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Willie Belleh Must Resign from Interim Government
The recent revelation by The Perspective magazine that Willie Belleh, Director of the Cabinet and the Chief of Staff to Liberian Interim Leader Charles Gyude Bryant, and the other officers at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) lucratively rewarded themselves in the midst of the abject poverty in Liberia is appalling and unconscionable.

Twin Cities: Liberian deported after admitting to crimes there (Pioneer Press)
A Liberian citizen has been deported from the Twin Cities after admitting that he killed 10 people and raped a woman while supervising a traffic checkpoint where dozens of such crimes took place during the African nation's civil war.

Elie E. Saleeby, Governor of CBL and Chairman of CBL Board
All the President's Men: A Case of Massive Corruption?
Liberia is considered one of the world's poorest countries - many say the world's outright poorest - where under the dictatorship of Charles Taylor, government employees such as police officers, soldiers, teachers and clerks have not been paid for well over a year. It is difficult to comprehend, but we are told that the average salary is less than $25.00 (twenty five dollars) per month - not enough for a bag of rice, the nation's staple. Conditions have been so devastating that the average family cannot afford to fully feed itself. For many, sending their kids to school is a luxury they cannot afford.

Laws not in the Interest of Liberia People, Says Former Speaker
I was totally disappointed but not surprised when the former Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Taylor Government, Nyundueh Monokomna said on Radio Veritas here that during the last days of the NPP Government, the 51st Legislature repealed certain laws that were not in the interest of the Liberian People. Mr. Monokomna named some of these laws as the Act granting the Maritime Bureau 10% of the total revenues generated by the Bureau and the Act granting the Liberia International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR) the authority to manage the country's maritime program.

Liberian Violence Continues Despite Deal (Associated Press)
Liberia's civil war is officially over, but outside the capital, it doesn't look much like peace: Rebels are looting, pro-government militias are raping, and civilians are being forced to till fields to feed hungry fighters, residents say.

Liberia Institute For Peace, Democracy, & Good Governance
The Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict of the University of Pennsylvania hosted the Liberia Peace and Democracy Workshop on August 9th 2003.  The Liberty Center for Survivors of Torture of Philadelphia co-sponsored the event. Chaired by Asch Center Research Fellow Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, 24 Liberianist professionals.

E-Mail Fraud Alert
Criminals purporting to be relatives of African dictators have been circulating Spam e-mails since the late 90’s. These e-mails target companies and individuals. The message is basically the same: The sender claims to be a relative of an African dictator who has acquired wealth illegally and due to security reasons the relative wants to take the wealth out of the country. Normally, they request that the receivers of these e-mails provide to them their personal information such as “(a) Your complete name, (b) Your Telephone/Fax Numbers” and banking coordinates, so that millions of dollars will be transferred into the receivers’ accounts. In return, the senders claim that the e-mail recipients would receive as much as 30% of the amount transferred.

The Emerging Liberia: A Responsible Government
(Open Letter to Gyude Bryant)
This is the perfect opportunity for the NTGL under your able leadership and your business background to develop a comprehensive plan for effective and efficient governance of Liberia. This comprehensive plan for good governance in Liberia must contain policies and programs that cultivate fiscal responsible, control corruptions, and inefficiency in government.

Money Needed to Reconstruct Liberia
I have just read the article by Abdoulage W. Dukele posted on The Liberian Connection Web site intitled: The UN and Liberia: Good Intentions and Stark Realities. Firstly, I thank the author for the article, and agree with him on many key issues mentioned. Secondly, I would like to inform the author that the money needed to reconstruct our beloved Liberia has already started to pour in. The US Congress has already approved $200 million to assist Liberia, The EU today disbursed N1.2 billion for the peace keepers in Liberia and has pledged an even larger amount.

Opposition leaders in Taylor’s Ring of Corruption?
The Perspective, along with Chairman Gyude Bryant, UN Special representative in Liberia Jacques Klein and other publications received some documents that throw light on how the meager resources of the nation were distributed among a few people. Readers would read for example that the Chairman of the Central Bank of Liberia took home some US$13,000.00 (Thirteen Thousand US dollars a month).

Elie E. Saleeby, Chairman
Corruption at the Central Bank of Liberia
As Liberians, it is incumbent on all of us to assist you in achieving the goals associated with your job responsibilities. In this light, we solicit your attention to a few problems that need immediate consideration. The resolution of these issues will ensure that such practices are abolished immediately, never repeated, and yield good governance.

Liberia resolves row over posts (BBC)
A compromise has been reached between the main rebel group and the leader of Liberia's new power-sharing government. Gyude Bryant, who was sworn in earlier this month, agreed to reconsider Lurd nominations to senior posts.

Gyude Bryant
LIBERIA: Bryant backs down over rejected LURD nominees (IRIN)
Liberia's transitional leader, Gyude Bryant, has agreed to review some of the nominees for senior government appointments that he rejected last week, the speaker of Parliament, George Dweh, said.

Boston Based NGO (MRRDN) Assesses Conditions of 60,000 Internally Displaced Persons (The Inquirer)
A high-power delegation of an international humanitarian, relief and developmental organization, Mano River Relief and Development Network(MRRDN), is in the country to assess the pressing humanitarian situation in the country.
The Butcher of Liberia (West Africa) Still Doesn't Get It
Sacrificial Lamb! Whipping Boy! History will be kind to me! I have fulfilled my duties! God willing, I shall return! Etc. Etc. Etc. How sickening and shameful it is to hear such utter rubbish. Actually, the above words make me sick to my stomach. This only highlights the fact that Charles Taylor still doesn't get it. Here is a man and his band of thugs, thieves, and killers who on Christmas Eve of 1989, plunged our beloved country into a cycle of death and destruction.

Save Liberia: No Rewards For Bad Guys!
The current standoff in Liberia between the chair of the transitional regime and the rebels threatens to derail the peace process in which the UN has placed so much faith. Its Special Representative, Maj. Gen/ Jacques Klein, has given Liberians so much hope in a short period, and the nightmare is to imagine his failure. But he is one man in the wilderness. If Klein were in charge of Iraq, his problems would be far different, and one of them would not be funding, neither international focus.

More confusion Over Appointments In Transitional Government In Liberia
(The Inquirer)
More confusion seems to be brewing as various stakeholders to the Accra Peace Agreement continue to make conflicting nominations to fill slots within the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL). The civil society organizations in Liberia (CSO) under the signature of its chairman, Saa Philip-Joe yesterday forwarded a list of nominees for positions agreed upon by the joint political parties and civil society technical committee. However confusion has already begun to emerge.

LURD fighters Storms Government Ministry In Monrovia (The Inquirer)
It was a scene of confusion, chaos and disbelief yesterday, when men believed to be loyal to the rebel group, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) stormed the Ministry of Finance to forcibly make their way in to the premises.

Working With The Hand We Have Been Dealt
The die is cast, the deck of cards was stacked, the aces and other face-cards have been dealt to the gun toters, right before our very eyes, as the brokers of peace sought the easy way out through appeasement, and there was virtually nothing we could do, but to take what is placed at our end of the table. We have witnessed a skewed allocation of jobs favoring the gun toters. The NTLA has a total of seventy-six (76) members.

Liberia rebels in pull-out threat (BBC)
Liberia's largest rebel faction has demanded that the leader of the power-sharing government step down. Sekou Conneh, leader of the Lurd group, told BBC News Online that Gyude Bryant was not letting Lurd members of the power-sharing government work.
No Blanket Amnesty For warlords!
A fortnight ago when the transitional government headed by Charles Bryant was installed, there was renewed hope that the suffering and killings that have been the hallmark of Liberia for the past 14 years would come to an end. But if recent pronouncements attributed to Mr. Bryant of his opposition to a war crimes tribunal are true, then Liberia is headed for another round of "war-lordism" very soon.

Did Gyude Bryant Cut a Deal with LURD and MODEL for his Selection?
Well, one week into Mr. Bryant’s two-year administration, he has made some questionable news that was not shocking to some of us who could see this coming. I am amazed at how the reasoning of some Liberians defies logic...

Who represents Liberians in the Diaspora/America in the Assembly?
Please accept my congratulations for your selection as head of the new TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT OF LIBERIA. I am sure you aware of the enormity of the task ahead. My prayer for you is that all Liberians (irrespective of where they are) would consider doing everything in their power to make the next two years successful.

Suspected Aide to Liberian Exile in U.S. (Washington Post)
The alleged chief paymaster for the notoriously brutal government of former Liberian president Charles Taylor has entered the United States -- despite being banned from international travel by the United Nations -- and is living in California.

The UN and Liberia: Good Intentions and Stark Realities
In his beautifully crafted inaugural speech, the Chairman of the new Liberian transitional government made some remarkable observations about the past of the nation and where he intends to take Liberia. He promised to fight nepotism, corruption and tribalism amongst other divisions that have characterized the social fabric of Liberia since her birth more than a century and half ago.

LURD Nominates More Persons to Transitional Government (The Inquirer)
The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), has made additional nominations to fill its slots in the National Transitional Government of Liberia(NTGL), in accordance with the comprehensive Accra peace accord.

Dozens of Additional Appointments In Government (The Inquirer)
The Executive Branch of the National Transitional Government(NTGL), has continued to take shape as the relevant stakeholders make nominations to fill their respective slots as allotted by the recently signed Accra peace accord.

Samuel Kofi Woods
"We Were Armed Robbed, Almost Killed But Not Deterred"
The Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) family experienced its worst tragedy since its more than one year of existence. Six men armed with pistols, axe and other weapons sneaked their way into the Regional Offices of FIND in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 15, 2003. Two staff members were physically assaulted and another three all held hostages, at gun point while the armed men took away equipment, personal belongings of the staffs and monies belonging to the organization. Below is a summary report of the incident:

Superstition is Alive and Well!
I was born in a village In Liberia called Zoe-town. Actually it was a town, but I like to think of it as a kingdom; a very powerful kingdom, so to speak. I was lucky enough to be born in the most powerful family in Zoe-town. My father was lord of all the zoes and my mother was the queen-mother. My uncles and aunties, both maternal and paternal, held very powerful positions in the hierarchy in Zoe kingdom.

Getting Liberia Right This Time Around
The last 23 years of turmoil in Africa's oldest republic can be directly attributed to the passions and burning desires of all Liberians to be recognized as full participants in the nation-building process. Some of the energies used in attempting to right the historical wrongs of exclusion were exploited by demagogues and other political neophytes. The results have been catastrophic.
New members of Liberian Government must be corruption-free, UN emphasizes (UN)
With Liberia currently in the process of selecting members of its transitional government and legislative assembly, the United Nations today underscored the need to choose honest and qualified professionals.

General Abubakar and the Warlords: Tricking the Tricksters
With the inauguration of Chairman Gyude Bryant following the take-over of peacekeeping by the United Nations, the peace process is now entering its most active face. Like a crazy train, the regime of the NPP has crashed into a wall. Vision 2024 never went past 2003. Stupidity and arrogance go hand in hand and when they team up with greed, salvation becomes unattainable. Vision 2024 was bound to crash, as the drivers were blind-sided by ignorance.

Liberia: An Opportunity for National Renewal
I feel obliged to join hundreds of thousands of Liberians at home and abroad, in welcoming Chairman Gyude Bryant and his new team of rulers as they assume the onerous task of pacifying and sanitizing our common patrimony. I must also seize this opportunity to strongly commend the resilient people of Liberia, who remain undaunted, despite being subjected to all forms of insanity and degradation in the past 14 years.

Bryant Appoints Former "Diplomat" Accused of Selling Liberian Diplomatic Passports
I have the honor to gently draw your Excellency's attention to the appointment of Mr Bass-Golokeh as Adviser on International Affairs as a very grave and serious error of judgement. For starters, the burden of carrying out the mandate with which you are entrusted depends to a large extent on the level of cooperation you will receive from the international community. That cooperation and support will be a function of their perception of the seriousness with which you attach to the overwhelming task before you.

Liberia’s Interim Leader put in power to shield warlords?
Since Liberia’s brutal dictator and indicted war criminal Charles Taylor was forced to relinquish power and leave the country in August, hopes are rekindled that Liberia now has an opportunity to end 14 years of death and destruction and begin the process of reconstruction.
Is it Too Soon? If so Now What?
My understanding is that the new National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) has been seated with it’s structure gradually been formed. Parties to the conflict have started sending names of their nominees of the various posts allotted them. I think, except for the legislative assembly that has some re-election to conduct, everything is gradually falling in line. Liberians are very hopeful or let me say prayerful that this time around things will work out for the better. They cannot wait for the day when they will have to return home.

Vacancy: Top Leadership Positions Available!
Never before in the history of America has such an opportunity worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits and rewards surfaced for thousands of Liberians and other nationals. While there will be only one opening for the Liberian presidency, these opportunities for leadership are open to everyone but interested individuals must act now!
Gyude Bryant

Induction Address By His Excellency C. Gyude Bryant, Chairman, National Transitional Government Of Liberia (The Inquirer)
His Excellency Joachim Chissano, President of the Republic of Mozambique & Chairman of the African Union; His Excellency John A. Kufour, President of the Republic of Ghana and Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS); His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; His Excellency Moses Z. Blah, Former President of the Republic of Liberia; His Excellency Jacques Klein, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations to Liberia; Heads of Ad Hoc Missions Accredited to these Ceremonies;

Moses Blah

Dissolved Moses Blah's Government Makes Several nominations to Transitional Government In Liberia (The Inquirer)
This paper has reliably learnt that in line with the recently signed Accra peace agreement, the former NPP-led government has made several nominations to fill its allocated slots in the incumbent National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL).

Confusion In Charles Taylor’s Political Party In Liberia (The Inquirer)
There seems to be bickering and confusion within the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) regarding the filling of slots in the newly inducted National Transitional Government of Liberia(NTGL).

Former Liberian Police Director Turns Over Ofice (The Inquirer)
In keeping with the ECOWAS facilitated Accra Peace Accord for Liberia, Police Director Paul Mulbah on Wednesday turned over his gavel of authority to Senior Inspector Col. Edward Kitson-Thomas.

New Mobile Phone company for Liberia (The Inquirer)
A new cellular phone company, Optima Wireless/Liberia Incorporated, with more than US$20 million as its initial investment, is to shortly begin operation in the country.

How Accommodating Are Our Facilitators?
Since the beginning of our present catastrophic civil conflict, which has lasted for almost a decade and a half, the fate of our country (Liberia) has come to be determined by our so-called facilitators in the West African sub-region, led largely by Nigeria and Ghana. Nigeria in particular, the largest and the most powerful military might of the region has often taken the leading role in helping to bring sanity to the Liberian situation. And every Liberian should be grateful for that.

The Liberian Mentality and ULAA: "Leave the people thing alone"
When we were growing up in Liberia, one thing was obvious to me: Liberians in general did not enjoy an equal playing field. There was a tiny elite and another small group close to the center of power, close enough to see and smell it. But the vast majority of the citizens of the republic lived way below the poverty line. A middle class, necessary in all civilized societies to boost productivity was glaringly absent. The system - police, the courts, the legislature, and the entire government bureaucracy was highly corrupt and inefficient.

New leader says war crimes cases won't help Liberians (Associated Press)
MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) - Liberia's newly inaugurated interim leader challenged the wisdom of a war-crimes court for the virtually limitless atrocities of his country's conflicts, saying Wednesday it would do nothing to heal the wounds.

Liberian New Leader Makes New Appointments In Government (The Inquirer)
The transitional head of the Liberian government, Chairman Gyude Bryant has made new appointments in government. Those appointed are Professor Willie Belleh, Chief of Staff and Director of the Cabinet; Mr. Blamoh Nelson, Senior Advisor to the Chairman on the Scrupulous implementation of the Peace Accord and Mr. Harry A. Greaves, Advisor to the Chairman on Economic Affairs.

Liberian New Leader Speaks On Several Vital Issues (The Inquirer)
The Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), Charles Gyude Bryant says his government will initiate policies that would ensure that effective 1st November, 2003, the hardship facing the Liberian people is reduced.

University Student Group Denounces Killing Of Innocent Liberians (The Inquirer)
The Executive Committee of the Conscious University Students Association (CUSA) says it condemns in the strongest term the death of innocent Liberians as a result of the October 1, 2003, unfortunate incident at the Redlight in Paynesville.

International Community wants Liberia to Creates Peaceful Environment (The Inquirer)
The International Community is urging Liberians to create a conducive environment for true peace if they are to construct a new Liberia. Making remarks during the induction ceremony of Chairman Gyude Bryant yesterday at the capitol building in separate statements representatives of the international community and African communities said the achievement for peace rest squarely in the hands of Liberians themselves and not from anyone outside
Gyude Bryant Inaugurated as Liberia's Interim Leader
On yesterday, Mr. Gyude Bryant was inaugurated in Monrovia to head Liberia, a nation ravaged by 14 years of civil war. Mr. Bryant was the choice of the warring factions at the recently held Peace Conference in Ghana, West Africa.

Liberia: Reconciliation, Reconstruction And Rehabilitation (3R's)

As the Gyude Bryant transitional national government takes office, Liberia is once again at the center of international attention. From the deployment of one of the largest United Nations peacekeeping operations in the world to the need to feed the hungry and minister to the sick, the transitional government faces immense challenges. However, with these challenges come unique opportunities for the transformation of Liberia. I briefly review these challenges and opportunities from the prism of 3R's: reconciliation, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Chairman Gyude Bryant Vice Chairman Wesley Johnson
New Government Takes Seat In Liberia (The Inquirer)
Another page in Liberia's checkered 156 years history has been writing on October 14th with the induction of Charles Gyude Bryant and Wesley Momo Johnson as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of the in new National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL). Messrs. Bryant and Johnson are took over from interim President Moses Z. Blah and recent inducted vice president John Gray who have been steering the affairs of state since the departure of former president Charles Ghankay Taylor on August 11, 2003.

A Review of the former Liberian ruling Political Party-NPP-led Government’s Six years in Office (The Inquirer)
Following six years of its political administration of Liberia, the general consensus is that the National Patriotic Party (NPP) led government has miserably failed to provide those ingredients needed to build a nation.
The NPP government which came to power in August 1997 performed poorly in several areas, and The INQUIRER attempts to grade it by this Final Report Card on its performance:
New Leader Takes Office In Liberia (Associated Press)
MONROVIA, Liberia, Oct. 14 -- Businessman Gyude Bryant took office as Liberia's interim leader Tuesday under red, white and blue bunting in the looted capitol rotunda, inheriting a nation in ruins after years of civil war and rebellion.
Bryant's Arrival
Liberia Leader Takes Power (BBC)
Mr Bryant's arrival in Monrovia was marked by a prayer service
Gyude Bryant, a relatively unknown businessman, has been sworn in as the head of a new power-sharing government.Mr Bryant, who was chosen for the post at the peace talks which ended the country's 14-year civil war, takes over from temporary President Moses Blah.
Liberia: Charting the Path Towards Economic Recovery
Liberia’s history is one of greed and grievance. Greed demonstrated by its political elites who would stop at nothing to make a quick buck, even if it meant appropriating land resulting in the displacement of hundreds of thousand of people as happened in Harbel and Pleebo, where the government in the 1920’s confiscated communal land from its own citizens, some 1 million acres and sold it to Firestone at the price of six cents per acre.

Liberia Needs A Visionary Not A Manager
Let me set the stage by characterizing the condition of Liberia as she is as of the writing of this article. Liberia is the equivalent of a family whose house has been burned down to the ground, and as a result, the Red Cross comes to rescue that family by providing the basic necessity of life for a temporary period.

Gen. Abubakar Abdusalami Nullified Elections Results (The Inquirer)
The chief Mediator of the Liberian Peace process, Rt./Gen. Abubakar Abdusalami, has rejected nominees of the 15 political sub-division of Liberia to the National Transitional Assembly of Liberia. The former Nigerian head of state told a news conference yesterday in Monrovia that several objections of been raised by the two rebel groups, the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD and Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) over the method and location used for the elections of the counties representatives to thee NTAL.

Broad Day Looting Foiled At Defense Ministry (The Inquirer)
A dramatic event unfolded last Saturday morning at the Ministry of National Defense on Benson Street, when soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) assigned at the building stopped Deputy Minister Austin Clarke from taking away what he called his "personal belongings".

Liberia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan (AP)
TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwan's dwindling number of diplomatic allies shrank by one Sunday as war-ravaged Liberia switched ties to the island's rival, China, officials said.

UNMIL Assures Monrovia Residents (The Inquirer)
Monrovians and residents of the Liberian capital’s suburbs have been given the assurance that their areas will be gun-free by the end of October 10, 2003. The United Nations Mission in Liberia’s Chief of Information, Margaret A. Novicki reiterated the disclosure made recently regarding the "weapons-free" environment in and around the Liberian capital.

Taylor's Home in Exile More Like Prison (Washington Post)
"He should be sent to face trial. The man has caused a lot of atrocities," said another in her 40s, Elizabeth Ijong, who works in a government building beside Taylor's house.

Solidarity With Africa
In November 2001, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approved at its general meeting a document entitled "A Call to Solidarity with Africa," which addressed the bishops’ growing concerns over the plight of Africa and the Church’s response to its African brothers and sisters. These are excerpts from the Bishops’ statement.

Marketers Demand L$5,000,000 From President Blah (The Inquirer)
Peanuts and pepper sellers at the Paynesville ‘Red-Light’ are urging the Liberian leader, President Moses Blah to pay them damages in the sum of L$5,000,000 for their goods and money looted as a result of the recent shoot-out in the area. Recently, marketers at the Paynesville Red light who are dealers of peanuts and pepper suffered great losses when their warehouses were massively looted. The incident occurred when LURD Chairman Sekou Conneh was en route to Pres. Blah’s residence in Paynesville. The LURD leader was honoring an invitation extended by President Blah.

BTC Military Base Regains Status (The Inquirer)
With barely under a week for a new assembly to take over, the incumbent legislature has passed into law an act that observers believe, though belated, shall be greatly welcomed by the Liberian public. Some three years since it passed into law an Act creating the premises of the then Barclay Training Center(BTC) as National Children’s Village, the Liberian Senate has passed a new Act restoring the BTC premises to its former status as a military barracks.

Liberia Coalition Of Human Rights Defenders Decries Shooting Incident (The Inquirer) The Liberia Coalition of Human Rights Defenders says it is concerned about the shoot-out between LURD and government forces at the Paynesville ‘Red-Light’ on October 1, 2003 which resulted to the death of over 15 persons including un-armed women and children.

In Liberia, Hopes Reborn (Washington Post)
Kenneth Best left yesterday on the start of a long journey home to Liberia, his one suitcase packed for next week's installation of that nation's new government, his other bag filled with a decade of deferred hopes and dreams.

UNMIL To Declare Monrovia Arms Free This Friday (The Inquirer)
The Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), Lt. Gen. Daniel I. Opande has disclosed that the Joint Monitoring Committee(JMC) has agreed to make Central Monrovia, Bushrod Island and Paynesville "weapons-free" by Friday, October 10, 2003. Speaking on Monday following the JMC meeting, under the auspices of UNMIL and which he chaired for the first time, Lt/Gen. Daniel I. Opande said, "my troops will ensure that we do what we came here to do."

Rebel Leader Extends Invitation to President Blah (The Inquirer)
The leader of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy(LURD), Mr. Sekou Damante Conneh has extended an invitation to President Moses Zeh Blah to visit Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

Liberia: Holding the Warring Factions Feet to the Fire
The armed conflict between the present Government of Liberia (GOL), the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) is hereby ended with immediate effect. Accordingly, all the Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement shall ensure that the ceasefire established at 0001 hours on 18th June 2003, results in the observation of a total and permanent cessation of hostilities forthwith.

Statement Issued on October 2, 2003, By Jacques Paul Klein on the Paynesville Incident
Yesterday, a serious incident occurred at Paynesville, a suburb of Monrovia, involving a convoy carrying the chairman of Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), Mr. Sekou Conneh, for a meeting with the President of Liberia. The LURD violated arrangements for its entry into the city, negotiated by ECOMIL prior to its integration into the UN force. ECOMIL was integrated into the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) on 1 October.

Liberia: The Fall of A Tyrant
He was called various names during his rein of terror in Liberia: The NPFL Rebel Leader, The Papay, Ghanky, Chucky, Taylor, Charlie, Dahkpannah, etc. Each of these names was used to depict his mood of operation.
Bringing Sustainable Peace and Functional Democracy to Liberia
The efforts by the international community and fair-minded Liberians to restore peace to their once peaceful nation will be severely undermined or challenged if certain section of the country’s constitution is not amended to encourage broad participation in the political process. I believe that the constitution should be amended to reduce the years of the presidential term to four years from six years.

Belligerent Groups Still fighting In Central Liberia (The Inquirer)
Reports reaching Monrovia from Central and Northern Liberia say the respective forces of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy(LURD) and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia(MODEL) are still attacking positions of government forces in Nimba County.

Liberia's Postal Minister Accused Of "Criminal Deeds", But... (The Inquirer)
Some concerned employees of the Ministry of Postal Affairs have accused their boss, Minister Melvin A. Sogbandi, of engaging in "criminal deeds", but he (minister) has described same as unfounded, baseless and something that lacks any iota of truth.

Former finance Minister Identifies Liberia's Problems (The Inquirer)
Former Finance Minister Nathaniel Barnes says the root cause of Liberia’s problems is poverty and illiteracy; as Timothy T. Seaklon reports. Mr. Barnes said Liberia must embrace change in its entirety with a focus on the positive outcome of reducing poverty by raising the standard of living of all.

CCC Assisted Over 2,000 Destitute Displaced Liberians With 'Back-to-Camp' Relief (The Inquirer)
The Concerned Christian Community (CCC) last week, distributed food and non-food items to more than two thousands internally displaced persons (IDPs) sheltering at three IDP centers in Montserrado, Margibi and Lower Bong counties.

Monrovia City Majoree Accuses Of holding Employees Salaries
(The Inquirer)
Employees of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), have lashed at the their boss, City Mayoress Ophelia Hoff-Saytumah, accusing her of failing to pay their salaries arrears in the tune of L$400,000. The angry MCC employees who stormed the offices of this paper to express their grievances, said the amount in question include their salary arrears for the months of February and March, 2003 presented to Mrs. Saytumah on July 9th, 2003 by the Government of Liberia.

ADRA To The Aid of War-wearied Liberians (The Inquirer)
The Adventist Development Relief Agency(ADRA), has announced a six-month planned program aimed at bringing relief and smiles on the faces of thousands of war-wearied Liberians in three counties.
Welcome (Back), UN Commander General Opande, Liberia is Still in a Mess
It was a balmy Sunday afternoon in late November 1993, in Virginia, Liberia. It was the kind of weather that only Liberia can offer, no clouds in the skies, perfect temperature and sea breeze. We were swimming in the Africa shaped pool of Hotel Africa. The UNOMIL military leader, General Daniel Opande came to our table, picked up my then 8-month daughter Aisha and asked me to walk with him to the bar for a drink.

Civil Society: Our Time Has Come, October 2003!
The ongoing sporadic rival fighting in Liberia is yet another "Operation Pay Yourself" reminiscent of the April 6, 1996 fighting in Monrovia. The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebels looted Bushrod Island and its suburbs while the government militia looted central Monrovia and surrounding areas. Also, the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) is on the rampage in cities of Harper, Greenville and Buchanan.

The Urgency of Debating Liberia’s Future Before 2005

As Liberia slowly moves towards 2005 when elections are expected to be held, it seems a national debate on governance is necessary so as to set the pace for a departure from politics of personality that has taken the country where it is.

Liberia Mediator to Set Stage for Change of Power (Reuters)
West Africa's top mediator on Liberia's war jetted into the ruined country on Sunday to prepare the way for a transition government to take over next week.
MODEL Redistributes "Spoils of War"
The Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), one of three warring factions that signed the recent peace agreement in Accra, Ghana that ended the civil war in Liberia is said to have dropped Eugene Dean Wilson as the designated Liberia's Foreign Minister. Dean Wilson was selected at the end of the peace conference to represent MODEL in the interim government as the Foreign Minister of Liberia. According to a highly placed MODEL source that asked not to be named, the rebel movement has selected Thomas Yaryah Nimely, MODEL's Chairman to replace Dean Wilson as Foreign Minister of Liberia in the incoming interim government.

Benjamin Yeaten
Taylor's Battlefront Commander Benjamin Yeaten Flees Liberia Under Cover of Darkness (The Inquirer)
The battlefront commander of the Liberian Government soldiers and Director of the Special Security Service (SSS), Lt/Gen. Benjamin Yeatan has reportedly fled Liberia this week. Reports say he made his escape last Sunday evening, under the cover of darkness, to an unknown destination. The Deputy Chief of Staff and Battlefront Commander of government forces, who directed the troops up to the recent fighting in Monrovia, escaped the country through the Roberts International Airport accompanied by three former aides to ex-president Charles Taylor.

Liberian Central Bank's Stern Regulations Backfire (The Inquirer)
Plans by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to institute a new policy for the payment of Western Union, Money Gram and other money transfers in the country, seems to have been halted following a hectic late night intervention on Tuesday by a loose but powerful coalition of bankers, businessman and government officials, followed by a widespread public outcry.

Jacques Klein Warns Violators Of Liberian Peace Accord (The Inquirer)
In the aftermath of Wednesday’s shooting episode at the Red-light’ suburb of Paynesville, UN Secretary General’s special representative to Liberia, Mr. Jacques Paul Klein has warned violators of the recently signed comprehensive Accra Peace Accord on Liberia that "time is running out for them".

Liberian Belligerent Forces Clash Near Monrovia (The Inquirer)

A planned meeting between the Liberian leader, Pres. Moses Blah and the national chairman of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy(LURD), failed to be on October 1st as a result of clashes that broke out between forces of the two opposing sides.

Liberian Media Urged to Play Crucial Role In Transitional Government (The Inquirer)
Civil society representative- elect to the National Transitional Assembly of Liberia(NTAL), Mr. Commany Wesseh and the Ghanaian ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Mr. Kwame Amoah-Awua have spoken on the role of the Liberian media as the country enters the transitional period.

We Welcome Police Re-deployment at LURD Territory (The Inquirer)
IT HAS BEEN disclosed that the Liberia National Police(LNP), will re-deploy its officers on the Bushrod Island come Friday. The decision to allow the LNP in re-deploying its officers in the area has come following a meeting between authorities of the LNP and officials of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD).The meeting was organized by ECOMIL’s Force Commander Gen. Festus Okonkwo.
No Peace Among Warlords on the Back of Liberians!
A friend called me breathlessly to tell me that shooting was going on in Monrovia and that the city was upside down. I called Monrovia to ascertain the facts before making any comment to my friend, whom I promised to call back. My friend had reason to worry, having three children and a spouse stranded in deadly Monrovia and awaiting an improbable visa to come to America.

U.N. Shows Force in Liberian Capital After Clashes (Reuters)
U.N. forces put on a show of force in Liberia's capital on Thursday, a day after a gunbattle marred the start of what will become the world's biggest United Nations peacekeeping mission. "The U.N. will be increasing the visibility of its troops around Monrovia," spokeswoman Margaret Novicki told Reuters.

Liberian Institute for Peace, Democracy, and Good Governance
Philadelphia, PA - More than fifty Liberianists (meaning scholars who study and have work experience in Liberia), including Liberian professionals residing in the United States have established the Liberian Institute for Peace, Democracy, and Good Governance. The mission of the Liberia Institute is actively to involve technocrats in all fields to work for the attainment of durable peace, democracy and good governance in Liberia.

Marketers Honor Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (The Inquirer)
The collaborating Political Parties of Liberia and hundreds of marketeers in Monrovia recently bestowed honors on thee "iron-lady" of Liberian politics and flag bearer of opposition Unity Party, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Mama Mulbah
Mama Mulbah is dying: Needs Medical Help Abroad
The 10-year-old Liberian is at the mercy of well-wishers and the family is hoping that a benevolent individual or organization can come in to rescue her and help her survive. Mama Mulbah, doctors say, has an enlarged heart, and she needs help abroad, preferably the United States. Though she is ten years old, she now weighs about 15 pounds and is about three and half feet tall. Years of war and instability has compounded Mama Mulbah's problem, first diagnosed in 2002 at the Phoebe Lutheran Hospital, in Bong County, Liberia from Totota, where she previously lived.

Shooting Mars U.N. Peacekeepers' Debut in Liberia (Reuters)
Clashes flared between rebels and loyalist forces in Liberia's capital on Wednesday, leaving three civilians dead just hours after the United Nations took command of West African peacekeepers.

Liberia rebel leader 'attacked' (BBC)
Fighting has erupted in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, during a visit to the city by rebel leader Sekou Conneh. Gunmen shot at Mr Conneh's motorcade, triggering an exchange of fire between rebels and government troops, according to the Associated Press news agency. At least one person was killed, as Mr Conneh's car sped away from the scene.

United Nations Takes Over Peace-Keeping Mission In Liberia This Week (The Inquirer)
The multinational United Nations peace keeping force under the name United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL’) is expected to formally begin its operations in the country, come Wednesday, October 1, 2003.

African Lawyers Get Warrant to Prosecute Charles Taylor (The Inquirer)
A report emanating from the Federal Republic of Nigeria, speaks of an attempt to have former president Charles Taylor prosecuted. According to the report, the African Bar Association (ABA) has begun moves to prosecute the former Liberian president over alleged crimes against humanity.

Liberian National NGO Guest Expresses Concern Over IDPs Plight (The Inquirer)
A local humanitarian and relief group, the Concerned Christian Community (CCC) accompanied by a visiting international guest, recently paid a one-day visit to parts of Central Liberia to ascertain and assess the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs). The Salala-Totota area presently shelters about 100,000 IDPs from other parts of Bong County and the two counties of Lofa and Nimba.

Police Re-deployed In LURD Control Territory In Monrovia (The Inquirer)
It has been disclosed that the Liberia National Police (LNP) will re-deploy its officers on the Bushrod Island this Friday. The decision to allow the LNP to re-deploy its officers in the area has come following a meeting between authorities of the LNP and officials of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), which was organized by ECOMIL Force Commander Brig. Gen Festus Okonkwo.

Former Liberian Ambassador Advances Suggestions for Peace In Liberia (The Inquirer)
An eminent Liberian, Ambassador Jallah K. K. Kamara has advanced several suggestions aimed at fostering reconciliation and peace in the country.