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George H. Nubo
We’re Practicing What We Preach - ‘Pioneer of GAC’ Upbeat About GAC Credibility

The General Auditing Commission (GAC), otherwise known as the reformed GAC, has become a household name in national and international circles for one particular reason: firmly standing guard against theft of public resources without compromise. Many have been feeling the pinch of the intervention and one of the ways they try to soothe their anxiety is to question the Commission’s credibility. But in an interview, the Chief Operations Officer of the GAC, Mr. George Nubo, who’s one of the pioneering engineers of the transformation of the Commission, has reassured supporters and critics that the GAC remains an unfeigned paragon of transparency and accountability in the country.

Commitment, not mere interest and rhetoric, is what it takes to fight against corruption effectively
By J. Kerkula Foeday
"I can say quite candidly that I was very shocked when I was told that the case [the more than US$300,000.00 corruption charge against Former Information Minister Lawrence Bropleh] was dismissed. I sent for the prosecutors [the Liberian Government lawyers] to explain to me what was going on and whether it was true that they had not shown up in court.…”

Investors Loot Liberia’s Resources: Prof. Dew Mayson Versus President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
By: J. Yanqui Zaza
Leaders around the world are tackling the issue of government’s share of profits from natural resources versus more debts, jobs versus layoffs, increase in corporate profits versus decrease in government revenue, etc. Similarly, harsh economic conditions are inflicting pain on Liberians. Unlike other opposition leaders who are focusing on the symptoms of the economic pain, Prof Dew Mayson is seeking a change in President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s “Plantation Economy.”

Ron M. Mwambwa
Audit Indictees’ Aggression Is Positive Sign for GAC: EU-Seconded Consultant Says
Lamentations and volleys of dissent from auditees over audit reports released by the General Auditing Commission should not be understood as a weakness but rather as indicators of great achievement by the General Auditing Commission (GAC).

George H. Nubo
Pleebo-Sodoken District Reaffirms its Support to SIFCA Investment Operation in Maryland County
A youth delegation of the Nyanbo Development Association headed by its advisor, George H. Nubo, left for Pleebo-Sodoken District on the 17th of October 2010 on a Conflict Resolution Mission aimed at finding a mutual way forward for the District and the SIFCA Investment that has been given the management amenities for former Decoris. After five days drive from Monrovia due to the bad road condition between Nimba and Maryland Counties, the team arrived in Pleebo on the 23rd of October and began work on the 26th. Government has given the former Decoris to SIFCA, so the message of the team was a reaffirmation for

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf led government must take no credit for good human rights record in Liberia
By Bernard Gbayee Goah
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf continues to brag about the “improved” human rights record in Liberia under her administration. She recently boasted of her hard work in observing and improving human rights at the United Nations General Assembly. I would argue that human rights in Liberia are not improved and are in fact not where they should be after 5 years under her administration.

President Sirleaf Encourages Bribe Givers, Yet Wants To Reduce Poverty, Unemployment, Etc
By J. Yanqui Zaza
If President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her supporters could avoid the subject of corruption, they would gladly do so and welcome the outpouring of commendations as results of the debt relief. Apparently, to keep the corruption issue on the back burner, bribe-givers, through the World Bank and U.S. officials, have coerced the Audit Commission from publicly disclosing results of audit investigations

AG Morlu Commissioned Prison System and UL Teachers Recruitment Audits
The Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia, John S. Morlu II has commissioned performance audit on the Prison System under the Ministry of Justice and also on the Recruitment of Teachers at the University of Liberia.

Former Chairman Meets President Sirleaf
Former National Transitional Government Chairman Gyude Bryant Pays Courtesy Call on Prez. Sirleaf
The former Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Mr. Gyude Bryant, on Wednesday paid a courtesy call on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at her Foreign Ministry office in Monrovia.

The celebratory statements and commendations showered on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the debt relief have overshadowed outstanding issues such as miniscule royalty payments received from our resources, root causes of our problems and ethnic tensions, etc. More so, World Bank’s statements, arguably, have presented President Sirlesf and her government as transparent, honest, corruption-free, and do remove some of the hurdles to her re-election in 2011.

: James W. Harris
If Liberians ever needed a wake up call or a call to action, then the Father/Dr. Robert Tikpor has boldly provided it. Now, after doing his patriotic duty, it is left with Liberians to do the rest – push their apparently corrupt government to change for the good of the entire nation and posterity

Father Tipkor Missed an Opportunity to bring Liberians together
By E. Vinton
Let me reply to this part: Is this an “oration”? This is more a policy speech than anything. An oration should be a call to unity, to bring the country together not divide the people with hate mongering and xenophobic call to “defend” the country. Here is an excerpt from Father Tipkor's Independence day speech in italics:

No to Maritime Autonomy!
By Ramses K Nah
Reading in Frontpageafrica.com August 2, 2010 story, (MARITIME AUTHORITY ACT: Commissioner Kesselly Seeks More Financial Autonomy) one question needs to be asked, Why??? The Bureau of Maritime Affairs is nothing more than a liaison service between the Government of Liberia and our contractor,

Statement by H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Following World Bank Announcement of Liberia Reaching
HIPC Completion Point
Today is a great day for Liberia! We have reached the HIPC completion point.
HIPC means Heavily Indebted Poor Countries. It refers to those countries, like Liberia, that owe a lot of money internationally, and who are undertaking major reforms so that their debts can be cancelled.

America’s $13 Trillion Dollar Debt, And Lesson For Liberia
Poor Liberians, unlike friends and families of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and residents of Mamba Point, have yet to benefit from the generous contributions made to Liberia by the international Community. Now, with bad economic news not only coming from Wall Street, but also from Europe, Liberians have many more years before they can taste the dividends of peace.

“Farina and Sugar” For Teachers?
I graduated from high school in 1975, and enrolled at the post-secondary teacher training program at the Kakata Rural Teachers’ Training Institute (KRTTI) in Magibi County the following year, at that time trainees received a stipend of $10.00/month to take care of such things like laundry, tooth paste and other incidentals; as most of the students at the institution came from the interior parts of Liberia.

GAC Strangulated: US$432,053 Frozen by MOF
The General Auditing Commission (GAC) says since the start of the final HIPC audit and its conclusion, it is experiencing serious operational constraints since the Ministry of Finance froze US$432,053 of the US$500,000 provided for by the National Legislature during the fiscal period 2009/2010.

The “Overcrowding” of Monrovia and its link to Rural-Urban Migration in Liberia: Causes, Consequences and Solutions
By Richard Fatorma Ngafuan
When the population of Liberia reached the 3.5 million mark in 2008, several issues were highlighted by the final results of the 2008 National Population and Housing Census. For persons with the political mindset, the results of the population census of the various counties vis-à-vis the minimum population benchmark set by the Liberian Constitution for the gerrymandering of political constituencies elicited concerns, skepticism and perhaps cynicism.

President Sirleaf Extends Condolences to Families of Shipwreck Victims; Names Committee to Investigate Incident
I have learned with profound sorrow of the capsizing of a ship, the MV Hevea, off the coast of Harper, on the night of Monday, May 31st, in which eight Liberians are still missing.

US Students Pay AG Morlu Courtesy Call
GAC, Monrovia, Liberia, 1 June 2010: - Auditor General John Sembe Morlu, II Tuesday received in audience over a dozen students from the United States-based George Mason University School of Public Policy.

Delta Expands Commitment to Africa with New Liberia Service
Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) announced new service between Atlanta and Monrovia, Liberia, expanding the airline’s position as the leading U.S. carrier operating flights to Africa.

Morlu Files US$30m Libel Suit
GAC, Monrovia, Liberia, 2 June 2010: The Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia, John S. Morlu, filed a 17- count US$30m damage suit against Ruth Bailey Yeaher, a suspended employee of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) who claimed “sexual harassment” against AG Morlu immediately after her suspension by the GAC and the exposure of her husband Alexander Yeaher for financial malpractices.

Prez Sirleaf To Raise Liberia’s $35 M Income To Botswana’s $1.3 B?
By J. Yanqui Zaza
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, through her advisers, at the Poverty Reduction Strategy town halls, has promised to increase Liberia’s $35 million royalty income to an amount comparable to Botswana's $1.3 billion. Is such a promise an electoral statement or a deception?

GAC Employees Asked To End Go-Slow
I am asking all GAC staff to come to work. I believe in your professionalism. I see no reason why state security should arrest anyone at GAC for doing his or her official duties. This is a country of laws. While I support the decision of senior management to slow down on work to avoid any violent clash between GAC and NSA, again I see no reason why state security will come and arrest a staff of the GAC for doing his or her official duties

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Expresses Utmost Dismay and Total Dissatisfaction Action Taken by NSA Director Fombah Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf expresses utmost dismay and total dissatisfaction with the action taken by NSA Director Fombah Sirleaf, in an attempt to arrest a staff of the GAC commission.

NSA Officers Sent To Arrest Maximore (0ne in yellow)
The Day State Security Was Unleashed On Me at the GAC
My life is in danger. Individuals introducing themselves to be security officers are in hunt of me. They continue to make threats of death, arrest and torture—via mobile communications. And physically, they walked into the premises of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to arrest me and actualize their threats made. Without any warrant, they attempted arresting me to take me away, while I was at work on Saturday, May 22, 2010 in the interest of the Government and people of this country.

MoF HIPC Audit Report: The 5 Million Dollars Question
By Paul C. Collins, MSc(Econ), CPA, FCCA
After following the discussions surrounding the US$ 5million mentioned in GAC’s audit report of the Ministry of Finance, and following numerous calls from students and acquaintances for my opinion of AG John Morlu, the quality and professionalism of his audits, the situation at MOF, the culpability of Minister Ngafuan, the position of the Liberian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, etc, I have decided to read the MOF HIPC AUDIT report in order to address the central issue in the report that everybody seems to be mostly concerned about, which is the culpability of Minister Ngafuan regarding the US$5 million.

GAC's Reaction to Ruth Yeaher's Claims of "Sexual Harassment"
Once again the General Auditing Commission is attracted, though not perturbed, by yet

Ruth Bailey-Yeaher
another diversionary tactics perpetrated by people who think that finding shield in frivolous allegations and designing scare tactics can cause Auditor General John Morlu and his able staff to succumb to the whirlwind of fraud, waste and abuse prevailing in this country. Recently reclassified Audit Trainee Ruth Bailey-Yeaher, without the fear of God and respect to womanhood, has wildly and baselessly claimed sexual harassment against her by the venerable Auditor General of Liberia, Mr. John Sembe Morlu, II.

Resolution Of The Executive Committee Of Liberty Party
WHEREAS, the Liberty Party (the “Party”) realizes that on all aspects of governance—the fight against corruption, accountability and transparency in fiscal management, reconciliation, or the general quality of governance under her leadership—the Sirleaf administration has proved wanting, and the government has been an utter failure; and,

Poverty Reduction Strategy Debate: World Bank Between Big Business And Fair Remittances, A Potent Weapon To Reduce Poverty
By J. Yanqui Zaza

Looking for Gladstone Ofori: A family’s Painful Search for Answers
By Benedict N. Wisseh
Although the history of Liberia’s football and players is yet to be written, we, who have been witnesses to the performances of football players in Liberia will argue that such history, if and when it is written, will not be comprehensive without pages mentioning David Momo, Patrick Teah, Tommy Manneh, Julius Kennedy, Sylvester “Red” Weah, William Wleh Nah, Jackson Weah, William Wreh, Michael Tarplah, John “Monkey” Brown, Gladstone Ofori, and Philip “Coacha” Davis

"I will be a candidate, a formidable candidate, in the 2011 elections", President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Declared.
Therefore, however I act, whatever I do, it will be for you. And so it is for these reasons and to bring to an end all speculations, that I now announce to you and to the thousands of supporters in radio land and abroad that I will be a candidate, a formidable candidate, in the 2011 elections. Let us travel the rest of this road together knowing that the God who brought us this far will not leave us.

Interim Board of Trustees of the Tubman University Appointed
An interim Board of Trustees of the William V. S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County has been appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Members of the interim Board are the manager of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation in Maryland County; the Ministers of Planning & Economic Affairs; Agriculture and Finance.

"Political Audit" vs. Independent Audit
The attention of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) has been drawn to a certain debate, which is an offshoot of a clear misunderstanding, over various categories of audits. Below are the following we have been reading in the media:

Africa Policy Outlook 2010
One year after President Obama was sworn in to office, and less than a week before his State of the Union address, Africa Action today released its Africa Policy Outlook 2010, also published by Foreign Policy in Focus.

LIBERIA: Education and the Poverty Reduction Strategy
By Francis W. Nyepon
Poverty is a severe injustice and an abuse of human rights, especially for children. Liberia has had seven years of peace, yet educational policies have had no meaningful impact on learning, or on reducing poverty for the average Liberian, most especially the children. This author believes that education is pivotal in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Liberia and especially the social exclusion that is the reality for many children. The author is convinced that the role of education in our society must be one of achieving universal primary education and adult literacy.

A Response to “Mr. Jackson F. Doe, Jr. is in line to become the next Deputy Managing Director for the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC)”
By Dr. J. Marsilius Flumo
The purpose of this paper is two-fold. First, I would like to respond to Messrs. Nat Nyuan Bayjay and M. Welemongai Ciapha, II’s article “Mr. Jackson F. Doe, Jr. is in line to become the next Deputy Managing Director for the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC).” Their article appeared in the online magazine FrontpageAfrica.com on Monday December 21, 2009.

GAC Moves Into Gender Ministry
The Auditor General of Liberia, Mr. John S. Morlu, II, has announced today that the General Auditing Commission will on January 6, 2010, commence a comprehensive audit of the financial statements and other related records of the Ministry of Gender and Development (MGD).

All Hail Liberia
By Parr Branch
Land of bountiful grains and manifold resources, gravely marred by greed and corruption;
Come I neither with rumba and tambourine, nor with the harp of David the "Psalmist", to sing songs of praises to you.

Enroute to Cavalla Plantation to Meet With SRI Leaders, President Sirleaf Meets Elders and Chiefs at the Harper Airport
Pleebo University Students Ask GOL To Nullify The Reported Agreement Between GOL and Salala Rubber Investment
We, the University Students of Pleebo Sodoken District, have observed with outmost disappointment the unfavorable State of Affairs at the Cavalla Rubber Plantation in Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County where the company is taking gross disadvantage of our people.

By J. Yanqui Zaza
One of the many individuals who commented on my two articles on President "Sirleaf''s corruption tree" stated that Liberia should not institute any economic system that would prevent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf' from partnering with investors, even if such an economic arrangement created an environment for Sirleaf’s business partners to pay zero or miniscule taxes to Liberia.

GAC’s Comments on the Frontpageafrica Article
-Says AG Morlu Remains Committed to Fight Corruption, Spoilt System
GAC says it is not much surprise by the Friday, December 18,2009 publication in the Frontpageafrica newspapers labeling the Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia amongst a group of Liberians as Pretenders and Contenders for the 2011 Presidential Election.
AG Morlu (L) and Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao

Chinese Ambassador Lauds GAC
The Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, His Excellency Zhou Yuxiao, today, pays a courtesy call on the Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia, John S.Morlu,II.

The State of the Liberian Child
By Francis W. Nyepon
Today, as 2009 comes to a close, education, healthcare, sanitation, safe drinking water and basic environmental services are luxuries not rights for many children in Liberia. Children are born into a country filled with miserable poverty, squalor conditions and rampant diseases that are preventable.

And Finally the TRC Report: What's in it for the Rest of us?
By: Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh
With so many innocent lives lost and others ruined, where could those responsible for the mayhem and atrocities seek protective shield other than the pillows of harmony and reconciliation? After causing so much pain and suffering in a fourteen year Liberian homicidal debacle, perpetrators dared not pass up an opportunity for peace and reconciliation under the watchful eyes of the international community.

GAC Provides Clarity on Incorrect Salaries Comparison Between AG Morlu, Others
The General Auditing Commission (GAC) says it is concerned about the continued mistaken comparison often made in some quarters regarding salaries earned by high public officials, particularly salaries and benefits received by Auditor General John S. Morlu,II and other public officials, including Maritime Commissioner Beyan Keselly.

Africans in the Diaspora and Africa: Scaling Up Technical, Investment, Bilateral and Infrastructure Development Partnerships
By Chinua Akukwe
One of the most intriguing issues in Africa’s development is the role of Africans in the Diaspora. Despite credible and significant efforts to create or carve out a role for Africans in the Diaspora to play a major, formal role in Africa’s development, the impact on the ground has been largely small-scale, focused on family and neighborhood interests, and largely outside the purview of government structures and operations. In this article,

The Dilemmas of Implementing TRC Report
By Harry Papa Mason
The final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Liberia faces a full implementation challenge. The report itself forms the basis of promoting national peace, security, unity and reconciliation in Liberia as contained in the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of August 2003, which formally ended the 14-year Liberian civil war. The prospects of fully implementing the final TRC Report are very bleak considering cardinal issues as lack of consensus among TRC commissioners; lack of prosecuting power by the TRC; and lack of inherent legislative and judiciary powers, as well as a multitude of competing interests and perceived biasness contained in the report.

AG Morlu (L) and DSRSG Soumare share notes
New DSRSG Impressed with GAC Work
Wednesday, December 9, 2009
was celebrated worldwide as Corruption Day and the independent corruption- exposing and system and control reform agenda setting entity,the General Auditing Commission(GAC) on this same day received the new Deputy Special Representative for Recovery and Governance(DSRSG) of the United Nations Mission in Liberia(UNMIL), Mr. Moustapah Soumare who came on a get acquaintance visit.

Another Year Comes To An End
By Gbe Sneh
Shall we take stock now? Yeah. The bad continues to get in our way. In the US, hecklers, tea party people, and false prophets - Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reiley, Beck,…add your own, are going all out to thwart reformation into a more caring society. .

Boundary Crossing: A key to Successful Leadership in Tomorrow’s Liberia
By: Jackson Fiah Doe Jr.
A few years ago, I had a meeting with the pastor of a mega church in Chicago, which at the time had a membership of about 10,000 people. In the meeting, the pastor said he was quite satisfied with the great job my company was doing in consistently providing his church with superior cleaning services – janitorial, floor care, and carpet care. He also expressed his reluctance to fire a high ranking member of his staff for ethical reasons. I told him I knew how he felt.

Liberia: Support War Crimes Prosecutions
Act on Truth and Reconciliation Panel’s Recommendation for Trials
(New York, December 10, 2009)
– The Liberian government should investigate and prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during Liberia’s brutal armed conflicts, Human Rights Watch said today. Key international partners – including the United Nations, European Union, and United States – should support efforts to ensure accountability, the organization said.

South Korea in $10bn Ghana homes deal - BBC
A South Korean firm has agreed to build 200,000 homes in Ghana over the next six years at a cost of $10bn (£6.1bn), Seoul officials say. Construction firm STX will set up a joint venture to share the cost of the project with Ghana's government.

LIBERIA: The Need for a Child Poverty Survey
By Francis W. Nyepon
This article draws attention to child poverty in Liberia, and suggests areas where some immediate action can be taken and significant progress made. This author believes that the government must gain greater understanding of the impact of chronic poverty in the daily lives of children and fashion results oriented policies and programs, which deals evidently with individual segments of the society and not the one size fits all approach that have become the hallmark of policy formulation in the Sirleaf administration.

Tribute To The Late Dr. Abraham James

Dr. Abraham James
By Winsley Nanka
I could not believe the text message I saw on my cell phone on November 2, 2009 at 10:43 a.m. The message came from his niece, someone I have known briefly since my arrival in Liberia. The message read as follows:

Three Vacancies At The General Auditing Commission
The General Auditing Commission(GAC) is now in the process of building specialized practices, as part of its Five Year Strategic Plan. This will more effectively position the GAC to add even more value to Governance financial and programmatic performance. The GAC is recruiting three advisors to work along with a team of local and international audit advisors to build a professional Advisory Service Practice.

Where Are We On The Fight Against Crime And Corruption?
The Sirleaf Administration has earned an ‘A-’. Well, that’s very arguable. It has revived key institutions, and has created new others, in quite a short period of time.. However, making them substantially functional has been slow. Our lament, today, is a result of the weakness in our judicial system. Sustenance of hard earned gains made is in the balance. How do we build on these gains amid rampant corruption? That’s the concern!

The Minister of Information, Culture Affairs & Tourism, Dr. Laurence Bropleh, has been suspended
MONROVIA, LIBERIA – October 16, 2009): The Minister of Information, Culture Affairs & Tourism, Dr. Laurence Bropleh, has been suspended by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, pending results of an ongoing investigation by the Ministry of Justice, into an alleged financial scandal at the Ministry.

World Bank Reform: President Sirleaf Government Rejects BSP's $6 M Bid For SRI's $2 M
By J. Yanqui Zaza
Self-perceived populists, experienced politicians and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf are focused on the 2011 elections, while the World Bank, through President Sirleaf, is instituting Wall Street type of economic system (earning quick profits at the expense of society) in Liberia. With such an economic system, coupled with the rush at which President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is selling Liberia’s natural resources on the cheap, would the 2011 president, generate adequate revenue?

Let's Rebuild Liberia: Yes We Can!
By Cornelius Toe
Location is Liberia, West Africa. The period is from 1989 - 1996. The event is one of Africa’s most vile civil wars. The war claimed the lives of over 200,000 Liberians and displaced a million others in refugee camps in adjacent countries. What is even more shocking is that three years after the end of the first civil war in 1996, a second war would begin from 1999 to 2003.

US-Liberia: Anatomy of an Unbalanced Relationship
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
A book review of "Liberia and The United States During the Cold War: Limits of Reciprocity", by D. Elwood Dunn
When the 1980 military coup by a group of enlisted men overthrew the William R. Tolbert government and shattered the image of stability Liberia had conveyed to the world, the question that came to every mind was: "How was this possible under the watch of America?" Liberia was long considered a bastion of American influence on the continent, as far back as at its creation for African American immigrants in the 19th century when European

Shortfalls of the Asset Disclosure Requirement
By Francis Zazay
I read with interest an article regarding the 90% noncompliance by Liberian government officials to declare assets, in the October 10 edition of the FrontpageAfrica. Rational reasoning might further justify that such noncompliant government officials seek legal action to prevent compliance enforcement. Evidently, it appears rather surprising that Liberia could set up a Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) just for the sake of asking government officials to declare asset

Another Biding Process Backfires (Public Agenda)
-Senator Ballout Speaks Out, Pleebo Citizens Want Bid Reviewed
-As LACC Moves In To Probe Allegation Of Corruption
Liberia’s fiscal transformation strategy has mainstreamed public bid, a process by which multiple service providers (local, international or both) compete to acquire the right and cash to implement and execute public projects and/or contracts. The rationale for this “international best practice” is professedly to obviate fraud, abuse and waste of public trust and money and to infuse greater transparency in the public service.

In Maryland County: Chopping Over Shadows SRI Contract (Public Agenda)
Our investigation has discovered what appears to be serious corruption in the awarding of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation in Pleebo Maryland County to the Salala Rubber Investment (SRI) over a multi-national investment company, the Bakarie Samataria Plantation (BSP) based in Indonesia.

"Liberians must find an African solution that makes the healing of our country the foremost priority", says Honorable Cletus Wotorson
An Interview Conducted by Dr. Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
we organized that conference in 2003 to reach an understanding so that Liberian opposition leaders in the Diaspora could start “speaking with one voice” in discussions with Liberia’s international partners and to minimize sending mixed and often confusing signals to Liberia’s friends. We are comforted that resolutions originating from that meeting to a verifiable degree, led to the creation of the ICGL [International Contact group on Liberia]

Mining Gold, Diamonds: Prez Sirleaf And Secretary Clinton Differ
By: J. Yanqui Zaza
The U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton's call on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government to follow Botswana's policy on managing natural resources and not Nigeria's was interesting. Secretary Clinton gave the advice at a time numerous accusations indicated that signed concessionary agreements did favor profiteers such as AmLib United Minerals, a gold digging company partly owned by Carney Johnson, a brother of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

How to Succeed as a Leader in Tomorrow's Liberia
By: Jackson Fiah Doe Jr.
A couple of decades ago, Liberia witnessed a classic battle between supporters of change and those wanting to maintain the status quo. Although the agents of change put up a good fight, it wasn’t enough. They lost the battle and were crushed. For instance, my dad, the late Jackson F. Doe, a well-known and respected politician, wanted a break with the past. Therefore, he contested the 1985 presidential elections and was the presumptive winner.

Life in Liberia after Clinton’s Visit
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
It was like a long pregnancy, for Liberians in Monrovia and in Diaspora. There were speculations everywhere as to what would come out of the first working visit by a US Secretary of State since her predecessor George Schultz went to Liberia in the aftermath of the 1985 elections. In certain quarters, some expected that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton would deliver a big package of aid. In other parts of the Liberian political spectrum, the expectations centered on the issues that the opposition now sees as the major shortcomings of the government, among other things the corruption issue and the much talked about recently released draft report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
The Forthcoming National Referendum: A Significant Institution Of Our Constitutional Democracy
By: Abraham James, Esq.
This article is intended to highlight the significance of the forthcoming national referendum for our constitutional democracy. A future article will focus on aspects of the General Elections scheduled to take place in 2011.
Should Indigenous Liberians Support Indigenous Politicians Blindly?
By Benedict Wisseh
In May, 2008, following the acquittal of Charles Julu and Andrew Dorbor of treason charges, a friend called me to discuss the case. He told me that he was happy that Julu and Dorbor were acquitted by the court because the “charges were fabricated.” Well, whether or not the charges were fabricated, I told him...

LIBERIA: Inter-Country Adoption: The Horrible Ripple Effects of False Accusation
By Francis W. Nyepon
The horrible, false accusations with which the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH) smeared the reputation of the West African Children Support Network (WACSN) in a dispute over bogus charges of child trafficking are having an adverse ripple effect on the image ofLiberia in the United States.

Global Witness restates warnings over logging of Liberia's forests
Campaign group Global Witness today restated its concerns that two firms linked to Malaysian timber giant Samling, a company notorious for illegal logging and conflicts with local communities, are being considered for major logging contracts in Liberia because of flaws in the bid evaluation process.

Clinton in Liberia: US-Liberia Relations Must Evolve Beyond Paternalism
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon be in Monrovia to meet with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to hold bilateral talks on advancing US - Liberia relations, taking them to a new level. The two women know each other and have been talking long before any of them occupied the high level jobs they are currently holding. In 2005, before starting her run for the presidency, Mrs. Sirleaf paid a courtesy visit to Senator Clinton at her office on Capitol Hill.
Pope Benedict Xvi Questions Capitalism; Prez Sirleaf Embraces
By J. Yanqui Zaza
In her Independence Day Speech delivered in Bong County on July 26, 2009, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, unlike other world leaders such as Pope Benedict XVI, did not mention the economic system that is increasing the gap between rich and poor. And she did not comment on why Liberia’s international partners including the U.S. are alarmed at the rate of rampant corruption under her watch (President Sirleaf’s letter to her advisors, FrontPage, Liberian Web Site)

Remembering Tajudeem Abdul-Raheem And Pondering The Challenge Of Reconciliation In Liberia
Remarks By Dr. Amos Sawyer
Today, we in Liberia join thousands of pan-Africanists around the world who celebrate and have been celebrating the life and work of Dr. Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem. Taju, as his friends called him, was one of Africa’s most distinguished public intellectuals and devoted pan-Africanist. Born in Nigeria, he transcended Nigerian citizenship—large and impressive as it is in West Africa, and became a citizen of Africa.

Lessons for Kenya from Liberia’s TRC
Except for the election in 2005 of Ms Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Liberia’s President, there had not been much to celebrate about that famous country for decades. But Liberia has made Africa proud again by the recommendations of its TRC which are bold, decisive and pioneering.

Decolonization And The Making Of An African Order
Remarks by Dr. D. Elwood Dunn
Let me first apologize if I disappoint some for not delivering a typical “July 26” speech. Given the broader purpose of this occasion to “Celebrate Africa,” I thought I might address a topic that relates Liberia to her African vocation.

GAC Releases Another Batch of Audit Reports to the National Legislature
Friday, July 31, 2009: The General Auditing Commission (GAC), in diligently keeping with its statutory mandate as enshrined in Section 53.3 of the 1972 Executive Law of Liberia to conduct audits of all government ministries, agencies and public corporations, has completed another batch of audit and submitted same to the National Legislature.

Remarks By President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at the 162nd Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Liberia
When on January 16, 2006 I spoke to the nation, I recognized that the vote for me was a vote for change. More than that, it was a vote for peace, security and stability, a vote for individual and national prosperity, a vote for healing and leadership. I expressed humility in the enormity of the challenges that lay ahead – to heal our nation’s wounds, redefine and strengthen its purpose,

The Crumbled Empire that does not Pose any Threat to Anybody
By James Torh
It is now almost two decade (December 1989) since our naturally and historically rich country was first dragged down into horror and human rights tragedy. We know about the banality of evil. It was all about the evil of determined and unapologetic mediocrity.

Impunity through Justice
By: Alfred Jah Johnson
All persons are born equally free and independent and have certain natural, inherent, inalienable rights among which are the rights of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of pursuing and maintaining the security of the person and of acquiring, and possessing and protecting property subject to such qualification as provided for in this Constitution. Chapter III; Article XI

COMBATING CORRUPTION IN LIBERIA: Talking The Talk But Not Walking The Walk
By: Tito M. Johnson
You may recall the bold and gallant statement by the then newly elected president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, during her inaugural address to the Liberian nation and world: “we declare corruption public-enemy number one”. She went on to disclose actions the incoming administration intended to take to stem corruption out of the system, including the introduction of other reform measures such as transparency and accountability.

Open Letter to the House of Senate
From: Abdoulaye W. Dukulé, PhD, Washington, DC, USA
Counselor Tiawan Gongloe will soon appear before you for a second time, re-nominated by Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the same post you rejected him for last week. Either the President could not find anyone better or she is truly convinced that in order to carry out her vision of how the labor sector should function,

GAC Begins Government Properties Audit
The General Auditing Commission(GAC) is conducting properties audit of all government assets, including land, buildings, plants and equipment and investments owned in and out of the country by the Government of Liberia.
Resisting the Tune of Popular Speeches during Liberia’s 162nd Independence Anniversary!
By: Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh
The annual tradition of Liberia’s Independence Day celebrations since July 26, 1847 is upon us. This is the moment when during official and other observances, Liberians showcase their bright and the brightest as newsmakers in a convoluted national journey. During the 1970s, it became even more common place as a stage for current and future governmental leaders to be invited to speak

Global Witness welcomes Liberian transparency law, urges other countries to follow suit
A Press Release Issued by Global Witness
A new transparency law signed by President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, covering oil extraction, mining and other natural resource industries, sets an impressive benchmark for global efforts to fight the natural resource curse and should be emulated by other countries, said Global Witness today.

President Sirleaf Signed into law the National Budget for the 2009/2010 Fiscal Year
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has signed into law the national budget for the fiscal period beginning July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 in the amount of USD$371,908,799 (three-hundred seventy-one million, nine-hundred eight thousand, seven-hundred & ninety-nine United States Dollars).

Liberia and Partners Hold Business Forum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Boost Private Sector Investment in Country
Recently, the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, D.C. through its Trade and Investment Liaison Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania collaborated with the City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs and other partnering United States agencies to host a Business Forum for Liberia.

The Liberian TRC: Shocks and Shortcomings
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
If the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) were attempting to shock the world and put itself on the front pages for a few days, it mightily succeeded. One would have expected that after many contradictions in the course of the past years of its operation, the TRC would have looked for a sober way to make its final breath more relevant

LIBERIA: Governance & the UN Presence
By Francis W. Nyepon
Seven years ago the United Nations intervened in Liberia to pave the way for peace after almost 20 years of political decay, economic dislocation, social mismanagement, forced migration and severe population displacement. Many in the international Community were convinced that the UN was better able to bring about peace, respect for the rule of law, and facilitate good governance

Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG) Comments On The TRC Report
A Press Release Issued by Transitional Justice Working Group
As stated in the July 2nd, 2009 Press Conference of the Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG), we the members of TJWG of Liberia, a Coalition of Civil Society organizations working on various programs of Transitional Justice, commend the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Liberia for the completion and submission of its final report.

LIBERIA: Opinion divided on Truth and Reconciliation findings - IRIN News
In Liberia public opinion is divided on the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, based on four years of investigations into violations of human rights and humanitarian law during the country’s civil conflict.

US Based Liberian Group Issues Statement on the TRC Report
After three years of extensive investigation, statement-taking from tens of thousands Liberians and the convening of a national conference, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia (TRC) has released its final report which contains the following statement:

President Sirleaf MeetsResidents of Tappita District
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says her commitment to the development of Liberia remains strong and unwavering. The president says she will continue to perform the tasks for which she was elected by the Liberian people with more vigor and determination.

Liberia: TRC Report Important but not Last Step
A Press Release Issued By The International Center for Transitional Justice
The Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s public release on July 2nd of its final report is an important, necessary step in Liberia’s efforts to confront the legacies of its 14-year civil conflict and highlights the need for additional measures to deal with Liberia’s difficult past, the International Center for Transitional Justice said today.

LIBERIA: The Dynamics Of A Transforming Society
By Francis W. Nyepon
The vision to significantly transform the Liberian society must first deal with changing the behavior, attitude and mindset of people at the bottom of the social strata. Change can never come to Liberia with the majority of its people believing that public officials do not have their best interest at heart as a collective; or the majority of the people being stuck at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

“Back To The Soil”: A Movement To Self Sufficiency, Or Another Political Lip Service To The Liberian People?
By Nyankor Matthew
On Saturday June 27, 2009, the government of Liberia in collaboration with the United Nations officially launched the “back to the soil movement”, which – if done right - may be the catalyst for radically revitalizing our dormant agriculture sector.

President Sirleaf Supports Dual citizenship & Absentee Ballots
On Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says Government welcomes the participation of Liberians residing in the United States and other countries abroad in the country’s reconstruction.

A Political Crisis Is Looming Over The Delay In Enacting The Legislative Threshold And Other Related Electoral Bills
By: Abraham L. James
During the last few months many individuals at home and abroad have expressed special concerns about the Electoral Threshold Bill currently before the House of Representatives. Unless the bill is passed, in time, the presidential and legislative elections scheduled to be held in 2011

Corporations Paid $1 Trillion To Bribe; Does Firestone Bribe?
By: J. Yanqui Zaza
Regardless, whether or not the Liberian Firestone Rubber Plantation is another cartel as Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has indicated, (Speech at Lofa Convention, 5/24/09), the 83 year-old rubber plantation has enormous influence. Not only did it oust certain government negotiators, but it is now resisting its share of the cosmetic changes President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government has offered to some companies that signed agreements prior to 2006.

Fighting Corruption in Liberia – Why I Think the Unity Party Led Government Lacks Genuine Political Will
By J. Kerkula Foeday
The culture of corruption and impunity in Liberia is unarguably entrenched and commonplace. It has, as the International Crisis Group succinctly noted in 2006 and referenced in my 2007 letter to members of the Liberia National Legislature through the House Speaker, helped spark and nurture the crises in Liberia. Liberian TRC: Reconciliation before the Truth?
By Abdoulaye W. Dukule
Like many people in the country, I was surprised by an announcement last week that the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the institution set up by the Accra Peace Accord to investigate the Liberian civil war and foster national reconciliation, would organize a national reconciliation conference, at the Unity Conference Center, in Virginia, starting June 15, 2009.

The New Kendeja, Symbol of a New Liberia
By Abdoulaye W. Dukule
On Tuesday, June 9, 2009, at a grand reception organized by Barkue Tubman of Miss Body Lady, Robert L. Johnson officially opened his new hotel, the RLJ-Kendeja-Resort and Villas, on the outskirts of Monrovia, halfway between the airport and the capital. The ceremony was attended by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Chief Justice Johnnie Lewis, the US and Chinese Ambassadors

Duport Road: Remembering Wartime Atrocities
By Aaron Weah
On Saturday 30 May 2009, over 200 people gathered at an old school compound in Duport Road, a suburb of Monrovia and the scene of two massacres perpetrated during the Liberian civil war, as well as several mass graves. The occasion was a Beauty Queen contest held to raise funds to create a medical clinic and pay for a plaque commemorating the victims of those gruesome atrocities.

A Union Government will Complete Africa’s Struggle for Independence
By: Joma Momolu Kaindii, Jr.
After decades of so-called celebrated independence for Africa, the troubling question that continues to linger in the minds of critical thinkers is whether nations in Africa are truly independence in the truest sense of the word? According to the Webster New World College Dictionary, the word independent is defined as: “free from influence, control, or determination of another; free from the rule of another; controlling or governing one-self; relying only on one’s own ability and judgment; not depending on any person for financial support.

President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made new appointments in government affecting a number of Government Ministry, public corporations and political subdivisions of the country.

For Three Consecutive Years, Prosecution Wins More Cases Than Loses Under President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
By Tiawan S. Gongloe
Solicitor General, R.L
The Prosecution Department of the Ministry of Justice wishes to clarify the growing on public perception that the prosecution team of the Government of Liberia is weak and is not winning cases. The Prosecution Department says this perception is not supported by the facts. Since 2006, the government has obtained 286 convictions out of 357 cases tried.

DOLLARIZATION OF THE LIBERIAN ECONOMY: Liberia struggles with balancing dual currency amidst global economic contraction
By Nyankor Matthew
What exactly is dollarization? Dollarization occurs when countries officially give up their own currency and start using the U.S. dollar. Merriam Webster defines “dollarization” as “the adoption of the United States dollar as a country's official national currency”. According to an International Monetary Fund working paper titled “Financial stability in dollarized economies”, “…dollarization occurs when the U.S. dollar is adopted as the predominant or exclusive legal tender”.

Liberian Vice President, Boakai Said Cement Co. Is A Cartel; Are Other Companies Cartels Too?
By J. Yanqui Zaza
The Vice President of Liberia, Joseph N. Boakai, at the 19th Convention of the federation of Lofa Association in the Americas held on May 23, 2009, fought unsuccessfully to defend President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s efforts to reduce corruption, poverty, ignorance, etc. Smartly, he avoided prickly questions such as why does the government increase its cash reserves (US $144 million dollars, according a renowned economist and author of books, Dr. Byron Tarr-Frontpage Africa), but put development on hold, including the renovation of the Vionjama Multilateral High School.
Questions of Post War Justice in Liberia
By Abdoulaye W. Dukule
My friend’s question about postwar justice, war crimes tribunal and so on made me to wander off in the depth of my mind to find an answer. I had thought about the issue many times, discussed the it with others in various forums but this was the first time that I was asked my personal opinion by a very close friend. I could not be evasive. We were having dinner at Rosie’s Restaurant, in Airfield, a real culinary experience.
Bility-The Petrol Dollar Seeking Football Crown
By Julu M. Johnson, Jr.
The name Musa Bility rings a bell in the country, so the news spread like wildfire when it was announced that he is a likely contestant for the position of President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA). A very accomplished man indeed, Mr. Bility runs a petroleum company, Media Empire and heads the Mandingo Caucus.

‘Time and Political Environment Not on Your Side,’ Liberians on DED Warned
By Jeff Cooper
The head of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota is warning his countrymen in the US that the political changes in their country may force the United States to send them home comes March 2010.

President Sirleaf on the Road: Book Launching and Debt Slashing
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
According to a fact sheet distributed during the press conference held by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Mr. Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank at the institution’s headquarters in Washington, DC, the foreign debt of Liberia in June 2007 stood at a staggering US $4, 892,900,000, or almost five billions dollars. As President Sirleaf prepares to return home, that amount is today less then two billions dollars, at $1,708, 700 000.
Q & E with President Sirleaf on the Road
By Abdoulaye W. Dukule
The event took place at the University of California at Berkeley Human Rights Center, in Oakland, California. Although it was in the middle of spring break, the International House was full to capacity and many people had to watch the program on television monitors in adjacent rooms. After receiving the Berkeley Medal – the Chancellor of the University, Robert Birgeneau said Berkeley awards medals rather than honorary degrees
Exposing The Auditor, Professor And Consultant That Exists Only in Liberia
By Alfonso B. Nyepan
In addition to Ernest Young’s renunciation of the snake oil salesman, “Auditor Sunny Nyemah”, let it be known also that Mr. Sunny Nyemah was never an auditor anywhere in the United States. He may be one of the many con academics that our country has been unfortunate to have as a consequence of our long-running fratricidal war.
The Story of Her Life and the Nation’s History: a review of This child Will be Great of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
How did Liberia, a once perceived state and strong ally of the United States become a failed state after years of one of the most barbaric civil conflicts in modern times? How did a grandmother emerge to become the first elected president of that country and the African continent? How did that woman survive all the conflicts and confrontations of her time to become a national leader?

The General Auditing Commission Completes Several Audits
The General Auditing Commission (GAC) acknowledges with thanks, the countless requests from civil society organizations, religious leaders, student organizations, media institutions and ordinary citizens for copies of audit reports recently released by the Commission.

UL Professor’s Fraudulent Act Exposed, GEMAP Expert In Conflict of Interest
A part-time instructor of Accounting Systems and Controls at the University of Liberia, S. Gervin Nyemah credential has been disclaimed by an international auditing firm, Ernst & Young.

President Sirleaf Meets Elders and Chiefs of Maryland County Upon Arrival In Harper at the Harper Airport
Grand Breaking for the Construction of a Rubber Processing Plant for the Cavalla Rubber Corporation
For Grand Breaking for the construction of a rubber processing plant for the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) has taken place in Gedetarbo, Pleebo District in Maryland County. Performing the ceremony Thursday in Pleebo, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, called on workers to cooperate with the management of the plantation for the mutual benefit of all parties. According to an Executive Mansion release, the President welcomed the steady progress announced by the company in the provision of social and other benefits for the workers and hoped the company will uphold its promise for better housing facilities for the workers. The plan, the Liberian leader said, is in line with Government's efforts to improve the welfare and living condition of the country’s workers

Liberians should take advantage of H1B, H2B Visas and Marriage
By: Benedict Kojo Brown
For the past two weeks, Liberians and friends of Liberia have been lobbying for the extension of TPS for those Liberians who temporarily reside in the US. After several appeals from some US congress men and women including the president of Liberia, president Obama did not disappoint them; to the delight of many, he rose to the occasion and extended Deferred Enforced Departure for a year to thousands of Liberians who legally reside in the US.

Small Changes We hardly See
By Abdoulaye W. Dukule
About two years, I paid my first visit to the Old Executive Mansion on Ashmun Street. John Morlu, the new Auditor General was slowly moving into the dilapidated building with his staff. Petty vendors, cook shops, displaced people and drug dealers threatened to create “chaos” if anyone tried to remove them forcibly. In the building, on the walls, one could read graffiti everywhere former rebel “commandos” had lived. People somehow managed to rent space to petty traders who kept their merchandises in some of the rooms.
If Not President Sirleaf, Who's The Next For Greedy Capitalists
By: J. Yanqui Zaza
Yes, most people believe that a government, serving as an arbiter, should not allow big business to marginalize citizens or manipulate prices in order to expand their profits at the expanse of the welfare of ordinary people. Such practices strangulate the engines of prosperity, destroy jobs, and cause hardship and poverty among ordinary citizens. Of course, Liberia’s civil war and the recent cruel policy of allowing capitalists to recruit and expose traumatized youths to violence in Iraq (President Sirleaf’s Fernanda Po)
Building a New Democratic Culture in Liberia
By: J. Momolu Kaindii, Jr.
Democracy as it is popularly known today is defined as the will of the majority with due regard to the rights of the minority. Its fundamental characteristics are the holding of regular free, fair and transparent elections, just rule of law and credible or impartial justice system and unconditional practice of good governance.

The Time Is Now To Abolish The Death Penalty In The Mano River Union Basin
By Emmanuel Abalo
The Mano River sub-region in West Africa has, inarguably, for the last 25 years witnessed a stepped up visitation of the culture of death and wanton violence - from coup d'etats, outright insurgencies and imposition of the death penalty by governments.

False Prophecies in Liberia: The Gods Are Not To Be Blamed
By Thomas G. Bedell
There are so many good things in life. One of them is being at home where you were born. You can relate to things quite easily. That’s because you remember things the way they used to be. You may get confused sometimes when those things change. But you will always find yourself right in the scheme of it all.

George Boley Is Lying
By William Yates
It's amazing how the likes of Boley have not come to the realization that the Liberian people can no longer be misled. Especially in this information/internet age when everything can be fact checked. It would have well served him to say that he was not in control of the situation at the time. Yes we know and have come to accept the fact that Charles reached out to him in his hour of life or death and was let down.

Global Witness & Green Advocate Laud the Liberian Government
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has welcomed comments and recommendations by two rights groups, contained in an in-depth analysis of a recently concluded Mineral Concession Agreement between the Government of Liberia and the China Union Mining Company.

For Completion of HIPC Audit, -GAC Dispatches Supreme Auditors
The General Auditing Commission(GAC), beginning February 25 to 31March 2009, is dispatching its team of supreme auditors to every, village, hamlet, town district and city in the fifteen counties of Liberia to reach the completion of the Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPC)audit, an audit that is part of the overall Prior Actions for direct donor support

Economic Crimes, Corruption and the Conflict in Liberia: Policy Options for an Emerging Democracy and sustainable Peace
By: Amara M. Konneh
All political systems need to mediate the relationship between private wealth and public power. Those that fail to work on this risk a dysfunctional government captured by special and wealthy interests. This is exactly the challenge Liberia faced leading up to the period 1979 to 2003.
Hello, President Sirleaf – which way are we headed?
-The case of Mary Broh and Col. Mulbah
By: Nyekeh Forkpa
Crime has gained an extraordinary pre-eminence among the social problems of our country, and preventing it in a sensible and responsible manner must become a priority for the Sirleaf government. The growing crime wave and other recent developments in our dear country are causing me immense consternation; and have left me wanting of some explanations and or clarifications about which way we are headed.

Global Witness Testifies at the TRC on the role of national and international timber companies in fuelling Liberia’s civil war
(A Press Release Issued By Global Witness)
Since 2000, Global Witness exposed the way in which exploitation and trade of natural resources fuelled armed conflict in Liberia and across the region. The focus was former president Charles Taylor’s harnessing of Liberia ’s forest sector to fund his political ambitions and military campaigns, and the role of national and international companies in abetting him.

Rethinking the County Development Funding Program: A Memo to the President
By: Joseph Saah Fallah
It has become discernible that the county funding initiative is failing to meet its objectives as envisioned--funds allocated for county development projects are being discretionarily expensed by counties’ officials. The level of complacency attributed to some Legislators, regarding the misapplication of development funds, is equally appalling.

Helping Liberia in Science and Technology: The Role of LIMANY and I-HELP Liberia Project
By: Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei and Muhammad A. Kromah
Education in the 21st century requires the usage of modern scientific technology and equipments to practically demonstrate theoretical and mathematical propositions in the classroom. The educational system in Liberia is crippling with systemic difficulties in the form of limited human resource capacity and acute unavailability of resources to support the process.
A reflection on the ULAA Debacle
By Nyekeh Forkpa
For quite sometime I have refrained from commenting on the exchanges on this listserve regarding ULAA because more often than not, they have bordered on sheer recklessness. It has not been about ideas and visions. Far from that!

CDC, LP and NPP Joint Response to the President’s Annual Report on the State of the Republic
Sadly, the President’s Annual Report on the State of the Republic is noteworthy for what she did not say, than for what she did say. The report, long on self praises and self congratulations, is disappointingly short on the real story of ordinary Liberians and Liberia. The report gives the impression that all is well with our Republic. In fulfillment of our solemn duty to you, our people, we are compelled to disagree with the President, and report that in fact, all is not well with our Republic

Student Group, Civil Society Bestow Honor on Auditor General Morlu
One of the oldest student political parties on the campus of Liberia’s highest institution of learning, the University of Liberia(UL), the vanguard Student Unification Party(SUP), and a civil society organization, Society for the Promotion of Peace(SPNRL) Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at separate venues conferred honor on the Auditor General (AG) of Liberia, John S. Morlu II

Attack on Liberia's Auditor General Deserves Swift Retribution
By: Theodore Hodge
It has been widely reported that Mr. John Morlu, Liberia's popular, but controversial Auditor General, was verbally attacked in public after he attended an occasion to which he was officially invited by the President of the Republic of Liberia.

With Eyes 2011, President Sirleaf Sees No Wrong With Investors' Bribery
By: J. Yanqui Zaza
Before addressing the motive of corruption-greed, poverty and capitalism- let me extend thanks to Rodney Sieh and his co-workers for the efforts on their part to expose corruption in Liberia. Fighting corruption is now occurring in every corner of the world. Yet a successful war on corruption cannot be won without combating all motive of corruption.

President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made several appointments in Government, subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate, where applicable.

The Chucky Taylor Trial: A Milestone For Justice, But A Call To Action
By Alphonso Nyenuh
The recent conviction and subsequent sentencing of Charles shucky” Taylor Jr., son of Liberian warlord and former president Charles Taylor in US Federal Court for abuses committed in Liberia during the brutal reign of his father is significant for two main reasons

The Dunn Commission and Transparency in Liberia
By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé
When a stream of emails linking officials of the Liberian government to acts of corruption appeared in a Liberian web magazine, FrontpageAfrica.com, (FPA) in August 2008, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed Dr. Elwood Dunn to head an investigative commission to ascertain the facts.