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Liberian Transitional Government Buys 334 Vehicles Worth Over US$8 Million, ...European Union, Others Raised Concern
By Josephus Moses Gray
Amidst abject poverty, low wages for civil servants, compounded by lack of essential social services in the country, the two year-power sharing transitional government of Liberia under the Chairmanship of businessman, Charles Gyude Bryant has reportedly purchased about 334 new vehicles valued about US$8.5 million dollars.

Archbishop Michael K. Francis
"Get Involved in your Destiny!" Archbishop’s Statement Re-echoed
(By Musue N. Haddad)
"Liberians in the Diaspora and at home should reflect on Archbishop Michael Francis’ counsel and become actively involved in their destiny," Father Gabriel Jubwe said over the weekend.

Africa: The Implications Of A Growing AIDS Epidemic In Asia And Eastern Europe
(By Dr. Chinua Akukwe)
Africa continues to be the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS pandemic with more than 25 million Africans living with the condition. Africa accounts for two-thirds of all HIV/AIDS cases in the world, nearly 80% of all deaths, at least 90% of maternal-child birth transmissions, and 90% of all children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. However, in the last few years, HIV/AIDS has become a growing concern in Asia and Central Europe. A runaway epidemic in Asia and Central Europe will have major implications for Africa. I discuss these implications.

NTGL Officials Give Conflicting Figures On Iron Ore Deal (Forum)
Despite confirmed reports that the Charles Gyude Bryant Transitional Government of Liberia had sold a 50,000 metric tons of stockpiled iron ore at the Port of Buchanan to a Chinese Company-Qingdao Trading Group Corp. at US$10million dollars, new development emerging from the ranks and files of the NTGL suggests that there are conflicting figures regarding the exact cost of the ore.

School Administrator Wants Education Task Force Re-Enforced (Forum)
The Principal of the Gardnerville Central Academy (GCA), Mulbah B. Sumo, Sr., has called on authorities of the Ministry of Education to re-enforce its education task force.

"Liberians Are Ungrateful," Says D. Wah Hne (Forum)
The Special Assistant to House Speaker George Dweh has spoken of what he called "the ungratefulness of the people of Liberia towards their leaders, an attitude he said has contributed to the downward trend of the nation in all of its programs.

FORUM Goes Internet (Forum)
The FORUM newspaper, in a bid to inform many Liberians and non-Liberians in the Diaspora on issues affecting the country, has taken another step forward by going on the Internet.

UNHCR Signs Agreement with FAO (Forum)
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Liberia have signed an agreement to implement a joint multi-year project until the end of 2005. The project is aimed at providing basic agricultural inputs to war-affected farmers.

Transparency In Government Is Our Concern (Forum)
MANY LIBERIANS IF not all, jolted over the news of a new Transitional Government put together in Accra, Ghana by the framers of the Liberian peace process.

LRTC Embarks on Development Programs in Pleebo (Forum)
The Rubber Trading Corporation (LRTC) in Pleebo, Maryland County, is said to have embarked on a series of development programs to benefit its employees.

Bad Governance Hampers National Growth - Rep. Nathaniel Innis (Forum)
Grand Bassa lawmaker at the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA), Nathaniel B. Innis, has expressed total resentment over the permeating blanket of societal vices including lack of a sense of nationalism and patriotism on the part of certain people entrusted to take Liberia out of the dungeon thereby keeping the nation and people at a doldrums point.

"We Will Lay Down Our Chalks, If...", - UL Professors (Forum)
Credible information emanating from the University of Liberia (UL), say that professors at the nation’s highest institution of learning have threatened to lay down their chalks should Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh take over as president of the institution.

Liberians Must Make Their Voices Heard for War Crimes Tribunal, Says Chief Prosecutor David Crane
(By Ahmed K. Sirleaf, II)
Former U.S. government official, professor of international law, and Chief Prosecutor to the Special hybrid International War Crimes Court for Sierra Leone, David Crane, called on Liberians Wednesday, to speak out for a special war crimes tribunal for their country.
An Argument For No Postponement Of Liberian 2005 Elections
Of late, I have become increasingly concerned by continued talks of extending the timetable for national elections in Liberia by a year, because the country will not be ready for such elections within a year. I believe that such talks, especially from prominent and experienced Liberians, might send the wrong message to our benevolent benefactors who have sacrificed enormous resources to secure the peace that our beloved country, Liberia, currently enjoys. I believe, with all my heart, that it would be prudent on our part as Liberians, to respect the time-table that has been set by the United Nations and work with everything that we have, to ensure that even the minimal conditions are met to hold National elections in October, 2005.

Concern Mounts Over Disbursing Officer’s Removal (The Inquirer)
There are reports that concern is gradually mounting within the leadership of the rebel group, Movement for Democracy in Liberia(MODEL), as it relates to the removal of the former warring group’s nominee from the position of Chief Disbursing Officer at the Ministry of Finance.

Liberia’s Workforce at Highest Risk of HIV/AIDS (The Inquirer)
The Country Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Liberia, Dr. Deji Popoola has disclosed that the Liberian workforce is at the highest risk of HIV/AIDS infection and needs to benefit from communication tools that will reverse the imminent danger.

Matadi Residents Present Funds, Items to Public Works Today (The Inquirer)
Residents of Matadi and surrounding areas are expected to present some funds and items to the Public Works Ministry towards the road reconditioning project of the Fiamah-Matadi and Airfield-Matadi roads. The presentation ceremony is expected to be at 2.p.m. at the Ministry.

Finance Bursts Smuggling Ring (The Inquirer)
The joint anti smuggling team of the Bureau of Customs at the Finance Ministry yesterday uncovered a major smuggling ring to defraud government in taxes at the Freeport of Monrovia.

A Rejoinder to "In the Interest of the University"
(By Frederick G. Varney)
I read with interest Mr. Yuoh's opinionated article [In the Interest of the University dated 24 August 2004 - The Perspective magazine] over the controversial appointment of Dr Al Hassan Conteh as UL president. Following my reading of that article, I mustered the courage to respond in view of the attending impacts that article would have on readers who may not know the subject under discussion. My position on this issue is not about the appointment of Dr Conteh, but it is about the skewing of Dr Kollie’s sacred records of professional service to our society.

Xenophobia against Liberian Refugees in Ghana?
(A Letter From Joe Wandah)
Well, of late the Analyst's advertisement with respect to recruitment placed in their paper is a matter of great concern here - with both print and electronic media having this issue on their talk shows and in newspaper commentaries almost every day since the advent in Monrovia!

Ezekiel Pajibo

Ezekiel Pajibo Speaks on Disarmament, Sanctions and the Peace Process
(Interview By J. Moses Gray and George H. Nubo)
As a student leader in the 1980s, he ran into problems many a times with the military government of Samuel Doe who went as far as jailing and sentencing him and a few other students to death by firing squad. He spent eighteen years in exile and returned last year to live in Liberia. Now, Mr. Ezekiel Pajibo is Executive Director of the Center for Democratic Empowerment,(CEDE) a center for social and political advocacy and research founded by former interim president Dr. Amos Sawyer. Activities at the center came to a standstill three years ago when individuals believed to be former NPFL fighters attacked Dr. Sawyer and ransacked his offices. The managing editor of the Perspective and our correspondent in Monrovia, Moses Gray, sat with Ezekiel Pajibo to talk about the current state of affairs in the nation.

A Voyage Home From Exile (Part III)
(By Brownie J. Samukai)
Monrovia is rattling with elections politics. Politics of the future is argued around existing policies, personalities, behavior and pronouncements of key members of the CPA Cluster, as well as general feelings of ordinary Liberians, whether it is about lack of transportation, corruption, lack of basic services, or even how Lone Star is fairing in International football matches. Even though elections are not due in Liberia until next year 2005, it would seem the fever of being politically relevant has not escaped gatherings, whether playing soccer with Alpha colleagues, or visiting relatives at Chicken Soup Factory, or pep talks after Sunday Church Services.

Dr. Amos Sawyer calls for the Postponement of the 2005 National Elections in Liberia
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, former interim president of the Republic of Liberia has suggested that Liberians extend the term of the Gyude Bryant interim government to allow for putting into place the constitutional changes necessary to make good governance sustainable in Liberia. Dr. Sawyer was speaking at the University of Pennsylvania on August 21, 2004 as part of the four-man panel that discussed the book, PROPOSITION 12 FOR DECENTRALIZED GOVERNANCE IN LIBERIA POWER SHARING FOR PEACE AND PROGRESS by Yarsuo Weh-Dorliae. Others members of the panel included Cllr. Philip A. Z. Banks III, former member of the Council of State, the Republic of Liberia, veteran presidential advisor Mr. Bai Gbala and the newly appointed president of the University of Liberia, Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh.

Women Want Constitution Amended (The Inquirer)
The women of Liberia have stressed the need for the amendment of the constitution of Liberia to specify punishment for rape and other forms of violence against women and children in the country.

UNESCO-BREDA To Support Liberia’s Educational System (The Inquirer)
The UNESCO-Regional Bureau for Education in Africa (BREDA) has pledged its commitment to support Liberia’s educational system.

RTC Workers Threaten Suit for Salary Arrears (The Inquirer)
Aggrieved workers of the Royal Timber Corporation(TRC) have threatened to institute legal action against the management of the logging concern should it fail to settle their salary arrears.

IRI/NDI Host Roundtable for CSOs and Political Parties (The Inquirer)
Two American pro-democracy institutions based in the country, the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI), will today host the first, in a series of roundtables between Liberian civil society organizations and registered political parties.

Flag Day Orator Suggests Ways For National Reconciliation (The Inquirer)
The national orator at the formal program commemorating Liberia’s 157th Flag Day, Madam Mary Brownell says for Liberians to reconcile, they must transcend from conflict and not conflict management and denounce violence and war, as well as prevent the stock pile of arms.

We Concur With Flag Day Orator (The Inquirer)
THIS YEAR'S FLAG Day celebration was held under the theme, "Disarmament, Reconciliation and Peace", and the renowned Liberian educator, Madam Mary Brownell, served as National Orator for the occasion.

Repairing Liberia’s Slow Leaks For 2005
(By Syrulwa Somah)
In traditional Liberian Bassa culture, folklores and proverbs are used extensively to teach and reinforce social, cultural, religious, leadership, and other intrinsic societal values to the Bassa youth. And one such Bassa folklores, a creation legend, holds that one day in the fullness of time, Gedepohoh, the Bassa deity, summoned the family of man (humans) and the colony of creatures (plants, animals, and other living organisms) into the higher heavens and instructed them to go forth and live in peace on todokpa (the land earth), which he had created for their enjoyment. But instead of Gedepohoh ordering the multiplication on earth of farm crops and other seedlings for food, shelter, vegetation, and healing for the congregants, he decided that all plants and seedlings should physically be planted on earth.
Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh
In the Interest of the University of Liberia
(By: George Daweh Yuoh )
The on-going controversy surrounding the appointment of Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh as the new President of the University of Liberia has all the trappings of what the greater Liberian society has to grapple with in years to come. People have gotten a little more conscious of their rights to resist and will do everything to utilize those rights. And they should! People have also seen how others have gotten away with forcibly imposing their way and will on the majority, and they too would want to test those waters.

The University of Liberia Gets New President
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
In a letter dated August 17, 2004, the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Mr. C. Gyude Bryant informed Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh that he had appointed him President of the University of Liberia. In his letter, copy of which was received by The Perspective, Chairman Bryant writes that Dr. Conteh’s election was effective immediately and followed "extensive consultations with a wide range of professionals and practitioners in the field of academics" in keeping with laws and regulations of the University of Liberia.

An Open Letter to Senator Charles Brumskine
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
I am writing to you directly because a matter of great magnitude has surfaced upon which I’ll personally like your public response. I understand you are a very busy man, so I’ll get right to the point. About two years ago, while perusing the now defunct website, I came across an article posted by Mr. Willis Knuckles who was admonishing you to return to Monrovia if you had any presidential ambitions. Mr. Knuckles was of the opinion that you could not successfully run a campaign for the Liberian presidency why sitting in an "air-conditioned" office in Washington, DC. He challenged you to come into the trenches because you had nothing to fear, even though President Taylor had referred to you as a "scary boy".

Arthur Watson
New Faces in ULAA
(By Abraham Massaley)
Arthur Watson of New Jersey won on his third attempt Saturday (August 21, 2004) to become the 22nd President of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) in a bitterly contested election which nearly marred the existence of the organization. But as soon as the ULAA Elections Chairman, Benoni Tarr Grimes announced the election result at the Liberian center in Trenton, New Jersey Saturday night, calm immediately returned to the Union and a sense of hope was once again rekindled when Morris Koffa of Washington, DC graciously accepted defeat in his concession speech and pledged to work with the new administration in moving the Union forward.

Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh
As Dr. Conteh Reaches the Stage: Drama At UL (Forum)
Barely twenty-four hours following the appointment of Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh as President of the University of Liberia by Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, professors and teaching assistants at the nation’s highest institution of learning, subsequently laid down their chalks in protest to the appointment.

Govt. Will Arrest Anyone (Forum)
Authorities of the two forestry regulatory and monitoring agencies- the Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy and the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), say the government in conjunction with UNMIL will arrest anyone found encroaching on the Sarpo National Park.

UNMIL Reconditions Roads, Bridges in Southeast (Forum)
The Chinese Engineering Battalion of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), is currently reconditioning roads and bridges in southeastern Liberia.

Bong Supt’s Induction Ceremony Hitches (Forum)
The induction ceremony of the newly appointed Superintendent of Bong County, Daniel L. Weetol, failed to take place in Gbarnga recently due to alleged poor planning.

African Charity-Georgia to Rescue Rural Children, Elderly (Forum)
A US based humanitarian organization, African Charity –Georgia, is currently here to assess rural Liberia for the kick-off of its projects aimed at catering to the educational, medical and sanitation needs of war-stricken Liberians.

Liberia's Bumpy Road to Democracy: Past and Present
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
For many generations since the founding of Liberia, Liberians were forcibly taught to not challenge authority. The prevailing culture seemed to sanction the theory of Divine Rule. The ruling class, specifically, high officials of government, were guaranteed to rule with impunity. In this bizarre and corrupt culture, Liberians came to accept their collective place of subjugation. Everyone seemed resigned to "hear no evil, speak no evil".

Unversity of Liberia Main Entrance
Appointment of New President Sparks Temporary Confusion at the University
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
Normal academic activities at the Capitol Hill main campus of the nation's highest institution of learning -the University of Liberia (UL)- came to "stand-still" on Thursday, August 19, 2004, as confusion brewed on the campus over the selection of the new university president. The discontentment, which had the propensity to de-generate into chaos, if not address urgently, started following reports that the head of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant has appointed Dr. Al Hassan Conteh as the new president of the university.

Classes Resume at the University of Liberia Today (The Inquirer)
The University of Liberia Faculty Association(ULFA), has resolved to go back in the classroom this morning with immediate effect.

Jacques P. Klein
Ambassador Jacques Klein Speaks on Progress of Disarmament
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
With over 66,440 ex-combatants from the former warring factions having so far surrendered their weapons to the United Nations peacekeepers in Liberia, the Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DDRR) exercise in the country has now become irreversible.

UNMIL Holds Memorial Service (The Inquirer)
It was a solemn scene yesterday at the headquarters of UNMIL, when the UNMIL boss, Amb. Jacques Paul Klein wept openly as he embraced the survivors of last year’s bombing incident at the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.

Gov’t Moves To Save Sarpo National Park (The Inquirer)
The National Transitional of Government of Liberia (NTGL), has mobilized monitors and agents from the Ministry of Justice to move in to evict encroachers in the Sarpo National Park who, recent reports say, are carrying out illegal activities within the national forest reserve.

Thanks Chairman Bryant, But... (The Inquirer)
FOR SOMETIME NOW, some officials of government have cultivated the habit of taking properties of the government assigned to them as their personal property thereby, denying the government of Liberia its legitimate right to claim these properties from them even if they have to leave from government.

Two Counties Get Over US$300,000 for Rehab. (The Inquirer)
Development Alternatives, Incorporated (DAI), the implementing agent of USAID has awarded a grant of nearly US$210,000 for various rehabilitation projects in Grand Gedeh County. The fund is part of the United States Government’s support to Liberia’s reintegration and rehabilitation efforts.

Defense Official Denies Recruiting (The Inquirer)
Assist. Defense Minister for Coast Guard Affairs, Johnson Leaman has denied a report that he is recruiting men to wage war in the sisterly Republic of Guinea

Amb. Klein To Dedicate QIP in Harbel Tomorrow (The Inquirer)
UN SGSR Amb. Jacques Paul Klein will formally dedicate an UNMIL sponsored quick impact project in Harbel, Margibi County, tomorrow.

UL Instructors Boycott Classes (The Inquirer)
Instructors at the nation’s highest institution of learning, the University of Liberia(UL), yesterday laid down their chalk as a sign of protest over Tuesday’s news broadcast that the Executive Mansion has appointed Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh as president of the institution.

Rafiki Children’s Village for Liberia Soon (The Inquirer)
An international non-governmental organization (NGO), Rafiki Foundation which has a branch office in Tanzania, says it will shortly embark upon the construction of a Children’s Village in Liberia.

During Jubilations for Launch of DDRR (The Inquirer)
Two ex-combatants got killed instantly on Tuesday evening when a rocket-propelled grenade accidentally exploded whilst they and others were jubilating by brandishing their weapons over the launching of the DDRR program in Nimba County.

Bryant, Dweh Pledge to Fully Implement CPA (The Inquirer)
The NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant and NTLA Speaker George S. Dweh have again recommitted themselves to the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Accord(CPA).

Ruling from exile - Is the UN complacent in Taylor’s Continued Control of Key Economic Sectors of Liberia?
(By S. Olu Adams)
It has been several months now since the disgraced and shameless ex-president Taylor boarded a Nigerian aircraft for exile. With his exit, many were hopeful that at last the twenty years of demise, decay and deprivation of a people would begin to subside. Finally, it appeared that the international community, in the guise of the United Nations, had ushered in an era of rebirth for our depraved and disenfranchised population. Liberia would now begin to emerge from the abyss. With about 20,000 blue hats slated for Liberia, and the hawkish Jacques Klein managing the UN affairs in the country, all but the most pessimistic would have garnered strength and hope for the country.
A Voyage Home From Exile (Part II)
(By Brownie J. Samukai)
It was around midnight on a cool evening, and I was driving alone on the stretch from behind Zone Five Police Station in Paynesville towards town, through Elwa intersection, passing the once dreadful White Flowers" (former residence of President Taylor) unto Tubman Boulevard. The return of Peace and some semblance of normalcy were palpable. It was almost unbelievable that I also saw several other vehicles driving around that area at such time of the night. Such a ride was not possible under the Taylor regime unless if you belonged to the "gang". During that quiet late night, UNIMIL soldiers were dismantling and removing several check points in Monrovia except a redesigned one not far from Fish market, and another near Johnson Street Bridge.

Sapo National Park Under Threat, Anybody Listening? (The Inquirer)
The Sapo National Park which was established in 1983, and extended to cover 445657 acres of forest land by an Act passed by the National Legislature in 2003 as a result of its recognition of the core of an immense forest block of the Upper Guinea Forest Ecosystem which is very important to the conservation of the biodiversity of Liberia and of West Africa as a whole, is under serious threat from mining and hunting activities.

DDRR Begins Today in Nimba County (The Inquirer)
As preparation to begin disarmament and demobilization in Nimba County has been concluded, UNMIL authorities have indeed confirmed that the exercise is to begin today in Ganta.

Merriam Wants Speaker Dweh Investigated (The Inquirer)
A former member of the legislature and a signatory to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) says NTLA Speaker George Dweh should be investigated for his constant utterances which are inimical to the peace process.

Ex-Fighters Go On the Rampage in Vai Town (The Inquirer)
Normal traffic and business activities in the commercial district of Vai Town yesterday came to a temporary standstill as disgruntled ex-combatants staged a protest action in the area.

Eight Persons Eyeing Nimba County Superintendentship (The Inquirer)
With the apparent delay in the appointment of a superintendent for their county, reports say eight eminent Nimbaians have expressed their desire to become the Superintendent of Nimba County during this transitional period.

Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris
Chair, National Elections Commission
The Liberian National Elections Commission Chair Addresses Elections Issues
An Interview Conducted by George H. Nubo and Josephus Moses Gray)
Following the publication of your inaugural speech by The Perspective, we expressed interest in conducting an interview with you. We are thankful that you accepted our request. Congratulations on your selection! Madam commissioner, there have been various comments regarding who will be conducting the next elections - the elections commission or the electoral system of the UN and the international community?

"Once a Liberian, Always a Liberian"? Fact Versus Fiction
By Theodore T. Hodge
In a recent piece posted by one Charles Alake Williams, the theme was the birthrights of Liberians. The question posed was, "Why are Liberians being forced to give up their birthrights when they become citizens of another country?" I do not intend to delve into the rest of Mr. Williams’ opinions and observations, it is appropriate, however, to correct a false assumption: Liberians are not being "forced to give up their birthrights".

Liberian Women Raise Crucial Issues With Bryant (The Inquirer)
A cross-section of Liberian women under the banners of "Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace" and "Women in Peace Building Network(WIPNET)", have recommended five crucial issues with NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant to facilitate the smooth implementation of the Liberian peace process.

"Withdraw Cllr. Cherue’s Appointment" (The Inquirer)
The Civil Society Organizations of Liberia (CSOs) has called on Chairman Gyude Bryant to swiftly withdraw the appointment of Cllr. Frederick Cherue as Board Chairman of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation and "desist from consistently undermining the spirit and intent of the Accra Agreement."

LAP Wants Sect. 15 of Election Law Amended (The Inquirer)
The National Chairman of the Liberia Action Party, Madam D. Sheba Brown has stressed the need for the National Election Commission (NEC) to amend Section 15 of the 1986 Election Law of Liberia.

CARITAS/Monrovia Offers More Scholarships (The Inquirer)
In its efforts to assist the needy in society, Caritas/Monrovia has augmented its scholarship program by accommodating more deserving students. The program has now swelled from 120 to 400 students for the coming academic year.

UNMIL Force Commander Gives Position (The Inquirer)
The UNMIL Force Commander Lt/Gen. Daniel I. Opande says he is not interested in the leadership crisis in LURD, except to ensure that it does not create any problem for the improved security situation in the country.

Liberia’s Olympic Team Off To Athens (The Inquirer)
The country’s team to this year’s Olympic games which is scheduled to officially kick-off tomorrow in Athens, Greece left the country yesterday.

NPP’s Celebration of Taylor’s Departure Ends Sour (The Inquirer)
The gaiety that occasioned yesterday’s program organized to mark one-year since the departure of former president Taylor by the National Patriotic Party(NPP), which he led to victory in the 1997 elections, was short-lived as hell broke loose at the end.

Liberian-American Relations - The Looming Challenge
(By Abraham L. James, Ph.D.)
United States-Liberian relations have experienced many challenges over the years. Today, the issue of rebuilding the Liberian nation seems to loom large. There is a need to overhaul and strengthen the great institutions and legal system of the country, rebuild its ravaged economy and "expunge" corruption from Liberian society. The process is likely to become one of the most important challenges ever encountered by U.S-Liberian relations. Although the reconstruction of Liberia is the responsibility of Liberians, in this globalized world of interdependent countries, economies and peoples, Liberia will need external assistance for its reconstruction and renewal, and the United States is likely to be expected to take the lead in this endeavor.
Jacques P. Klein
Bleak and Dismal News From Liberia
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
Jacques Klein, the celebrated former US Air Force general turned diplomat, who presently heads the UN Mission to Liberia has been sounding some alarming bells lately. As we stand on the sidelines, we should note the considerable mood change of this present day governor of Liberia, from optimism to pessimism. When he speaks, we should listen, for good reason: He’s in charge; let’s make no mistake about that.

A Voyage Home From Exile (Part I)
(By Brownie J. Samukai)
After almost six years in exile, I took a journey on 9th July 2004 to return home from my Duty Station in Dar es Salaam on a Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi enroute to Monrovia via Abidjan. Upon arrival in Abidjan I entered an impressive redesigned international airport different than the one I had left six years earlier. It was on September 23, 1998, I fled Monrovia on board a Weasua flight from RIA, with the assistance of trusted NPFL assets and the fearsome but model physique NPFL female General Martina, for Abidjan, into exile in the United States.

Liberian Ambassador’s Residence at 52 Whatley Avenue
Liberia’s foreign Minister Confirms Sale of Embassy's Property Under Pressure
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
In the wake of an investigative article published by The Perspective newsmagazine on the sale of the Liberian embassy property in London (Liberian Officials sell Ambassador’s Residence at 52 Whatley Avenue, London SW20), the United Kingdom, by some identified individuals within the ranks and files of the two-year transitional government, the Minister of foreign Affairs, Thomas Yaya Nimley has confirmed the sale of the mission property in London.
Blood From Stones by Douglas Farah
A journey into the world of death, diamonds and arms trafficking in the footsteps of Al Qaeda and Charles Taylor, an indictment of the former Liberian dictator.
(A Book Review By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Very few in the world would ever establish any connection between grocery coupons and the funding of terrorism. And even a fewer would ever imagine that a Senegalese émigré and used-car salesman in dusty Ouagadougou, in landlocked Saharan country Burkina Faso in West Africa lives off American taxpayers because he held the key to the financial activities of the world most known terrorist group Al Qaeda in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Or what about infant meals or cigarette trafficking as a means to finance terrorist groups around the world? As surprising as they may sound, all these activities are linked to the gigantic financial web terrorists have resorted to to move money around the world, almost legally, to support their members and carry out their deadly activities.
Elections 2005: What Are The Issues For The Aspirants?
(By George D. Yuoh)
Very hopefully, UNMIL will successfully complete the disarmament and demobilization of former combatants, and have them reintegrated into larger society with the hope that they will be transformed into useful citizens. Very hopefully, the Transitional Government will now start to pursue its main assigned agenda of repatriation of Liberian refugees and resettlement of internally displaced Liberians.

Varney Sherman Resigns as LPRC’s Board Chairman (The Inquirer)
It has come to my attention that at the recent meeting in Accra, Ghana of the warring parties to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and you my chairmanship of the Board of Directors of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) was a contentious issue. I am informed that one of the accusations is that by your preferment of me as the Chairman you are giving me unfair advantage as an aspirant for the Presidency of the Republic of Liberia as compared to other aspirants.

Bong Citizens Reject Appointment of County Officials (The Inquirer)
As the nomination of civil authorities in the counties by Chairman Gyude Bryant receives cold shoulders, some citizens from Bong County have issued a position statement to the NTLA.

"UNMIL Not Responsible for Electricity" (The Inquirer)
The head of the United Nations Mission in Liberia, Amb. Jacques Paul Klein says UNMIL is not responsible to provide electricity to the city of Monrovia and its environs.

Stop Discouraging Investors (The Inquirer)
ON MONDAY, POST and Telecommunications Minister Eugene Nagbe ordered the closure of the Atlantic Wireless Liberia Incorporated(AWLI). He said his Ministry’s decision was predicated upon the fact that AWLI was illegally transmitting on GSM 900 frequency which was not assigned to it by the Ministry.

U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Office Donates to UL (The Inquirer)
The US Embassy’s Public Affairs Office yesterday donated a consignment of assorted books and furniture to the University of Liberia(UL).

Postal Affairs’ Action Backfires (The Inquirer)
The NTLA Committee on Post and Telecommunication is calling on Postal Affairs Minister Eugene Nagbe to withdraw his letter ordering the immediate closure of the Atlantic Wireless Liberia Incorporated (AWLI) GSM operations.

War Imminent In Guinea
We have received information from credible military sources that everything seems to indicate that civil war is imminent in Guinea. According to our sources, recruiting and training of fighters have been taken place in Nimba and Lofa, on the Guinean border. The same informant, who spoke to us under the conditions of anonymity, says that there have also been movements of heavy weaponry from Liberia into Guinea,...

Something Refreshing

(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
The most recent celebration of Liberia’s 157th Independence in Washington, DC was a real departure novelty for many. As far as many people remember, the embassy of Liberia in Washington DC has mostly served mainly for a lieu of demonstration or just a place where Liberians reluctantly sent their official documents for renewal. An embassy represents a government and for a long time, since the mid 1980s, very few Liberians have been proud of their government.
The Perspective to Launch Newsmagazine in Liberia soon
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
A pro-democracy group in Monrovia, the Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) recently held a welcome reception for the Managing Editor of The Perspective newsmagazine, Mr. George Nubo, during his three-week assessment tour in the Liberian capital at their Ashuman Street offices.

Sister Mary Laurene Browne, OSF
President, Don Bosco Polytechnic
Sister Mary Laurene Browne: Words of Hope and Challenges for the New Liberia
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
In reading the national oration delivered by Sister Mary Laurene Browne on the occasion of Liberia’s 157th anniversary, I was quite impressed by how she seemed to successfully capture a bunch of sub-themes in order to ideate a national theme. I use the word "ideate" purposefully because it is the most meaningful word that comes to mind in describing what the Good Sister did:

National Human Rights Centre of Liberia Human Rights Situation Report
This first bi-annual situation report has been compiled from the striking developments, conditions, incidents and tendencies which characterized the Liberian peace process and transition, specifically during the period January - June, 2004. It highlights basic human rights issues including abuses and other acts committed by roaming armed militias especially in areas not covered by the troops of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).