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Rights Advocate Says Taylor is a "Despot"
George Soros, the millionaire founder of the humanitarian and pro-democracy group, Open Society, says Liberia's President Charles Taylor is a "despot" who is "destabilizing" the West African region.

Jailed Men Get Ten More Years
Liberia's Supreme Court has added 10 years to another 10-year sentence of opposition politicians and others found guilty for overthrowing the government of President Charles Taylor, a warlord who rose to power after a seven-year war that left 250,000 dead and ruined the country, according to reports from Monrovia.

UN Blames Liberia for Guinea War
The United Nations has blamed Liberia for the war in Guinea, where tens of thousands of refugees have been caught in vicious battles. This is the second time in a week that Liberia has been singled out for regional destablisation.

Britain Wants Screws Tightened on Taylor
With UN report calling for tough sanctions against Liberia, British Foreign Office Minister for Africa, Peter Hain, has urged that the current arms embargo on Liberia to be "maintained and tightened and strengthened".

Liberia Dismisses UN Sanctions
Liberia's presidential spokesman has warned the international community to let "sanity" prevail and avoid imposing sanctions on the country. He said sanctions would not bring down the Taylor regime because it is backed by the people.

Justice for Sierra Leone's Children
The UN Panel investigating Liberia's role in diamonds for guns syndicate tearing West Africa apart has reached its conclusions: Charles Taylor's Liberia is the source of the horrors. This acknowledgement and the recommended actions serve as a great Christmas gift from conscientious humanity to the children and people of Sierra Leone.

Thirtieth Woman Dies In Three-Year Series Of Mystery Killings
There is rising anger in Ghana after the discovery of yet another murdered woman - the thirtieth to be found in three years around the metropolitan area of the capital, Accra.

Tackling The Niger Delta's Problems - With Oil
The government in Abuja has announced that several marginal oil fields in the Niger Delta which have remained unexploited for years are to be put to good use. They are to be allocated to indigenous, Nigerian companies.

Laurent Gbagbo: Awaiting the Dagger
The rising current of iviorite, a destructive and self-serving doctrine which determines who is or is NOT Ivorian, may be the dagger plunged into Laurent Gbagbo's heart as northerners threaten to secede, since they are regarded as foreigners and therefore disenfranchised.

Embargo on "Blood Diamonds" from Liberia
The United Nations panel established by the Security Council "to investigate the link between illicit diamond sales and arms trafficking" is recommending the imposition of embargo on blood diamonds from Liberia until that West African Nation stops supporting and fueling the war in Sierra Leone though the RUF.
USCR Wants Taylor Tried
An American humanitarian committee, calling for the imposition of sanctions on Liberia, wants Liberian president Charles Taylor tried for alleged war crimes in efforts to halt his alleged destabilization plots within West Africa.

The Curse of Mercenaries
When the respected Muslim cleric Sheik Kafumba Konneh, in a startling show of courage, recently demanded the expulsion of mercenaries from Liberia, he was not only battling with a dangerous Liberian problem, but a West African dilemma with larger implications for a continent already on its knees before unstoppable wars of fortune.

The Sick Evicted from JFK
John F. Kennedy Hospital, Liberia's largest hospital, is closed due to neglect. The employees of the hospital started a go-slow due to lack of drugs, equipment and electricity at the hospital to arouse government attention. The go-slow by the employees, who have not been paid for several months, has failed to yield desired results.

Conte's Trumpet of Doom
When one of Guinea's Fulani opposition politicians, Mamadu Ba, this week told President Lansana Conte to negotiate with the insurgents currently engaging his troops and leaving horrors behind, he was saying more than words could allow.

Did President Taylor Lie?
President Charles Taylor's claims, that an ECOWAS military team investigating Guinea-Liberia border raids has been blamed on Guinea, has been denied by ECOWAS Secretary General Lansana Koyateh.

Civic Groups Want Mercenaries Expelled
Liberian political, human rights and religious organizations have demanded the expulsion of foreign mercenaries, including officials and loyalists of Sierra Leone rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), from the country.

Where Jesse Jackson Sees Best
African-Americans are agonizing over their blatant disenfranchisement in Florida long after believing that the era when they were considered non-persons was over. And as usual, there are few living men in America capable of representing and advocating their public cause than the tireless activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Liberia Becoming a Superpower in West Africa?
Perhaps it is naivete, insincerity or simply a "don't care attitude" on the part of West African leaders when it comes to the way Charles Taylor is terrorizing the sub-region. Hundreds of West African troops (ECOMOG forces) were slaughtered during the Liberian civil war launched by Mr. Taylor in his efforts to become president of Liberia.

Ex-President Accuses Regime of Attacks
Former Interim President Amos Sawyer has accused President Taylor's security forces, including the Army, of the recent attacks on his Executive Director in which the latter sustained serious injuries.

RUF Slams New Agreement
Sierra Leone rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) has issued new "nonnegotiable" demands, including the release of their imprisoned leader Foday Sankoh and all other rebel prisoners, before submitting to the terms of the November ceasefire agreement calling for the deployment of UN troops behind RUF lines.

Ghana's Opposition Wins Elections
On Thursday, December 7, 2000, millions of Ghanaians turned out at polling stations to elect their new president and 200 members of parliament.

"I'll Use Dogs to Hunt Dogs"
A fascinating development in Liberia is that it is coming to terms with insecurity of the individual as a fact of life and a precondition for peace. We want peace" was one of the hymns popular amongst disciples of candidate Charles Taylor during the 1997 elections with the hit "You killed my ma, you killed my pa (but) I will vote for you" as an unequivocal indicator of the willingness to accept terror in exchange for "peace."

In Ruined Liberia, Its Despoiler Sits Pretty (New York Times)
MONROVIA, Liberia Soon after the sun sets, the road into this capital, which has had no electricity in nearly a decade, disappears into the dark night.

Rawlings Remembered
After about two decades of dominance on the Ghanaian political scene, charismatic Flight Lieutenant Jerry Johns Rawlings will follow few African leaders who have bowed in peace instead of to the gun. And despite JJ's many violent and gray political spots, his place in Ghanaian history will certainly be near that of the legendary Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Selling Deception
The end of the Cold War and the collapse of command economies have placed emphasis on private investment as the locomotive necessary for economic efficiency and thus political stability. So developing countries, former Cold War client states, are slowly realizing that the era of grants and aid is gone.

ECOWAS' New Liberia Gambles
Signals of West African troops returning to Liberia are looming after their failed adventure in ensuring peace and regional stability following years of brutal conflict. President Charles Taylor, burdened with repeated incursions, now battling with his fourth insurgency since the 1997 Abacha elections, wants West African troops to police his porous borders with his uneasy neighbors.

LPP-USA Condemns Attack on Sawyer, Wesseh
On Tuesday, November 28, 2000, Liberians and the entire world were shocked but not surprised over news that about 100 former NPFL combatants heavily armed with cutlasses, knives, sticks, rusty irons, etc. stormed the offices of the Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE), a democracy organization.

Further Logistic Support Arrives In Freetown
The British Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship (RFA) SIR BEDIVERE arrived in Freetown [over the weekend] as a further contribution to the UKs military presence in Sierra Leone.

"Keep it Up, Mr. President"
No one is without admirers. And even when the handwriting of doom becomes all too evident within an increasingly thuggish society like Liberia, praise mongers of civility multiply.

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