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Why There Must be Accountability in Liberia
By failing to include provisions that would seek to identify and prosecute those responsible for the most heinous crimes - massacres, rape, torture and other forms of macabre atrocities - the parties to the Liberian Peace Agreement of 18th August 2003 and the mediators and facilitators alike, have failed to put Liberia on the road to sustainable peace, genuine reconciliation and democracy. Their decision to pursue the path of impunity through blanket amnesty for even the most horrific and egregious crimes that have been visited on Liberia for the past 14 years is tragic and stunning, especially when one looks at how impunity in the past has led to more and more violence.

Cultural Cynicisms & Market Forces-Women Empowerment Struggle In Liberia and West African Countries
This article examines patriarchy system in West African countries by critically analysing the interplay between market institutions and traditional cultural practices. When African countries gained their independence from former colonial bosses in the early 60's the expectation was economic and social inequalities that characterised colonial rule would cease to exist. Men and women in liberation movements hugged each other in comradeship and shouted ‘amanda-n’kawitu’- expression of happiness after long and sometimes bloody battle for self-rule.

Wheelbarrows Hold Monrovia Together (AP)
MONROVIA, Liberia - Thousands of men weave through the mortar-blasted streets of Liberia's capital, pushing wheelbarrows laden with sacks of rice, onions or anything else in need of fast delivery. They are an industry born of war, and perhaps a solution for the future.

Exiled Liberian Leader May Face Trial (Reuters)
Liberia's exiled leader Charles Taylor could one day face trial at home for war crimes, President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, where Taylor now enjoys asylum, said on Saturday.

French army in Ivorian rebel town (BBC)
French troops in Ivory Coast have for the first time entered the rebel stronghold of Bouake, following a bank robbery and a shootout that killed at least 23 people. The intervention was approved by the rebels, and designed to curb violence in the city, a French army spokesman said.

Root Out the Little Tyrants (Open Letter to Jacques Klein)
The ongoing deconstruction of the repressive state structure left in place by the indicted and now departed Charles Taylor is a welcome development in the evolution of the democratic process in Liberia. Social forces like the youth and the student movements can now wage a conscientious struggle for democracy, and participate in the national political debate, without fear of life-threatening consequences.

The Liberian Politicians And Civil Society Have Done It Again
The self-anointed representatives of the Liberian people, who assembled in Ghana for the so-called peace talks to end the terrorism, which was inflicted on the Liberian people, by barbarians and evil men, have done it again. They have replaced one war criminal and a low down common thief, with several criminals and potential thieves. It seems as if the biggest problem with Liberians is that they do not learn from past mistakes. Does anybody remember what the 4 previous chairpersons of the various interim governments of Liberia accomplished during their tenure in office?

Liberian Marketeers Fire Charles Taylor Associate from Top Post (The Inquirer)
The Board of Directors of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), has be reconstituted with the setting up of an interim leadership. The LMA board, according to a resolution adopted September 10, 2003 among other things cited political interferences as the reasons for their action.

HIV/AIDS and the World of Work: Policy Advocacy Issues
The role of the World of Work in HIV/AIDS remedial efforts is now well recognized thanks to the efforts of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The ILO HIV/AIDS program in three years is now a major strategic, policy and programmatic force in global efforts to stem the tide of HIV epidemic. Dr. Franklyn Lisk the Director of the program and Assane Diop the Executive Director for Social Protection, ILO, deserve special commendation for their work in the last three years.

After Charles Taylor, What Next?
Charles Taylor, the epitome of modern day African War-Lordism and all of its obnoxious hang-ups, has finally succumbed to international pressure and reluctantly departed Liberia after accepting Nigerian President Obasanno's gracious offer of exile in Nigeria. The Nigerian leader, for reasons best known to himself, voluntarily guaranteed Taylor protection from prosecution by the U. N. sponsored Tribunal on War Crimes in Sierra Lone.
Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Liberian Political Parties Honor Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (The Inquirer)
Unity Party’s standard-bearer, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says she remains undaunted in the search for peace, equal opportunity and social justice in Liberia. Speaking last Monday at the Monrovia City Hall, when the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) honored her for working tirelessly in the search for durable peace and stability in Liberia and the sub region, Madam Sirleaf said the search for social justice and peace for everyone in Liberia remains one of her primary focus.

Profile of ECOMIL Force Commander Festus Okechukwu Okonkwo (The Inquirer)
Due to the precarious political, military and humanitarian situation obtaining in Liberia especially during the last three months (June - August 2003), facilitators at the Accra peace talks negotiated a cease-fire that was signed by the three belligerent forces (LURD, MODEL, GOL) on June 17, 2003. No sooner had the cease-fire been signed, it was broken.

Benoni Urey
Liberia Maritime Commissioner, Other Clash (The Inquirer)
Mr. Benoni Urey and Mr. Sam Cooper of Constituency #5, reportedly engaged in a fight on Monday, as a result of disagreement over certain issues relative to the elections. Mr. Urey is said to have physically assaulted Mr. Cooper during the row which ensued between the two men at the Monrovia City Hall.

United Nations Accuses LURD, MODEL of Carrying On Slavery In Liberia (The Inquirer)
What appears to be the practice of slavery is said to be going on in Central Liberia and other parts of Liberia, a report monitored this week revealed, though that is yet to be confirmed independently. The report, quoting the United Nations, incriminates the two rebel groups, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) as the perpetrators.

Wives of Slain Liberian Government officials Want Benjamin Yeaten Arrested (The Inquirer)
The wives of the two slain government officials, John Yormie and Isaac Vaye, are demanding the bodies of their husbands for proper funeral rites.

U.N.Officials Explain Happening In Liberia Port City of Harper (The Inquirer)
Fresh reports emanating from the small coastal city of Harper, Maryland County, since its occupation by MODEL forces in May this year, speak of a virtual desertion of the area.

Down Memory Lane: Remembering Maryland, the Shining Eastern Star
Hard news is difficult to come by when we're talking about Liberia. It is harder still, when the focus is not Monrovia. I was thrilled the other day when 'Friends of Liberia' published some news about Maryland County. Reading the names of places where I grew up was thrilling. Although the news out of Pleebo and Harper is not quite good, it was nice to be assured that those lovely places still exist.

Moses Blah
Liberian Government Officials Threatened With Dismissal (The Inquirer)
President Moses Z. Blah says the Government of Liberia will not be run by remote control from outside Liberia. He said anyone trying to run the country from outside will be engaging in a fruitless exercise as the present administration will not allow that to happen.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Storms Monrovia, Receives Rousing Welcome (The Inquirer)
Unity Party's presidential hopeful, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, last week stormed Monrovia with rousing welcome from hundreds of Liberians and foreign nationals, while the iron-lady of Liberian politics has pledged her commitment to work with the in-coming Gyude Bryant-led transitional government in a bid to achieve its mandate. Speaking to newsmen at her temporary residence shortly after arrival in the country on September 20th, Madam Sirleaf said the Gyude Bryant administration is to usher in a new day and new order in Liberia, and as such a broad-base participation of all Liberians is required.

Top Liberian Religious Group Under Public Probe For US$250.000 (The Inquirer)
Religious leaders in Liberia have attributed the country’s prolonged civil conflict to alleged atrocities and transgressions by political leaders and the people. They even said until the leaders of the country repent, God’s wrath will hang over the country.

Liberians Welcome Deployment of 15,000 UN Peace-keeping Force (The Inquirer)
The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution establishing a 15,000 strong stabilization force for Liberia to assist with the smooth implementation of the peace process.

Welcoming The UN Resolution (The Inquirer)
AT THE 4830TH meeting of the United Nations Security Council in New York on Saturday, 19 September 2003, the assembly unanimously adopted Resolution 1509 (2002) establishing a 15,000-strong stabilization force for Liberia to assist in the implementation of a cease-fire and peace agreement signed on August 18 in Accra, Ghana, which aims at national elections by the end of 2005.

Joint Monitoring Committee Meets In Monrovia (The Inquirer)
The first meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC), established to monitor and verify cease-fire violations, took place on Wednesday, September 17, at the ECOMIL Headquarters.

Unknown Armedmen Flogged Liberian Journalist In Monrovia (The Inquirer)
A reporter of The ANALYST newspaper, Mr. J. Caesar Padmore was on Thursday night flogged and rubbed by two unknown armed men.

Liberia: Don’t Let the Thugs Scare You
On September 19, 2003 I got an email message from Vabolee Kamara whose email address was given as and the message was as follows "you will regret." I believe this was a response to an article I had written and published by The Perspective "Liberia: How to Make the Peace Deal Work" (September 19, 2003) I can only guess what the statement means and why Vabolee decided to threaten me. Of course I replied to the message and dare him to carry out his threat but there is something more ominous about the message and I recalled how the Doe dictatorship treated its critics. Mr. Vabolee’s threat is consistent with that tendency and a probable harbinger of things to come.

United States policies and educational programming in postwar Liberia
Liberia is a country in dire need of international assistance as the result of years of political chaos and economic mismanagement. The country lies at an important historical crossroads as the many challenges facing her are enormous to say the least. Indeed, the gravity of the humanitarian challenges facing this oldest of African countries, in the wake of recent fighting is simply awesome in its depths and unmitigated proportions. Entire towns and cities have been laid to waste and the country has been transformed into a huge wasteland. There is widespread uncertainty among the general populace at the dawn of the inauguration of a post Taylor interim administration.

The Chilling Message from Warlords and Politicians

When day lights pierces through the window, most politically oriented Liberians in the foreign land are before their computers searching and flipping through the Internet to read about the situation back home. After months of deadly violence, Liberians want to read and know whether there is a tiny ray of hope and what is happening to lives and souls of their love ones, relatives, friends and other connections. Liberians want to know whether sanity, peace and comfort are returning to their motherland.

Liberia: How to Make the Peace Deal Work
"Not all gutter rats were born in the gutter and therefore not all gutter rats will die in the gutter." - The Secretariat/LURD National Headquarters, Voinjama City, Lofa County, Republic of Liberia. In 1997 when Charles Taylor "won" the elections, the slogan that captured international attention was "you killed my pa, you killed my ma, but I will vote for you [papay - Charles Taylor's nom de endearment]." At the time I had written that Taylor's proposition to the Liberian people was "your vote or the bullet." Liberians parted with their votes and Taylor became the "democratically elected president."

MODEL, Lift the Siege on Buchanan
On yesterday, Sept. 17/03, while rushing through some news items, I came across an article critical of LURD's threat to disengaging from the on-going peace process in Liberia should it not be allowed to have it's way. This news article, which was attributed to the MODEL organization further said that LURD must accept the reality that the war on the Liberian people was over. What a strong statement of good will coming out of people who just two months ago, killed their fellow Liberians with absolute impunity. MODEL, thank you any way!

U.N. Approves 15,000 Peacekeepers for Liberia (Reuters)
The U.N. Security Council on Friday unanimously approved some 15,000 peacekeepers for Liberia to help rebuild the West African nation and stop marauding militias, robberies and rape.
Taylor Forming Alliance with MODEL to Sell Buchanan's Iron Ore Stockpile?
An unscrupulous scheme tele-guided by Charles Taylor from Calabar, Nigeria, is underway to sell 800,000 metric tons of iron ore stockpiled at the Port of Buchanan for a staggering amount of 5.6 million dollars and convert same to the personal use of him and his cohorts. An agreement for the sale of iron ore was signed on February 6th, 2003, between the Liberian Mining Corporation (a wholly owned Government company) as the seller and FIDC Inc. (a foreign investment firm) as the buyer.

Liberia: UN sends food to tens of thousands for first time in months (UN)
The United Nations has sent food to tens of thousands of people in the rebel-held Liberian city of Buchanan for the first time since heavy fighting erupted between the government and rebels earlier this year, but hundreds of thousands more in the West African country have received no humanitarian aid for months.
Can the New Liberian Transitional Government Succeed?
If everything goes as planned, on October 15th, 2003, Mr. Gyude Bryant, the Chairman of Liberian Action Party will be inaugurated as the 5th transitional leader of Liberia since 1990. Rather than a national electoral process, the new leadership came out of a consensus between warring factions and political parties. The warring parties - the NPP-NPFL, LURD and MODEL- do not represent the will of the Liberian people, nor do most of the political parties.
After signing the Peace Agreement, Taylor's Lewis Brown and MODEL's Thomas Nimely embrace while LURD's Damate Conneh looks on.
Working With LURD: Still a Dangerous Proposition
Liberians, both at home and abroad have held our collective breath since the peace agreement was signed earlier this year in Ghana. We have waited tentatively for the transitional team to implement the agreement and hopefully put our country back on course. There are those, especially the ex-warring factions of LURD and MODEL, who were jubilant that the agreement was signed - they were happy that the terms of the agreement manifested their aspirations. Remember: The world was shown a photo of erstwhile enemies embracing and hugging each other.

In Exile, Taylor Exerts Control: Exercises Influence From Nigeria (Washington Post)
OWENSGROVE, Liberia -- The words painted on this town's welcome sign, "Charles in Charge. Our Beloved," offer a surprising message, considering that former president Charles Taylor, an indicted war criminal, fled into exile in Nigeria last month.

U.N. Readies Approval for Peacekeepers in Liberia (Reuters)
In an effort to rebuild a nation, the U.N. Security Council is expected to approve some 15,000 peacekeepers for Liberia by Friday to stop marauding militia, robberies and rape in the West African country.

MODEL Condemns LURD's "Threats" Against Chairman Bryant
The Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), one of the rebel groups that signed the recent Liberian peace agreement in Ghana says it takes "serious exception" to the recent press statement by LURD threatening to withdraw from the government of national unity that is being formed in Liberia. LURD has threatened to withdraw from the interim government because of what it called "attempt to deny it key government positions".

The people of Liberia deserve better: The international community, in partnership with Liberia, must rise to the challenge - Says Jacques Klien.
For the past twelve years they have lived in hellish limbo, suffering at the whim of warlords and despots, exploited by a criminal kleptocracy without help or relief in sight. Their lives and their country are held hostage by armed drugged thugs who destroy the state and engulfed the region in chaos. The ravages of self-centred political and criminal ideologies spread the conflict beyond Liberia's borders and caused enormous suffering and havoc in the neighbouring states

Liberia: Laying the Foundation for Sustained Peace
On October 14 a new interim government would be inaugurated in Liberia. This occasion will provide Liberians another opportunity to take the path to peace and stability. This is no easy feat. After all, the country has witnessed more than 14 years of violent and destructive civil conflict, preceded by nine years of a repressive military dictatorship. As a result, more than 300,000 Liberians may have lost their lives, a million more displaced. What this actually means is that one in every three Liberian does not live where he or she lived in 1989 when Mr Charles Taylor launched his war to capture state power.

EU Gives $13.5M for Liberia Peacekeepers (AP)
BRUSSELS, Belgium - The European Union said Tuesday it would give another $13.5 million in emergency aid to support African peacekeepers in Liberia. The European Commission said $9 million would be used to cover support costs for peacekeepers from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali and other peace-building efforts in the West African nation.

U.S. Calls for U.N. Force for Liberia
UNITED NATIONS - The United States called Monday for the United Nations to send as many as 15,000 peacekeepers and 900 police officers to Liberia to help restore peace and start rebuilding the battered West African nation.

D. Conmany Wesseh
Conmany Wesseh, Others Elected (The Inquirer)
In keeping with the recent Accra peace agreement for parties to the Liberian conflict and other stakeholders including the civil society and political parties to nominate their respective representatives to the Transitional Legislative Assembly (TLA), the civil society and political parties have begun the process. Over the weekend, the Civil Society Movement of Liberia(CSML-L), which divided itself into its constituent groupings for the exercise, began the process of electing their representatives to fill the seven slots allotted to them.

Selection for Liberia’s Transitional Legislative Members Intensifies (The Inquirer)
The process leading to the selection of members of the Transitional Legislative Assembly (TLA) for each of the 15 counties in the country, has intensified with almost all of the counties holding separate meetings to elect their lawmakers to the incoming Transitional Government.

Sankan Nyanseor
Sankan Eyes Future in Biochemistry; Admitted to National Society of High School Scholars
18-year-old Sankan Worhwinn Nyanseor, a senior and super honor roll student at Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia, was admitted to membership in the prestigious "invitation only" National Society of High School Scholars late last month for her scholastic achievements and academic excellence.

Minister Questioned on the Circumstances Surrounding Death of Two Government Officials (The Inquirer)
Circumstances surrounding the deaths of two government officials, Deputy Minister John Yormie of the Ministry of National Security, and Mr. Isaac Vaye, Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Public Works; continue to raise eyebrows in many circles.

New Appointment In Unity Party (The Inquirer)
The opposition Unity Party of iron-lady Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has made fresh appointment within the youth wing of the party. According to information gathered, the Executive of the Youth Wing of the party has appointed a frightened Liberia youth and political figure as Chairman of the National Youth Wing. He is Mr. Martin S. Kollie.

Akosombo 2003: The Challenges Posed For Liberia
This is the first of a series of dialogues that we intend to engage in with the Government of Liberia and with our people. We note that many of Liberia’s past governments have shown great sensitivity to criticisms and a high level of intolerance of discussions and views not held or shared by them. Most of our officials have regarded criticisms of the government’s handling of the affairs of state and its treatment of our people as treasonable, seditious, or opposition to the government, and have meted out to them severe punishments because of the views held or expressed. Even our courts had joined in the fray, regarding analyses or criticisms of their opinions as contemptuous and desiring of severe punishment.

Gyude Bryant
LURD Wants More "Spoils of War", Threatens Chairman Bryant
hile Liberians are still blaming those who participated in the Ghana Peace Conference for rewarding warring factions for the atrocities they have committed in Liberia, LURD -one of the warring factions that benefited from the agreement - wants more jobs and power. The Ghana agreement gave LURD the Ministries of Finance, Justice, Labor, Transport, and State. Besides, LURD was given the Liberia Free Zone Authority; Liberian Telecommunications Corporation, Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation, National Ports Authority, General Service Agency, and the National Investment Commission. For each of these ministries and public corporations, LURD is to provide the head and two deputies. But it seems that LURD wants it all.

Africa: A Continent Advancing Backward
A few weeks ago I heard Jack Beatty of The Atlantic monthly say the silver tongue Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, was the only leader whom he knows of elected under the slogan "He killed your mother and he killed your father and if you do not vote for him he will kill you".

LIBERIA: LURD threatens to quit government over jobs row (IRIN)

The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebel movement has threatened to pull out of a broad-based transitional government that is due to take power next month, claiming there are plans to deny it key government posts."
International Crisis Group Makes Recommendations to the UN Security Council
The 18 August 2003 peace agreement signed in Accra by the parties to Liberia’s civil conflict is fragile. The situation on the ground is still highly dangerous, with ceasefire violations; manoeuvring by the armed forces of the parties to establish new facts and leverage in advance of what is bound to be a long and difficult political process; and inadequate conditions for urgently needed humanitarian relief.

Liberian Peacekeepers Round Up Rebels (AP)
MONROVIA, Liberia - Peacekeepers loaded rebel fighters into trucks and carried them off the battlefield after brokering a regional cease-fire, seen as a test of the international force's ability to tame Liberia's violence.

A Critical Eye On The New Deal's Reaction
The Overview: I can not help but be impressed with the New Deal Movement and the dedication with which it summoned the level of fervency of its response to the "New Democrat" containing 5,381 full word counts wafting in nine pages of insults laden document to the Paper's editorial of August 25, 2003, entitled, "The Dawn of Unholy Alliances in Post-Taylor Liberia,"

Master’s Degree in Public Policy Fellowship at Princeton University
The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University in conjunction with the World Bank is offering a one-year Master of Public Policy Fellowship program to all members of the World Bank borrowing countries (developing countries).

War crimes tribunal is the only appropriate forum for accountability
With the megalomania Charles Taylor out of the way and exiled to Calabar, Nigeria, and the willingness to stop the killing by the groups of drug-stoned thugs that had terrorized the Liberian people over the years, perhaps there will finally be durable peace in Liberia. But lest we forget that we had been through this path of well-crafted peace agreements before, with their lavish dispensation of perks to each group of psychopaths who ardently subscribes to the doctrine of nihilism only to repeatedly find ourselves become victims of their insatiable greed.

Catholic Human Rights Commission Wants War Crimes Court In Liberia (The Inquirer)
The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) is reminding parties at the on-going Accra Peace Talks on Liberia that the future survival of the Liberian Nation and its people lies in their hands.

Liberians in fear of food raids
Looting from war-displaced people in Liberia by government and rebel militias has become so widespread that some hungry civilians have begun pleading with aid agencies not to give them stockpiles of food for fear that it will attract attacks.
What's Up, Uncle Sam?
Recent writers on U.S.-Liberia relations have variously referred to the latter country as "Uncle Sam's Stepson" or "America's Stepchild". (See, "Liberia: Uncle Sam's Stepson", book by Bill Frank and "Liberia: America's Stepchild", a documentary by Nancy Bright). This relationship has existed for more than a century and a half - dating as far back as 1818, when the first attempt to colonize this part of the Grain Coast (present day Liberia) was made. This first expedition was terminated on Sherbro Island, a territory belonging to the British Colony of Sierra Leone, due to lack of sufficient funds.

"It is important to identify those who truly are guilty" of war crimes, says Jacques Klein (UN News Centre)
I have asked the UN legal advisers to find out how broad are the powers of the Special Court for Sierra Leone and, when we have a United Nations mandate here, what I am obligated to do. But I intend to have a very strong judicial cell in the mission. It is important to identify those who truly are guilty.

Chairman Bryant appoints a thirty-member Transition Committee
Gyude Bryant, the Chairman-elect of the National Transitional Government of Liberian (NTGL), has appointed a 30-member transitional committee. Chairman Gyude Bryant was selected by the Liberian warring factions to head the interim government of Liberia.

Liberia's Taylor Won't Give Up Empire (AP)
MONROVIA, Liberia - Charles Taylor used fear, patronage and state monopolies to control what diplomats and business leaders estimate amounted to 90 percent of Liberia's economy - everything from imported rice to diamonds, timber and lucrative shipping registry fees.

MODEL Distributes "Spoils" of War?
The Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), one of the three rebel groups that carved up government ministries and public corporations as spoils of war at the recent peace conference in Ghana, is said to have selected Eugene Dean Wilson, the spokesman for the rebel group, as Liberia's Foreign Minister to serve in the incoming interim government. According to MODEL sources, Dean Wilson's selection was consummated at the end of the recent peace conference in Ghana; and is awaiting submission to Chairman Charles Bryant.

Troops to move beyond Monrovia (BBC)
West African peacekeepers are preparing to deploy outside the Liberian capital Monrovia for the first time on Saturday, having secured the city. The deployment follows appeals by aid agencies for more security outside the capital.

Peacekeepers Prepare to Head to Liberia (AP)
MONROVIA, Liberia - West African peacekeeping forces said they would send troops to north-central Liberia as early as Saturday, moving into the countryside for the first time to quell unrest that has forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee.

Liberia: Lifting sanctions will fuel instability and jeopardise peace
'Against the People, For the Resources', a new briefing document released today by Global Witness, the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated investigative group, details the risks of lifting UN Security Council sanctions on Liberia, as to do so would fuel regional instability and imperil Liberia's nascent peace process.

Give Chairman Bryant the Benefit of the Doubt
If you have been following the news since the election of Gyude Bryant as Chairman of the Liberian Transitional Government, words like "political novice" and "inexperienced politician" have popped up to describe him. Even though I do not personally know Mr. Bryant, I think these words wrongly characterize this wonderful man. I think we need to stop characterizing him and rally around him in the cause of Liberia.

Thousands Flee Shooting in Central Liberia (Reuters)
SALALA, Liberia - Tens of thousands of frightened people trudged with their bundles from camps in anarchic central Liberia Wednesday after reports of more gunfire in spite of last month's peace deal.

Two Years for an Interim: Too Short or Too Long? (Corrected Version)
According to the Accra Peace Agreement on Liberia, the Interim Government has two years within which to set the stage for elections. Some Liberians think that is not sufficient time for all that there is to be done. Well, it all depends whether or not the interim government would be working in the best interest of the Liberian people. Let us suppose, for a moment, that the incoming interim administration turns out to be a replica of previous failed administrations of vivid memory (same song, different tune) then would the Liberian people wish to have them around for two full years of selfishness, corruption, incompetence, suffering, dictatorship?

Liberians flee 'rebel attack' (BBC)
Tens of thousands of displaced people have been fleeing fighting in the centre of Liberia, heading towards the capital, Monrovia.

A Code of Official Conduct for Liberia
The citizens of Liberia are entitled to, and deserve fair, ethical, and accountable government. This is especially the case after the "wild adventures of Charles Taylor." Government officials and employees hold positions of public trust and their actions must remain above suspicion. In keeping with the obligation to excellence in public service, the effective and objective performance of democratic government requires that:

Liberia Betrayed Again

All the world looked on as a defiant Ghana government on June 4, 2003 refused to arrest Charles Taylor, the embattled Liberian president who had just been indicted on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the UN-backed War Crimes Tribunal in Freetown. In the end, Accra could manage only to guarantee Taylor's safe passage back to Monrovia. He was whisked off on a Ghana presidential jet, accompanied by a full military guard of honor.

Peace takes hold in Liberian capital (BBC)
Liberia's nightmare of war is over, the United States ambassador in Monrovia has said, as West African peacekeeping units continue to arrive in the country. Ambassador John Blaney said the US would continue to support the Nigerian-led peace enforcement mission in Liberia, but he repeated President Bush's pledge to pull US soldiers out of any direct role by 1 October.

Crisis Deepens for Displaced Liberians: Rumors of Fighting Spur Many More Toward Capital (Washington Post)
HARBEL, Liberia -- The masses of displaced people first arrived on the outskirts of Monrovia during last month's fighting and D. MacDouglas Samuels's head started to pound that same day. He didn't need his skills as a math teacher to quickly calculate that there wouldn't be nearly enough room for them all.

Dr. Amos C. Sawyer
Dr. Amos C. Sawyer
A Conversation with Dr. Amos C. Sawyer
In 1979, as a professor and Dean of Liberia College at the University of Liberia, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer posed the greatest challenge - both legally and politically to the one-party system of the True Whig Party by presenting himself as an independent candidate for the office of Mayor of Monrovia. The contest never took place because of the Samuel K. Doe military coup of April 1980. He is a founding member of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA) . In 1982, he chaired a commission to write the new Liberian constitution but after declining to be Samuel Doe’s running mate and creating his own political party, the Liberian Peoples’ Party (LPP), he was arrested and banned from public speaking.

Rebuilding amid the rubbles: We can't afford to fail Liberia
It is no time to shy- the courage to participate in the debate about the future of Liberia is now. The mentality of the people's thing and the battle of leaving traditional politics of Liberia with some experts in the Liberian society are over. When politicians make political plunder and our people, the ordinary and innocent victims of these sexed up political games, as with the present situation in our land bear the brunt of the burden of the rage, recklessness and the projected pain that flow from it.

General Praises U.S. Moves in Liberia (AP)

WASHINGTON - Peacekeeping in Liberia, led by West African troops and supported by a relatively small U.S. force, is likely to have a lasting, positive impact on the region, a senior U.S. general said Tuesday.

U.S. Seeks Missing American in Liberia (AP)
MONROVIA, Liberia - The U.S. Embassy is trying to determine the fate of an American citizen of Lebanese descent missing since July in former rebel territory, officials said Tuesday.