before
The just ended American presidential election is being described as a messy, embarrassing, immature behavior that is not a reflection of a quotidian democratic practice.

Nigerian "Medicine" for Sierra Leone
Some camaraderie with ominous regional implications is emerging amongst the Nigerian military establishment, Sierra Leone's ruthless RUF rebels, and their Liberian kingpin Charles Taylor against Britain's firm involvement in ending the decade old Sierra Leone war.

"The Plague" of the British Empire
Liberia's President Charles Taylor, issuing his now customary denial of backing Sierra Leone rebels while on his "annual" health trip to Paris, announced to the world that his people are dying and need help from outside.

"Elections and Erosion of Stability in Africa"
Except for a few notable stars, nearly all Africa is consumed in civil conflicts, many of them born out of that all-embracing panacea of all political problems---the soothing but ineffective medicine of African elections.

A Cultural Legacy of False Starts
If history is any guide to understanding the genesis of a country and its direction, how it has been able to overcome major national concerns on questions such as ethnicity, reconciliation and national unity, the Liberian experience leaves much to be desired or appreciated.

The Need for a Giant United Front for Freedom
When the 1997 general and presidential elections were concluded to settle a power contest resulting from a near-decade gruesome war, many Liberians and observers believed they provided an opportunity for a new beginning for a country plagued with chronic injustices and therefore instability since its founding.

Liberians Set for Taylor Arrest Warrant
A Liberian US-based pro-democracy group, the Liberian Democratic Future, says it is finalizing plans to institute an international arrest warrant against President Charles Taylor for his alleged execution of a number of prominent Liberian politicians and pro-democracy activists, along with alleged crimes against humanity.

Sierra Leone's New Circus of Tragedy
The Sierra Leone circus of tragedy is again in full swing. A ceasefire has been signed and many people are jumping with joy only to sit in despair later. If the celebrated Lome Agreement, backed by London, Washington and the UN, ended in Hell, the current Abuja ceasefire agreement is likely to give Sierra Leone a President Foday Sankoh...

Where is Gen. Guei?
As Ivorians mourn over 500 people killed during election violence weeks ago, the whereabouts of their Gen. Robert Guei is still unclear. But there are indications that the ousted military dictator may be in Liberia.

Liberians Ready to Oppose Taylor
Liberians in the United States and other parts of the world will meet on December 2, 2000, to map out strategies for challenging President Charles Taylor's grip on power in 2003 when the next election will be held.

The Human Rights Tragedy under Taylor's Rule
By many accounts, there has been no marked improvement in the area of human rights since Mr. Taylor assumed power a little over three years ago. Despite many promises to the citizenry that he would govern respecting the rights of each and every citizen, Taylor's record on human rights remain dismal, and leaves much to be desired.

Carter's Sad Liberia Goodbye
Finally, former US President Jimmy Carter, the man who promised Liberians that human rights abuses under Charles Taylor were "inconceivable", has reneged on his promise three years after, charging instead...

Clinton's Second African Safari
When President Bill Clinton went on his first African safari in 1998 The Perspective gave a sober analysis of this junket and objectively concluded that it will amount to nothing. Alas, 27 months later, Clinton has gone on another African safari.

Blames & Blunders: Combing Kromah's Claims
The Liberian conflict left innumerable and indelible scars on many, and continues to inflict more ghastly wounds. Key actors in this saga of horrors are grappling with their past and present deeds in transforming this country, founded and ruled by freed American slaves since 1822 as their land of liberty, into a pathetic state, a world pariah.

Carter Center Shuts Down Liberia Operation
ATLANTA, GA..The Carter Center has closed down its office in Liberia, where it worked for a decade to advance peace, human rights, and democracy.

Alhaji Kromah's "Distortions": Some Clarifications
I read Mr. Alhaji Kromah's interview with The Perspective and was astonished with how the truth can be distorted, misconstrued and taken out of context.

In Liberia, "The Path To Democracy Remains Elusive"
In our collective quest for solutions to Liberia's social, economic and political problems, the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) has taken actions to engage the Taylor Government and the international community for the relative improvement of the situation in Liberia and the West African sub-region.

Opting for Refuge over "Honour"
The coveted dream jobs in Africa for which wars are waged and societies sent in flames----the presidency and accompanying ministerial posts----are becoming a burden in Liberia, where ministers are preferring American refugee-life over their ministerial appointments.

The Curse of Diamonds and Destabilization (EDITORIAL)
President Clinton, barring Liberian officials and their families from entering the United States, made it clear that the United States was taking the action because Liberia has not shown any indication of change towards Sierra Leone's rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF).

Taylor Accused of Corruption and Failure
Since the 1997 elections in Liberia that brought Charles Taylor to power, Liberian opposition figures have been living in fear. Some have been killed, while others are languishing in prison on fabricated treason charges.

Baa Salaka: Sacrificial Lamb
The writing of novels is rather new to the Liberian literary genre. Except for "Murder in the Cassava Patch," a Liberian literary classic, there aren't many others that can be grouped or classified as Liberian literature, or for that matter, constituting a literary tradition.

Liberia's Mercenary Virus and Ivory Coast
Now, what is becoming Liberia's most vital export --- mercenaries for destabilization ----are reported active in the Ivory Coast, the country whose blessings enabled Charles Taylor's rebel National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) to spark West Africa's ongoing disintegration.

"Gold Medal" For The Perspective
The growth of The Perspective reminds one of an old Liberian story about Ear and Mosquito. As the story goes, Mosquito once asked Ear for a date. But Ear found the request hilarious and felt insulted.

Bush's Message to His "Bushmen"
Africa's obsession with the defeating notion that the United States of America holds the keys in solving the Continent's multiplying catastrophes may soon come to rest if George W. Bush captures the American presidency.

Charles Taylor's Fatal Sierra Leone Dance
Despite all the wrangling and denials, Liberia's role in Sierra Leone horrors is being established. And gradually, world political actors troubled by Sierra Leone's unending terror have come to accept the bare truth that peace in that sad country lies in Liberia, nowhere else.

Liberians Attacked in Abidjan, Mercenaries Reported
Reports of Liberian mercenary involvement in the ongoing crisis in the Ivory Coast are emerging.

Gen. Guei's Ignoble Escape
Africa is awakening. An era has ended. Truly, the time of the people has come. Devoid of client masters, Africa's dictators have been left on their own to face the wrath of their people. The Ivory Coast's day of history is a warning to all thieves dependent on the gun as their protector to take note. Gone are the days when intimidation was a convenient political tool.

Vulgar Nationalism: the Refuge of a Scoundrel
The vitriol unleashed by our pseudo-nationalists in Liberia over the treatment meted out to Liberian refugees in Guinea would have been comical had it not been for the plight of our compatriots who have been in camps in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, La Cote d'Ivoire and Guinea for the past ten years.

Government Reportedly Incited Ethnic Violence
Ethnic violence and atrocities that characterized the Liberian civil war have resurfaced with the alleged complicity of President Charles Taylor, according to informed sources in Nimba County, the scene of recent clashes between Mandingoes and Gio-Mano tribesmen.

Alhaji Kromah: Disappointments and Denials
The Perspective presents an all-encompassing interview with Alhaji G.V. Kromah, founder of the Movement for the Redemption of Liberian Moslems during the formative days of the Liberian horrors. The organization's announced aim was protecting Liberian Moslems persecuted by Charles Taylor's National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) at the height of the Liberian war

Living with Paranoia
The fascinating aspect of today's Liberian politics is its unorthodoxy and glaring contradictions. Back in 1992, rebel chief Charles Taylor told journalists that, "Every step I took in this war I first informed the Americans."

Libya: Dreamland of "One Africa" Betrayed
After all the fanfare and hullabaloo of blending chaotic Africa into the dreamy United States of Africa most likely under Col. Muammar Gaddafi's command, reality has overcome fantasy. Thousands of Africans living in this farcical "Mecca" of African brotherhood have found themselves under siege, with hundreds butchered in the wilderness of xenophobia.

Taylor says Liberian forces retake Voinjama (BBC)
President CharlesTaylor of Liberia has said his troops have re-captured the northern town of Voinjama which has been occupied by rebels for more than three months.

Visas, "Peanuts" and Sovereignty
Unfolding developments between America and Liberia would have passed for a roving circus were it not for the bandwagon of destabilization rolling from a country many believe is the closest to an American colony in Africa. First, the Liberians accused Washington of violating their "sovereignty" by refusing to "develop" their country and dishing out "peanuts" to civil groups.

Bunker Rulers Barred from "Home"
The omen of doom, which has been lingering around Liberia since its much-acclaimed elections, has finally settled. Angered by their involvement in Sierra Leone diamond theft and other criminal enterprises, the US has barred all Liberian officials, their families, from America. This move, whatever its implications, would have had less impact on many African countries.

President Clinton Slams Door on Charles Taylor and Company
Yesterday, the U.S. State Department issued a press statement "suspending the entry into the United States, as immigrants and non-immigrants, of all persons and [their] spouses, children, and parents of all persons - who plan, engage in, or benefit from activities that support the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), or that otherwise impede the peace process in Sierra Leone."

Who Controls Zorzor?
Confusion as to who controls Liberia's northern town of Zorzor lingers while over 13,000 displaced people have moved towards Gbarnga, President Taylor's wartime stronghold. A spokesman for the dissident group, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), said his forces are firmly in control of the town and its surroundings while the Liberian Government claims flushing out the dissidents.

Liberia Says Guinea Helped Dissidents in Zorzor Attack
The situation in Lofa County is characterized by accusations and counter-accusations by the Liberian and Guinean governments. In a conflict that is not covered by independent reporters, the accusations will continue for a long time.

Guinea's Dark Clouds
As Guineans celebrated Independence from France 42 years ago on September 28, the foreboding of anarchy's dark clouds hung over them. Incessant incursions from the twin collapsed states of mayhem, Liberia and Sierra Leone, which have left over 300 Guineans dead and close to 30,000 displaced, sent a message to Guineans that their dancing may be short lived as they brace for more uncertainties.

Praying and Celebrating Against Going Home
Celebrations by thousands of Liberian refugees in the United States, saved from deportation to a hellish home, have been blessed and endorsed by their President Charles Taylor.

Non-Profit Status for Measuagoon
Measuagoon Inc. was incorporated in 1997 under the laws of the Republic of Liberia as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting inhabitants of rural communities to improve their quality of life.

Measuagoon: Helping Liberian Villagers to Help Themselves
Liberia has not recovered from the misery created by the country's seven year civil conflict. The economy and infrastructures were ruined, with the national resources plundered by warlords and their followers.

Ivory Coast's Dark Alley and Its Regional Ends
Fears of La Cote d'Ivoire's inevitable political explosion, since the Army seized power amidst euphoria for change, are finally coming to pass. What was dubbed a "popular revolution" by a credulous Opposition now under siege, is transforming itself into fascist bandwagon with all its Machiavellian underpinnings.

A Liberian Group in Minnesota Decries Conditions in Liberia
Nearly ten years ago, the masses of the Liberian people participated in a military campaign that brought down the leadership of the country. The government of Samuel Kanyon Doe was overthrown following an intense resistance that claimed the lives of over two hundred and fifty thousand people in Liberia.

Liberia Practices "Jungle Democracy"
The Liberian government well-financed public relations campaign designed to reinvent itself and win public sympathy amongst Liberians here in the United States and the Diaspora has clearly fallen on deaf ears.

Liberian Officials Bicker Over Genesis of Horrors
Soul-searching for causes of Liberia's endless horrors continues amongst its rulers, even after the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) declares the country too dangerous to repatriate refugees.