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U.S. Condemns Walkout at Liberia Disarmament Talks (Reuters)
MONROVIA (Reuters) - The United States on Friday condemned Liberian factions for walking out of the inaugural meeting of a disarmament scheme and urged them to return, saying the plan was the only hope of lasting peace.

Civil society In Liberia threatens Strike Action (The Inquirer)
The Civil Society Movement of Liberia has threatened a three-day stay-home action if the parties to the comprehensive Accra peace agreement continue to violate the it thus undermining the peace process. The Chairman of the 35-member coordinating committee of the seven sectoral groups of the Civil Society Movement of Liberia, Mr. Dan Saryee said since the signing of the Accra peace agreement, the chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia(NTGL), Gyude Bryant and other parties continue to violate the agreement.

Chinese peacekeepers to start for Liberia on Nov. 30 (People's Daily)
China's first team of peacekeepers to the west African nation of Liberia, composed of five policemen, will set off on Nov. 30, according to sources from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

ULAA Members Question Former Officials (The Inquirer)
Members of the US-based organization, ‘Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas’ (ULAA) are questioning the presence of two of its officials in the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL).

Fomer Liberian President Speaks Out (The Inquirer)
Former president Moses Z. Blah has said that the former GOL will exert every effort to bring lasting peace to Liberia. He said as head of the former Government of Liberia, he will collaborate and cooperate with relevant groups including the United States Government, the International Community, the African Union, ECOWAS and the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) to fully implement the comprehensive Accra peace accord.

The Army is Costly; disband it
(By Kolec E. Jessey
In a recent remark that has sparked a major debate, the head of the United Nations mission in Liberia, Jack Klein, called for the abolishment of the national army arguing that soldiers only “play cards and plot coups”. If Liberia is to break with the circle of continuing violence for the past 14 years, then Liberians need to listen to Mr. Klien and others calling for the elimination of the army and demilitarized the country. In fact a few weeks ago, I suggested that that the decision to reorganize the army should be deferred until after the elections because organizing the army under the present military (warlord) leadership will create an army that will be saturated with rebel fighters of LURD, MODEL, and NPFL that have no respect for human rights and the rules of law.

Liberia cannot Afford to Take its Stability and Security for Granted
(By Cecil Franweah Frank)
Over the pass few weeks I have been following with interest the argument surrounding the issue as to whether post-war Liberia needs an army or not. This all began with the statement of the SG Special Representative to Liberia, Mr. Jacques Klein, which was reported by the UN Integrated Regional Information Network published online on November 5, in which Mr. Klein stated that Liberia does not need an army. Since then there has been statements and counter-statements made on this issue. A lot has been mentioned about this and in particular I would like to draw attention to the positive observations made by Ezekiel Pajibo in his article piece under the heading 'Does Liberia Need an Army? A Rejoinder to NTLA's Speaker Pronouncement."

ULAA's Thanksgiving Message
The Union of Liberians Associations in the Americas, ULAA extends special greetings to all Liberians residing in the Diaspora, as well as friends of Liberia on this occasion of National Thanksgiving. The Union is exceedingly thankful to the Almighty God for showering his mercy and Grace on Liberia for the relative peace and tranquility that is now prevailing in Liberia. The Union also expresses special thanks to the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, the United Nations, the United States Government, and the international community for their sacrifices and support for the peace process in Liberia.

Fist fight for Jobs In Monrovia (The Inquirer)
As the scramble for jobs in the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) continues in Monrovia, a group of persons believed to be partisans of the All Liberian Coalition Party(ALCOP), yesterday stormed the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) to forcibly install their favored candidate as Deputy Minister-designate/Administration.

Nigeria Says It Would Surrender Liberian for Trial There (Associated Press)
Nigeria will surrender ousted Liberian leader Charles Taylor to face a war crimes trial if Liberia requests it, President Olusegun Obasanjo said Tuesday.

Liberians’ Failure to Speak Out Has Undermined the Creation of a Democratic Society
(By Winsley Nanka)

Liberians’ failure to speak out against undemocratic practices in the Liberian society has undermined the creation of a democratic Liberia. Liberians have a history of sitting silently while repressive governments humiliate the few that dare to speak out or challenge the political system. Cases in point are: In the 1950s, David D. Coleman, Didhwo Twe (D. Twe), Nete Sieh Brownell, Tuan Wreh, and the others that challenged the autocratic rule of Liberia’s 18th President, William V.S. Tubman were subjected to all forms of inhumane treatments resulting into either deaths, forced exile or years in jail.

Sawyer Wants Revolution of Authority in Liberia
(By Sidiki Trawally
The former interim president of Liberia says there is a need for a revolution of constitutional authority that will provide opportunities for people to serve, thereby decongesting the Monrovia power-access, which is centralized in the presidency. "Let there be a kind of revolution of authority," Dr. Amos C. Sawyer urged.

Does Liberia Need an Army? A Rejoinder to NTLA Speaker's Pronouncement
(By Ezekiel Pajibo)

The New National (November 14, 2003), a weekly newspaper, ran a story in which United Nations Special Envoy to Liberia, Jacques Klein, was reported to have said that Liberia does not need an army. The question of the dissolution of the Liberian army has been debated among Liberian Internet surfers in the recent past. Specifically, this writer has written and published on the website of The Perspective, an electronic news magazine, based in Atlanta, Georgia in early October 2003.

Elie E. Saleeby, Governor of Central Bank of Liberia
LUBI Bank and Central Bank of Liberia: Will it be Business as Usual?
After 150 years, can a political system built on patronage and nepotism avoid these practices? Promising to do away with these practices is one thing, and doing it is another. Every government since the founding of Liberia has promised to eradicate corruption but the story is always the same - more corruption. When will this end - patronage and nepotism? To fight corruption requires the will and commitment to change things. Since Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant came to power, he too has promised to fight corruption and monopolies in Liberia.

George Weah Eyes Liberia Football Presidency (The Inquirer)
With barely three weeks for his arrival in the country, after a protracted period of absence, Africa’s soccer legend, King George Manneh Weah Snr. has disclosed his primary goal as the development of football and other sporting programs in the country. "King George", as he is affectionately called in France, said with him running the affairs of the Liberia Football Association as its head, will swiftly develop the game in the country.

U.N. Agencies Launch Over US$137 Million Appeal For Liberia (The Inquirer)
The United Nations Inter-agency operating in the country has launched a US$137million Consolidated Appeal for humanitarian aid for Liberia. The amount covers the UN agencies programmes for 2004.

Prisoners Protect Over Bad Sharpe Of Prison Compound In Monrovia (The Inquirer) "Human rights man! human rights man! We’re suffering here-o! No food, no water! No speedy trial! We’re just here dying-o!!!" were the shouts of one of the inmates of the cell at the Police Headquarters, when he caught sight of the international police chief Commissioner
Liberia: Eye on the Public Purse
(By Ezekiel Pajibo)

A number of government officials have now begun to publicly state that the cost of running their assigned ministries is being shouldered personally. One of such government official, Mr. Fred Bass Golokeh, Advisor on International Affairs, reportedly told a reporter that he was personally assuming the cost of supplying office equipment for his office at the Executive Mansion (The News November 10, 2003). He was responding to a news story (The News November 7, 2003) in which the government was accused of awarding contracts to foreign nationals surreptitiously.

Catholic Archbishop Francis Warns Against Silence In Liberia (The Inquirer)
Catholic Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis has called on Liberians to desist from the culture of silence. He said, as we approach the new year, Liberians must speak without fear to change the trend of events unfolding in the country. Archbishop Francis said speaking out against the ills in the society will help shape for the better the future of the country.

Liberian Rebel Movement Accused Of Raping, Maltreating Civilians In Grand Bassa County (The Inquirer)
The Movement for Democracy in Liberia(MODEL) has been accused by the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission(JPC) of mistreating and raping civilians in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. JPC said in recent times, the citizens of Grand Bassa have become direct objects and victims of torture, rape, brutalities, and extortion by fighters of MODEL.

Liberiaan Health Minister Accused of Corruption (The Inquirer)
The health workers raised this issue during its meeting with Dr. Coleman last Friday at the premises of the Ministry intended to give Dr. Coleman a chance to address himself to dozens of allegations leveled against him by health workers in the country.

300 Fighters Voluntarily Disarm In Liberia (The Inquirer)
Ahead of the December 7 date set for the commencement of the disarmament of an estimated 40,000 combatants in Liberia, latest reports from the authority of UNMIL have revealed that some 300 fighters have voluntarily disarmed to the international peacekeeping force.
Liberia: Why Demilitarization Makes Sense (By Ezekiel Pajibo)
The nomination of Daniel Chea as the Minister of Defence by the former Government of Liberia was greeted with opposition by some members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). Newspapers reported that when the Minister appeared at the Defence Ministry to take up his assignment, pending confirmation by the National Transitional Assembly, he was jeered and heckled by the men in uniformed. Mr. Chea was accused of neglecting the Army, who has not been paid for the past three years, while he served as Defence Minister. According to them, Mr. Chea was more interested in seeking and protecting the interests of the Anti-terrorist Unit (ATU), Charles Taylor’s brutal and criminal private army, which terrorized the Liberian people.

Dr. Amos Sawyer
We Are On Our Own... Says Dr. Sawyer
Former interim president of Liberia observes there is a fundamental problem when people put electoral politics at the center of their transformation process, adding, “It does not help any process.” Dr. Amos C. Sawyer called on Liberians to engage in constructive dialogues in order to move the country forward.

MODEL and LURD’s Leaders Must be Held Responsible For Atrocities Committed
The massive destructions of lives and properties in Nimba County, Bong County, Grand Bassa County and other places in Liberia by MODEL and LURD’s thugs are indication that the two rebel groups predominately made of the late Liberian President, Samuel K. Doe’s followers have never been serious about helping to liberate Liberia for the benefit of the Liberian people.

Liberian Chief Justice Promises Good Governance (The Inquirer)
The Supreme Court Bench consisting of the Chief Justice and four Associate Justices-designate have stressed the need for the practice of good governance and the rule of law if Liberians are to enjoy freedom and fair justice.

Liberian religious Group In confusion Over US$250.000 Embezzlement (The Inquirer)
Dispute seems to be brewing within the hierarchy of a Liberian religious group, the Liberia For Jesus (LFJ) over circumstances leading to the controversial US$250,000 check donated to the organization for internally displaced Liberians by an American Evangelist Dr. K. A. Paul.

Liberian Journalist Probes the Humanitarian Crisis in Nimba County (The Inquirer)
In order to obtain the actual happening of the pressing humanitarian situation and the reported atrocities and fighting in the embattled county of Nimba, Central Liberia, The INQUIRER Foreign News Editor, Josephus Moses Gray, last Friday ventured into that troubled part of the country to get accounts of the true picture of the general situation on the ground.

UN Earmarks Over US$49 Million For Disarmament In Liberia (The Inquirer)
The United Nations has earmarked US$49,794,629.00 for the disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration program (DDRRP), of about 38,000 ex-combatants of the Liberian bloody civil war.

Saying No To America’s $2M Bounty
In the days of old, perhaps during the reins of Julius Caesar, the evils that men did was said to have been interred with their bones, but in this age of electronic wizardry and globalization, the evils that men do tend to robustly haunt them, even to their graves.

Pennsylvania Democrats and Republicans Must avert Delaware Valley Refugee Crisis
As thanksgiving and winter approach, worries within the Pennsylvania Liberian community is deepening for the safety and welfare of thousands of Liberian refugees without Temporary Protected Status, TPS, refugee status, political asylum, green card or US citizenship residing in the Delaware Valley.

Moses Zangar, Jr.
Liberian Journalist Off To South Africa For Training
The President of the University of Liberia Press Club (ULPC) is in South Africa attending a two-week journalism training programme organized by the Reuters Foundation. Mr. Moses M. Zangar, Jr. is among 12 African journalists selected by the Foundation to attend courses in Conflict Reporting and Writing International News. The courses are being run at the Rhodes University and the Burntkraal Military Training Center in Grahamstown, South Africa.
Internally Displaced People Receive Relief Supplies from CCC/Dorcas
Fighters Terrorizing Bong Residents (The Inquirer)
Fighters of the Liberian crisis are said to be terrorizing and subjecting residents of Bong county to severe hardship and untold sufferings. A fact-finding report gathered from Bong County reveals that residents of the county seeking sanctuary in the outskirts and areas surrounding Gbarnga are the most vulnerable to forces believed to be LURD fighters.

Fighting In Buchanan (The Inquirer)
Reports that filtered in the capital from the port city of Buchanan yesterday, gave a sketchy account of fighting in that political seat of Grand Bassa County.

Bad Political Precedence in the NTLA (The Inquirer)
What seems to be a bad political precedence is said to be unfolding at the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA), as the body has refused to honor the ECOWAS’ Special Representative’s request to proceed with the swearing-in of Mr. Joseph N. Cornomia as the representative of Bong along with eight others expected to be inducted to form part of the NTLA on tomorrow.

Chairman Bryant Nominates Supreme Court Bench (The Inquirer)
The Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), Gyude Bryant has nominated the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia

Renovation Works Begin At Capitol (The Inquirer)
As renovation works begin at the Capitol, the People’s Republic of China has pledged its preparedness in providing supply of office materials to enhance the process.

Former GOL Officials Want Travel Ban Lifted (The Inquirer)
Former officials in the defunct government of ex-president Charles Taylor, are calling on United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to use his offices to pursue the Security Council to lift the travel ban that has been imposed on them.

Nigeria Beefs-Up Security At Taylor’s Residence (The Inquirer)
Former Liberian president Charles Taylor presently exiled in Calabar, Nigeria is back in the news as his host country has beefed-up security around his compound following reports that the United States government has posted a US$2 million reward for his capture.
Bridging Liberians into the 21st Century
A couple of years ago, I visited Liberia and spent a few weeks there, especially in Monrovia. I was astounded at the depth of destruction I witnessed all around me. I was equally appalled with the poor caliber of individuals who were occupying high positions in the government. Above all, what affected me most was the obvious absence of professional Liberian owned enterprises. The Liberian workforce, from the very top appeared to be inept and incompetent.

Revisiting America’s Hands-Off Policy on Liberia
Last summer, the Bush administration was assailed by its critics for its refusal to deploy U.S. troops as peacekeepers in Liberia. At the same time, conservatives expressed opposition to the deployment by citing the lack of strategic interests. Since then, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has deployed troops in Liberia and the United Nations has taken control.
Sekou Damate Conneh
Damate Barks Again!
The big kahuna of warlords in the Liberian political jungle, Damante Conneh, has fired another salvo at the tenuous peace arrangements. Conneh’s beef: additional government slots for the LURD. Behind this not unexpected power grab, falsely cloaked as reason and legitimacy, is a cruel threat to checkmate the fragile peace. The big kahuna wants his palms greased some more in exchange for the slow chariot of peace to retain its lease on life, and for Liberians to be spared another horrible dimension of bloodletting that, in some spheres of informed opinion, approaches Rwanda.

Photo by Musue Haddad
Tiawan Gongloe
Human Rights Watch Honors Liberian Lawyer (HRW)
On November 12, Human Rights Watch will give its highest recognition to Tiawan Gongloe, a leading Liberian human rights lawyer and torture victim. An August peace agreement ended fourteen years of civil war in the west African nation.As vital defender of the rule of law in Liberia, Tiawan Gongloe has often spoken out against government and rebel abuses at great personal risk. In April 2002, he was detained without charge and tortured after giving a speech on the role of non-governmental groups in bringing peace to the region.

Liberia gets new US police chief (BBC)
A retired United States police chief has arrived in Liberia to take over a new United Nations police force. The current force of 4,000 officers is poorly equipped and badly paid. It is being disbanded and rebuilt by the UN.

Chairman Gyude Bryant's Third Address to the Nation
On November 1, 2003, Liberia's Interim Chairman Gyude Bryant delivered his third Address To The Nation since his selection to lead the war ravaged nation. Below is the speech in which Mr. Bryant, among other things, called for the reductions in the price of rice and gasoline:

Peacekeepers find horrors of Liberia's continuing civil war in rebel territory (AP)

The first UN peace missions to Liberia's rebel-held far east have found deserted towns emptied of all but looting insurgents and terrorized civilians under rebel grip or lying rotting in the bush.

Human Rights Watch Honors Global Rights Defenders: Egyptian, Liberian and U.S. Activists Recognized (HRW)
Leading human rights defenders from Egypt, Liberia, and the United States will receive Human Rights Watch's highest honor at its annual dinner on Wednesday, November 12, in New York.

War Criminals Cannot Be Pardoned Unconditionally
Kindly allow me to be a part of the ongoing debate, by publishing my conterview to that of Mr. Jonathan J. Williams, published on your site on November 6, 2003 under the caption: In Support Of A Truth And Reconciliation Commission. Brother Williams, you are assuming that those who bear greater responsibility for the continuing genocide in our country want to repent and seek forgiveness from those they offended. Women are still being raped, and people are being hacked to death, even as you read this article today. Nimba County is a death zone; Tubmanburg has become a criminal enclave, while Buchanna and other parts of the country are being turned into slave centers by these criminal elements of our society.

A Symposium: On Paradoxes, Autocracy and the Betrayal of a Nation
The most distinctive feature of Plato's symposium is that Socrates and his peers gather for a dinner and drinking party at the home of Agathon of Athens to discuss the category of love in all its complexities and variable dimensions.

Charles Taylor
Africa US Offers Reward Money For Capture of Former Liberian Leader (VOA)
President Bush has authorized payment of $2 million in reward money for the capture of exiled former Liberian President Charles Taylor. The reward money was included in an $87 billion legislation to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
UNICCO Decries Attacks and Destruction in Nimba County
The United Nimba Citizens' Council (UNICCO) is horrified by attacks on unarmed citizens resulting in deaths and massive destruction in Nimba County at the hands of forces belonging to the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL). According to the BBC, these attacks and killings occurred in Graie, Gbanquoi, and other localities in Nimba County over the weekend of October 31, 2003. United Nations Peacekeepers who attempted but failed to land in the affected areas substantiated the BBC report. They also spoke of sighting armed fighters in the streets and billowing smoke.

Several IDPs Receive Relief Assistance From CCC/ Dorcas-AID (The Inquirer)
Several vulnerable groups including women, children and old folks were, over the weekend, proud recipients of a huge consignment of relief items distributed by the Concerned Christian Community (CCC) and Dorcas-AID.

In Support of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Anybody knows Ma Ennie from Sugar Farm, in Lower Buchana, Grand Bassa County? Okay, so you don’t know her. Anyway, for the record, her official name was Edith Travers Campbell. In the early ‘70s, she and some man got into an argument over a house that she had rented from supposedly the wrong person. When the real owner of the house showed up, there was a long argument, which resulted in Ma Ennie receiving a blow to her chin with a hammer from the man from whom she had originally rented the house.

Liberia: The Security Challenges
(A Report Issued by the International Crisis Group on November 3, 2003): Although the Liberian warring parties initialed an agreement that ushered in a new interim government, the security situation in Liberia has not improved. Fighting between LURD and Taylor’s forces continues. MODEL is also battling Taylor forces and the people of Nimba county. There are reports of heinous crimes: burning villages, raping of women and killing innocent people in the county. MODEL is also engaged in selling timber in Southeastern Liberia in violation of UN sanction imposed on Liberian timber early this year. On the other hand, LURD Sekou Damate Conneh is now saying that the only way LURD will disarm is if UN buys LURD’s arms from him. The International Crisis Group recently issued an analysis on the security situation in Liberia and the West African sub-region.
Who Stole the Soul from the Land of Liberty?
Now that our tiny impoverished nation of Liberia is once again in the spotlight of the international community, it is time that we Liberians put aside all of our differences - hatred, tribalism and classicism that led to the slaughter of over two hundred and fifty thousand of our brothers and sisters. Such hatred brought about the displacement of thousands of families, and the destruction of an entire nation.

UNICEF campaigns to get 750,000 Liberian children into school (UN)
3 November – Tens of thousands of children will go to school, thousands for the first time in their lives, during the United Nations Children's Fund's (UNICEF) "Back-to-School" campaign in Liberia, the UN agency working for the protection and development of youngsters said today.

Central bank Governor Back Chairman Bryant Action to Reduce Prices (The Inquirer)
Measures announced last Friday by the head of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, aimed at improving the lots of Liberians, have been described as hallmark for good economic policies and governance.

Zimbabwe : Arrest of the Daily News Director
The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and ZimRights, its affiliate organization in Zimbabwe, vigorously condemn the arrest of Mr. Washington Sansole, Director of the independent newspaper the Daily News.

Liberian women group Disturbed Over war Threats (The Inquirer)
The Liberian Women Initiative(LWI) says it is disturbed by the frequent vacillating from peace talks to war-mongering emanating from LURD's Chairman Sekou Damate Conneh.

Fighting Reported Again In Central Liberia (The Inquirer)
Despite the seating of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), that comprises all factions in the Liberian crisis, fighting has again erupted and wracked the people of Nimba County.

Liberian Political Parties compromised On Education Ministry Post (The Inquirer)
The country's 18 registered political parties yesterday held a mass meeting at which time they resolved to constitute a technical committee that would approach the NTGL Chairman Gyude Bryant on the filling of slots allotted to them under the Accra peace agreement.

Civil servants In Liberian To Receive Salary Arrears For October 2004 (The Inquirer)
The Speaker of the National Transitional Legislative Assermbly (NTLA), George Dweh says the incumbent transitional government will begin the payment of salary arrears owed civil servants by the end of this month, October, 2003.

Liberia, America Relations On Good Footing (The Inquirer)
An occasion that could be the manifestation of a change for the better in Liberia/United States relationship occurred last Friday, when the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Charles Gyude Bryant and U.S Ambassador John William Blaney met for over three hours at the US Embassy in Mamba Point.

Liberian Political Party Chairman threatened to resigns (The Inquirer)
The Chairman of the All Liberians Coalition Party (ALCOP), Mr. David Kortie has threatened to resign his post because of what he termed "continued undermining by some officials and a few county chairpersons of the party." Without indicating when he will resign, Mr. Kortie maintained he is very serious about his intention.

War Against Corruption: A Big Job for the General Accounting Office (GAO)
Are we experiencing too much theft? Yes. So let's get a guard dog - a General Accounting Office (GAO). We don't mean the "gbagbati" one in place now that comprises state auditors that steal. These guys put on expensive suits and hold shinning attaché cases. They roam the dusty roads, from cities to towns to even villages. Instead of reports, their shinning attaché cases are filled with raw cash by the time they return to Monrovia. That's when the party begins. They hit Dualla and New Kru Town, and take over the bars. They take off the coats, loosen the ties, flaunt money, chatter the bars

Monokomna's Faux pas and its Criminal Liabilities
Charles Taylor's quest for control started the very day he launched his bloody war in 1989. On the surface he called it ‘revolution' and multiple of people, for different reasons, followed him. But not much of his followers were aware that his main intention was to build a criminal empire.

Liberia After Charles Taylor: Prospects for Peace and Security in the West African Sub-Region
Dr. Levi B. Zangai, former Minister of Education, presented a paper titled: "Liberia After Charles Taylor: Prospects for Peace and Security in the West African Sub-Region" at the NIIA-Friedrich Ebert Joint Workshop to the House of Representatives’ Foreign Relations Committee. The workshop was held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos, Nigeria.

Peace team probes Liberia clashes (BBC)
United Nations peacekeepers are due to fly back to Liberia's Nimba County after finding evidence of fighting. They were unable to land on Sunday but saw armed fighters in the streets and "huge columns of smoke" hanging over some towns, officials say.

US Wants $2m Bounty for Capture of Warlord (Guardian)
Congress has attached to the Bill approving President Bush's plan to spend $87 billion rebuilding and securing Iraq and Afghanistan, an unexpected $2m 'for the capture' of the former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor.

ULAA Elects New Board Leadership
Mr. Anthony Varfilay Kesselly, the ULAA Board Representative of the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania, Inc., has been elected the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA)