February 2002 Articles
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The Fate Of The 60 Missing Blind
Just this past May, it was widely reported that a certain "white" British Catholic priest named Father Garry Jenkins, who had actually lived in now war-ruined Liberia for about 20 or so years, had gone missing abruptly in the northern Tubmanburg area following 'supposed' clashes between forces of the ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) government and the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebels.Does Virtue or Might makes Right?
It is indeed a challenge to display virtue in this morally corrupt world, because many people view any kind of virtue that denotes honesty and kindness as weakness.Virtue, which is considered "onformity to a standard of right," has been reduced to a "matter of personal taste, emotional preference or cultural choices."

A Tribute To Mr. Kofi Annan: In The Midst Of The United Nations State Of Inertia
On graduation day at Northwestern University (June 22nd, 2002), Artemus W. Gaye led a peaceful protest on campus against UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who spoke at the program and was also awarded an honorary doctorate degree. Even though the University authorities warned them that there would be no protest or banners at the graduation, the group led by Mr. Gaye (mainly African students, few campus activists) was part of a shrewd plan in distributing this document to the graduates and guests attending the ceremony.

Of Lies, Deceit And Misinformation
Several vicious tactics were employed by Charles Taylor and his National Patriotic Front of Liberia in their rape and destruction of Liberia and its people: Unmitigated violence against the masses; and fear, torture and death against individuals perceived as obstacles to his quest for power were the most well-known. A little less known, but perhaps equally dangerous, tactic was misinformation.

Africa, NEPAD, G-8 And Aid For Development: Unresolved Questions
The development plight of Africa and the tensions between donor and recipient countries regarding aid for development will once again take center stage during the G-8 nations meeting in Canada, June 2002. During this meeting, the G-8 nations will engage African leaders on how to meet the financial and technical requirements for a massive, African-inspired and led initiative known as the New Partnership for Development (NEPAD).

Pieces of the Liberian Peace Puzzle
At one point, after “taking and losing” Gbarnga, LURD proclaimed that it was now going to listen to the calls from the Secretary General of the UN, ECOWAS, Liberians and others who want the country to give a chance to peace. This was welcome by many as a sign of things cooling down. At the same time, while on his PR visit to the United States under the guise of medical treatment, the Minister of Information of the Taylor government said they were ready for peace and open to dialogue, provided the LURD "terrorists" put down their guns and embrace political dialogue.

The Liberian Christian Church and Political Salvation
The Christian Church, as a religious and social institution, has overtime evolved as a key pillar of every modern society for its moral fortitude, social services and charity to mankind. And in the case of the Liberian Christian Church, the challenge became even greater owing to the socio-economic and cultural realities surrounding the establishment of the Liberian nation in 1847 by a group of former slaves and their African kinsmen.

Without Subsidies, Swiss Mountains Would Not Look The Same
Are Switzerland's farmers a pampered lot? Not if you know that without those subsidies generously extended by their federal government in Bern the magnificent Swiss mountain Alps would lose their touristic lure as fast as they would lose those mountain farmers who help keep them "alive".

Mountain People Suffer More Malnutrition, Disease
Despite hosting more biodiversity than any other region on earth, mountain region populations were the most affected by hunger and malnutrition according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's director general Jacques Diouf.

Switzerland Achieves Successful Compromise Between Economic Development and Environmental Conservation
Switzerland has managed to achieve a successful compromise between economic development and environmental conservation in many domains of its socio-economic development strategies that have guaranteed the country’s continued economic growth.

Gearing up for Peace, Justice and Security in Liberia
Liberian political and other opinion leaders are gearing up for what has been described as a crucial meeting in Washington, DC this month, to continue their dialogue on how to achieve peace, justice and security in Liberia. The meeting is slated for June 28th and 29th.

"Steal From Steal, Makes God Laugh": A Rejoinder
On November 29, 2001, Liberian President Charles Taylor launched a national prayer crusade to bring back some level of sanity to Liberia and Liberians, declaring in part "... I wish no evil against any man. I wish only the best for this country and our people. But all of us must realize that no matter who is president, the biggest president of this country is Jesus Christ."

Did Liberian Vice President Dogolea Die of Cancer or Foul Play?
After nearly two years of suspense, the government of President Charles Taylor has finally released a scanty version of an autopsy report purporting to certify that Taylor's NPFL rebel confidante and Liberian Vice President, Enoch Dogolea, died of cancer and not by food poisoning or severe beatings by the state security apparatus, as widely rumored in Liberia at the time of the Vice President's sudden death in June 2000.

Southern Africa Threatened By American Genetic Plants And Food
ZIMBABWEAN government of President Robert Mugabe which is said to be struggling to provide food to almost half of its over 12 million population facing acute food shortage, recently amazed the world when an offer of 10,000 metric tonnes of relief maize from the United States was turned down.

Minister Goodridge Caught Red-Handed, Visa Revoked
For many years now The Perspective has reported how the Taylor regime's only concern is entrenching itself in power. The regime has no regard for the welfare of the Liberian people. And while the average Liberian is struggling to survive, Taylor and his cronies are stealing Liberia’s natural resources to enrich themselves.

Focusing on the Future
As we focus on the future of our county and country, let me remind you that the development and rebuilding of our county will depend on us. We cannot expect outsiders to do it for us. As we look around the world today, there are conflicts in every corner of the world, from Asia to Eastern Europe, from Central America to South America, and of course, across the whole of the African continent.

US Congressman Calls for Financial Pressure on Liberia
On June 13, 2002, Congressman Frank Wolf of the House Armed Services Committee appeared before the House Special Oversight Panel on the Merchant Marine. The Congressman classified Mr. Taylor as number one of the world's "most brutal, murderous and dangerous" rulers.

Sanctions What Sanctions? (Washington Post)
The United Nations, supported by the Clinton administration and now the Bush administration, has imposed various sanctions on the murderous thugs running Liberia, including chief thug Charles Taylor and cronies, for supporting the vicious hand-chopping rebels in Sierra Leone.

Greed and lack of good governance are the root causes of Liberia's Problems, Says US Official
While E. Reginald Goodridge, chief purveyor of the Taylor regime's propaganda, has been making the media circuit trying to deceive the world community in rehearsed monotone, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Walter Kansteiner testifies before the U.S. Senate about Liberia.

US Senator Wants War Crimes Tribunal for Taylor
At the Tuesday (June 11, 2002) hearing on "Weak States in Africa: U.S. Policy in Liberia", Sen. Russ Feingold, Chairman of the Subcommittee on African Affairs said that Charles Taylor is a war criminal, and that he hoped "to see him held accountable for his actions in a court of law".

Can Nigeria now abandon its Greed and Arrogance?
During the qualifiers just before the world cup, Nigeria claimed Liberia's team was inexperienced and they (Nigeria) were the experienced team. At the end of the 1st round of the world cup, Nigeria is now saying they have an inexperienced team.

Liberia: From oasis of freedom to ongoing civil war (The Christian Science Monitor)
MONROVIA, LIBERIA - The faded, splintering sign on the way into the capital city of Monrovia reads like a broken promise: "Welcome to Liberia. The Love of Liberty brought us here."

War Against Terrorism: Indicting Libya and Burkina Faso
When I interviewed the Minister of Information of Liberia last week, he referred to LURD as a group of terrorists preying on innocent Liberian citizens. I do have a memory and I remember that Taylor and the NPFL did the exactly the same thing that LURD is doing. In fact the Minister boasted that the government had experience in that type of warfare and that’s how it is able to contain LURD and minimize the damages

A Conversation with Liberia's Information Minister E. Reginald Goodridge
Since the imposition of the state of emergency on February 8, 2002, police brutality with impunity is on the rise. Human rights activists including a political leaders have been arrested. Former Chief Justice Frances Johnson Morris, for example, was stripped naked and thrown into a jail cell with men and harden criminals. In her case, the government claimed that it was due to mistaken identity, but failed to name the person the police chief intended to arrest.

Head of Liberia's ruling party suspended after criticizing government (AP)
MONROVIA, Liberia - The head of Liberia's ruling party was suspended indefinitely after accusing President Charles Taylor's government of corruption.

Terrorism Vs. Our Freedom
I live only 10 minutes drive away from the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. In spite of my close proximity to the airport, I took no chances with being bogged down by airport security by arriving at the airport 1 hour and 45 minutes to departure time on a recent trip to Pennsylvania.
NPP and LURD: Stop the masquerade
Reading the news from Monrovia today, I saw a piece from The Inquirer that was supposed to be a report of the CNN Q&A program dealing with Liberia where I shared the podium with Liberia's Minister of Information, Mr. Goodridge. The story in the newspaper left out most of what other people on the program said and rather concentrated on the minister's words, all things flattering to the government.

Church Contributes To Nation's Division, Says Retired Bishop
It has always been evident that if war-weary Liberia would ever have the chance of recovering truly and fully from its present disastrous state, then the country's much-challenged religious community would have to continue to play a leading role in healing the wounds of the collapsed nation and its people.

Towards Durable Peace and Democracy in Liberia
I have for a long time pondered over post-conflict Liberia and the question of good and accountable governance. However, I have not found the time or gathered the strength to reduce my thoughts to paper, until now. Since Liberia's inception, I know of no independent institution or individuals committed to impartially holding our government accountable with the aim to educate citizens and build civic power.

The Western Aid Paradox to Africa
British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his much touted New Labour Policy on Africa, is strongly opposed to United States President George W. Bush's plan of increasing monies which the ruling hemisphere throws into a concessional basket of poor countries lending arm of the World Bank Group, International Development Association (IDA) by 16% and converting half of it into grants.

The State of Gedeh Association in the Americas
Over the Memorial Day weekend, the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas held its 2002 Convention in Upper Darby, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Click the link above for the full text of the State of Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas speech delivered by the President of the association, William G. Nyanue
Taylor's Inept Government Under U.S. Microscope
After more than four years in power, the government of President Charles Taylor has yet to deliver on its elections promises to the Liberian people to provide basic electricity and safe-drinking water supplies, and improved health, education, and infrastructure developments, and a flourishing participatory democracy.

Where is Liberia Heading?
The Liberian people were made to believe that the True Whig Party (TWP) government was overthrown in order to improve their condition. As a result, we were fed with the slogan - "In the cause of the people, the struggle continues." But after two decades, the premium for which lives were lost and properties destroyed is far from being realized.

Bamako 2002 Spells out Vision for African Information Society
As a key outcome of the Africa Regional Conference on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) held recently in Bamako, Mali, an African Regional Bureau has been established to work with the WSIS secretariat according to the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

Barrick and Tanzania Government Muzzling Evidence on Bulyanhulu Murders (Correction)
In the 7 May 2002 Online Edition of The Perspective, we incorrectly stated in the last paragraph of the article entitled "Barrick and Tanzania Government Muzzling Evidence on Bulyanhulu Murder" that: "Amnesty International itself has been denied by Tanzanian authorities from visiting Bulyanhulu to investigate the reports of mass killings of miners since 1997 when it made mention of the case for the first time."
An Appeal To The Liberians United For Reconciliation And Democracy (LURD)
The Movement for Democratic Change in Liberia welcomes the statement by the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy, (LURD), regarding its readiness and willingness to seek peace in our beloved Liberia following calls from Liberians, ECOWAS, The United Nations and other peace-loving people around the world.

Liberian Leader Again Finds Means to Hang On Taylor - Exploits Timber to Keep Power (Washington Post)
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast -- It was the end of March, and President Charles Taylor of Liberia seemed out of options. With U.N. sanctions tightening and a rebel force staging hit-and-run raids near the capital city of Monrovia, Taylor was running low on cash. According to sources with direct knowledge of events, diplomats and intelligence analysts in the region, he had been unable to pay his elite commando units since the beginning of the year

Kagame Loses Court Case Against African Journalist
Paris, France - The French High Court Tribunal Monday rejected the case filed by Rwandan President Paul Kagame and the Rwandan State against Cameroonian Journalist Charles Onana for his latest book , "Les Secrets Du Génocide Rwandais- Enquête Sur Les Mystères d'un Président" (The Secrets of the Rwandan genocide- Investigations on the Mysteries of a President).

Grand Geddeh Association Issues Resolution at the end of Conference
We, the citizens of the Republic of Liberia hailing from Grand Gedeh County and residing in the Americas, having convened in the City of Upper Darby, State of Pennsylvania, from May 24-26, 2002 to discuss issues concerning Grand Gedeans at home and the state of the national Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas, Inc. do hereby resolve as follows:

A Statement by Mark Bellamy, US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Africa
...LURD is, to the best of our knowledge, a loosely organized armed group comprised mainly of Mandingos and Khran. Its avowed aim is the ouster of the Taylor government. It has been blamed for attacks on logging operations in Lofa County and for attacks on towns in central Liberia and even on the periphery of Monrovia... It is unclear whether the LURD has been involved in even a fraction of the incidents blamed on it and for which it has taken credit.

The Price of Freedom: Renewing Courage and Conscience
Freedom is sweat, tears and blood. Indeed, history is replete and continues to repeat itself in a cause of a struggle to redeem one's nation and people. When men and women brush aside the fear for personal safety, ready to pay a price for human dignity and discover strength by confronting evil and say "NO MORE", swift victory is certain to be won. When men and women who live by the power of inward moral conviction, and are not under bondage to outward restrictions; energy is bond to release that conquer's evil.

Are we there yet?
Like a sadistic duo of a bloody ballet, Taylor and LURD, the pair of our national tragedy came up with conciliatory declarations, opening the door to the possibility of peace. Taylor said that the government is not opposed to a ceasefire and didn't seem to exclude a new intervention force, if conditions are right. Haven't we heard that before? After so many broken promises, one can wonder if things would be any different this time around? Taylor has had the benefit of the doubt many times and used it carelessly.

Liberian conflict threatens region (Christian Science Monitor)
GBARNGA, LIBERIA - The refugee camp is deserted, the displaced people gone. They ran away in a panic, not even sure who was after them. They did not leave much behind: a child's shoe here, a diary there. But then, they didn't have much to begin with. And now they are homeless again, shuffling down the roads looking for their next shelter.

Liberian Community