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Inaugural Address delivered by Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris, Chair of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Of Liberia
It is exactly 97 days or approximately three months one week today since, in keeping with the Comprehensive Accra Peace Agreement, the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), His Excellency Charles Gyude Bryant nominated us along with six other sons and daughters of the land to carry out the mandate of the National Elections Commission of Liberia as prescribed under the CPA. In the spirit of true nationalism we unconditionally accepted the challenge and, under the doctrine of checks and balances, subsequently placed ourselves at the disposal of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly for confirmation proceedings. Our convocation here today bears testimony of the success story behind our encounter with the Law Makers.

"A Good Beginning, Indeed! ECOM" (The Inquirer)
Yesterday, the much-awaited induction ceremony of the seven-man independent Election Commission took place at the parlors of the Executive Mansion in Monrovia.

J.J. Dossen Hospital To Begin Operations Soon (The Inquirer)
A German humanitarian group, Humanitarian Medical Aid International(HUMEDICA), has brought into the country a consignment of medical supplies and relief items for use at the J.J. Dossen Memorial Hospital in Harper, Maryland County.

NTGL To Support County Resource Center (The Inquirer)
The NTGL has expressed its support for the County Resource Center project to be initiated in the 15 counties of Liberia.

ECOM Talks Tough Against Presidential Aspirants
(The Inquirer)
The Election Commission of Liberia has warned political parties and interested individuals against premature electioneering in the country, threatening to institute drastic action against violators

Foreign Assistance in the Age of Terror (USIP)
The age of terrorism has forced the federal agency charged with extending U.S. assistance around the world to change its operational goals, according to Andrew Natsios, Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. Speaking on Monday at an event co-sponsored with the U.S. Institute of Peace, Natsios said that the war on terror has led the agency to broaden its mandate and move beyond its traditional role of providing development assistance and humanitarian relief.

UNHCR To Repatriate 350,000 Liberian Refugees (The Inquirer)
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) says it needs about US$39.2m to ably undertake the repatriation and integration of Liberian refugees.

More On Armed Robbery in Ganta (The Inquirer)
More revelations on the constant acts of lawlessness coupled with the recent wave of armed robbery in Nimba County have been made.

Harry Greaves on Cars, Elections and Government
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
A few weeks ago, some Liberian websites carried the news that the transitional government had spent some US$3 million dollars to purchase cars for members of the 76-person transitional legislature through Lebanese businessman George Haddad. When Harry Greaves came to Washington DC with the Minister of Finance Losenee Kamara to attend the World Bank/International Monetary Fund annual meetings, we reached him to clarify the issue. The first question was about the cars: His response was categorical.

"Barbarism or Civilization: Which Way Liberia?"
(By Tarnue Johnson)
This essay is a critical account about some of the underlying causes of the breakdown of order and civility in the Liberian society. It is also a narrative about the reasons for hope and a possibility of social transformation in a land of false starts and second chances. After more than 150 years of national existence, the vision and task of building a black civilization based on order and a distinctive national consciousness remain elusive. The situation in Liberia today demands that the social analyst must revisit some of the great debates that took place at the beginning of state formation in the middle of the 19th century.

U.N. Peace Keeping Force Disarmed Over 18,000 Ex-combatants in Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The on-going disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration (DDRR) program aimed at disarming ex-combatants of the three belligerent groups including the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy in Liberia (LURD) and former Government of Liberia (GOL) has gained momentum, with the high Command of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and peace brokers expressing satisfaction over the levels of progress made since the resumption of the DDRR exercise on 15 April 2004.

Fourteen Years of Death and Destruction
(By James Seitua)
The Liberian people were going about their normal business, with everyone overwhelmed by the sweet melodies that arouse nostalgic memories that time of the year. Worshippers and holiday shoppers streamed in a beautiful mixture of religious festivities and commercial grandeur. For many years, Christmas Eve had not been so exciting as it was in 1989.
HIV/AIDS, South Africa And Democracy
(By Chinua Akukwe)
The African National Congress (ANC) and Thabo Mbeki's government won a resounding mandate from South African voters, April 2004. With this renewed mandate, Thabo Mbeki will serve his second and final term as president until 2009. Despite the anticipated margin of victory by the ANC, a visitor to South Africa in the last few weeks would have noticed how Thabo Mbeki and his senior colleagues in ANC campaigned vigorously throughout the country

George Weah Calls for the Establishment of War Crimes Court in Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Liberia's international soccer star and UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador George "Oppong" Weah is calling for the formation and establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia to arrest and prosecute all "warlords" for recruiting and arming children in Liberia.

Civil Servants Payroll To Be audited ...Cornomia Asks Int"t Community to help (The Inquirer)
The Special presidential committee on salary arrears of the National Transitional Government of Liberia is seeking the services of reputable Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firms for payroll audit services.

Liberia, Journey Towards Reconstruction: Clipping Off the Tentacles of Corruption
(By: George D. Yuoh)
A few months ago, while sympathizing with a comrade over the death of his father, an elite group of young professional Liberians residing in Minnesota turned the occasion into an impromptu symposium on the future of Liberia. Present at the occasion were doctors (MD and PhD), accountants, bankers, economists and financial analysts, social workers and political activists; a brainy group of disenfranchised Liberians, and all between the ages of 30 – 45 yrs.

Kpoto Wants Support for Medical College (The Inquirer)
A leading medical practitioner, Dr. Robert Kpoto has called on the National Transitional Government of Liberia(NTGL) to prioritize the revitalization and rehabilitation of the nation's only medical college, the A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine.

"You Are the Real Heroes" …Says INQUIRER Former Boss (The Inquirer)
"You all are real heroes! Words are inadequate for me to express to all of you for the sacrifices, commitment, dedication and hard work you have rendered and are still rendering this institution. Your commitment to duty has made the paper to be the leading newspaper in Liberia. I'm very proud of you!" Were the words of extolment to the employees of The INQUIRER by their former Managing Editor Gabriel H. I Williams.

Varney Sherman Breaks Grounds For Latrine (The Inquirer)
Presidential hopeful, Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman on last Saturday broke grounds for the construction of a 3-pit latrine in the PHP community.

Justice Ministry Wants CBL Dismantle Hanging Crane (The Inquirer)
The Justice Ministry is calling on the Central Bank of Liberia to dismantle and remove the dilapidated crane that is hanging over Lynch Street, opposite the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation.

Liberian Baptists End 90th Annual Convention (The Inquirer)
The 90th annual session of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention(LBMEC) ended at the Providence Baptist Church with the adoption of several resolutions.

The UN and Liberian Rebels: Myth and Reality Behind the Numbers
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
In a recent article titled "Liberia's Legendary 50,000 Rebels…" on the New Democrat website, Tom Kamara raised an issue that has a serious impact on the disarmament process. He writes that the United Nations is finding it hard to locate the tens of thousands of armed men the rebel groups claimed to have in their armies. General Opande may never find more than a few thousands men and women to be disarmed. To date, no warring faction, - the NPFL, MODEL, and LURD – has produced a single list of fishers in their command.

MCSS Teachers Return To The Classroom Tomorrow (The Inquirer)
Teachers of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS), have agreed to return to the classroom beginning tomorrow Tuesday.

Long-term Success and Viability of Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Africa
By William G. Nyanue)
US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, correctly observed during the World Summit on Sustainable Development, in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2002 that "Water is the key to file." He went on to say, "Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is essential to life, dignity and well being1". Yet, safe drinking water and basic sanitation are not available in many parts of the world, especially in Third World.

Photo of stranded refugees sent by Harry S. Bah, Jr
Stranded Liberian Brought Home (The Inquirer)
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) repatriated 229 stranded Liberians last Saturday and Sunday on humanitarian grounds.

Fighters fail to hand in arms (News24)
Monrovia - The United Nations on Sunday took its campaign to disarm Liberia's 45 000 combatants to the rebel stronghold of Tubmanburg amid new concerns that only half of the fighters are actually handing in weapons.

Disarmament Goes To Tubmanburg (The Inquirer)
The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) began disarming several ex-combatants of the group, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy(LURD), as the ongoing DDRR program commenced in Tubmanburg, Bomi County yesterday.

A Liberian Human Rights Activist Releases Evidence on Taylor
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Amid Efforts being made by the United Nations backed War Crimes Court in Sierra Leone to bring to book and persecute the exiled former Liberian Leader, Charles G. Taylor, a well known Liberian international Human Rights Defender based in Canada, Mr. James Doe Torh, has presented what he termed as "Documentary dossiers on Taylor's abuses against humanity".

LEC Resumes Power Production (The Inquirer)
The Liberia Electricity Corporation(LEC), is to shortly resume the supply of electricity to Monrovia. The LEC stopped the production and supply of power on March 19, 2004 due to the lack of fuel and other lubricants needed to run its power plant.

LIMINCO Management Ends Tour of Facilities
(The Inquirer)
In its desire to put a halt to the looting and vandalizing of its remainder assets after the cycle of fighting in the country, the management of the Liberia Mining Company(LIMINCO), recently concluded an assessment tour of its facilities around the country.

Lutheran Church Re-elects Bishop Harris (The Inquirer)
The delegates to the 11th Biennial Convention of the Lutheran Church in Liberia(LCL) on Saturday participated in a free, fair and transparent democratic process by re-electing the Rt. Rev. Dr. Sumoward E. Harris, as bishop of the church. The Bishop's election took place at the St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Wood Camp, Paynesville.

Classes Resumes at U.L. May 31 …Process for re-Opening Begins Today (The Inquirer)
In a highly welcome move, the University of Liberia has announced a Calendar of Events leading to the resumption of classes for Academic 2004/2005.

First Lady Tours Facilities (The Inquirer)
The First Lady, Mrs. Rosie-Lee A. Williams Bryant, toured a number of educational facilities to acquaint herself with the progress being made to ensure students returning to school.

Statement On Inter-Com Strike
(A Press Release Issued by the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia)
On the morning of Thursday, April 22, 2004, some employees of Inter-Con Security Services, Ltd., performed a work stoppage at the U.S. Embassy Compound at Mamba Point near Monrovia. They temporarily impeded access to and from the compound by Embassy employees and visitors. The purpose of this action was to draw to the attention of U.S. Embassy management to the fact that some Inter-Con employees have grievances with Inter-Con's management. These aggrieved employees stated that they had no particular grievance against U.S. Embassy personnel. The Inter-Con employees urged Embassy management to intervene on their behalf in their grievances with Inter-Con management.
Over 1,800 Combatants Disarmed To UN Peacekeepers In Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Latest statistics released by the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) on the on-going disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration (DDRR) shows that a total of 1,873 out of an estimated 60,000 combatants have so far been disarmed since the resumption of the DDRR exercise.

Inter-Con Security Guards Stage Mutiny At U.S. Embassy In Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Several personnel of the Inter-Con Security Guards on April 22nd staged a mutiny at the United States Embassy Compound near Monrovia. Inter-Con is a private US based security firm operating in Monrovia..
The News Must Remain Resolute
(By Joseph G. Bartuah)
Saturday, April 24, 2004 will definitely mark an epochal milestone in the history of the Liberian media, as The NEWS Newspaper in Monrovia commemorates the 15th anniversary of its humble debut on the newsstands in 1989.

The Changes That Must Take Place
(By Jeremiah Jefferson Kringar Harris)
As the aftermath of a devastating civil war that shattered, with a vengeance, all semblances of organized civil society in Africa's oldest Republic, a conference was held in Accra, Ghana. The end results of this historic event were a ceasefire and an Accord or Agreement signed by the Warring Factions, Political Parties, and other prominent Interest groups.

LIBERIA: Fewer than half those disarmed hand in a weapon (IRIN)
The United Nations said on Wednesday nearly 1,800 former combatants reported for demobilisation during the first week of its relaunched disarmament programme in Liberia, but less than half of them handed in a gun.

Liberian Studies Association: Shining a Light on Liberia's Ills
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
For many years, sessions of Liberian Studies Association (LSA) have dealt with the crisis the country has been faced with for almost a quarter of a century when guns became the ultimate political tool and the name of the country has become synonymous with instability, refugees, death and every imaginable social ill. This year's conference, the 36th gathering of Liberians and other scholars interested in Liberia, the subject was no much different in its focus. Says Dr. James S. Guseh, Professor at the North Carolina Central University and Chair of LSA

New Deal's Presidential Hopeful Declines Appointment to the Governance Reform Commission, Cites Potential Conflict of Interest, among Other Reasons
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
George Klay Kieh, Jr., presidential hopeful for the New Democratic Alternative for Liberia (New Deal Movement) political party has declined his appointment to the Governance Reform Commission by Interim Liberian Head of State, Charles Gyude Bryant. Mr. Kieh was appointed recently to the commission together with Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Dr. Amos Sawyer and several other Liberians.

Africa Action Protests 60th Anniversary of World Bank & IMF, Releases new Talking Points on Africa's debt & Iraq's debt; Co-Sponsors "Unhappy Birthday Party" outside World Bank
Wednesday, April 21, 2004 (Washington, DC) - As the World Bank and IMF begin their annual Spring meetings in Washington, DC, Africa Action today co-sponsors an "Unhappy Birthday Party" to protest the harmful policies of these institutions, which mark their 60th anniversary this year. Salih Booker, Executive Director of Africa Action will be among the speakers at the "unhappy birthday" rally to be held outside the World Bank from 12 Noon to 2:30pm this afternoon.

Hundreds of Fighters Disarmed in Gbarnga, DDRR Moves to Buchanan Today
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Hundreds of former combatants of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebel group have been handing in their arms and weapons to the on-going Disarmament, demobilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DDRR) process currently taking place in the Central city of Gbarnga, Bong County.

Beware of them!
(By Aagon Gweh Linford)
The ongoing disarmament and demobilisation process in Liberia, though in its early stages is on even keel. The fighters are in high spirits to turn in their weapons, something all Liberians must be thankful for as the peace holds. The heads of the factions must encourage their fighters throughout this process. Relatives must encourage their children (wards) who are fighters to turn in their guns.

LIBERIA: Bitter LURD fighters say their leaders betrayed them (IRIN)
Former fighters of Liberia's LURD rebel movement say they are happy enough to hand over their guns to UN peacekeeping troops, but many grumble that they have been forgotten and abandoned by their own political leaders.

Life in Monrovia (Part VI): At the NPP Headquarters
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
As we entered the compound on Tubman Boulevard, two young men leisurely sitting on a half-broken bench jumped to their feet to salute Matt. He greeted them and then turned to me, asking for the name of the guy we were to meet. "John Whitfield." I said. One of the young men, in his early twenties volunteered to lead us. I refrained from asking Matt why the young men had greeted him as if I were some four-star- general.

Like Pele of Brazil, George Weah Must Give Himself Sometime
(By Emmanuel Obed Towouh)
Yes, man . . . I don't know about you but I saw that game live on TV. The King dribbled an entire squad to score an impossible goal. It was AC Milan vs. Verona. He nearly did it to Juventus. Zidane and Egar Davis of both Juventus felt like crawling maggots after Weah got done with them. In that game, Weah had three perfect penalties. He was denied two penalties and was awarded the third penalty.

Do not repeat the mistakes of the past!
(By Aagon Gweh Linford)
What Liberians and the international community see as the most important phase of the peace process in Liberia is now underway, the disarmament and demobilization of the thousands of former factions. All sides, the Government of Liberia, the international community and the factions and their fighters say they are ready for disarmament and demobilization. Good news!

An Open Letter to Mr. George 'Oppong' Weah
(By Pianapue K. Early)
I write to congratulate you on published reports on BBC interactive of your intentions to vie for the Presidency of Liberia Football Association.

Structural Changes in ALJA's Leadership
The Board of Directors of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA), recently made structural changes in its leadership to reflect cohesiveness and ethical balance. The latest decision, which Board members strongly believe, is a positive way to foster the democratic values and beliefs of the Board's internal and external workings.

DDRR Resumes in Gbarnga
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The long awaited resumption of the disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration (DDRR) of combatants to the nation's 14-year of bloody civil conflict started on April 15th in the Liberian Provisional city of Gbarnga, Bong County , with about 250 fighters of the Liberians United for reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebels group showing up in line with the DDRR schedule.

Drums of an African Union
(By Gbe Sneh)
As the drums beat louder for an African Union, let it be known that while it is the sound that the people of Africa want to hear, the listening has to be one with a cautious enthusiasm. The OAU has run its cause with substantial failures. We, the people of Africa, hailed the ushering in of that organization, from its inception, as it embarked on liberating us from the political and economic bondage of colonialism and its vestiges.
Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Liberia's Good Governance Chairperson in hot water
Student Group, Partisans of Unity Party Take Former Liberian Justice Minister to Task
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The Concerned Students of the Universities of Liberia (COSUL) is calling on all Liberians especially members of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) including Deputy Speaker Eddington Varmah to remain vocal and speak against corruption in the government.

Liberia braces for disarmament (News24)
Monrovia - Mindful of the rioting that greeted Liberia's December attempt to disarm fighters after 14 years of nearly relentless war, the west African state was bracing on Thursday for the resumption of the campaign.

The Liberian National Anthem & the Education of Children
(By Al-Hassan Conteh)
A lunchtime showing of Dr. Abdoulaye Dukulé's, "A Day in Monrovia," was one of the highlights at this year's Liberian Studies Conference in Durham, NC, on March 27th. Upbeat and refreshing, the documentary reveals the brighter side of life in war-ravaged Monrovia. Interspersed with cultural performances, soundbites by Liberian luminaries, including Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, the optimistic concept behind the show is a welcome relief, indeed, for Liberians who have faith in the renewal of their country.

Startling Revelation to the Dismay of War Weary Liberians
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) Charles Gyude Bryant has made a startling revelation, to the dismay of war weary Liberians, at a major news conference held on 13 April at the Executive Mansion on wild range of national and international issues. The NTGL Chairman said his administration would not be a party to a request for former Liberian President Charles Taylor to be turned over to the United Nations backed War Crimes Court in neighboring Sierra Leone.

Let us take a deep breath and calm down: All is not lost

(By Kolec E. Jessey)
In the past few weeks there has been numerous reports in the Liberian media about pervasive corruption in the transitional government headed by Charles Bryant. These reports had led to misgivings about the government decision to purchase fleets of American Grand Jeep Cherokee through a shady Lebanese trader and the soaring travel expenditures involving the rebel filled transitional legislature.

Liberian fighters handing in arms (BBC)
The six-month long exercise begins in Gbarnga, a stronghold of the rebel Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD).

Liberian Govt Okays Seizure of Taylor's Assets (This Day)
Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, (NTGL), Gyude Bryant has lent support to the United Nations decision to confiscate the assets of former President Charles Taylor for use to rebuild the war torn country.

1.5 Million Dollars Foreign Exchange Reserve Missing at the Central Bank of Liberia
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) declared that in 2003 the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) failed to account for a $1.5 million decline in the foreign exchange reserve of Liberia. The foreign exchange reserve declined in 2003 from $1.8 million to $300,000. The central bank's authorities told the IMF during its recent visit to Liberia that there was "no foreign exchange reserve transactions by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) in 2003."

Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf Raises Alarm Over Deep Corruption In Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The Standard-Bearer of the Opposition Unity Party and Chairman of the Good Governance Reform Commission, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, has spoken out against the alarming rate at which corruption continues to spread in Liberia, saying that the culture of kleptocracy is undermining the little commitment that is left to the nation public service.

Reversing The Neglect Of Education In Liberia
(Remarks By Chris Toe)
In spite of the fact that education is a profession without which no nation can advance politically, economically, and socially, educators in Liberia have to struggle to make ends meet. And despite the importance of education and educators to the development and progress of our society, the education sector has always been accorded very low priority in the allocation of financial resources by governments in Liberia.

UN Force Starts Deployment in Northern Liberia, no Troops for Maryland, Grand Kru Counties
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The Liberia's northern county of Lofa, where the 1999 rebellion against the regime of former President Charles Taylor began, receives the presence of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force.
Prince Y. Johnson is Back to Nigeria
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
According to Agence France Presse (AFP) quoting reports from Monrovia, former rebel leader Prince Y. Johnson left Liberia on Friday, April 7 to return to Nigeria. Prince Johnson became famous during the early years of the Liberian civil war when he broke away from Charles Taylor and later captured and tortured military dictator Samuel Doe to death.

The Resumption of the Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Process
By Josephus Moses Gray)
The Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), Chairman Gyude Bryant, on Saturday, April 10, 2004, announced the resumption of the disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration (DDRR) of ex-combatants of the nation's 14-year devastating and bloody civil war.

Sankan Nyanseor is 2004 Valedictorian at Tri-Cities High
Ms. Sankan Worhwinn Nyanseor, youngest daughter of Mr. Siahyonkron Nyanseor, Chairman of the Liberian Democratic Future, publisher of The Perspective, has been named Valedictorian of the Class of 2004 of Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia. Tri-Cities High School Principal, Mrs. Amelia "Mimi" Davis made the announcement April 1 during the school's Sixth Annual Honor's Day Program held on campus.

Liberian Rebels Terrorize Civilians, Hijack Vehicles On Monrovia-Gbarnga Highway
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Even though fighting in Liberia has ceased and the guns are now silent, inhumane treatment of unarmed civilians is still prevalent, as fighters of the belligerent groups are terrorizing travelers and residents outside Monrovia with impunity.

Photo of stranded refugees sent by Harry S. Bah, Jr
Liberian Refugees Stranded?
According to information (purportedly sent by the spokesman of a group of Liberian refugees from Mali) received by The Perspective, about three hundred and sixty-five Liberian Refugees enroute to Liberia from Mali have been "stranded because of the refusal of the Guinean authority to allow them entry passage to Liberia" via Guinea. The refugees are also said to have been denied entry into Burkinafasso to enter Ghana.

Prince Johnson's Apology
(By C. Alake Williams)
He came back to Liberia as he said, "to run for senator of Nimba County" in the up coming elections. He arrived without much fanfare, and without the "notice" of many-a-Liberian people. But his no-news days would be short live because he is "Prince Johnson. Within 72 hours of his arrival in Liberia he said that a relative of former leader Samuel Doe wanted to assassinate him. News! Prince Johnson is back. Man of God, Pastor Johnson is back in Liberia starting something.

Liberia beefs up budget (News 24)
Monrovia - Liberia's transitional legislature has passed the budget recently submitted to it by interim leader Gyude Bryant.

Is It Business As Usual Again?
(By Beyan Samah)
I am honoured and privileged as a Liberian to add a word or two to those recently written by our courageous human rights activist, Mr. Tiawan S. Gongloe, and other freedom-loving people of Liberia, who have chosen to fight for the welfare of our people. I wish to caution Chairman Bryant and members of his transitional government to stop playing with the minds of the Liberian people. I had mixed reactions when it was first announced that Mr. Bryant had been appointed chairman of the Liberian transitional government. Mr. Taylor, our common enemy, had been forced to leave Liberia for exile in Nigeria.

Order your copy of A Day In Monrovia today
Living in the "World House"
(By Juanita L. Jartu Jolly)
Over the years, I have heard so many people say that the world is growing smaller. We are so proud of the technology that has reduced the distance among us, and rightly so. Yet, with the reduction in time and space among us due to computers and e-mail, mobile telephones and very fast cars, trains and planes, still we can find ourselves so distant from one another because of the separations of culture, religions, disabilities and color and ethnicity, gender and age. In "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Life in Monrovia (Part V): Finding George Dweh
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
We left the university campus and walked by the little triangle that separates the executive mansion, the University and The Capitol. A few years ago, some religious leaders convinced Charles Taylor that the strength of the Krahn people was buried under the statue of the Unknown Soldier that Samuel Doe had erected on the same premises. Taylor uprooted the Unknown Soldier and planted flowers. Taylor's juju men – some disguised as Reverends – told him that Samuel Doe had buried A.B. Tolbert alive under the statue...

"I won't steal money": A Reaction to Chairman Bryant's Response to LU Students
( By Tukus Ama Wrehyonnah Harris
All my life if there is one office I have had the highest esteem for and respected, it is the Presidency, not because of the pomp and pageantry that is normally associated with it but due more to the fact that the future of 6 billion people worldwide is directed by only 193 people representing the 193 countries of the world who bear the title of President.

The Liberian Gladiators and the Modern Roman Colosseum
( By: Emmanuel Obed Towouh
Browsing through "theperspective" website, the Prince Johnson story caught my eyes; having stayed out of Liberia for a long time, I couldn't imagine, Yarlueegba, returning to Liberia so soon. Sooner or later, Roosevelt Johnson will be in Liberia, and the Grand Chess Master himself, Dahkpanah Ghankay-CGT, will appear from the blues in Congo Town. It seems like the replay of the Liberian crisis by popular demand.

Public School Students In Monrovia Go On The Rampage, Cause Destructions
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) headed by Charles Gyude Bryant is encountering serious difficulties from the various sectors owing to the failure of the government to address its obligations, ranging from the settlement of salary arrears to providing basic social services.

HIV/AIDS in Africa: Unresolved Issues and Hard Choices

(Remarks By Chinua Akukwe)
HIV/AIDS in Africa remains a major community, national, regional and international challenge. As of today, MOST individuals infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa are on their own, and often go back to their communities to die with little or no clinical/government support.

Prince Johnson Complains Of Assassination Plot, Goes Into Hiding
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Despite of his persistent appeals for Liberians to put behind the ugly past, forgive each others, reconcile their differences and move ahead with the fragile peace process, the man blamed for the gruesome murder of Liberia's 20th President, Samuel Kanyon Doe, the leader of the defunct Independent National Patriotic front of Liberia (INPFL), Gen. Prince Y. Johnson has run into serious problems since his return Monrovia.

Archbishop Michael Francis
An Honorarium to Michael Kpakala Francis: Archbishop and True Liberian Hero
(By R. Wesley Harmon)
Chosen to lead the Catholic Church and its institutions in Liberia, Michael K. Francis rose to the challenge, and exemplified a rare kind of leadership, such that is absent from the landscape of our beloved country, Liberia. His is a kind of selfless, people-oriented leadership style, a style alien to Liberians in general, so-called politicians in particular. Under his leadership and guidance Catholic institutions in Liberia grew by leaps and bounds, even in the face of a brutal fourteen-year civil conflict that claimed the lives of countless Liberians and foreigners residing within our borders.

The "Neutral Person" Theory Has Proved a Disaster for Liberia
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
Several failed attempts from the onset to resolve the Liberian conflict resulted in the application of a "neutral person" theory for political leadership in a care-taker government: The theory is that only a neutral person having no interests in or links to any of the parties to the conflict can provide the best interim leadership in bringing the parties together, resolving the conflict and ultimately restoring peace in Liberia. Much to the contrary however, time and experience support the conclusion that the "neutral person" theory has proved to be a disaster for Liberia.

The Overarching Lesson From Ghana
((Speech by Morris M. Dukuly))
This month marks six months of leadership of the interim national government of Liberia in Monrovia. When the peace agreement was signed in mid-2003 in Ghana, much hope was raised. The overarching lesson from Ghana was, it seems to me, two-fold. Lesson 1: nearly 15 years of war had left the Liberian people weary and anxious for any peace and at any price. The peace agreement in Ghana, with all its imperfections and perfections, therefore presented to them and to all of us, a real opportunity to return our country to normalcy and stability and security.

U.S. Government Issues Stern Warning to Corrupt Public Officials in Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The United States Government has issued a stern warning to officials of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) who engage in corrupt activities. The U.S. Government has threatened a tough action against those corrupt officials in the government.