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The Liberian Embassy Independence Day Statement Delivered By Aaron Kollie
The Liberian Association of Metropolitan Atlanta (LAMA) celebrated Liberia's 154th Independence Anniversary on Saturday, July 28. The activities of the day included a Town Hall Panel Discussion with the theme: "Settling Our Liberian Palaver: In Search of a New Vision." Serving as panelists at the Town Hall discussion were: Dr. Sakui W. G. Malakpa, a Liberian educator, of the University of Toledo; Mr. D. Conmany Wesseh, Executive Director, Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE); Mr. Aaron B. Kollie, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Liberian Embbasy in Washington, DC; Dr. Marcus Dahn of the Movement of Democratic Change in Liberia; and Mr. Mathu Gibson of Liberia Contemporees United Patriotic & Strong. Click the link above for the full text of the statement delivered by Aaron B. Kollie - representative of the Liberian government at the Town Hall Discussion:

Liberia is a Victim of a "well-contrived International Conspiracy," Says Kollie
Addressing a Town Hall meeting organized by the Liberian Community Association of Metropolitan Atlanta (LAMA), on Saturday, July 28, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia in commemoration of Liberia's Independence Day, Mr. Aaron B. Kollie, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, DC, presented what amounts to a Liberian government position on the crisis in Sierra Leone and the West African sub-region, recently imposed UN sanctions on Liberia, reconciliation, and a host of other issues in which the government has been embroiled. He said Liberia is a victim of a "well-contrived International Conspiracy."

Sinoe County Association Holds Second National Convention
Professor Edmund Nah Kloh of Langston University in Oklahoma, and Zac Taylor Major - the latter a former student of the professor is president of the Sinoe County Association in the Americas. Both of them seemed to be riding on the same plane when they spoke about unity, and the dire need to rebuild and revitalize basic services in their county. Citizens of that county came from almost all areas of the United States and met in Charlotte, North Carolina during the week of July 13 -16, 2001, to discuss issues affecting Sinoe County.

Liberian Children's Health At Risk
The state of health of Liberian children ranks among the worst in the world, says UN Report. This statement came as a result of a study released last Friday by the United Nations at the close of a three-day national symposium on improving Child Well-being.

Liberia - The Meaning Of Independence
Like many nations around the world, the Republic of Liberia, in West Africa, this past July 26, observed its 154th "independence" anniversary. For many nations, this is the most appropriate time to pause, seriously, and think (or rethink) about their present course in relation to the past.

Soccer, Nationalism and Political Crisis
The on-going saga of the Liberian football is an interesting one and I am tempted to look at the whole issue from another perspective. Not long ago, the Lone Stars lost by a goal to Ghana.

ULAA Issues Independence Day Statement
The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) extends hearty congratulations to all Liberians at home and abroad on the 154th anniversary of our national hegemony and declaration of political independence.

Happy Birthday, Liberia!
Liberia celebrates this week its 154th independence anniversary. This calls for celebration. The very existence of Liberia as an independent state in the midst of colonial conquest of the rest of Africa by French, British and Portuguese must be seen as a miracle.

Weah's Security Not Guaranteed, Says Nigerian Official
The build-up to the Nigeria VS Ghana match this Saturday, July 29, in Port Harcout, Nigeria, which determines who qualifies in Zone B for the 2002 World Cup tournament in Korea/Japan is generating intense passions in communities of African football lovers.

HIV/AIDS Global Trust Fund: A Proposed Organizational Structure
In an earlier article in the Foreign Policy in Focus Journal, we had argued for an efficient and equitable governance structure for the proposed HIV/AIDS Global Trust Fund.

Taylor Grants "Clemency" to Three Krahn Prisoners
Liberian history is replete with stories of how Liberian rulers treat opposition politicians who differ with them or who prefer not to shut their mouths. The opponents are either murdered, charged with treason, imprisoned for time indefinite, or chased out of the country. S. David Coleman, Henry B. Fahnbulleh, Didho Twe, and S. Raymond Horace are examples of these practices during the reign of the late President William V. S. Tubman, the mentor of President Charles Taylor.

Arms Proliferation Increases Repression
The proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Africa and other third world countries have been eminently stamped as channel that increases repression and the capacity by which those who govern repressively become more repressive against their civilian populations.

The Poor Credit Performance of Commercial Banks
A country's financial system, including its banking institutions, is the oil that greases the engines of its economic growth. Banks provide the vital function of mobilizing savings from those who have it and allocating such savings to those who wish to borrow to invest in economic development.

Liberian Journalist Decries Press Clampdown
A Liberian journalist, Ms. Musue Noha Haddad, currently a Hubert Humphrey fellow, has spoken about the difficulties journalists encounter in Taylor's Liberia. Ms. Haddad is a journalist from The News newspaper in Liberia and a contributor to this newsmagazine.

What to Make of the New African Union?
Recently, the Organization of African Unity heads of state announced the changing of the organization's name to African Union, yet its principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of member states remains in tact, a move that can be easily categorized as old wine in new bottle.

The Liberian Community of Washington DC Reacts to MICAT Press Release
Liberia's Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, & Tourism (MICAT) recently issued a press release in which the ministry said that the Chairman of the Liberian Community Association of the Washington, DC, area stated in an interview during his visit to Liberia that the dissident forces fighting the Liberia government in Lofa county were being bankrolled by Liberians in the United States.

LAMA Plans Independence Day Activities
As Liberia continues to remain embroiled in crisis and caught in the throes of stagnancy, Liberians in the Diaspora continue to maintain a tradition of commemorating their country's independence day in spite of the fact that there is nothing to celebrate about.

Danish Timber Trader's Links Exposed
A Danish-owned corporation - a major exporter of logs to Europe - Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman (DLH), has been called upon to stop dealing with Liberian logging companies implicated by the United Nations in arms trafficking.

George "Oppong" Weah Delivers... Yet Again!
Just a fortnight ago, we expressed in the strongest language possible, our anger and outrage about the way in which our "beloved" Lone Star and particularly its star striker, George "Oppong" Weah, were treated by a group of so-called "frustrated" Liberian soccer fans following their country's 2 - 1 defeat to Ghana's Black Stars on July 1 in Monrovia.

Liberia Still Eyes World Cup
Liberia has once again shown its competitive streak when it defeated the "Leone Stars" of Sierra Leone by 1 - 0 on Saturday, July 14,2001, in Freetown. Liberia's defeat of Sierra Leone makes her a leading contender once again in Group B with Nigeria, Sudan and Ghana.

Hint to the Wise....
Observers of Liberian politics may have read two news items in the past two or three days. The first one to surface was a press release by the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA). With its customary brilliance and nonpartisanship, the Liberian journalists put forward a series of recommendations to advance the cause of peace in Liberia.

Liberia's Lone Star - For Love Of Country
As Liberia continues to struggle daily with its many problems, some of which have now become very chronic, Liberians from all walks of life would be challenged from time to time to make whatever sacrifices they could to pull their country through one of its most difficult periods.

Milosevic Arrest: A Dictator's Nightmare
In a rapidly changing world, the rights of humankind and the sanctity of mankind is not only interwoven and inseparable, but are the cornerstones of what the world expects of those who shall govern it. The old millennium was noted for its pogroms, holocaust, genocide and mass killing, but the new millennium seems destined to end thess horrible human tragedies and create a better world.

"The News" Newspaper Suspends Publication
One of Liberia's independent daily newspapers, The News, is reported to have suspended its publication for an unspecified and indefinite period of time. The decision to suspend publication was taken by its Board of Directors. The news of the paper's suspension was greeted with dismay by the editorial staff since there had been no prior or advance notice given the staff.

Is President Taylor Ready for Reconciliation?
It has recently been reported that Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh has been making efforts to bring about reconciliation between Mr. Taylor and opposition politicians and former factional leaders in the Diaspora. This initiative launched by the former presidential candidate of the Liberian People's Party may sound good and Dr. Tipoteh must be commended for trying.

ALJA Makes Peace Proposals for War-Torn Liberia
We, the Officers and Members of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA), are becoming increasingly alarmed that Liberia is drifting back into another round of brutal and bloody civil war, as fighting between government and rebel forces spreads from Liberia's northern territory of Lofa.

Liberian Refugees are not Dangerous
According to the July 3, 2001, issue of This Day, a Nigerian paper, Nuhu Ibrahim uttered some incredulous remarks after a courtesy visit with President Olusegon Obasanjo in Abuja. The paper quoted Nuhu as saying that "some West African leaders habour sinister motives against Nigeria in spite of the posture of the government to promote peaceful co-existence and harmony in the sub-region."

Liberia's Love for Soccer is its Silver Lining
Of its many pastimes, soccer has always been not only near and dear, but has served as a rallying point and center of gravity for bringing Liberians from all walks of life together. Other less popular sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and kickball for women, have been important but soccer has been the "people's sport."

West African talks at the White House: The Ghost of Charles Taylor
As the presidents of Mali, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria met with Mr. George W. Bush to discuss the future of the sub-region and tackle issues such as democratization, regional integration and security, the name of one man might have and should have come up over and over again.

MICAT: The Perils of a "State-Run" Media Institution
In April of 1998, The Perspective in an editorial captioned: "The Need For A Fresh Start" advanced a set of proposals, which the editorial board believed, was appropriate to streamline the bloated Liberian bureaucracy that existed before the civil conflict. The Perspective called on President Taylor to take advantage of the collapse administrative structure made possible by the civil war by eliminating and consolidating certain ministries.

Five Principles of Good Governance
Liberia today is a country with all the superficial trappings of a nation state. It has a flag; a national anthem; a constitution guaranteeing all the familiar rights and freedoms typical of a modern, democratic state; a republican form of government patterned after the United States, with an Executive headed by a popularly elected president, a bicameral Legislature, and a Supreme Court, each branch of government designed to provide a check on the other. It is a member of many international organizations, including ECOWAS, the OAU the United Nations.

  Out of the ashes of the Liberian civil war emerged a new society. What is it like? Read all about it and join the conversation. It is in The Perspective - the publication devoted to Liberia's democratic future. Subscribe today@ $25.00/year (international rate is $35.00/year).
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