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Civil Society Organizations of Liberia Launch a Three-Month Campaign Against Impunity in Liberia
At one hundred and fifty seven years today since the independence of Liberia, one would draw the logical conclusion that Liberia is amongst the world's civilized nations bearing the touch light of democracy propelled by the rule of law. But this is unfortunately to the contrary. Since our nation's birth, its history has mostly been characterized by corruption, misrule, gross human rights violations, and all the vices that underscore the meaning of bad governance and the criminalization of the state. In the past few decades, these excessive misdeeds by previous governments and their agents of dictatorship have entrenched the culture of impunity.

Police in Pursuit of Two Prime Suspects Linked to Murder of US Citizen
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
In a joint operation, the Liberia National Police and the international police force under the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) are vigorously pursuing two prime suspects linked to the killing of a high profile member of the U.S. Military Assessment Mission to Liberia. The prime suspects were identified as Emmanuel Mulbah (Boye T. Moore), and Charles Thomas.

Occupation: Candidate For the Presidency of Liberia
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
It was one of those big social events where Liberians from all walks of life meet and reminiscent about the lost country, drink beer, stout, and eat pounds of potato greens, cassava leaves, palm butter and other great culinary inventions of our foremothers. I was at the second serving of potato greens – I once ate potato greens for an entire week, from breakfast cold bowl to late night snacks without desire for any other food! - When he walked to me and slightly touched me on the shoulder. I was so focused on this hot plate that I almost ignored him.

"The Power of Free Will and Our Freedom to Choose"
On Friday, May 21, 2004, at 7:30 P.M., Ms. Sankan Worhwinn Nyanseor, youngest daughter of Mr. Siahyonkron Nyanseor, Chairman of the Liberian Democratic Future, publisher of The Perspective, graduated with honors and distinctions from Tri-Cities High School in Georgia. She was the recipient of several honors and awards: Honor Graduate (88 average and above); National Honor Society; Beta Club; VPA Magnet; TAG (Talented and Gifted); Senior of Distinction; Outstanding Senior Science Award, Pepsi Cola Academic Award, Star Achievement of Excellence Award and Old National Merchants Association Award (monetary award given annually to Salutatorians and Valedictorians of high school students in the South Fulton Community), PPG Industrial Foundation Community Scholarship, Governor's Scholarship and Georgia's HOPE Grant.

Unknown Person Kills Member of U.S. Military Assessment Mission to Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The Liberia National Police in conjunction with the International Police of the United Nations Military Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) is investigating circumstances surrounding the killing of a top brass of the American military assessment mission currently visiting Liberia.

Malaria and Tuberculosis: Forgotten Diseases
By Chinua Akukwe)
I have written extensively in the print and electronic media about the unfolding HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and the far-reaching development implications of a lack- luster remedial effort. In writing or making presentations on HIV/AIDS in Africa, I am not unmindful of the deadly consequences of two "forgotten diseases" in Africa and other developing regions, Malaria and Tuberculosis (TB).

Speaker George S. Dweh says the International Community has failed in Liberia….
The speaker of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Mr. George Dweh says the international has failed in Liberia. Mr. Dweh whose warring faction, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) is party to the Accra Accord that ended the Liberian civil war, was speaking in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire where he met with the President of the National Assembly of that country, Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly. Mr. Coulibaly is a member of President Laurent Gbagbo's party the FPI. The government of Gabgbo is said to be a major sponsor of the other Liberian faction, MODEL, a splinter-group from LURD. Mr. Dweh accuses the international community for failing to provide incentives for the fighters in order to entice them to disarm.

Over 33,600 Ex-combatants Disarmed To UN Peacekeepers In Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Despite the United Nations Mission in Liberia or UNMIL's failure to extend its authority across the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia, a West African nation devastated by 14-year of bloody war, the high command of the UN mission has revealed that it has so far disarmed over 33,600 ex-combatants.

Civilian With U.S. Forces Dead in Liberia (AP)
An American civilian employee of the U.S. European Command was found dead Monday, apparently a homicide victim, in a Liberian hotel room, the military said

Ex-combatants Stage Violence Protest On Monrovia-Gbarnga Highway
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Several ex-combatants from two belligerents groups including former Government of Liberia (GOL) and the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) on 22 May went on a rampage in Totota and its environs, on the Monrovia-Gbarnga highway demanding their DDRR benefits.

EU Provides US$36,000 Essential Drugs to NDS (The Inquirer)
The European Union (EU) through its Monrovia office has provided a consignment of essential pharmaceuticals worth about US$360,000 to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare essential drugs program (EDP).

China Warns About "Dollar Diplomacy" (The Inquirer)
The Chinese Government through its ambassador accredited to Liberia, Lin Songtian has warned Liberian government and people about Taiwan's "Dollar Diplomacy." Amb. Songtian foresees the Taiwanese authorities supporting Liberian political parties financially in the forthcoming 2005 general and presidential elections.

UNHCR Repatriates 600 Sierra Leonean Refugees (The Inquirer)
As part of its effort to repatriate Sierra Leonean refugees in Liberia, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees last Friday repatriated over 600 refugees.

Immigration Bureau launches Search for Smuggler (The Inquirer)
The security division of the Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization (BIN) has launched a massive search for a Lebanese/Sierra Leonean who attempted to smuggle 11 truck-loads of assorted merchandise into the country from neighboring Sierra Leone.

FAWE/UNICEF Launch Girls' Magazine (The Inquirer)
The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), in collaboration with UNICEF, has for the first time in Liberia, launched a Girls' Voices Magazine project; as Morrison O.G. Sayon reports.

Dr. Amos Sawyer
Dr. Sawyer Declines Appointment on the Commission on Good Governance
In a letter addressed to Chairman Gyude Bryant and dated April 28, 2004 and copy of which was obtained by this publication, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, former President of the Interim Government of National Unity (1990 – 1994), said that he could not take part in the Governance Reform Commission (GRC).

Two Liberian Female Journalists Receive Master's Degree
(By Alex Redd)
As the old adage would clearly put it, "education is the bedrock of a nation" and, indeed, education is also the sole guarantor of human development and progress for both an individual and society at large. With statistical upsurge of illiteracy rate in Liberia, many Liberians who left the country due to an unending political conflict, are rolling up their sleeves to enhance their lives through quality education in the U.S.

Elections in Liberia without Census Would Be Unconstitutional
(By Tiawan S. Gongloe)
Recently the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced that the pending Liberian elections would be held without a census. According to an article captioned: "No Census For 2005 Elections....Says Elections Commission, But..." published in The Inquirer newspaper and distributed by The Perspective website on May 7, 2004, "The National Elections Commission (NEC) through its Chairman Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris, says there will be no census in the country before the conduct of the 2005 General and presidential elections."

French army rescues Liberian refugees (AP)
French troops rescued hundreds of Liberian refugees stranded aboard a broken-down ship off the West African coast on Thursday, delivering food and water to them and towing the vessel back to shore.

Minister Nagbe Exposes Prof. Willie Belleh, Accuses Lone Star Mobile Company of Being a De facto Monopoly
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Addressing a major news conference on wide range of national and international issues on 18 May 2004, the Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Eugene Lenn Nagbe accused Professor Willie Belleh, chief of Staff to the office of Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, of perpetuating the de facto monopoly being enjoyed by the Lone Star Communication Company at the expense of free enterprise, equality and competitive services and the reduction of prices.

Tubman's Son "Catching" Hard-time (The Inquirer)
One of the sons of former Liberian president William V. S. Tubman says his life has been plagued with complete hardship due to his neglect and denial by some members of the family to properties and funds belonging to the late former president; as Patrick K. Wrokpoh reports.

LICECUF Welcomes PRC's Contributions to GOL (The Inquirer)
The entire membership and the National Executive Committee of the Liberia-China Educational and Cultural Foundation (LICECUF), Inc. has congratulated the Government and great people of the People's Republic of China, a prominent and active member of the United Nations Security Council for the grant of US$11 million to the Government of Liberia for reconstruction of the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex

Lonestar Enjoying Monopoly? (The Inquirer)
Is the LoneStar Communication Corporation enjoying monopoly within the nation's telecommunication sector? Or some forces are ensuring a de-facto monopoly? Liberia's Post and Telecommunication Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe has been making some revelations

Aisha Conneh Denies Transporting Heavy Weapons (The Inquirer)
The ‘Iron Lady' of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), Mrs. Aicha Keita Conneh has vehemently denied recent news report that LURD was transporting heavy war-making weaponry across the border into Guinea.

German Doctors Threaten To Withdraw From Bong Mines Hospital
(The Inquirer)
Cap Anamur (German Emergency Doctors), currently running the Bong Mines Hospital has threatened to withdraw her team from the Fuamah District, Bong County.

Two killed, Several Arrested
(The Inquirer)
At least two persons got killed and over 10 were arrested during a violent protest by disgruntled former Government of Liberia militiamen.

For Wrongful Dismissal: Labor Rules Against Firestone (The Inquirer)
The Labor Ministry has brought the Firestone Plantation Company(FPC) down guilty for wrongfully dismissing two employees and awarded the said employees US$48,620.00; as Timothy T. Seaklon reports.

Commerce Warns Against price Hiking (The Inquirer)
The Ministry of Commerce is earnestly warning stakeholders within the commerce of Liberia to desist from arbitrarily increasing prices of basic commodities and product or risk facing the full weight of the law.

The Free Democratic Party Calls for Investigation (The Inquirer)
The Free Democratic Party (FDP) is calling on the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) to investigate Speaker George Dweh for his alleged involvement in the squabble about the replacement of Finance Minister Lusine Kamara.

LURD REVERSES "Non-Cooperation" Action (The Inquirer)
The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy has reversed its recent pronouncement that it will not disarm and cooperate with the National Transitional Government of Liberia(NTGL); as Patrick K. Wrokpoh reports.

LIBERIA: One person killed in riot by former combatants (IRIN)
One person was killed and three or four others were injured during a riot by 500 former combatants in the Liberian capital Monrovia on Monday, according to Mark Kroeker, the head of the UN international police force in Liberia.

Riots meet U.N. disarmament plan in Liberia (AP)
U.N. peacekeepers fired tear gas to quell a deadly riot by Liberian fighters on Monday in the latest violence stemming from a U.N. disarmament program meant to rid the ruined west African nation of guns from its ruinous civil war.

Gyude Bryant
Chairman Bryant Says he Will Not Dismiss Finance Minister
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Back in January 2004, we published an article about LURD leader Sekou Damateh Conneh and a few supporters trying to remove LNTG Chairman Gyude Bryant from power. The main reason was that they "felt left-out" in a government where they control the Ministries of Justice, Finance and the Office of Speaker. The rebel movement was divided in the attempt, with the line clearly drawn between those who followed Aisha and those behind Sekou, the couple at the head of LURD. The attempt died because many in LURD thought that it was not a realistic goal to even consider.

Give Financial Rewards to Citizens Who Give Tips on Hidden Arms
(By Paul O. Smith)
"I guess we will stay here until the last combatants come and wait until they decide to close the camp. We expected 5,000 and based this cantonment site on those estimates. The arms are not coming." This statement of frustration and gloom was made recently by a representative at the cantonment site in Buchanan set up to disarm MODEL fighters.

Why Did Mr. Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott Wait for Three Consecutive Years Before Responding to Mr. Winsley's article?
(E. Sumo Jones, Sr.)
In your issue of May 3, 2004, I read an article under the caption, " A Rejoinder to the Misguided Taylor's Apologist" written by Jenkins K. Z. B. Scott who argues about the title of Legal Counsel to former President Taylor with Mr. James A. A. Pierre, Jr., Legal Advisor to President Charles Taylor as his boss, he were not an employee of the Liberian Government despite his occupying of a desk at the Executive Mansion and receiving monthly paychecks from the Liberian Government instead of personal checks from Mr. Taylor.

Bryant rejects LURD's Request (The Inquirer)
The head of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant has rejected a call for the replacement of Finance Minister Lusinee Kamara; as Timothy T. Seaklon reports.

Speaker Dweh's Position Questioned (The Inquirer)
The on-going internal squabble within the LURD group and recent outbursts of NTLA Speaker George Dweh have begun to raise questions about the intentions and role of Speaker George Dweh in the search for lasting peace by Liberians and the international community.

NEC Worried Over Lack of Logistics (The Inquirer)
The National Elections Commission of Liberia(NEC), says it is lack of funds and basic logistics to carry out its work for the conduct of the 2005 General and Presidential elections, as Patrick K Wrokpoh reports

Sierra Leone DDRR Experts Make Recommendations (The Inquirer)
Sierra Leonean experts on DDRR have advanced several recommendations to NTGL Chairman C. Gyude Bryant, aimed at building relevant institutions in the country to consolidate peace after the ultimate departure of UNMIL from Liberia; as Charles Crawford reports.

Liberian Elections: "For Once Let's Do It Right This Time"
(By Leon Q. Ledlum)
This topic came about when I read the very eloquent and historically charged piece of article posted on April 30th., 2004 at www.theperspective.org with the caption: "Inaugural Address Delivered by Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris, Chair of the National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia".

Liberian Rebels Suspend Cooperation with Govt (Reuters)
Liberia's biggest rebel faction said late on Friday it would stop cooperating with the government because of a spat over a key ministerial position, casting a pall over the country's revamped disarmament process.

Eye On The Ballot Box
(By Gbe Sneh)
The recent installation of the new National Election Commission (NEC) is a welcome sigh of relief for all advocates of a free and fair electoral process. The acceptance speech by the chair, Cllr. Morris, reaffirmed the upward mobility of a reborn nation. Her resolve to a system reformation, and the insistence on compliance with elections laws by all parties is a welcome posture. However, Cllr. Morris' apparent resistance to the limited role of the NEC as per Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord needs to be eased upon.

Charting A New Direction for A Traumatized Liberia
(By Syrulwa Somah)
Back in the mid -19th century, British historian Lord Thomas Babington McCaulay showed endearing concerns for his cultural heritage when he said, "a people who take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants."  Lord McCaulay lived at a different period in history and his remarks were directed at the British people, but the essence of the message of his remarks is as real and forceful as ever in Liberian society today.

Now that Saleeby is Gone, Who's Next?
(By Paul O. Smith)
At long last, Elie Saleeby, the Lebanese-Liberian who has been at the center-stage of corruption allegations at the Central Bank of Liberia, has caved in to pressure and resigned the post of Executive Governor of the nation's monetary agency. On the face of it, this seems to be a positive development because whether or not the allegations against him are solid or spurious, the mere allegations had put a dent in his character, thereby undermining his ability to earn the respect and support of the international community, especially such institutions as the IMF, the World Bank, and the EU, whose respect and support are very critical to the effective operation of the Central Bank of Liberia.

LURD Gives Bryant Ultimatum
The High command of LURD has written Chairman Bryant calling for the replacement of the finance Minister. The movement gave the Chairman 24- hour to act or they will stop their fighters from disarming. But UNMIL held a news conference which and during the conference UNMIL said it will use force to disarm any group that might refuse to be disarmed.

LURD Still Wants Finance Minister Replaced (The Inquirer)
The LURD Executive Committee reiterated that within 24 hours time, they expect NTGL Chairman Charles G. Bryant to have replaced incumbent Finance Minister Lusine Kamara with their new nominee, Mr. Soko V. Sackor.

Chairman Bryant Wants Journalists To Support Efforts For Lasting Peace In Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant of Liberia's power sharing transitional government is appealing to Liberian journalists both at home and abroad as well as other Liberians of good will to support international efforts aimed at restoring lasting peace to the tiny west African state devastated by 14 years of bloody war.

UNMIL Declares Many Areas Safe (The Inquirer)
United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), has declared several areas in the country reasonably safe for civil administration and for humanitarian organizations to go in to carry out their operations.

UNICEF Ends Capacity Building Workshop (The Inquirer)
A one-day workshop organized by UNICEF/Liberia to build up the monitoring and evaluation capacities of its implementing partners has ended in Monrovia. The workshop which was held at the Monrovia City Hall on Wednesday, brought together 29 participants from GOL, INGOs, and NGOs.

Over 25,000 Ex-Combatants Disarm, …Humanitarian crisis hits Lofa (The Inquirer)
The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) says over 25,000 ex-combatants from the three warring factions (LURD, MODEL & ex-GOL), have so far disarmed since the commencement of the DDRR program in the country.

REP. Sheriff Welcome De-Politicization of medical Centers (The Inquirer)
The Chairman of the NTLA standing committee on Health and Social Welfare has expressed that recent statements made by senior veteran Liberian surgeons requesting the de-politicization of tertiary teaching hospitals in Liberia is commendable.

Saleeby Resigns (The Inquirer)
The Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Charles Gyude Bryant, yesterday received and accepted the resignation of the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Mr. Elie Saleeby, with immediate effect.

Finally, Elie E. Sealeeby is Gone
Elie E. Saleeby, Governor of CBL and Chairman of CBL Board
One of the most controversial persons of the transitional government, Mr. Elie E. Sealeeby, the Governor of the Central Bank has finally exited the political scene by abruptly resigning on May 11, 2004. Since the induction of the Bryant administration and the publication of documents by The Perspective highlighting corruption at the bank, many have been calling for the resignation of the Governor. Mr. Bryant resisted, arguing that not only the Accra Accord did not cover the Central Bank but also that the Governor had a business contract with the government. Responding to a related question at a meeting with editors on his 100th day in office, Chairman Bryant said that he did not want to "politicize" the financial sector. Some observers opine that in addition to the corruption allegations made against Mr. Saleeby and the members of the Board of Directors of the bank, the pending audit of government's agencies may have something to do with his resignation. It was reported just few days ago that the Central Bank recently printed US$47 million dollars, but the amount disappeared overnight.

Liberia's Central Bank Governor Resigned Under Pressure, Asked Not To Leave Liberia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Amidst mounting pressure, the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Elie Saleeby has resigned from the lucrative position. Mr. Saleeby, a close associate of the deposed Liberian President Charles Taylor and the first Minister of Finance of the Taylor regime, on 11 May submitted his resignation to the office of the Chairman of the transitional government of Liberia.

University Of Liberia Students Barricade Meeting Room
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Several disgruntled students of the nation's highest institution of learning - the University of Liberia, on 6 May held members of the Trustee Board of the university hostage for several hours but the quick intervention of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) helped to save the day.

Yes to Census Before 2005 Elections
(By W. Topor & N. Wiah)
Liberian People, what is this? Is Liberia returning to square one? According to the United Nations (UN), this peace that is holding, is Liberia's ‘last chance.' Equally so, the very UN should help in facilitating all democratic mechanisms.

NCDDRR Lauds Women's Role in DDRR Resumption (The Inquirer)
Liberian women under the banner of the Women in Peace-building Network (WIPNET), have been lauded for their constructive pressure and ceaseless advocacy for the resumption of the DDRR program.

US Defense Dept. Dedicates Several Clinics in Liberia (The Inquirer)
In its strive to help rebuild Liberia, the United States Department of Defense has begun dedicating several clinics constructed under its humanitarian assistance project in the country.

Liberian Women Discuss (The Inquirer)
The women of Liberia having been victimized for the past 14 years as a result of the civil conflict, have now resolved to chart a new course which they believe will end the violation of their basic rights and the deprivation of women from the political process.

Payment of salary areas Begin July (The Inquirer)
In a major move intended to address the issue of civil servants' salary arrears, the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), C. Gyude Bryant has instructed the Director of the Budget Bureau to program the payment of salary arrears, commencing July 1, 2004, on a pro rata basis, as part of the 2004-2005 fiscal budget.

The Accra Peace Agreement Calls for International Supervision of the 2005 Elections in Liberia
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
Enshrined in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for the restoration of peace and stability in Liberia is a provision for the United Nations, the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States, and other international organizations to jointly supervise and conduct the proposed Liberian elections in October 2005. The well thought out decision to include this important provision was no accident. Liberians have had bitter experiences with rigged elections and disastrous electoral irregularities, over the years.

Sexual Coincidences and the Attacks on Liberian Womanhood
(Ezekiel Pajibo)
Liberian journalists have been busy of late trying to get exoneration for plausible charges of breaching obscenity regulations. Meanwhile, in South Africa, a group of Africans met at a conference to discuss "Sexual Health and Rights." The conference addressed issues about sexuality in Africa and the use of sex as a weapon of war. The sexual coincidences here include the fact that Liberia, coming out of a vicious civil war, is now beginning to grapple with the breakdown in social morality, especially those related to sex and sexuality, while Africans are generally now beginning to confront the issues of sexuality, violence and power.

Elections Boss not Happy (The Inquirer)
National Election Commission Chairman Cllr. Frances Johnson Morris says she sees no reason why the current Commission should be maintained when the CPA has mandated some international groups such as the ICGL to supervise and monitor the 2005 General and Presidential Elections; as Patrick K. Wrokpoh reports.

U.S. Based Liberian Journalist Wants International Community Strengthen Liberian Media
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
In the face of global efforts for the restoration of listen peace and stability in this tiny West African state of Liberia, a Liberian journalist and author based in the United State of America, has called on governments within the international community to help develop and strengthen the Liberian media outlets.

Let's Abide By Accra Peace Accord (The Inquirer)
In August last year, following a marathon and painstaking peace talks in Accra, Ghana, the parties to the Liberian conflict signed what is now referred to as the Comprehensive Peace Accord(CPA) to end years of conflict in the country. The talks were held under the auspices of ECOWAS and others to bring relief to the Liberian peace.

Oil Exploration to Start Soon (The Inquirer)
The National Oil Company of Liberia(NOCAL) has concluded negotiations with two companies for oil exploration rights in the country.

Shipping/Stevedoring Association Seeks Justice Ministry's Intervention (The Inquirer)
The Shipping & Stevedoring Association of Liberia is calling on the Justice Ministry to provide protection for its members who are being threatened by certain individuals who he said are claiming to be members of the association.

Speaker Dweh Against Re-Naming Of Police (The Inquirer)
The Speaker of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly(NTLA) says, "the United Nations Mission in Liberia lacks the authority to change the name "Liberia National Police" as the name of the police force of Liberia.

PACA's Exec. C'ttee Dissociates From Statement (The Inquirer)
Following an emergency meeting of the Board of Incorporators, Counties, Communities, Zonal and Agencies Coordinators, the Patriotic Consciousness Association of Liberia (PACA) wishes to inform the Government of Liberia (NTGL) has disassociated itself from a statement made against the NTGL and Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant by Mr. E. Frederick Baye on Tuesday at his house and which was published in the Forum Newspaper, Vol. 2 No. 47.

Social Rebel
(Ezekiel Pajibo)
On February 11, 2004 the BBC ran a story on rebellion and a number of very intelligent people came on the airwave and spoke about rebel, rebellion and revolution. I like the part that said: our role as thinking people is to challenge and question the status quo and work to bring about non-violent social transformation. The presenters argued that we should be "clear" and "focus" and seek to tell the truths. We may not always speak the truth but our lives are committed to seeking the truth and to work for social justice.

Liberia's Mining Minister Threatens to Resign Over Bribery Allegation If Proven Guilty
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Mr. Jonathan Mason, Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy in the Liberian transitional government has threatened to resign his post in the Liberian transitional government if proven guilty that he bribed MODEl to occupy the ministerial position.

Lands & Mines Rebut Reports of Concession Agreement (The Inquirer)
Lands, Mines & Energy Minister Jonathan Mason has clarified that the Government of Liberia has not entered into any concession agreement with any company in recent times as was insinuated in a media report.

Vacancies At RIMCO
Following the successful Liberia Reconstruction Conference, which was held in New York on February 5-6, the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) in conjunction with its development partners has established a monitoring mechanism for the effective and transparent implementation of the Results Focus Transitional Framework, (RFTF).  The Mechanism is known as the RFTF Implementation and Monitoring Committee (RIMCO), which is chaired by the Chairman of the NTGL with members drawn from the NTGL, the international Community and other relevant stakeholders.

"No Census For 2005 Elections" ...Says Elections Commission, But.. (The Inquirer).
The National Elections Commission(NEC) through its Chairman Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris, says there will be no census in the country before the conduct of the 2005 General and Presidential elections; as Patrick K. Wrokpoh reports.

Presidential Candidates to Debate Liberia's Future
(By Alex Redd)
The United Nations is striving to restore genuine peace and decency to Liberia's political future while potential Liberians, seemingly capable of taking charge of the country's political future, are devising ways and means to democratically stabilize the country as the October 2005 timetable for national democratic elections draw nearer.

Editorial Beware of "Investors!" (The Inquirer)
ON TUESDAY, A statement emanated from the office of NTLA Speaker George S. Dweh expressing grave concern over the number of licenses granted to GSM companies without careful assessment and scrutiny.

Several Top Police Officers To Lose Jobs (The Inquirer)
Several high-ranking officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) may not form part of the incoming Liberia Police Service (LPS) expected to replace the former which is believed to be ‘polluted' with unqualified individuals.

NRP Backs Election Commission's Recent Position (The Inquirer)
The National Reformation Party(NRP) says it welcomes with profound joy and utmost satisfaction recent pronouncement by the National Elections Commission (NEC) imposing a ban on premature political campaign activities which in fact has sometime now been unfolding in the country.

Who's Undermining FDA (The Inquirer)
Wonder will never cease. Despite cogent efforts by the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) in its reforms programs, credible reports say there are frantic moves within the international corridor of power to hijack the role and function of the Forestry Development Authority(FDA) and replace same with another organization, Liberia Forest Initiative.

Ex-GOL Fighters Ready to Disarm (The Inquirer)
Ahead of the formal launching of the DDRR program in Nimba County, ex-GOL militiamen in the county are in high gear to "totally" disarm from their "hearts" to UNMIL.

Proximity to Power
Ezekiel Pajibo)
In the scheme of things, particularly the prevailing social hierarchy, I am not doing that bad, but it gets embarrassingly depressing at times. Imagine, you are almost always in the political and social circles of individuals whose worth or lack thereof you are fully aware of and at times appreciate. You can afford to hang out at the same gigs, eat in the same restaurants/cookshop, attend governmental functions of the high level variety, get invited to the same parties, and maybe even keep the company of the same ladies. At times, many times in fact, one is obliged to engage in conversations and yet you can not help but say something that you believe in and stand for and all of a sudden you feel like, you don't belong.

NTLA Continues Hearing On "Printing Of Money" …Chea Cheapoo, Justice Minister Appear (The Inquirer)
Two Liberian legal minds yesterday appeared before the National Transitional Legislative Assembly to throw some light on the issue of who has the authority to print and mint banknotes and coins in the country.

Elections Commission Taken Aback by LAP's Statement (The Inquirer)
"The attention of the National Elections Commission (NEC) has been drawn to a Special Press Release by the Liberia Action Party (LAP) dated April 2, 2004 and published in the May 3, 2004 edition of The INQUIRER (Vol. 14 No. 73) categorically denouncing and vehemently rejecting what it (LAP) considers as an attempt by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to circumvent and dishonor the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) relative to what the Party (LAP) says is a rejection by the NEC of the Co-partnership role of the international community in the planning, organizing and conduct of the 2005 elections.

Election Commission Cautions employees (The Inquirer)
The Chairman of the National Elections Commission, Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris has called on employees of the Commission who are either members or sympathizers of political parties to resign from such parties immediately or reconsider themselves as committing electoral offense.

UNHCR Boss Fears Renewed Violence in sub-Region (The Inquirer)
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Rudd Lubbers says there is still the risk of renewed violence around the corner in the MRU basin and the sub-region at large; Patrick K. Wrokpoh & I. Solo Kelgbeh report.

Let the Momentum Continue (The Inquirer)
On April 15, the disarmament exercise which started in December 7 but was discontinued due to some problems, resumed in Gbarnga, Bong County with several ex-combatants of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) disarming to UNMIL peacekeepers. The exercise has since been extended to Buchanan where several ex-fighters of the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) are cooperating. Likewise, it has also been extended to Tubmanburg, a former stronghold of LURD.

UNHCR Boss Impressed (The Inquirer)
Mr. Ruud Lubbers, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says the security situation in the country is far better than what it was a year ago.

"Democratization, Good Governance Not Achievable Now" (The Inquirer)
Liberia National Bar Association's former president, Cllr. J. Emmanuel Wureh says from his observation, democratization and the practice of good governance in the country are not achievable in the near future.

Appointment in Police Sparks Concern (The Inquirer)
Credible reports speak of uneasiness within the Criminal Investigation Division(CID) of the Liberia National Police over recent appointments made to that department by the NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant.

Recruitment for new Police begins (The Inquirer)
As Liberia moves away from the 14-year old devastating civil conflict which ravaged every fabric of the society, the need for a new security apparatus has been of paramount concern to well-meaning Liberians as well as the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Liberia Gains VOA TV Affiliate (The Inquirer)
During an elaborate program April 24, Soccer Star George Weah, owner of the twin radio/TV station, switched on the VOA receiver to formally declare his station a VOA affiliate. Mr. Weah performed the ceremony in the presence of international media, representatives of the Liberian Government, UNICEF and the Public Affairs Section of the U. S. Embassy.

Denial, Deception and Crimes Against Humanity: A Rejoinder to "The Misguided Taylor's Apologist: A Rejoinder"
(By R. Wesley Harmon)
Reference is herewith made to "The Misguided Taylor's Apologist: A Rejoinder" by Jenkins K. Z. B. Scott, published on May 3, 2004, in your widely read media. "O what a tangled web we weave when first we learn to deceive". Lies, deception and denial have been a staple of Liberian society for so long that sometimes we are prone to believe our own spin of a given event or of a story that may or may not have happened. In his rejoinder, the learned Counselor Scott went on a diatribe about his association with that grandmaster of evil, Charles Taylor. In my opinion, his attempt at denial of being a legal adviser to Mr. Taylor was very disconcerting, to say the least, because there is ample evidence to the contrary.

UN Peacekeepers Unearth Hidden Arms at Charles Taylor General's Home
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
In its drive to make Monrovia and its environs arms free and stable, the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) on April 30 discovered several hidden arms and weapons from the Duport Road residence of General Matthew Chiplay. General Chiplay is a former commander of the disbanded Wild Geese, one of the dreaded armed groups of the deposed regime of Mr. Taylor.

All Liberians Must Have the Choice to Vote in the 2005 Elections
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
Mr. Harry A. Greaves, Jr., the Economic Affairs Adviser to Interim Liberian Head of State Gyude Bryant, stated that Liberians of dual-citizenship may not participate in the 2005 national elections in Liberia because "our constitution (the constitution of Liberia) does not allow dual-citizenship," disregards the constitutional reality in Liberia. Mr. Greaves made the statement in an interview with the Perspective Magazine. Mr. Greaves' statement, if implemented, will exclude some of the presidential aspirants because they posses dual-citizenship.

New call for Taylor to face trial (BBC)
The UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone has welcomed a new call for the prosecution of former Liberian President Charles Taylor. The Guinea and Ivory Coast presidents have called for Mr Taylor to be tried for supporting rebels in Sierra Leone.

"Questions for those Seeking the Liberian Presidency"
(By Pianapue K. Early)
From the numerous lists of political parties and interest groups in post-war Liberia, one can easily say that anyone who desires the presidency of Liberia must be very ambitious. This ambition should also take the shape of providing answers to concerns raised by Liberians at home and abroad.

A Rejoinder to "The Misguided Taylor's Apologist"
(By Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott)
In reference to the article " The Misguided Taylor's Apologist" by Winsley S. Nanka, dated November 12, 2001, I am now convinced as to how the United Nations and the world was misinformed by some individuals which led to the placement of my name on the UN sanction list.